Ultimate Super Glue Test

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • We put popular super glue brands to the test to discover which is the most super of all super glues. GMM 1263.1
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Comments • 1 961

  • Bryce Walburn
    Bryce Walburn Year ago +3494

    "We have to be scientific"
    *saves anything remotely resembling science til very last round*

    • Manal Cali
      Manal Cali 11 months ago +2

      "Sorry baby but I'm putting a thumb right into your eyehole." Felt sorry for those babies.

    • Jack Middleton
      Jack Middleton Year ago +2

      Yeah I mean as far as I understand they all use the same chemistry to create their bond so the idea that one cant hold 10lbs and one can hold 50 is just broken science.

    • Editz
      Editz Year ago

      You're a legend.

  • Justin Jeremy Jase

    Spoilers at 8:50 lol

  • thekasarole
    thekasarole 10 days ago

    I love Rhett's garden gnome shirt!

  • Frozen Nebula
    Frozen Nebula 12 days ago +1

    Man, y’all had to spoil it at 8:50

  • Ákos Szabó
    Ákos Szabó 14 days ago

    Chase is sooo *fabolous*

  • Brian Zimmer
    Brian Zimmer 22 days ago

    Ever heard of a force gauge?

  • Suburban Critters
    Suburban Critters 29 days ago

    Amazing and awesome. So entertaining! The Force is strong with this one!!!

  • Toxic_glitch YT
    Toxic_glitch YT Month ago

    Awww chase is so cute😂

  • Gen Gg
    Gen Gg Month ago

    Omg when link said birth position and they both scream it’s too funnyy

  • Gen Gg
    Gen Gg Month ago

    The strength zone ya gotta cross your eyes alittle bit lol!!

  • Habecker
    Habecker Month ago

    Gorilla Glue has a little metal prong in the cap that pokes down into the spout to keep it from clogging.

  • MLG_ Wolfie1
    MLG_ Wolfie1 Month ago

    I'm sorry but why are link's legs so tan? This is concerning me

  • curtys kingdom
    curtys kingdom Month ago

    Why not attach weights and increase till one snaps...

  • Jake C.
    Jake C. Month ago

    Should've affixed a digital fishing scale to a 2x4 and pulled each one while measuring the weight. More proof us South Carolinians are smarter than our northern cousins.

  • Allison B
    Allison B 2 months ago

    At the part where they glued there shoes together I was dying of laughter because,
    Link said; I feel like I’m in a labor position.
    Then I was listening to it without looking and I was dying, try it out to see it yourself 😂😂

  • questforbalance
    questforbalance 2 months ago

    oh those legs!

  • Omar Alsuhaimi
    Omar Alsuhaimi 2 months ago

    You think glue masters win but you never tested the flex glue 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 the worlds strongest glue you guys just wanted to cheat

    KSJAAY 2 months ago +2

    living for chase’s hair flipping...

  • Storyshift Chara
    Storyshift Chara 2 months ago +1

    My stepsister: is that the kragle in the LEGO movie
    Me: just keep dreaming

  • hannah bee
    hannah bee 2 months ago


  • Samantha Watson
    Samantha Watson 2 months ago

    8:21 You gotta get the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Not the lip, Link

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 months ago

    chase is hot.

  • Amelia Changster
    Amelia Changster 2 months ago

    Omg, I miss read the title as "super glue taste test", I was really worried because knowing them and what they've done, it could've been a thing. I'm so glad it's not a taste test. 🤣😂

  • sens4tress
    sens4tress 2 months ago

    Why wouldn’t you glue the fish tail to the wood lmao

  • KitKatie Kat
    KitKatie Kat 2 months ago

    My moms family farm has the bass on their wall

  • Im weird jahonas and moise is my bff

    im going to the store to buy gluemasters

  • CR7 110406
    CR7 110406 3 months ago

    LoL Links pants at the end

  • The Odometer
    The Odometer 3 months ago

    8:50 the bracket seems messed up

  • Tyreese le
    Tyreese le 3 months ago

    No need to say anything

  • Joel Rasku
    Joel Rasku 3 months ago

    Hello, Hi

  • Shannon M.
    Shannon M. 3 months ago +1

    What? No E6000?

