U.S. Air Cockpit Audio Tapes "We're Gonna Be In The Hudson"

  • Published on Feb 4, 2009
  • FAA Releases Audio tapes of U.S. Airways plane that was ditched in the Hudson

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  • Jim Hayes
    Jim Hayes 7 years ago +11147

    If you listen, everyone is staying calm and doing their jobs. Everyone survivied because of these professionals!

    • Brave ᚺᚩᛒᛒᛁᛏ
      Brave ᚺᚩᛒᛒᛁᛏ 3 days ago

      @Roger Dean Well pilots don’t actually land in waters during real life training, they do simulate things in the flight sims as that is what those sims are for :P

    • J Wth
      J Wth 2 months ago

      @CrazyChickenPenguin bit of a late reply but when i split my head open to the skull and was bleeding out the emergency services still took longer than those ferrys! amazing work from everyone if you ask me

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 3 months ago

      yes ❤️

    • geekjanet
      geekjanet 4 months ago

      @Roger Dean This is extremely ignorant.

    • E vod Game Hunter
      E vod Game Hunter 6 months ago

      @Roger Dean Yes they can be trained in simulators etc for water landings LOL.

  • juzzlookin
    juzzlookin Year ago +192

    The way everybody comes together for a joint effort brings tears to my eyes.

  • K Junior
    K Junior 11 months ago +59

    I absolutely love how many ferries are around. They showed up to help asap and it makes me so happy to know it was so important for them to help and save lives.

  • Tim Hyatt
    Tim Hyatt 11 months ago +358

    That controller was overlooked, a lot of heroism all the way around.

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 3 months ago

      yes ❤️

    • Yuva Silvanathan
      Yuva Silvanathan 3 months ago +3

      @Jes Meyer yeah I saw this bit in the movie. I was hoping that was all true, guess it is. That ATC officer was incredible the way he executed everything down to last detail under pressure.

    • Jes Meyer
      Jes Meyer 3 months ago +15

      He did an interview. You can hear his voice break on the call with sully. He was heartbroken because he thought they lost of all of them on that plane. He had to go into isolation before he was interviewed by the ffa so he didn’t know everyone lived until like 3 hours later when a co-worker busted in and told him (if I remember from the interview correctly)

    • Jermaine Thomas
      Jermaine Thomas 8 months ago +21

      Because he was juggling all those calls and got a rescue team there quick👏👏

    • Jimall Joseph
      Jimall Joseph 11 months ago +3

      What did he do?

  • Sydney
    Sydney Year ago +613

    They call this a crash, this is no crash, this is an intentional and direct landing, not an optimal landing by any means but the best landing given the situation.

    • Jacob Name
      Jacob Name 3 months ago

      @Nobody of consequence or swim away from too

    • Henry Fuggle
      Henry Fuggle 3 months ago

      Landing is literally called a controlled crash…

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 3 months ago

      yes ❤️

    • Robert Young
      Robert Young 5 months ago

      @YinMajora Controlled Ditching

    • Robert Young
      Robert Young 5 months ago +1

      @Sydney the technical term is called a Controlled Ditching

  • preston121068
    preston121068 3 years ago +16711

    Landing in the Hudson was am amazing feat. But I'll never understand how the plane didn't sink immediately from the weight of the massive balls of steel Capt. Sully had.

    • Michael Bodine
      Michael Bodine Month ago +1

      @Poop Poop but " poonam" won't float, it sinks. Zagnut floats.

    • Michael Bodine
      Michael Bodine Month ago

      @Snoogs TRUE, SULLY still flies, some don't.

    • Michael Bodine
      Michael Bodine Month ago

      Massive balls YES, courage more than most ; its designed NOT to sink with THAT PROCESS. ..Tom. 2012 his license plate read "SULLY" , after his book published.

    • Sunset Captiva
      Sunset Captiva 2 months ago

      Capt. Sully - "We're gonna be in the Hudson..."
      The Hudson - "Respect..."

    • Carter Baldwin
      Carter Baldwin 3 months ago


  • heather
    heather 8 months ago +549

    The way Sully said “unable”, you can tell his mind was just spinning. He had ice running through those veins, all of them did. ATC man handled it with ease, shewwww.

    • LiL MopHead
      LiL MopHead Month ago

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      ROBLOX VIDS 2 Month ago +1

      @LiL MopHead I bet you're unemployed and a drug user who still lives with Mommy.

    • LiL MopHead
      LiL MopHead Month ago

      @ROBLOX VIDS 2 I bet you voted Trump

    • David
      David Month ago

      His head was not spinning at all, he was focused and strangely calm.

