"Improving" The Cheapest Axe On AMAZON (with epoxy)

  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
  • This video is about two things:
    1) Repairing a tool handle using epoxy and rubber shavings.
    2) Adding mass to a tool handle using epoxy and bbs.
    This process makes the handle a bit too heavy. A better way to improve a hollow tool handle might be to insert a wooden rod (using epoxy). I thought that I might like the balance of the axe this way, but I thought wrong. I now think I prefer an axe that has its heft mostly in its head; an axe is simply a different tool from a hammer, and as such, its use requires a different type of swing. Please learn from my mistake. Nevertheless, this was a cool process, and the video should still be useful to you.
    Tinkering is often a dead-end, but such is the nature of experimentation. Sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination, right? Hope you enjoy.
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  • Thomas Presley
    Thomas Presley 12 hours ago

    You could have put lots of sawdust in the handle

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl Day ago +1

    Very interesting thanks! Loved the peeling at the end!

  • Pit Viper XP
    Pit Viper XP 2 days ago

    He took it from a playground... that's where I got mine.

  • Blah Snarto
    Blah Snarto 3 days ago

    you didnt put a link for estwing hammers.. im surprised :D

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 10 days ago

    dead blow hammer

  • u wot m8
    u wot m8 12 days ago

    He sounds a bit like JonTron

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 13 days ago

    Estwing hammers with a leather grip are pretty good for prolonged use

  • jaymanxxxx
    jaymanxxxx 13 days ago

    I found a ballpeen hammer that fell off a truck, the handle was splintered the head was rough but heavy so I cleaned it up with a belt sander, welded a pipe solid for a handle then filled the handle with sand, capped the bottom, added a re-grip handle, works awesome. (weighs 4.8 lbs. 11"long)

  • The dankest rarest Peep

    just found your videos ! enjoyed every second !!!! keep em coming

  • Cheekki Brikki
    Cheekki Brikki 15 days ago

    Now hold up, I've been feeling Pocket83-deprived for weeks and you've had an active second channel the entire time? I would be angry at myself for not finding this earlier if I wasn't just happy to have more stuff to watch

  • VeeKaChu
    VeeKaChu 15 days ago

    Couple of years ago I got an inexpensive electronic drum kit to play Rock Band. The frame was hollow metal tubes, and to help it from vibrating/moving around too much I did the same thing. However I used BBs and plain old Elmer's white to stabilize them. Worked a treat!

  • Lioncash
    Lioncash 15 days ago

    Man... you've literally just destroyed the edge of the axe with the belt sander 0.o no oil or liquid between the edge of the axe the the flat of the belt... the tip heats up, it changes the temper of the metal and basically makes it shit.... that's why whetstones exst 0.o

    • Lioncash
      Lioncash 15 days ago

      +pocket83² I've used grinders on axes in the past, as well as sanding belts. It's bad for them.. If i'm ever removing larger amounts of metal or getting rid of edge damage I would use a flat hand file and then switch to stones, from 150-600 grit max. The surface of the metal isn't the only place where damage happens, especially when you expose the edge to extreme friction from that of a belt or grinder. With grinders it's even more noticable. I dunno man, that's just my two cents, you can disagree with me if you like but I would show a lot more respect to my blade because it extends the life of the axe dramatically. Power tools on axe steel just feels like murder to me..

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  15 days ago

      Nonsense. It never became warm. Besides, it was later filed, stoned, and stropped. Thus, the finest part of the edge came from metal underneath what the sander touched; the sander is just a crude first step; it was only for removing thickness from the sides, just like using a grinder would be.

  • claton blade
    claton blade 16 days ago

    i have broken every tool i ever touched with a tube for a handle, they arnt tools they are just meant to look like tools, they're just for show

    • claton blade
      claton blade 16 days ago

      +pocket83²might help, my aim is pretty good id say after 20+years of smacking cold chisels, if you miss you only hit your own hand lol

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  16 days ago

      Learn to aim better. Granted, it's a piece of junk. But I've also put it through some impressive amounts of abuse. One solid crack on the tube and it's spent, though. BBs might also keep the tube from kinking, I guess.

