David Platt England vs Belgium 1-0 1/8 Finals World Cup 1990 Dutch commentary

  • Published on Jun 7, 2010
  • This goal was voted in Holland as the 22nd best goal in World Cup history.
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  • hayataka104014
    hayataka104014 11 days ago

    ガスコインの巧みなチップキック、裏に抜けたプラットが反転しながらのボレーで合わせた名シーンだ。この時のベルギーは今回(ロシア大会)にも比べられる、MFシーフォ、GKプロドームなど要所にタレントを配した同国史上最高クラスのチームだった。 この試合も押し気味の内容だと思ったが、その重圧を耐えたイングランドが古豪の面目をかけて押し返し、ベルギーの希望は潰えた。 改めてワールドカップでは、ベスト16には勢いよく入れるが、本当に実力と経験値そして国全体の準備がないとベスト4には残れないことを示した戦い!

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith 9 months ago +2

    Well done

  • alexcubata
    alexcubata 3 years ago

    Great goal! I was for Belgium that night, but anyway i like this english team(perhaps the best one in the last 25 years, the 1996 team had some common things with it). Waddle, Gascoigne, Lineker, Platt, Pearce, Robson, Des Walker, Beardsley, Barnes...

  • Mark Mahoney
    Mark Mahoney 4 years ago +1

    magic! Great memories

  • 279atcardiff
    279atcardiff 4 years ago

    As a Forest fan, I hate David Platt, but that was quality.

  • voyage54
    voyage54 5 years ago

    Platt, il a le même sourire plein de dents que Tony Blair.

  • Jordan Huart
    Jordan Huart 5 years ago

    120th minut 1-0... :(

  • Todos Los Mundiales
    Todos Los Mundiales 5 years ago

    Excelente aporte y muy buen gol!!

  • mcsquare77
    mcsquare77 6 years ago

    He has been licking his arse ever since they both played for Sampdoria together!

  • Jesse Wright
    Jesse Wright 6 years ago

    How does he lick Mancini's arse? He is assistant manager, his job is to be Mancini's assistant.

  • Marley Bennett
    Marley Bennett 6 years ago

    The first time I've heard a foreign commentary that's not gone "GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAAaaaAAAAALLLL! GOOOOAAAaaAaaAALASSIIOOO GOLLASSIOOO!"

  • mcsquare77
    mcsquare77 6 years ago +1

    It's a shame David Platt has turned into a right tosser. He is always licking Roberto Mancini's arse!

  • Zelda Fitzgerald
    Zelda Fitzgerald 6 years ago

    I watched this game in the Edinburgh Castle Camden town. Half the pub couldn't care less about football and the other half went mental when Platt scored. Great night.

    BASKETBALLJEZUS 6 years ago

    ok that was great for here but i didn't care is she won it or not just like i didn't care the wimen relay team won the silver medal i only care about 1 medal and that was that the USA men's team should win the gold medal in basketball and they did :D cus i'm a huge basketball fan especially the NBA :) and i wish that the balgian wimen put those medals where the sun never shines :p

  • Koppa20
    Koppa20 6 years ago

    Uuuh, and Tia Hellebaut ? Gold medal in Peking..

  • MySilverr
    MySilverr 7 years ago

    There wasn't much wrong with the John Barnes "goal" during the match.

  • Aldo Raine
    Aldo Raine 7 years ago

    We were SO lucky that night - Belgium gave us a football lesson. I was in Belgium that night on holiday and the next day you couldn't buy a bucket anywhere..they were full of sick. The entire Belgium nation vomited simultaneously...still I laughed my arse off so go on their Platty my Son ! Engerrrrrland....

    • reubz1123
      reubz1123 9 months ago

      Ahito1984 Now you surely have a better squad. It won't be much reward beating us because we're nothing like we were in 90.

    • Ahito1984
      Ahito1984 Year ago

      In Belgium, we were sad since this was the finest squad play we ever got. With Preud'homme in penalty shootout, we'd have been happy enough even if that didn't end well because we had our chance. Denied by a nice diving of Gascoigne and its consequences (119') and such unlucky (for Belgium) day because sterile domination because anyone in the world saw how Belgium outplayed the creators of football that very day! With Cameroun, Belgium hosted most interesting way of playing in a poor world cup. Don't say you were unlucky against W. Germany, this was payback from luckiness in 2 previous plays! We hope to play England to show what Belgium can do! Join us in Russia please!

  • ProudTarjaholic
    ProudTarjaholic 7 years ago

    miserable..... (after such a great match) :( :(

    BASKETBALLJEZUS 7 years ago

    @josephxuereb1 i have respect 4 the uk you guys have my 2nd fav football comtetition ;)

    BASKETBALLJEZUS 7 years ago

    @josephxuereb1 the only good sport wimen we had where justin henin & kim clijsters

    BASKETBALLJEZUS 7 years ago

    i'm from belgium but i like nothing more then see them lose it don't matter aggainst witch country eaven it aggainst liechtenstein :p and i like 2 see them lose in eny kind of sports :p

  • whipchorus
    whipchorus 7 years ago

    Holland? Failed to qualify for Spain 82, France 84, and Mexico 86. People gloss over that all the time.

    • Ahito1984
      Ahito1984 Year ago

      It was payback for 1974 (really injustice) and 1978 (stronger oranje)

  • vonkvetch
    vonkvetch 8 years ago +1

    Fantastic goal. Moved David Platt straight into football's A list and rightly so.