    • Rage.
      Rage. 2 months ago

      @ROBLOX VIDS 2 Aww you're mad you wasn’t born white 😂 😂 😭

  • Pike Meredith
    Pike Meredith Year ago +19

    Did Patrick Harten ever get recognition for his assistance? I know it's his job as a ATC but honestly, everything went right for Cactus 1549. Not only did the pilots do their jobs with the greatest expertise but Patrick did his exceptionally well & went well over his job to help this flight. This is why everyone survived as even the ferry operators & scuba cops as Sully has stated ALL did their jobs. Those passengers got a second chance at life thanks to everybody. Also when u think about it, the plane itself cooperated perfectly even though Sully knew what he was trying to do. It could have broke apart or sank or exploded, anything was likely BUT it went remarkably well. I never get sick of this story knowing it ended well even though it has been 11 years.

  • captain salty
    captain salty 2 years ago +3118

    Controller: "Which runway do you want?
    Sully: "We want Hudson River"

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 3 months ago


    • Merlyn Mac
      Merlyn Mac 3 months ago +7

      Controller: "Hudson River this is legaurdia tower."

      Hudson: "Go ahead."

      Controller: "I have an aircraft flight 1549 that needs to crash into you."

      Hudson: Will he need support.

      Controller: yes they have both engines out. Make sure they don't sink.

      Hudson: Rodger that.

    • Ishaan's funny time, game time and learning time.
      Ishaan's funny time, game time and learning time. 5 months ago +1

      @99dndd not captin salty,captin Sully

    • Abisatya Ibrahim Umar
      Abisatya Ibrahim Umar 9 months ago +2

      @99dndd *69

    • Tiff Prendergast
      Tiff Prendergast 11 months ago +3

      How many runways are there

  • thegriffin88
    thegriffin88 2 years ago +42

    The best part about this whole situation is that, unbidden, everyone from the Ferry to the tugboats immediately came to help the passengers so they wouldn't freeze to death in the river. I'm quite proud to be a New Yorker.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 years ago +6167

    It was no miracle. It was one of our very best pilots doing his job perfectly.

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero 17 days ago

      @Jack McLane True

    • Jack McLane
      Jack McLane 18 days ago

      @MysticHero Nobody EVER achieved a great thing without a good portion of luck. No matter how skilled they were.
      That does not make the great thing any smaller.

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero 18 days ago

      Loosing engines at that altitude, gliding and then not disintegrating on hitting the water? Yeah no thats a miracle. Lots of very good pilots who did not manage to do this in similar situations. Sully was absolutely very skilled but still.

    • Jack McLane
      Jack McLane 21 day ago

      And a metric fuckton of luck... great piloting and concentration, but without luck, they'd all be dead.
      A little choppy waves on the Hudson and they'd be dead.
      A ferry crossing in the wrong time - dead.
      Birdstrike one minute earlier - dead.
      ... tbc.

    • Franjo Žubčić
      Franjo Žubčić Month ago

      and Air Controll too!

  • Chris Whitbread
    Chris Whitbread 6 months ago +23

    This was a perfect example of how well-trained individuals (in the cockpit, in Air Traffic Control and in rescue resources) all remained calm and professional (just as they were trained to do). That training and cool-headedness is why this story has a good ending.

  • Dick Dick
    Dick Dick 2 years ago +532

    “We’re gonna be in the Hudson”. Absolute chills man....

    • Cryp!0G00n
      Cryp!0G00n 7 months ago +3

      I feel Tom Hanks messed that line up

  • Sam B
    Sam B 7 months ago +717

    Yo everyone talking about Sully but that flight controller was on fire too. Ice in his veins.

    • Kamya Gupta
      Kamya Gupta 3 months ago +1

      yes ❤️

    • Online Mafia
      Online Mafia 4 months ago +1

      For controller its just another job for him. He can think wisely and order. But for the pilot it would look like last minutes of his life & and also he is the responsible for hundreds of lives. Lot of pressure on him. So it would be very tough for him to take final decision in that situation. But fortunately sully done a great job.

    • Salvador Arreola Rodriguez
      Salvador Arreola Rodriguez 4 months ago +1

      one of the most stressful jobs in the world...

    • ZaiZoe's Clashing
      ZaiZoe's Clashing 5 months ago +2

      Plot twist ... You are the flight controller .. hehe . Yeah everyone was awesome

    • Cait
      Cait 6 months ago +13

      @Chris Whitbread He also said it was worse after everything was over and he was free to go and they knew everyone survived as he went through the emotions and motions of blame and grief and everything associated with that.