  • DJ Seekee
    DJ Seekee 16 days ago

    i used $5 tube of silicone, added mass and shock absorbtion.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago

    If you remove the wedge, it becomes more of a weapon than a splitting hatchet. Something to bite as opposed to force apart.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 16 days ago

      pocket83² that's good to know, clears it up quite nicely, thank you.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  16 days ago

      Sure, that will certainly make it cut deeper. The point is to find the correct balance between the two extremes. It depends on what you are using it for. This hatchet is used for some light splitting (kindling), but it is also used for up to 4" limbing- and often, for roots. Cutting is more important in this case.
      It is also worth remembering that a wedge-shape holds its edge longer. But the metal isn't that hard, which means that it's easier to sharpen. Lots of factors go into the decision.

  • Jin Mizutsuki
    Jin Mizutsuki 16 days ago

    Try and work with Toulene with double layer of Nitrile gloves next time ( i used to work in science). It makes you impotent and prolly gives you cancer.
    Like and hope he gets to see it.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  16 days ago

      I see it. Stop lecturing. I don't want children, anyhow. Besides, my environment will certainly kill me eventually; it kills us all. But in the meantime, I'm not going to live in fear of every small exposure to solvents (I used to work in science, too).

  • Jacob Sereres
    Jacob Sereres 17 days ago

    A 20 minute video for that.... what a waste of time.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  16 days ago

      Not really. You might try adding weight or strength to something with this method. Or even sculpture. It's pretty clever. Didn't you watch the part about lateral applications?

  • Nihat Dönmez
    Nihat Dönmez 17 days ago

    9:05 wtf

  • Du Freohr
    Du Freohr 17 days ago

    Inside a hammer, born and raised
    On the worksite was where i spent most of my days
    Chilin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool
    Hammerin' nails outside of the school
    When a couple of nails, bent to no good
    Tried to get hammered inside the wood
    I broke a nail and my mom got scared
    She said" you movin' with your friend in the workshop, there."
    I begged and pleaded with her day after day
    But she packed my tools and she wouldn't let me stay
    She gave me a kiss and told me to not be funny
    But i said in her face, " my hammer's gonna bounce like a bunny!"

  • my2centz
    my2centz 18 days ago

    Definitely not something I'd typically do lol but who knows I do get bored sometimes and like to fiddle with stuff.

  • Georgivs
    Georgivs 18 days ago

    If the big complaint is the vibration from the handle, but the bbs add too much weight, I wonder if filling the tube with epoxy and some of the tire scraps (or even just epoxy) would form a good shock dampener without adding as much weight. Cool techniques, though.

  • Yeet Yaga
    Yeet Yaga 18 days ago +1

    I came for hatchet fixing, not nonsense about hammers.

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 19 days ago

    Its east not est

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  19 days ago

      Yeah, no. You are wrong. Check their website. Not that it matters.
      And it's _it's_ when you are making a contraction of _it_ and _is._

  • Tim Hill
    Tim Hill 20 days ago

    I thought about useing the apoxy and rubber for car tire repair.

  • Dylan H Media
    Dylan H Media 20 days ago

    you sound exactly like AdamTheWoo

  • Trenton Alverez
    Trenton Alverez 21 day ago

    for a minute there I thought he was gonna cut his finger off.. be careful with that axe Eugene 🙄

  • Sammy Ymmas
    Sammy Ymmas 22 days ago

    IDEA: use your bb epoxy mix to make a bowl. You could line a bowl with silicone. Put said bowl on a spinning wheel then add bb epoxy mix.
    Do you have aspergers?

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  17 days ago

      If I were to accidentally let that question slip, I would be ashamed of myself afterwards.
      And no.

  • Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

    How do you spell Eastwing
    WITH AN A. Its not Estwing.

  • N7 tungstenKestrel
    N7 tungstenKestrel 22 days ago

    My brother is a framer and he uses a $300 stiletto hammer with wooden handle. He's a small guy but he often ends up demolishing hammers. He's bent metal banners and the reverb is bad for long use, so he uses the wooden handle because one it breaks he can shove the titanium head on a new one.

