Most-Watched Tasty Entrées of the Year


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    only on YOUTUBE 12 hours ago


  • Pamela Spitzer
    Pamela Spitzer Day ago

    Jesus, these are some mighty creations. I'm full just watching the first one. Although, I didn’t realize how soothing watching bacon being painted would be.. .

  • Stream PLUG
    Stream PLUG 7 days ago

    This video almost made me puke. Y'all be wildin

    DANNYSOLUCKY 7 days ago

    Babish has a WAAAAAAAYYYYY better il tempano recipe

  • J D
    J D 10 days ago

    Nope... this is excessive.

  • Kate RH
    Kate RH 10 days ago

    All look quite nasty - if this is the best I'd hate to see the rest

  • Ben McCann
    Ben McCann 11 days ago

    I'm not sure about any of this. Facebook food.

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez 11 days ago

    I could watch this all day.

  • Aleksandar Markov
    Aleksandar Markov 11 days ago

    You should go on hell's kitchen or the master chef show and see how u go

  • MachWaveRider
    MachWaveRider 15 days ago

    Most watched = most disgusting.

  • francescamssc22
    francescamssc22 18 days ago

    The #4th recipe is just coming straight from hell, and, if you really try it, that's also where you are going later, I'm sure.

  • francescamssc22
    francescamssc22 18 days ago

    I don't know if Tasty it's an American TheXvid channel... I suppose it is. I am so glad that I've been to America wayyy before this channel was invented, because if I knew that this was what I would have found in the restaurants, I would have starved to death, I'm sure. But luckily, I had no idea that this is your idea of delicious food, and so, I might have eaten stuff like this without even knowing.

  • tom mi
    tom mi 18 days ago

    Garbage food

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 19 days ago

    Does anyone here wonder what's the title and artist name of the song? I like to watch the food, but the music is cool.

  • nakea simone
    nakea simone 21 day ago

    What’s the stoner’s name that invented dishes 1,4 and 5???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • raven johnson
    raven johnson 23 days ago

    A dinner in one. Now that's amazing

  • Michaella
    Michaella 26 days ago

    I've been missing out I've never seen these I've been watching 31 one pot recipes and a bunch of others but never came across these recipes...those recipes were actually very impressive too.

  • Montana Pl
    Montana Pl Month ago +1

    That first recipe tho.
    Waiter: “So here we have fatty crust filed with fat fat and more fat, but here is the twist it’s filled with starch”
    Customer: 😟

  • pbkayakyer
    pbkayakyer Month ago

    Every one of those recipes is way too much work. And they all had to be invented by people who are higher than kites.

  • death but nicer
    death but nicer Month ago


  • S-Z -C
    S-Z -C Month ago

    09:43 was the bestest best #1 recipe!!

  • S-Z -C
    S-Z -C Month ago

    04:32...the recipie #3 was best!!!!!

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    4 is so disgusting, just an amount of casual things

  • Caitlin Worme
    Caitlin Worme Month ago

    Most likely me watch the Timpano video over and over non-stop....

  • Sarika Ravi
    Sarika Ravi Month ago

    Lasagna Dome looks so delicious 🤤😋

  • Manusankar G
    Manusankar G Month ago

    What is the main difference between bell pepper and capsicum

  • Jeremy Howell
    Jeremy Howell Month ago +1

    After watching this I feel full and greasy.

  • Shelby Mae
    Shelby Mae Month ago

    Do most viewed chicken recipes. There was no chicken recipes in this video. I hate red meat.

  • dsatt57
    dsatt57 Month ago

    Over the top on every recipe. I’d make the first without the hamburger and without rolling it up.
    The rest start well and then you just gross them out.

  • Magha Thiyam
    Magha Thiyam Month ago

    This is for rich people l can't all of this
    Next time please upload a video which in under budget

  • Marie Noziaire
    Marie Noziaire Month ago

    So yummy

  • Humbly Blessed
    Humbly Blessed Month ago

    #4 had a lot going on.

  • Marianne Prado
    Marianne Prado Month ago

    Love the music lol

  • Liliana Vazquez
    Liliana Vazquez Month ago

    alguien mexicano ....

  • Emilie Wagman
    Emilie Wagman Month ago

    Mostly Watched Tasty Video: *MOSTLY WATCHED TASTY ENTREES*

  • beverley montanaz brown

    Can someone pls cook this for mi pls or cab you guys invite me too them.

  • angels2370
    angels2370 Month ago

    this is less entrees and more so “tasty’s most popular stacking recipes of the year”

  • Janne
    Janne Month ago

    What im thinking right now is if someone made them or they just added videos?

  • TK Onion
    TK Onion Month ago

    Everything is good in layers

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 221,397th!

  • waddup ツ
    waddup ツ Month ago

    1:36 just diabetes in a bowl

    Holy shit just looked at timpano that's like type 4 diabetes

  • Melissa Monteferrante

    Vegans have left the chat

  • Divya Debnath
    Divya Debnath Month ago

    Why don't you put the names of the dishes first, so I know if I really wanna watch that shit +Tasty

  • angelspit
    angelspit Month ago

    In what universe is timpano ever an entree.

  • Bouutique Ms
    Bouutique Ms Month ago

    I showed this video to my cardiologist. He slapped me across the face and told me to find another doctor.

  • David Harris
    David Harris Month ago

    Mind blown. Where do people come up with this stuff?

  • Isaac sim
    Isaac sim Month ago

    Carbs and more carbs

  • Jayden Fah
    Jayden Fah Month ago

    i- there's so much meat and not enough pasta •^•

  • Nushgala
    Nushgala Month ago

    Why does number 5 remind me of vintage cooking?