  • texknight67
    texknight67 2 years ago +21

    ATC was a star. So damn professional and calm. Especially how he kept working even after the plane was down. Just like that kinda stuff happens once a week and always on his shift. When you've depended on a person on the other end of a radio you really come to respect the good ones. He did an amazing job.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 7 years ago +5227

    That air traffic controller deserves a lot of credit for the quick response. Hard to stay as calm and collected in a situation like that. For once a news clip ends on some great observations.

    • Odd Cooper
      Odd Cooper Year ago

      why they make the big bucks

    • UwowU
      UwowU Year ago

      well it was the news in 2009 haha

    • Hetty King
      Hetty King Year ago

      He should have had as much recognition as Sully.
      Amazing effort. Was a miracle though. Climates are right, people around, people able to help.

    • Efoxx ok
      Efoxx ok Year ago +1

      Boris Sheen I am a retired controller from Chicago. No they don’t train you to do this. You either have it or you don’t.

    • praetorx ian
      praetorx ian 2 years ago +2

      Agreed. ATC was as calm, cool, collected as Cactus 1549. Well done.

  • Diane Duus
    Diane Duus 6 months ago +27

    When I see how quickly the boats got there and rescued passengers it makes me proud to know we can pull together when needed.

  • Andy HornHornHorn
    Andy HornHornHorn 2 years ago +17

    Can't believe how calm he is. Really puts things into perspective in regards to everyday problems we all face and we immediately lose our shit, panic and become flustered over the slightest thing.

  • Gameguy09
    Gameguy09 7 months ago +59

    Sully is a hero. No one was injured and he knew what he could and couldn’t do in that situation and said no matter what they were going into the Hudson.

  • HyperCrack
    HyperCrack 6 months ago +218

    Captain: "Nice view of the Hudson"
    Birds: "Want a closer look?"

    P.S: But on a serious note, Job well done guys.

  • Vroktar2009
    Vroktar2009 5 years ago +9230

    Dude was calm as ice the whole time.... balls of steel.

    • HelloWorld dot jar
      HelloWorld dot jar Month ago

      9.1 thousandth like

    • Salvador Arreola Rodriguez
      Salvador Arreola Rodriguez 4 months ago

      he's heroic, he knew he had many lives in his hands,,,

    • I Want Lee
      I Want Lee 10 months ago

      @Frankie yes, it's not about the training. He's just the right type of person.

    • I Want Lee
      I Want Lee 10 months ago

      @Phox Diving and Adventures please, shut the fuck up.

    • Ioan Catarig
      Ioan Catarig 11 months ago

      @Phox Diving and Adventures Military have a saying: „ Train hard to fight easy!!!!

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    More than 10 years passing and it's still impressive.

  • imlil
    imlil 10 months ago +10

    Absolutely amazing. Ive only recently thought about becoming a Flight Attendant and damn. Captian Sully, First Officer Skyles, and the AMAZING flight attendants were THE reason why the 155 count of souls on board in the beginning, was the same count of 155 souls at the end. Absolutely amazing. Just watched the Sully movie last night, amazing how they did it almost word per word.

  • Amy Goddard
    Amy Goddard 3 months ago +2

    Every time I come back to listen to this again it gives me chills. Sully is definitely the pilot you hope you have in any kind of urgent situation. God bless all pilots for the crap they deal with all the time and for being brave enough to take on that responsibility! 👏

  • FreeRadical09
    FreeRadical09 Year ago +8

    I'm not from the US but I have to applaud and admire the nerves of steel the ATC, the crew of US Airways 1549 and the first responders that day.

    They all did their job like true professionals and saved everybody on the aircraft.

    My hat's off for every single one of the people involved that day.

  • mamatgc46
    mamatgc46 5 years ago +1969

    I'd really like to shake the hand of that air traffic controller. I know there were many heroes that day, including Captain Sully, but I think that air traffic controller is to be commended for keeping his cool and thinking on his feet. He is why the response time was so fast.

    • Pidge Podge
      Pidge Podge 7 months ago +1

      @chloe kaftan All of ATC focuses on an emergency aircraft, which involves re-planning other flights around it. Their job is to juggle objects in the air, pretty literally.

    • Asa Goldsmith
      Asa Goldsmith 7 months ago +3

      @chloe kaftan so he shouldn't have diverted the other planes from the runway that he was planning to have the airbus go down on? Lmao

    • Aziz
      Aziz Year ago +2

      @chloe kaftan Should have as in you think he shouldn’t have juggled those other tasks, or should have as in one would assume he would, but he did the right thing and kept juggling?

    • chloe kaftan
      chloe kaftan Year ago

      dude that atc controller was juggling other planes when he should have been solely focused on cactus 1549.

    • devilmecare
      devilmecare 2 years ago

      He called him an idiot.