  • Skullcrusher 225
    Skullcrusher 225 23 days ago

    Sorry meant good one

  • Skullcrusher 225
    Skullcrusher 225 23 days ago

    Thats a goog one

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe 23 days ago

    Pocket, i totally agree with you on the framing hammer stuff. Its a definite, "stuck on an island", item. Been using the ol' 22oz. for every type of work for years. I like listening to your perspectives man , especially in the same accent i rock. You seem like a cool person buddy.I Enjoy all the vids. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rob Doli
    Rob Doli 26 days ago

    i think putting epoxy about halfway up the tube and then weighting near the handle with the epoxy/bb mix would have done more for the balance and not adding too much mass overall to the axe. just a thought

  • Sawer
    Sawer 26 days ago

    Good video!
    I watched a batman movie yesterday and I cant help but notice your voice probably really suits that joker kind of talking. :P

  • zombiehandsjr
    zombiehandsjr 26 days ago

    Hes thanos he wants all things balanced

  • dairycow
    dairycow 27 days ago

    i can't tell if im controlling the hammer, or if its controlling me! -stolen from steve smith.

  • italy0666
    italy0666 27 days ago

    I wonder what the tensile strength would be on that BB-epoxy mixture. Say for example you filled a bike tire with it....? I have tried those tubes that are solid rubber and the psi just sucks, it's like riding on a flat. But fill an inner tube with that............ I wonder=p I know it would add a ton to the weight so it may be awkward but idk, maybe messing with the balance of a steel core with a good inch or 2 of the hardened epoxy......... somehow it may work out great=p

  • James Freeman
    James Freeman 27 days ago

    Good video sir

  • Brian Holwerda
    Brian Holwerda 28 days ago

    Best framing hammer is by far the stiletto. Titanium head is no joke. So light.

  • Ratero Muerte
    Ratero Muerte 28 days ago

    Also, airsoft bb/silicone combo might work really good

  • Ratero Muerte
    Ratero Muerte 28 days ago

    14:15 rant is spot on. I was boredom watching this super pointless project for no reason except that it came on autoplay and I was too lazy to switch the video.
    Anyways, while half watching and half browsing Craigslist, the bb/epoxy combo really hit me. I have to try this on a set of motorbike handlebars as a vibration fix!
    See I wasn't wasting my time after all!

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  28 days ago +2

      I was boredom reading that comment.

  • Jomaster The Second
    Jomaster The Second 28 days ago

    Epoxy makes everything better.

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy 29 days ago


  • commonconservative
    commonconservative 29 days ago

    he is gonna love it when it bends from use........then will take it to the point where the head falls off

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  29 days ago

      I beat the snot out of it in my newest video. It's pretty tough. Also, learn to write clearly. That barely made sense.

    YOUR PAPA 29 days ago

    The captions/subtitle in 17:27 instead of bb's its babies lol

  • Ernest Combs
    Ernest Combs 29 days ago

    ag mech and engineering fix and improve what you got

  • James Di Lorenzo
    James Di Lorenzo Month ago

    When you were saying you were unhappy with the weight it made me think of airsoft bbs. Knowing the volume of your object, you could measure out that volume in different grades of plastic BBs. Typically they ranged from 0.15-0.28 gram then measure out a reasonable weight of epoxy and boom. Also if you wanted to shift the weight towards the handle, you could start with lighter plastic BBs and shift to either heavier plastic or metal towards the end of the handle. Just a thought

  • S3 1775
    S3 1775 Month ago

    really cool!

  • yoyofargo
    yoyofargo Month ago

    12:38 I'm upset you didn't dab. ヽ( •_)ᕗ

  • Koshikei
    Koshikei Month ago

    I'm not an expert in any way, but wouldn't you want an axe to be top heavy? A hammer has to be balanced, as you swing it more with your wrist than your shoulder. But an axe is travelling in a much greater arc, so it can be extremely top heavy and still not be uncomfortable to use.
    Anyway, if you half-filled it with small lead balls or lead powder, you'd maybe get a more deadening effect, as the filling can travel back and forth inside the handle?

