Why Brexit isn’t “Good for the England Team”

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Why Brexit isn't "good for the England team."
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    Anxiety over the economic impacts of Brexit have plagued businesses in the UK, Europe and around the world since the 2016 Referendum. The UK government’s lack of clarity and failure to negotiate a smooth
    transition out of European Union has left an immeasurable amount of potential impacts on businesses.
    English football is not immune from these impacts, with the Premier League’s brand as ‘the best league in the world’ through its multinational inclusion of the best footballing talent under threat.
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Comments • 763

  • Michael A
    Michael A 11 hours ago

    True, In European competitions, yes English clubs excel..Tho mostly with and through foreign talent..Liverpool/Ma U/Forest and even Villa did quite well before the PL with just a few scots and Welsh 'imports' How to lie with stats.

  • Michael A
    Michael A 11 hours ago

    Surely a good thing in many ways..More British lads can play in their league.

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 14 days ago

    Whom careth

  • Eternal Atake Hidden In Area 51

    FA uses foreign players as an excuse for playing terrible and losing to very "unexperienced and skilled" teams.

  • darkzy robin
    darkzy robin 21 day ago

    I am from Albania

  • darkzy robin
    darkzy robin 21 day ago

    Tifo I admire you for what you do and I love the videos but you have included politics a bit much

  • Thak
    Thak Month ago +1

    Premier footballing competition in the world my arse

  • Scouse88
    Scouse88 Month ago

    could not give a shit,,,, we voted leave not because of football but for democracy and the right to decide our own future...who cares at the end of the day about something we have no say in??? do we get to choose who plays NO do we get £100,000 a week for watching ? NO

  • Ali Raza Jafree
    Ali Raza Jafree Month ago +1

    there are less english players cuz they bad, is there a messi or ronaldo in the english national team? teams need to do well, thats why they have good players, they can get the players they want.

  • Jos VES
    Jos VES Month ago

    aahhh, confirmation bias. The common man's common sense.

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 2 months ago

    Hopefully we will find out soon.

  • Telcontar1962
    Telcontar1962 2 months ago

    The England team isn't particularly good for England if we're honest.
    It is the overt advertisement that illegal immigrants can represent a country they've been forcibly imported into (or descended from former invaders) and that government by consent is a dead letter because invasion is OK as long as a completely criminal and unrepresentative Parliament says it is.
    Its quite laughable the recent reports the "England team will meet to discuss racism" when they are the very embodiment of the most racist policy in British history, post war immigration policy. Brexit might be bad for it but only if the British people wake up to the fact and say.... "and by what authority are you representing MY country again?" Because the only true answer is the marketing industry.

  • Yaro Sketches
    Yaro Sketches 2 months ago

    5 billion percent true... So true...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Wesley Teh
    Wesley Teh 2 months ago

    Going abroad worked for Alex Hunter

  • Simon Barfield
    Simon Barfield 2 months ago

    fuck the England team we have bigger fish to fry.. the reason England never win anything is because the manager is always a PR yes man who only picks big 6 players

  • evan williams
    evan williams 2 months ago

    don’t even worry about it, the political elite view you as a nuisance and won’t honor your decisions, it doesn’t help reach their goal of european genocide by 2100 so you might as well not have even voted

  • cm. CG
    cm. CG 2 months ago


  • Amory l عموري
    Amory l عموري 2 months ago

    Brexit means brexit

  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell 2 months ago


  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig 2 months ago +4

    Yea I had the English football team in mind when I voted for brexit lol cmonn

  • Jack Mounsor
    Jack Mounsor 2 months ago

    Brexit means Brexit

  • Carl jones
    Carl jones 2 months ago

    Also lets not forget that European clubs chased our best players starting with greats such as John Charles followed by Gerry Hitchens,Dennis law and Jimmy Greavis . From 1977 flood gates opened wirh British players going to European clubs starting with Kevin Keegan who was soon followed by the likea of Laurie Cunningham, Trevor Francis,Ray Wilkins,Greame Sounes,John Barnes,Mark Hately,Glen Hoddle and Waddle not forgetting IanRush,Mark Hughes,Liam Brady,Duncan Mckenzie,Steve Archibald,Tony woodcock these players werent replaced by overseas players but Brirish players.

  • Carl jones
    Carl jones 2 months ago

    Oh my lord this is the most funist video i have every seen only needs Jimmy carr to pop up and it would win a Bafta. Lets look at English teams in Europe. 1962-63 to 1970-71 English teams won the Cup winners cup 4 times 2 more than any other country with mainly British players. Or how about Englands Domination of the European cup from 1977-82 6 succeessive times a record with only the 1982-83 won by a European club with Liverpool retain the European cup the following season . Heysel stadium disaster bring ir all to a holt for five years again all done with mainly British players . Leaves one thinking how long the Domination of the European cup would of lasted if Heysel didnt happen.