  • y z
    y z 2 years ago +4

    Well trained pilots, crew, controllers, and thank you very much to the people who got involved rescuing the passengers and the crew members. Great job done.....

  • TheMellyMelissa
    TheMellyMelissa 2 years ago +22

    Amazing air traffic controller. I listed to his emotional explanation of the event and hope he realises how admired he is by people like me for his bravery.

  • Dan Rodrigues
    Dan Rodrigues 7 months ago +4

    The pilot has obviously been dubbed a hero but I say that the air traffic controller was just as much a hero for remaining calm and being able to contact multiple potential sites at what had to be no more than a few seconds. Pilot called in emergency and the controller immediately knew exactly what to do and whom to call. How many of us can say that we could handle that situation with that much precision and accuracy?

  • pianogus
    pianogus 3 days ago

    The calmness in the voice of the pilot is the most compelling piece here.

  • Amanda Costa
    Amanda Costa 3 years ago +2428

    I cant even be this calm ordering a bottle of beer in a restaurant...

  • C N
    C N 2 years ago +4

    This is a true example of professionalism at its finest ! How calm were these guys in such a stressful situation

  • Emma Ainslie
    Emma Ainslie 2 years ago +6

    Both pilots were amazing as were the staff, attendants and passengers. Team work saved the day, led of course by Sully *love*

  • Jen
    Jen 6 months ago +2

    this is truly amazing, god bless the pilot and all involved to save all of these lives, this brought tears to my eyes

  • madisonlifesupport
    madisonlifesupport 2 years ago +14

    This is what you call a trained pilot!

    The way he dealt with the situation and I mean of course the landing its self!

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy 7 years ago +550

    Obviously, the pilots did an amazing job but the controller does GREAT as well - very calm and staying completely on top of the situation.

    • amanofthisworld
      amanofthisworld 4 years ago +12

      Exactly. When I hear his voice in these recordings I am just amazed how professional the guy is.

  • JFK64 Kennedy
    JFK64 Kennedy Year ago +4

    much respect to those boat and ship captains, maneuvering and holding those boats that close, safely

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 11 months ago +24

    Just incredible how calm and collective both Sully & Controler were during the entire thing.

  • Frank Bella
    Frank Bella 7 months ago +105

    Not nearly as recognized, but that controller was as much a hero that day as Sully and crew.

  • Mlp fan Celine
    Mlp fan Celine 2 years ago +5

    It's today 11 years ago that this happend. The pilot, crew and all those people that came on boots to the rescue are heros. Bless their souls

  • ct6502
    ct6502 5 years ago +891

    This is still so amazing. Everyone did their job well that day, but especially the pilot. He is definitely a hero, no one could ever doubt that. He had ONE chance to make that landing, and he had to do it just right. Other pilots have tried to make water landings before, and if you don't do it right, the plane will break apart and probably kill everyone on board. But Captain Sullenberger managed to do it and EVERYONE survived. How often do you hear that? A plane loses all its engine power but the pilot still gets the plane down in one piece and everyone survives?! This guy has to be the best pilot in the world. I really hope he trained other pilots before he retired!

    • Ebnus
      Ebnus Year ago

      Have you ever heard of the gimli glider? Pilot lost both engines and power due to fuel shortage and managed to land on an old runway with a maneuver used in air gliding. Everyone survived

    • Olivia Decano
      Olivia Decano Year ago

      Great. Thank you lord

    • Syclone0044
      Syclone0044 Year ago +1

      Julie Enslow Bird strikes typically happen near the ground, and engine failures on takeoff is one of the main things every pilot’s instruction emphasizes. In fact they call it “The Impossible Turn” - when an engine quits shortly after takeoff and the pilot wants to turn around and land back at the airport. Something like 95% of pilots who attempt this will die. Because an airplane loses so much lift in a 180° turn. Pilots are instructed instead if they are that low, they should continue straight and level flight because that gives them maximum time to survey the area and look for the safest place to crash land. But in small private airplanes, pilots really don’t wanna land anywhere besides a runway because it often will mean the plane is a total loss. Unfortunately this tricks many into the fatal turn.

    • Geneva
      Geneva 2 years ago +1

      Julie Enslow A VERY good point.

    • Phil Hewitt
      Phil Hewitt 2 years ago

      your spot on , Sully said that very thing in an interview/

  • On The Run
    On The Run Year ago +3

    I've heard "most pilots just avoid the birds" but this tape still gives me chills.

  • Gotti Baron
    Gotti Baron 2 months ago +8

    On point professionals in every position. 155 people owe their lives to these calm, cool, and collected individuals.