  • untidyman
    untidyman Month ago

    Don't listen to anybody with bad vibes, why should you throw things away, when you can fix them, good luck

  • Laine Sheldon-Houle

    Hey, if you want a more precise and correct explanation of the labor theory of value, you should check out the article below. Of course the value of a commodity would not increase solely because someone put more labor time into it. Therefore the value of something is not determined by the labor time but the socially necessary labor time. If factory 1 used archaic methods and took twice as long as factory 2 using modern methods to make the same product, factory 1 can't sell the product for twice the price. Further, price and value are not the same thing. elaboration in the article

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      There wasn't an argument made at all. It was a simple comparison between two similar things. Context; the point was to express a generalized idea to an audience not familiar with such esoterica, not to preach the specifics of a theory.
      Value and price can be affected by the amount of labor that is invested into a service, good, or commodity- but it's not the entire picture. I will stand by this claim. It's quite reasonable. Further squabbling over semantics loses sight of the big idea.
      Admittedly, there are limits to how far value/price can go. But those are based on perceptions (often of imagined labor), which can be altered through gimmicks like marketing. And by culture. Now that's an interesting line of discussion.
      I shouldn't have bit your head off. I just didn't expect so many students would try to "correct" me on that comment. Perhaps my analogy was lousy, or not useful. But as a viewer, you might try to stretch to understand the idea I'm trying to express.
      Long after studying, most of the details fade away. What remains of the years spent reading political economy is now a lump of indigestible concept. It would of course be poor logic for me to assume that it is sound in all cases (and above scrutiny); however, imagine that it would be uncomfortable to have your general understandings so quickly (and so often) dismissed.

    • Laine Sheldon-Houle
      Laine Sheldon-Houle Month ago

      Come on man, you cant use a mud pie adjacent argument then get upset when someone says something about it.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      Wow, you guys can be insulting. And tedious. I wasn't talking about commodities. I was talking about my hatchet. It was a metaphor, and I didn't say "the," I said "a," as in _any_ labor theory of value. It's an idea, and a nebulous one at that. But we have academic distinctions to make here, right⸮ Just to be sure to point the barely-literate hatchet restorers in the right direction.
      And let's not forget to make a semantical elucidation for the most apt use of the term, _value,_ as it ought be used in a manner consistent with bona fide economics writ. Thanks, asshole, but this isn't my second semester. Your links are not necessary; I have the actual books. Now here's one for you:

  • Mordy Fisher
    Mordy Fisher Month ago

    Hey if you want to make another quick axe video, cut off the rubber handle completely and wrap an old leather belt arround it

    • Mordy Fisher
      Mordy Fisher Month ago

      Ive cut the handle short on an axe like this and wrapped it with leather and then cut the bevel down and its now a sharp like a fillet knife and my dedicated carving axe

  • TT Innovations
    TT Innovations Month ago

    lol, epoxy balls together help the impact vibrations? maybe silicone?

  • Tyler Cox
    Tyler Cox Month ago

    use lead bird or buck shot more weight per sphere and use more epoxy

  • Will Moxon
    Will Moxon Month ago

    @14:00 i was wondering why im still watching this nonsense... @14:45 i realised lmao

  • MysticBoo
    MysticBoo Month ago

    If I was stuck on a island I would bring a boat with plenty of gas

  • Lex Coupe
    Lex Coupe Month ago +2

    I like watching these restore videos and how to make videos for the scare Rambles way too much I couldn't get past the first 5 minutes

  • Wullie McBride
    Wullie McBride Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Totally loved the video and think the tape and toothpick was GENIUS....Thanks from a new subscriber.

  • Jamal Jackson
    Jamal Jackson Month ago

    Where is this guy from?? Sounds Washington State to me...

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Month ago

    A heavier but balanced hatchet is better than light but unbalanced hatchet, that is, when you are actually doing work with it. I would rather slowly tire out my shoulder rather than quickly tire out my forearms, but I suppose it depends on the person.

  • SukkaHousuSnakePlisskenCanOfWorms447

    Show us what happens if ground up tire meets toluene.

  • J.A.Ratt85
    J.A.Ratt85 Month ago

    that's not an ax, it's a hatchet...