  • Mc Merryman
    Mc Merryman Month ago


  • Hanlon Greg
    Hanlon Greg Month ago

    I wouldn't waste my time making any of these overindulgent culinary masterbations. Wish I could get those 12 minutes back. Hideous and overly complicated versions of simple beautiful dishes. What, no foam?

  • Brayan Nunez
    Brayan Nunez Month ago

    They should rename this video to: how to get diabetes 101

  • Nevaeh frison
    Nevaeh frison Month ago

    I’ve never seen any of these and I always watch them anyone else ??

  • Cashmeoutside Howbowdah

    28 slices of bacon. Fuck off

  • Kyung o
    Kyung o Month ago


  • Lauren Lacy
    Lauren Lacy Month ago

    how long did they make the food with out the fast in the video

  • Banana Banana
    Banana Banana Month ago +1

    i want dessert

  • TheLeftyGamer
    TheLeftyGamer Month ago

    Timpano looks weird , but it’s delicious when you know the ingridients inside it

  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago

    Subscribe to David Seymour so he can finally reach 300K subscribers and make timpano

  • Lili Chirillo
    Lili Chirillo Month ago

    Meat inside of meat, noodles inside of dry pasta dough? Looks excessive and dry. That baked pasta will break teeth. Ugh.

  • Aaliyah T
    Aaliyah T Month ago

    I dare tasty to create the most unsatisfying food video ever

  • Sruthi Seetharaman
    Sruthi Seetharaman Month ago +1

    Wrong time to be a vegetarian 😢

  • Svetlana Solomaha
    Svetlana Solomaha Month ago

    I made some of their dishes, but these ones are time consuming.

  • Jung Kook Jeon
    Jung Kook Jeon Month ago

    just watching the video gave me a heart attack😂

  • R D
    R D Month ago +1

    It's insane the amount of cheese *BuzzCheese* uses

  • Taylor Love
    Taylor Love Month ago

    i cumed, watching food porn

  • Sean Trites
    Sean Trites Month ago

    when you started to roll the last one my mouth bout hit the floor.


    Holy sh*@ she's Tatod 5:23

  • Nancy GS
    Nancy GS Month ago

    do people actually eat this stuff?

  • JustinKeithD
    JustinKeithD Month ago

    Hey...worst song ever.

  • Chloe Dawson
    Chloe Dawson Month ago

    Wouldn't all the stuff inside the timpano end up really overcooked after being in the oven for 75 minutes?

    • Gianni Ly
      Gianni Ly Month ago

      They were probably par cooked not thoroughly cooked before and also they covered it in a heavy duty roasting pot and covered it so it should be 👌

  • Regan Song
    Regan Song Month ago +1

    Pour two teaspoons of olive oil into the pan, then add your olive oil, then to top it all off, add more olive oil, finished with parmesan cheese

  • taylor sharay
    taylor sharay Month ago

    #2 had to much going on

  • Danny Roberts
    Danny Roberts Month ago

    Damn! Fat people's food for sure! Lol

  • April G
    April G Month ago

    Wow I didn’t watch any of these this year.

  • Ruhana Tahreen
    Ruhana Tahreen Month ago


  • Moo is just Moo
    Moo is just Moo Month ago


  • ProMachineRider
    ProMachineRider Month ago

    4:10 baked pasta? Eeeeewwwww 😫

  • Denise Nova
    Denise Nova Month ago

    I am addicted to Tasty videos although I can‘t eat like 90% of the things shown^^

  • J Bone
    J Bone Month ago

    That music though..... hmmm, the recipes look good.

  • Dr. Enthusiastic
    Dr. Enthusiastic Month ago

    Ahhhh the infamous bitch lasagna

  • Nils Peters
    Nils Peters Month ago

    Heißt Tomatenmark Tomatenmark weil Mark Tomaten mag?

    MJGTGAB Month ago

    These are all mesmerizing to watch, but I think I'd have to be starving to actually want to eat any of them...

  • Llama Playz
    Llama Playz Month ago

    Who else already saw all of these videos before

  • Oldskool Chic
    Oldskool Chic Month ago

    Wow!! Just Wow!!

  • Raj Selvaraj
    Raj Selvaraj Month ago

    That first recipe made me sick

    (I’m a vegetarian)

  • dzika żaba
    dzika żaba Month ago

    This shit nasty.

  • Edwar Johnson
    Edwar Johnson Month ago

    I remember reading all the Timpano comments

  • Vanessa Da-Sandwich

    Next: Tasty with Yolanda Gampp from How To Cake It!

  • D'Audree Baker
    D'Audree Baker Month ago

    Love the cheese steak sliders skewers.

  • Kaitlyn Nicole
    Kaitlyn Nicole Month ago

    Somebody likes Italian

  • Kitty’s and Toys
    Kitty’s and Toys Month ago +1

    Happy new year every body

  • Lunch
    Lunch Month ago

    This is absolutely dreadful. I pity anyone who actually eats this stuff

  • jose reyes
    jose reyes Month ago +1

    This is
    A food I
    Would not eat...

    And also I spilled everything than I gave up...😒

  • Kaleb Tith
    Kaleb Tith Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey would be proud

  • jose reyes
    jose reyes Month ago +1

    3:43 me trying to cook a dinner for my nefue

  • jose reyes
    jose reyes Month ago

    I cooked this it turnes out it was shit

  • such doge
    such doge Month ago +3

    What is going on with #4!?!?

  • Un Deadly
    Un Deadly Month ago

    what is with the horrible circus music? geezus

  • Sebastian Vargas
    Sebastian Vargas Month ago

    Im just gonna say this: number 4 looks like heart disease