  • firebirdude2
    firebirdude2 Year ago +7

    Captain Sully, balls of steel and professionalism like no other. LaGuardia Tower OWNING his post! Giving recommendations, clearing runways for miles, and then commanding rescue crew direction. Both individuals showcasing what skill, experience, and leadership look like. Unreal.

  • Sachorna Brissett
    Sachorna Brissett 2 years ago +8

    I cry every time I listen to this tape and think about how the passengers must have felt after surviving.

  • Tim D IV
    Tim D IV 5 years ago +1634

    I'd fly with that pilot anytime.

  • Aarti Tiwari
    Aarti Tiwari Year ago +2

    The captain and the co pilot did an amazing job we all are proud

  • Rumred
    Rumred 2 years ago +2

    Sully did a great job to read the situation he was in and stay calm. By the time they realized what had happened and the engines wouldn't restart any attempt to try and land at the airports would have ended in tragedy. While landing on the water was risky he knew it was his only choice without endangering the lives of those on the ground.

  • Christina Paterno
    Christina Paterno Year ago +3

    I love that air traffic controller! Very focused and well dispatched. He and Sulley.’s brain waves were in sync. Great work!!!!!

  • AllitheDollDragon
    AllitheDollDragon Year ago +7

    It's almost the 12th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson. I still can't believe its been this long already.

    Thank you, Sully, and Thank you, Jeff. You saved everyone. 🛩

  • Sunil Chakravorty
    Sunil Chakravorty 5 years ago +414

    Incredible! In one lifetime only few people get a chance to save someone's life. And this Pilot saved 155 lives all together!

    • Syclone0044
      Syclone0044 Year ago +1

      Clothilde I frequently view airplane post crash accident investigations, and it’s actually not unusual for a pilot in an emergency to choose a less survivable crash landing area when it means a much lower chance of killing people on the ground. They literally give up their life to save others they’ll never know. I particularly recall one on TheXvid channel “What You Haven’t Seen” where a solo pilot in a small plane had an engine fail shortly after takeoff (too low to return to the airport) and he was in a dense city and he crashed into a tiny square park that was basically the only open empty area of land within miles, and it did cost him his life but nobody else was injured.

    • Abigail van auken
      Abigail van auken 2 years ago

      Sunil Chakravorty he saved more than 155 lives if he didn’t do his job and landed in the city it would be 9/11 all over again.

    • Clothilde
      Clothilde 2 years ago +5

      If you think about it, he didn’t just save 155 lives - had he tried to make it to La Guardia or Teterboro he’d have come down in a densely populated area and God knows how many might have lost their lives. His judgment, skill and experience averted a truly terrible disaster that day. What a guy. 😍

    • Yakasuki
      Yakasuki 3 years ago +1

      @CAT MARIO
      Would be a waste of money since this doesn't happen all that often. Besides if a plane lands in the ocean its lost anyway.

      CAT MARIO 3 years ago

      They should redesign the planes that it can land safely in rivers, oceans when this shit happens

  • Antonia Prince
    Antonia Prince 2 years ago +3

    What I'll keep respecting these pilots and air traffic controllers for is their unbelievable calmness and swift thinking💛👌🏽

  • Crazy Brit - Nasa Fan
    Crazy Brit - Nasa Fan 2 years ago +3

    The pilots. The cabin crew. The ATC. the rescuers. All heros. Every last one of them.

  • peanutgallery77
    peanutgallery77 8 months ago +108

    In the movie when he says "Brace for impact" and the look of 'holy shit' on everybody's face. Powerful moment.

    • deprofundis
      deprofundis 5 months ago +1

      @Ragnar Blackmane right? They were so lucky to have such an experienced pilot that day!!

    • Ragnar Blackmane
      Ragnar Blackmane 7 months ago +1

      had it been any other pilot, any other cabin crew, I dont think it would be called "The Miracle on the Hudson"

    • Anthony Pelchat
      Anthony Pelchat 8 months ago +5

      Yeah, every single person was like "is this really happening?" and froze up. Wasn't until the flight attendants started yelling "brace, brace, brace! Heads down, stay down!" that everyone snapped out of it. I would have been the same.

  • 1stp4ward
    1stp4ward 5 months ago +3

    Hats off to all of the ferries and boats who didn't wait for an emergency to be declared and just went to save those people.

  • Brandi
    Brandi Year ago +5

    Captain Sully and First Officer Styles worked together in perfect precision to make a safe landing. Both great men. Both heros ❤️❤️

  • Lynne Miller
    Lynne Miller 5 months ago

    I have full appreciation for both the pilot, co-pilot and air traffic controller. Amazing story.