  • Domen Bremec
    Domen Bremec 2 months ago +7

    Last four WC Champions were from EU nations (Italy, Spain, Germany, France) - No one has any reason to believe Brexit could in any way, shape or form improve the status of England's national team on the world's stage.

  • Harcus CG
    Harcus CG 2 months ago

    The fundamental problem with English people and Brexit is the inability to differentiate between "England" and the "UK" ... Normally, Im a fan of your videos Tifo Football, but why no mention of Scottish football and Welsh and Northern Ireland ... all those three (2 of which that voted against Brexit) are getting dragged out against their will, but are not worthy of a mention in this whole entire video. Shameful at least, arrogant at best.

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 2 months ago +1

    Project fucking fear at its most

    • Michael Wood
      Michael Wood 2 months ago +1

      How do you eat thick please answer that for me twat

    • Liam coghlan
      Liam coghlan 2 months ago +1

      You ate thick

  • Ahas Iikuyu
    Ahas Iikuyu 3 months ago


  • Ahas Iikuyu
    Ahas Iikuyu 3 months ago +1

    The reason with English national team is that their squad is filled with all premier league based players,now what does this mean?It means that these group of players are all exposed to the same football environment,intensity and mentality,they would be better if more English players played across diff European leagues

  • joeg1988
    joeg1988 3 months ago

    Excellent video, very informative and I wholly agree with its conclusions. But you got the labels for the Soccernomics guys the wrong way round!

  • Simon Cowie
    Simon Cowie 3 months ago

    You need to get your facts right it’s not just English players it will include Scottish Northren Irish & Walsh players as well will all be added in Premier League teams
    So you are wrong just saying England it’s UK players get your facts right

  • Loading now
    Loading now 3 months ago

    One thing that is never mentioned in this argument is the reluctance of English players to play abroad

  • Cas Lynch
    Cas Lynch 3 months ago


  • Tröt Tröt
    Tröt Tröt 3 months ago +1

    Well, unfortunately this was (unusually) one sided and uncritical (a pitty because I love this channel). It just adopts the flaws of economic theory (I am a former student of economics and statistics): It implicitely makes unreasonable assumptions without communicating them. Thus, it appears logical, but if you take a closer look on the assumptions themselves - It is not. The problems are the following:

    The video and the authors of soccernomics put all responsibility on the individual player by assuming the only "factor of production" of players is what the authors call "motivation". This "motivation" is linked to training effort and it is assumed that it can only be increased by raising psychological pressure due to higher competition via foreign players. This economic model of player production seems questionable. Furthermore, the presented empirical arguments suffer from logical fallacies. In more detail:
    First, one could argue that the production of a player is influenced by more than just one factor. It seems more reasonable to assume that it also depends on the quality of coaches, quality of training infrastructure and the socio-psychological environment that players face.
    Quotas are likely to raise the motivation of clubs to invest in their academies for young players and make them buy better coaches, better training grounds etc.. With the assumption of the authors this does not play any role in the production of players because only training effort itself counts. Additionally, the claim "Quotas harm motivation" is rather strong. Is it really the case that a young player thinks about quotas and therefore reduces training effort? Is psychological pressure the only way to make young player train? Is lending a very young boy to club far abroad not a much a higher risk to cause a lack of motivation due to psychological factors?
    Second, the presented statistics are rather superficial. The authors implicitely claim that the correlation between "world cup success" and "number of foreign players" is logically a causality. Is this true? To me, it seems more reasonable that the driving factor behind world cup success is "Overall national investment in education of players". As these investments happened to exhibit a parallel developement compared to "number of foreign players", a statistic can be constructed that shows the correlation that the authors present. However, by this logic you could also claim that the reason for englands world cup success is the "number of personal computers within england", as both seems to show parallel developement. So, correlation does not mean causality.

    My personal guess is, that the authors of soccernomics are "classic anglo-american economists" that cheer free markets relentlessly. Thus, they constructed an explanotary model "from the end", such that by defintion of the assumption, it MUST reaffirm the notion that any intervention is always bad, no matter what you aim at. This may seem conspiratorial from the outside but if you get in touch with some professors of economic theory, the dogmatic and overarching attempt to make everything fit their ideology is not unusual.

    SISYPHUS VASILIAS 4 months ago +1

    Oh good!
    England will always need an excuse for their onfield performances.

  • Daniel Sibrian
    Daniel Sibrian 4 months ago

    You'll be fine ding dongs

  • theworld withoutus
    theworld withoutus 4 months ago

    All footballers are the same a bunch of greedy bastards in recent years I've yet to see a player play for the love of the game more like the love of the paycheck

  • Thumb Head
    Thumb Head 4 months ago

    So... they say in the "english period" they were weaker, while conveniently creating arbitrary reasons to discount a semifinal and a fucking world cup victory? Im not sure how that makes sense. That being said though overall its obviously better to allow competition from foreign players. Ligue 1 is a fucking dumpsterfire for every team that isnt PSG (or Monaco for a time, but that clearly didnt last) but France has one of the strongest national teams with the most depth because its players are allowed to excel and develope around the world. Same with Brazil, which also has a shit domestic league.