  • Alexis Di Leo
    Alexis Di Leo 3 months ago +1

    OMG where did Rhett get his shirt??? 🤭😳😳

  • MothraVsTheWorld
    MothraVsTheWorld 3 months ago +1

    Links legs sure are tan

  • liliana yan
    liliana yan 3 months ago +1

    8:50 they messed up they didn’t test yet but we can see the winner

  • J W
    J W 3 months ago +3

    lets pick which super glue has the best (shtick)

  • Stephanie Schultz
    Stephanie Schultz 3 months ago

    Quick reminder: they both have engineering degrees. 😂😂😂

  • simply.kalah
    simply.kalah 3 months ago

    chase is so cuteeeee

  • Ferdanand Eztevez
    Ferdanand Eztevez 3 months ago

    8:52 reveals the answer

  • Barry McCackiner
    Barry McCackiner 3 months ago

    Link's legs are super dark compared to the rest of his body wth

  • xXRetroTheKillerXx xXGatchaXx

    Im amazed that gorrila lost.

  • Mackenzie yEET
    Mackenzie yEET 3 months ago

    SOmeone save chase lmao

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine 3 months ago

    Chase would make a pretty girl.

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 3 months ago +2

    At 8:50 it shows the bracket with the super glues but the original super glue is already there in the finals🤫

  • Shane Dobson
    Shane Dobson 3 months ago

    I thought all superglue was just cyanoacrylate? Is there actually a difference between brands? I'm not convinced this entire episode is all user errors, it's GMM.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 months ago

    You needed to do the shoes in the end.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 months ago

    You are weird.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 months ago

    Chase need a raise.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 months ago

    Chase girl

  • Todd Jason
    Todd Jason 3 months ago

    Rhett death the kid would be very happy your symmetrical #SoulEater

  • Kixeu Svent
    Kixeu Svent 3 months ago

    I hate this new editing style. Change isn't always good.

    CAP SPORTS 3 months ago

    8:49 already revealed the winner !!!!! (Before starting )

  • 37H4N
    37H4N 3 months ago

    They forgot Flex Glue

  • Michelle Barrows
    Michelle Barrows 3 months ago +1

    It looks like and sounds like you two are having babies

  • Jack Verduzco
    Jack Verduzco 3 months ago

    The bass test was done with unfair results I want a retest to give real results for the glue on the broken tooth

  • The Greatnarwhal
    The Greatnarwhal 3 months ago

    This video has my favorite thumbnail of any video ever

  • swartex 123
    swartex 123 3 months ago

    did anyone else think rhett was going to have an aneurism when pulling those lap tops open?

  • AMO Movies
    AMO Movies 3 months ago

    the right arms are stronger because you are both right handed.

  • Ramsey Schaefer
    Ramsey Schaefer 3 months ago +1


  • Sharlamazing
    Sharlamazing 3 months ago

    You can get 2 of the original super glue for a buck at dollar tree it works good

  • Kaylin Hutson
    Kaylin Hutson 3 months ago

    "See if you can pull the bass lip off of that one, WE'VE GOTTA BE SCIENTIFIC!!"

  • Lassi Nissinen
    Lassi Nissinen 3 months ago

    I thought the title said Ultimate Super Glue Taste Test.

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 3 months ago

    Snake grabber was Rhett's nickname in high school

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins 3 months ago

    I also have to wonder how long they gave them to dry because it could mean that one kind simply dried faster then the other.

  • Queen FluffyButt
    Queen FluffyButt 3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice when they showed the super glue vs scotch... they showed the winner by accident on the board before we saw it?

  • Why Do you care
    Why Do you care 3 months ago

    So many different ways you guys could’ve been more scientific 😐

  • TallicaMan1986
    TallicaMan1986 3 months ago

    10:49 Grab the top of your jeans.
    Proceeds to grab the very bottom of them.

  • Slime FM
    Slime FM 4 months ago

    Where is flex glue

  • Radka Bérová
    Radka Bérová 4 months ago

    Chase is so cute, gosh

    CLAIRE FODGE - STUDENT 4 months ago

    I just love these guys💗💗

  • _ Mahalia Sings _
    _ Mahalia Sings _ 4 months ago

    Why didn’t you just do the last comparison on all of them ??? .-.