  • Itz_siena
    Itz_siena 3 years ago +2

    I have so much respect for this captain 👨‍✈️

  • Bonkers McGee
    Bonkers McGee Year ago +1

    Love the professionalism here. I'm guessing a flight con can go an entire career with no emergency, and when it happens both them and the other flight cons they contact at other airports communicate quickly and efficiently. Those precious seconds they aren't wasting by saying "what?!" or other reactions, that's lives saved.

  • Wil
    Wil 5 months ago +10

    You know Capt. Sully was an amazing pilot…but hell that amazing airplane did exactly what it was designed to do.

  • AGENT47ist
    AGENT47ist 2 years ago +32

    I think what makes it more scary is Captain Sully's chill and calm voice, and dead cold. Salute captain!!!

    • Barry Obama
      Barry Obama 2 years ago

      AGENT47ist why can’t trump be calm like that he loses his shit over the little things

  • Xena Princess
    Xena Princess 8 months ago +1

    Sully, at that height, such calmness and the absolute correct decision that you made saved so many lives. Always a hero in our hearts.

  • Travel nd Food with Shabs
    Travel nd Food with Shabs 4 months ago +3

    A big salute to captain Sully....As cool he managed this situation 👍

  • Ray Campbell
    Ray Campbell 3 months ago +9

    It's amazing how calm Sully was when he said "We're going to be in the Hudson"

  • Rowan
    Rowan 3 years ago +161

    Keep in mind his engines just exploded and he's dropping out of the sky quickly, when he replies with that calm voice

    • Ethereal Rose
      Ethereal Rose 2 months ago +1

      The engines didn't explode. They had multiple failures due to bird strike into the turbine. All planes are always dropping out of the sky and quickly every single day. You can still glide for quite a while and he could have made LaGuardia if the stars aligned without incident. However, he deemed it too risky and he was likely correct.

    • Lynne Paulocsak
      Lynne Paulocsak 3 months ago

      #gangstah!!! Seriously, great job all around!! Kudos!!!

    • Tamer vlogz
      Tamer vlogz 4 months ago

      @Exilibea yh

    • Rowan
      Rowan 4 months ago +2

      @Exilibea yes but the a320 has a glide ratio of around 17, and that’s at cruising speed. They literally just took off, were facing upward, heading into the wind, and were going way too slow to be stable beyond the pilots experience and know-how.

    • Exilibea
      Exilibea 4 months ago +2

      he was more like gliding, he still had some control of the plane

  • Daniela Wagner
    Daniela Wagner 2 years ago +13

    I can’t get over how calm the pilots voice is and the person on the other side is also calm. Holy smokes.

  • NameNotAlreadyTaken2

    I love how after being told they lost both engines, everyone asks which engine they lost. No one can believe both.

  • Liz Malcom
    Liz Malcom 11 months ago

    One time I found out my pilot for a flight was also my soccer coach. Never felt more safe flying. Guy was amazing on the field as a mentor to a bunch of young girls all trying to find their way. Wish I could remember his name.

  • Pidge Podge
    Pidge Podge 7 months ago +7

    The act of landing in water is deceptively destructive to an aircraft, it's an incompressible liquid at landing speeds, so any choppiness in the water you need to think of as being as solid as sand. Landing it required both Sully's feather touch and a miracle for the Hudson to behave. Either of those are missing, and it's a disaster.

    • Cait
      Cait 6 months ago +2

      The air traffic controller really thought he was going to be the last person Sully spoke to and thought he'd just listened to hundreds of people die.

  • darcy swanson
    darcy swanson 8 months ago +2

    I watched as much coverage of this as I could find. Fantastic job of Sully , the air traffic controller everyone. 👏 never underestimate those new Yorkers. They are the very best.

  • macdaniel
    macdaniel Year ago +504

    Passengers: “Thank God for saving me”
    Sully: .......

    • Syed Mewangi
      Syed Mewangi 4 months ago

      Thank god for allowing sully to safely land the plane..

    • Yousof
      Yousof 5 months ago

      @Xtraordinary Shots this aged well

    • Danial Ismadi
      Danial Ismadi 7 months ago +1

      @Saitama Caped Baldy you watch to many anime then blame the god

    • Eric Longoria
      Eric Longoria 7 months ago

      @Saitama Caped Baldy pathetic

    • Joseph Shin
      Joseph Shin 9 months ago +2

      ATC: ......
      First responders: ......
      People with boats who helped out: .....

  • The Martian Buck
    The Martian Buck 6 years ago +5512

    My favorite part is the silence after he says it. "Which runways would you like at Teteboro?" "We're gonna be in the Hudson." "...wut?"