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago

    I mean... It wouldn't hurt for you to tell us that it is the cheapest ax on amazon in the instead of not saying anything.

  • jkrigelman
    jkrigelman Month ago

    Question. Why not just drill a hole through the rubber handle instead of cutting off an entire chunk?
    Nevermind. :)

  • Torstein Opperud
    Torstein Opperud Month ago

    Some thoughts: start by fitting a steel rod into the part of the handle closest to the head. Then heat a little epoxy enough that its really runny, and pour that around the rod. Then you fill only the rest of the handle with the bb/epoxy mix. I’d also try to pour a little really runny/warm epoxy into the handle first, before filling in the bb/epoxy mix, and bump the axe head into the table to make the mix fit as tight as possible in there, to minimize the chance of bb’s coming loose after a while. All in all, this should make the handle both a bit stronger, and lighter, since more of it is filled with epoxy instead of bb’s, and we have the steel rod giving some extra strength in the part nearest the head.

  • Hyp3Paradise
    Hyp3Paradise Month ago

    Subscribed to both your channels

    ZFISHTANK Month ago +2

    seeing him cut the handle with a utility knife made me think "boy I love my portaband"

  • gtarbmx
    gtarbmx Month ago

    i've been using the same 22oz estwing flat face for finish carpentry for 15 years. there is not better hammer out there.

  • piranha031091
    piranha031091 Month ago

    14:09 : that would be a little like seeing someone who's painting a landscape, and telling them "Dude. Just buy a poster of it."

  • nottacop
    nottacop Month ago

    Wranglerstar is a vegetable. I don't understand why people even watch his crap. He's an amputation waiting to happen.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      He's a human being. Relax. I'm not a fan either, but that doesn't mean the guy doesn't (or can't) make some useful content here and there.

  • Smoke DeGrasse Tyson

    The sole reason you can believe that that piece of shit is better than some fancy expensive wooden handled Swedish axe is because you've never used the latter. Sure, one costs 100x what the other costs. There's a reason people are happy to spend that much though.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      Yeah, because they're stupid! But really though, I don't think it's "better." I mean, I said something like that in the video, but I just meant that an all steel junker would be better for abusive, infrequent use. The point was to not discount a crap hatchet, since it's just plain handy. Don't get me wrong- I love a quality tool (almost) as much as the next guy.
      But since you brought it up: several hundred dollar axes are only the rationalizations of snobs. They offer no real benefit to work that can be measured. There are similar worshipers of knives, block planes, tennis shoes, pricey wine, fancy cars, et cetera. And they are all the victims of a consumer market's pernicious and relentless campaign to get you to buy stuff you barely need. Admit it: we all have a weakness for falling for the _idea_ of things. It's _means over ends,_ and every one of us does it here or there.

  • HighYellow Bish
    HighYellow Bish Month ago

    Try making a wood plank out of the wood dust and rosin you use?

  • HighYellow Bish
    HighYellow Bish Month ago

    you can make a paper funnel next time, you can adjust size the size of the hole and most waste money

  • Ucicjcucu Hfucuvufyfif

    This is actually the axe I have. It's pretty good for making bows, it's just that I'm shit at making bows. I works great after hand sharpening though

  • Ellen Cochrane
    Ellen Cochrane Month ago

    That’s the problem with society today, throw it away and get a new..... makes me so mad . Thank you for proving that old things can be repaired to be the same or better than they were before

  • grant Nanna
    grant Nanna Month ago

    I love this, these videos are perfect. Im watching because I want to and because these are valid suggestions. Great content keep it up ignore the nay-sayers.

  • Scott Hargraves
    Scott Hargraves Month ago

    Love that stool seat at around 7:10.

  • Just for fun
    Just for fun Month ago

    Belt sander😂😂🙄 do the American way... Go do a burnout and collect the bits of tire left on the road

  • rick clendenin
    rick clendenin Month ago

    I was born with my mother's tits in my mouth, but I upgraded to a nasty trailer park whore with stretch marks head to toe.