  • bobtman 11
    bobtman 11 4 months ago

    You forgot flex seal

  • Yonal Wijesuriya
    Yonal Wijesuriya 4 months ago

    the original superglue was there in the finals whent they start the semi

  • AggressiveTacos -
    AggressiveTacos - 4 months ago

    You kept choosing the loser to move on

  • Cosmic Potato
    Cosmic Potato 4 months ago

    8m the singing salmon spending all day jamming

  • Coffee Table
    Coffee Table 4 months ago

    8:49 the original super glue is already in winner spot without battling with scotch
    Is it an error?

  • Creepaface ,
    Creepaface , 4 months ago


  • Exo
    Exo 4 months ago +1

    Literally thought this was a taste test, now i'm upset

  • Kasey Benton
    Kasey Benton 4 months ago

    “Which one is that?” “Link Left Foot” 😂

  • Blake Carroll
    Blake Carroll 4 months ago

    Just wanna say at 8:49 they already filled in the board so you could tell the original super glue won

  • Ima hungry fox Studios
    Ima hungry fox Studios 4 months ago

    Did anyone notice at 8:50 it already said super glue went to the finals

  • Capt. Gigglepants
    Capt. Gigglepants 4 months ago

    Nice Boxers Link +1 (too bad they wernt GMM boxers, Merch idea!)

  • Gigi Leo
    Gigi Leo 4 months ago

    they have matching shoes

  • kai russell
    kai russell 4 months ago

    Not like it matters, but Chase is a gay man right?

  • yee
    yee 4 months ago

    Why am I just know seeing this

  • Swagedy Fox
    Swagedy Fox 4 months ago

    spoilers at 8:50

  • Sammy Sweets
    Sammy Sweets 4 months ago

    I left the lid off my super glue for 2 days once and it still came out just fine.

  • Megadeth-1a 88
    Megadeth-1a 88 4 months ago

    Should have used combat boots. No feet are pulling out of those

  • Charles Jesse
    Charles Jesse 4 months ago

    Finding a winner is easy. Just eliminate the gluesers.

  • Doug JB
    Doug JB 4 months ago

    Chase with blond wig looks like Dave Grohl if he died his real hair blond.

  • Nenny Melodias
    Nenny Melodias 4 months ago

    why not just glue the tails of the fish then press the red button?

    • Nenny Melodias
      Nenny Melodias 4 months ago

      i just realized this video is a year old....ok

  • Taylor Savage
    Taylor Savage 4 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Chase is so cute?

  • Scarlet R.
    Scarlet R. 4 months ago

    Anybody notice at 8:50 the scotch vs the OG super glue, already had the OG super glue as the winner?

  • Naomi Culley
    Naomi Culley 4 months ago

    Tbh Link sounds like he's giving birth

  • Bakudeku
    Bakudeku 4 months ago

    *New movie*
    *_Planes on snakes_*

  • yozois the gamer
    yozois the gamer 4 months ago

    What happend to your legs Link😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 4 months ago

    Here is an amazing super glue hack for you. WARNING: wear gloves and avoid and contact with skin. Use Loctite super glue and cover the glue with a little bit of baking soda. It solidifies as hard as a rock almost instantly. I had a mechanic teach this to me. They even use this combination to fill in chips and cracks in airplane propellers. Use at your own risk.

  • Reign 55
    Reign 55 4 months ago

    Something to think about they use bsi glue on tires to hide it when they have a Crack in them. There is a lot more that companies do who make tires that will make you look at them closer. Also with bsi glue it works better if you use a accelerant to make the glue dry faster

  • Dusty Skye
    Dusty Skye 5 months ago

    13:54 I lost it, that's hilarious LOL

  • Ilan Orzech
    Ilan Orzech 5 months ago

    Anyone else notice the animation mess up at 8:48

  • Hendog YT
    Hendog YT 5 months ago

    8:50 Well, they spoiled that round, cuz we’ll, the winner is on top :/