    • Peter A.
      Peter A. Year ago

      @Ben Dover well, thats what pilots are trained for.
      But still its impressing to see in practice when adrenaline kicks in.

    • Zamolxes77
      Zamolxes77 Year ago +1

      @Mike Hilton Sounds like your a professor at Kerbal University, where every engineering problem is solved one way : moar boosters !

    • Mike Hilton
      Mike Hilton Year ago +2

      @Zamolxes77 that's why you just have 21 engines, so there's likely of a chance of all engines being taken out. See you in airplane engine university, I'm clearly the professor

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover Year ago +5

      Split second decision in a high-stakes game of chess. If he crashes into a densely populated neighborhood a few hundred yards from Teterborough, with a full load of fuel, it could have meant not just everyone on board dying in a horrible inferno, but possibly hundreds more on the ground. That kind of quick thinking and sound judgement is a rare commodity.

    • skeptikhaleesi
      skeptikhaleesi Year ago +1

      @umer khan it's actually kind of annoying, it's even written in the subtitle on-screen for part of the clip, but for some reason the audio portion was cut off at that point by the news station before the controller could reply??? (I say annoying because it's kinda the punchline of the whole thing, y'know? why remove it???) However if you listen to the 3-minute audio recording on the flight's Wiki page, after the pilot confirms "We're gonna be in the Hudson" (after mentioning it in passing at the beginning of the call, as a sort of final resort), you *do* hear the controller ask him to "say again", followed by what feels like a very, very long radio silence. The main controller then is still in denial and trying to direct the pilot to another possible Jersey runway and asks him if he can make that, and to copy. When he doesn't, one of the other people on radio then says sort of anxiously/in resignation, "I think he said he was going in the Hudson" Which is way more compelling IMO.

  • herobo123456
    herobo123456 7 months ago +93

    "Which engine did you lose?"


  • Natalee Camouflage
    Natalee Camouflage 7 months ago +2

    To this day this tears me up. I'm glad all ended up being well.

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 6 months ago +3

    Iove the fact that Sully always emphasised the cabin crew role. That plane was blessed by 5 brilliant crew.

  • Dane Gonzales
    Dane Gonzales Year ago +32

    The captain wasn't trained for water landing. He knows that if he continued to go to the nearest airport, no one will survive because they will hit all the buildings so the best way was to land in river and the coast guard and the boat who roaming on the river responded immediately. Salute to the captain and all staff who did their jobs.

    • k S
      k S Year ago +2

      Every captain trains for water landing.

  • Blah Blahh
    Blah Blahh Year ago +5

    I always say Captain Sully is one of my favorite heroes but this air traffic controller is pretty apparently just as bad ass

  • jonathan apreza hernandez
    jonathan apreza hernandez 5 months ago +8

    Wow the quality of professionalism ob these guys, they have liquid nitrogen running on their veins, sense of emergency but never panic, simply amazing, just saw the movie for the first time, simply astonishing

  • Katie
    Katie 8 months ago +1

    This was the most amazing act of heroism and a talented pilot and air traffic control. The ferries and fireboats were amazing, too! He saved so many souls that day.

    Those fucking birds that brought that plane down are in Hell now.

  • CL Emerson
    CL Emerson Year ago +1

    THIS is the pilot/air-traffic controller you WANT in an emergency. Props!

  • Josimar Lopes
    Josimar Lopes 5 years ago +3701

    The guy was very professional.

    • Propa Way
      Propa Way 2 years ago

      I did watch that episode of Air Crash Investigation/ Mayday, I believe the name of that episode is "Fight for Your Life." Other than that, you can probably look up FedEx flight 705, the incident happened in 1994 according to the documentary. There was a 3 man crew and well... the psycho in the jump seat so 4 on board in total. That episode was really interesting because everything he did was premeditated but thankfully, his plans weren't successful.

    • Survivrs
      Survivrs 2 years ago +1

      @Propa Way You're right!! You must have seen the "Air Disasters" episode on that one. The guy had a compound bow and arrows, a crowbar from the plane I believe, and possibly a handgun...I don't remember that for sure. One of the 2 pilots tried banking both ways as far as he could without flipping it which would have killed them all. The guy who attacked the pilots was an employee who I think had just gotten fired or was going to get fired so he was doing the "suicide by plane" which sucks because we've seen how those work out. On 9/11 there was more deaths from jets than any day in history and I pray it never happens again. Amazingly the 2 pilots managed to get the guy tackled with the jet on auto pilot since one alone couldn't get control of the guy. After getting him subdued, they were able to land, but their injuries were critical. They were lucky to survive. I wish they would have killed the guy who had tried to do the same to them. He had his weapons in a guitar case when he boarded, so along with his employee badge, he wasn't questioned or x-rayed by TSA.