  • heli-man-2007
    heli-man-2007 Month ago

    I think it would look cool on the floor covered with resin maybe the shower or place mats and coasters

  • Dom. K.
    Dom. K. Month ago

    Oh god, please wear nitrile rubber gloves when handling Toluene. You realy don't want this stuff on your hands.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      Oh god, clean your own hands before you start worrying about mine. For the four times per year I touch the stuff, I think it will be the other myriad destructive environmental factors that put me in the grave long before this.
      Did I not display an acknowledgment of the substance's nastiness?
      …and the search for one relevant comment continues.

  • CLeeP1983
    CLeeP1983 Month ago

    Hmm... Thought you would have just mixed the epoxy with a small amount of handle material, like you did with the BB's

  • Brenton Miller
    Brenton Miller Month ago

    What about a 12ga slug? Should be similar to a wax slug.

  • Chris Ripley
    Chris Ripley Month ago

    You should try plastic airsoft bb's

  • P W
    P W Month ago

    Kind of like reading a magazine on the toilet.

  • Dr. Hit Monkey
    Dr. Hit Monkey Month ago

    Why not a dowel AND BBs.
    It would fix some of the balance and the wood would dampen vibration.

  • Marc Melhuish
    Marc Melhuish Month ago

    Wouldn’t heating the epoxy rubber or craft knife been easier?

  • Kenneth Livingston
    Kenneth Livingston Month ago

    I feel like the BB and epoxy stuff, might be handy for things with flimsy square tube frames. Furniture, or lawn carts.

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera Month ago

    Idk good video but stop using the 3rd person please

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      I seriously don't know what you're talking about. Timestamp, please.

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera Month ago

    Why do you use the 3rd person, you sound like a tweeker

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago +1

      Why do use a comma to connect independent clauses without using a coordinating conjunction or any other punctuation, you write like a deficient

  • mr31337
    mr31337 Month ago

    TL;DW something about being cheap

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      Only the lowest possible version of stupid will comment on that which they know nothing about.
      At least _try_ to make a legitimate insult.

  • Marvin Boggs
    Marvin Boggs Month ago +8

    My sons once made a blast-furnace out of a barbecue grill, some anthracite next to a train-track, and the exhaust end of a Shop-Vac.
    They melted steel.
    And killed my barbecue.
    And, of course, the hose from the Shop-Vac.
    But I was proud of them.

  • Marvin Boggs
    Marvin Boggs Month ago

    I don't agree with your economic analysis.
    Value has less to do with the energy required to make something; value is all about desire for elegance.
    Think Timex.
    Great video!
    Like the epoxy/BB idea.
    But be careful with those tires; steel-banded radials can hurt.
    And, Dude, just keep doing what you're doing.
    It's beautiful.
    The Madonna is just paint on canvas.
    But try to buy it.
    Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Marvin Boggs
    Marvin Boggs Month ago

    Put that baby on Ebay!

  • Ben McPhee
    Ben McPhee Month ago

    19:53 nice shot

  • James D.
    James D. Month ago

    You should maybe think about flex seal as well. When it sets its a pretty solid shape and firm.

  • Redacted
    Redacted Month ago

    I didn't actually watch the video, I just wanted to point out how wrong the thumbnail looked.

  • PaganWizard
    PaganWizard Month ago

    I know it is obviously too late for this project, but what do you think about cutting fiberglass sheets into small pieces, mixing them with fiberglass resin, and using a dowel to pack them inside of a handle like this?? I think it would give you the results you were hoping for with this project, without being too heavy.

    • PaganWizard
      PaganWizard Month ago

      +pocket83² You can get fiberglass sheets and resin at just about any auto parts store or marina. It is used in making body repairs that are much stronger than Bondo.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago +1

      That sounds like a great idea (if you have fiberglass). My first thought was to cut it in strips that could be pounded in like nails. Smearing epoxy on them could be messy, but it'd be a cool project.

  • Krow
    Krow Month ago +1

    clickbait. he didn't get it off amazon.

    • pocket83²
      pocket83²  Month ago

      It's the "Coleman Camp Axe," which is $7.79 today on Amazon. It's also the same axe that's used in the title of the more popular video. I found it, but so what? Idiot.