  • rmccaw7
    rmccaw7 4 months ago

    Sorry, Neymar would cost an extra 30 million quid because of some extra paperwork?

  • timoe
    timoe 4 months ago

    Problem is money. English youngsters need a wage cap and need to go abroad instead of bench warming to steal a living. Look at Nelson, Sancho, not amazing but great future prospects simply because they got the chance in a foreign place.

  • Kilian Schattauer
    Kilian Schattauer 5 months ago

    The reason that Germany has a longer February break is simply because they play 34 not 38 games. Along with that, England has the Carabao Cup and FA Cup where as the other big countries only have 1 other bigger cup. (excluding things like the community shield etc.)

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 5 months ago

    It will be better for the British game.

  • BestCanKeanRob2
    BestCanKeanRob2 5 months ago

    More players in the premier league from other European countries isn't the reason why the national team has suffered.The national team has suffered for over 50 years.When we won the world cup in 1966 there was no sudden surge in foreign players playing for English clubs,barely any and in 1974 we did even qualify for the tournament.The real problem is misspent use of money in the national team since 1966,the pig-headedness of the FA,the introduction of the premier league in 1992 and the under development of coaching staff not just players.All these have been factors.

  • Breen Walshe
    Breen Walshe 5 months ago

    Good enough for the black and tan bastards...............................to the English CUNTS that don't know what the black and tans were.........Google it.pricks

  • Fuad Ahmed
    Fuad Ahmed 5 months ago

    If Kane wins the Nation's League, he'll be Prime Minister...

  • Rodolfo Licks
    Rodolfo Licks 5 months ago

    This video is wrong and it is very simple to see why: it's not only the premier league with too much foreigners, it's also the championship and leagues one and two. Only rubbish or financially broken teams that rely on english players.

  • Adam Willmott
    Adam Willmott 5 months ago

    Incredibly one-sided pro-EU account here. Total nonsense, to be honest.

  • Jon Marinello
    Jon Marinello 5 months ago +1

    With the massive stride in sports sciences these days i can see England probably do just as well or better in europe there has always been great English players. Brexit would massively help england, scotland,wales.

  • A E
    A E 5 months ago +1

    Shut the fuck up, fucking leftist.

  • Adrian McArdle
    Adrian McArdle 5 months ago +2

    Brexit is good for the country as a whole

  • Garthiehan Thamotharampillai

    well...england reached the semi in world cup 2018, three english clubs have been in the champions league final from 2018--2019,(liverpool being there twice) and tottenham, which have english players ,like trent alexander arnold, milner, kane, dier, danny rose, raheem sterling, kyle walker. So I dont really see a difference between this england side and the so called golden generation. If anything they are the same. The golden generation couldnt even qualify for the euro 2008, and got embarrassed at the 2010 world cup. We got a lucky group and fixtures for the 2018 world cup to get to the semi. Brexit or not I dont see it affecting the quality of the england national team.

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 6 months ago +2

    I don't care. The protection of our children is more important than football

  • soursource
    soursource 6 months ago +3

    The golden generation underperformed because the fa consistently chose bad managers playing dinosaur tactics, fa trying to cover up their stupidity as per usual

  • ভাইসাব Bros

    English player aren’t good enough. Just look at Young 😂😂

  • um t
    um t 6 months ago

    Foreign players are causing a problem buts it not a problem bthat protectionism will solve. Teams are reliant on the foreign players coming in on the transfer market that the youth talent is neglected. Managers only stay t a club 2 to 4 years max so no long term strategy nis ever implemented for the health of team in perpetuity. Youth academy's are little more than additional income for clubs through loans m

  • Harry Cave
    Harry Cave 6 months ago +1

    But football is a completely different sport from 1968 to what it is in 1998.its like comparing 100 meter runners in 1968 to runners we have now, it's a different sport with different rules. And to ignore the 1966 win is done so just to prove a point

  • Filipp Tukayev
    Filipp Tukayev 6 months ago +11

    Look at what happened in Russia, unmotivated players with huge salaries

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G 6 months ago +1

    We had the referendum in 2016 and England got to the Semi Finals of the world cup during the Brexit which equalled our best performance in more than 50 years. Plus English teams totally dominated European competitions this year. Maybe we should just have constant Brexit. This video is total garbage probably being paid for by Tony Blair or George Soros. The people who made it should be ashamed.

  • Donzacuceron
    Donzacuceron 6 months ago +2

    Man your map of the EU was old.

  • David Sabillon
    David Sabillon 6 months ago +5

    Maybe other teams are better 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ariaditya Pramestu
    Ariaditya Pramestu 6 months ago +3

    English players are just too expensive. For the same quality, players from africa or eastern europe are half if not a third of the price of english players.