    • Tyler Jorgensen
      Tyler Jorgensen 2 years ago +1

      @matdur2000 LOL that one went right over my head! Apparently

    • Cathal McCauley
      Cathal McCauley 2 years ago

      matdur2000 it was also Alaska airlines flight 261

    • Eziz Kuliyev
      Eziz Kuliyev 2 years ago +1

      Philly Sports! That is different movie lmfao. You are confusing Sully with Flight

  • Raymond Tan
    Raymond Tan 11 months ago +83

    The Traffic Controller is an Unsung Hero as well. He's one of the savior...

  • Djoko97
    Djoko97 Year ago +11

    The pilot sounds more calm than the traffic controllers. What a boss.

  • MarganaS Reimer
    MarganaS Reimer 8 months ago +1

    There are two bits of recorded dialogue that will always choke me up and make my heart skip a beat or two.
    "Challenger, go at throttle up." "Roger... go at throttle up" and
    "We going to be in the Hudson". At least everyone lived in this one.

  • Stephen Hogan
    Stephen Hogan Year ago +325

    "We're gonna be in the Hudson."

    "Hudson? Where's that airport?"

    • Roniel DC Domingo
      Roniel DC Domingo 6 months ago +4

      More like a seaport

    • LiveVali
      LiveVali 7 months ago

      @Fart bhahaha

    • lisalu910
      lisalu910 7 months ago +12

      @Fart Yes! Just like that!

    • Fart
      Fart 7 months ago +21

      @lisalu910 he didn’t tell you his plane fucking crashed 😭😭 he just came home like it was a normal day at work?

    • lisalu910
      lisalu910 11 months ago +58

      True story: thirty-five years ago my husband was on a Cessna with his pilot friend and their engine conked out and the pilot couldn't restart it. They made an emergency landing in a cornfield. They had to hike to a farmhouse to call for help, then get a ride to an airport to get a flight back home. Later that night in bed, just before we fell asleep, I idly asked, "So where did you guys land when you were out today?" He named a small town in the middle of nowhere, and I said, "I didn't know they had an airport there." He said, "They don't."

  • elibutton
    elibutton 5 years ago +85

    Unbelievable and still to this day - what an incredible story and outcome. Sully is not the only hero - but the controller and everyone involved on the communications and response were prompt and diligent and calm - - and no human casualties in the end - incredible example of competent / flawless execution - - they're all heros - - thank you for your service and support.

  • oleh kh
    oleh kh 11 months ago +3

    Capt. Sully spoke so calmly, he knew what to do. Hats off Capt. Sully!

  • drqtpatootie
    drqtpatootie 2 years ago +13

    I remember this like it happened yesterday. Man, where does time go?

  • Niall Murphy
    Niall Murphy 2 years ago +8

    Captain Sully, you are a hero and we salute you🙏

  • ZorbaTheDutch
    ZorbaTheDutch Year ago +48

    ATC: "What do you need to land?"
    Sully: "A river, a tough airplane, and a bunch of ferries close-by and a helicopter with divers to get all the passengers off the wings, slides and rafts and out of the almost freezing water."
    And so it happened.

  • MavrikUSMC
    MavrikUSMC Year ago +2

    Can we get some props to this controller? Kept his cool when dealing with a crashing pilot, and knew when to be aggressive with the other controller.

  • Dr. Grant Walker
    Dr. Grant Walker 7 months ago +7

    Why did we not hear more about the ATC? He was a hero as well

  • T’Robert Smif
    T’Robert Smif 2 years ago

    air traffic controller is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet WITHOUT imminent disaster facing you head on. This guy deserves a lot of credit! He did everything in his power to get him a runway. No panic.

  • Rakvalen's old youtube channel (first videos)

    that landing was legendary i remember seeing it in the news the day it happened

  • Walter M. Roberts III, PhD

    Impressive how calm everyone is, when normally their days probably are pretty incident free. Great professionalism, great training.

  • maruftim
    maruftim Year ago +25

    damn, that ATC might be the calmest guy ever I've heard

  • Netherlands 3338
    Netherlands 3338 Year ago +1

    Both pilots and controller are amazing at what they do.

  • Majid Apu
    Majid Apu 6 months ago +6

    It's amazing how NYC actually built a retractable runway in the Hudson after this even incase it happens again.

  • Coffee mug
    Coffee mug Year ago +1

    My heart skips a beat and I pee a lil every time I take off or land and this guy, oh boy...is it even human to remain so calm, and he is the captain!!! Hail Captain Sully!!

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' 2 years ago +1

    Kudos to the air traffic controller and everyone involved.