Advice to My Little Brother.

  • An honest conversation with Jake Paul.
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Comments • 80

  • Stupid Ninja
    Stupid Ninja Day ago

    Jake is bet
    ter than you logen.

  • jack masters
    jack masters 3 days ago

    There is a real chance of slipping on those cracked eggs and falling into the mower

  • Walmy Ezekiel
    Walmy Ezekiel 3 days ago

    I think he is way
    more mature

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek 4 days ago

    Jake is really technical boxer, but i feel like if u hit Jake once he will crumble

  • Donkey Playz
    Donkey Playz 5 days ago

    The advice should be to not sneeze three times

  • Oxy . x
    Oxy . x 5 days ago

    Respect ksi

  • JaidaLizzy
    JaidaLizzy 6 days ago +2

    "tHat SaId, yEsTeRdAy I wEnT AhEaD aNd BoUgHt mYsElf a LaWnMowEr"

    when i tell you I wheezed, i literally WHEEZED

  • Beast Memes
    Beast Memes 6 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Logan actually won agains KSIdiot

  • castlev1986
    castlev1986 6 days ago

    If logan paul had any balls he would fight Iron MIKE Tyson.

  • HairBy Mandy
    HairBy Mandy 7 days ago

    Irish people are not happy with the pubes not being open because I’m Irish ☘️

  • weirdo wob
    weirdo wob 7 days ago

    Next year I dare you to try and not cuss for the whole year

  • Vivian W
    Vivian W 8 days ago

    The poor girl😂

  • Enternal T8
    Enternal T8 8 days ago

    I cant see logans savage...ness

  • David Boncelj
    David Boncelj 8 days ago

    Logan loveee your vlogs but mby you should bought some more things like you did with setup and stuff you know

  • Sophia Kosmicki
    Sophia Kosmicki 8 days ago

    0:47 I just want to be clear you don't have to be a 24 year old boy with a raging amount of testosterone to f*ck sh*t up. That is my whole literal existence.

  • Conrado Bringas
    Conrado Bringas 9 days ago

    thowt get awt cobid 19 you gana dai

  • Drift gam1ng
    Drift gam1ng 10 days ago

    3:42 that smile and laugh is just like why are you laughing but all of that logan keep up the good work

  • Turtle in a hamster Ball

    Rip jake Pauls berd

  • johnnyboyvlogs yo
    johnnyboyvlogs yo 12 days ago

    I can't believe Logan found a dead body and still is more likable Than Jake

  • Trey Oglesby
    Trey Oglesby 13 days ago

    The sound at the beginning of the video made me think something fell

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 15 days ago

    They are both great in my opinion. Jake and Logan are fucking hilarious. Also as a Satanist, I really enjoy the fuckery.

  • Ciarian Muir167
    Ciarian Muir167 15 days ago

    Im fine with logan but jAke am i fuc*

  • Carter Duff
    Carter Duff 18 days ago

    He gets nice comments then does dumb stuff again😂🤦‍♂️but you still more-likable

  • Ban sin of greed
    Ban sin of greed 19 days ago

    I don't like jake he is a real dickhead but he is logan's brother
    I respect jake's desire for glory in the ring

  • B 21
    B 21 20 days ago

    Tip one... Don't ever listen to anything any of these fucking morons have to say, ever.

  • Gh0stM0nkey1021
    Gh0stM0nkey1021 22 days ago

    Logan vs jake would be an awesome fight

  • jovanty macavelli
    jovanty macavelli 23 days ago

    Jake looks like Conor McGregor

  • King Ston
    King Ston 24 days ago

    Bro Logan's abs r completely gone

  • ツBebSon
    ツBebSon 26 days ago


  • Amoneyplays
    Amoneyplays 26 days ago +1

    Logans vids are way better

  • go hyun
    go hyun 28 days ago

    Nice guy~

  • Colin Lochamy
    Colin Lochamy 28 days ago

    Jake looks like a blonde Santa


    Keep doing the age thing

  • Jade Strickland
    Jade Strickland 29 days ago

    “ keep doing the age thing”😂

  • Karen Nattura
    Karen Nattura Month ago

    I miss:
    1.Kong Da Savage
    2. Maverick
    3. Him breaking plates
    4.evans dog
    5.him talking to maverick
    6.him being more happier
    7.Kongs bark.

  • Jacqueline Moore
    Jacqueline Moore Month ago

    Just a heads up I was a boxer for 10 years. I’m 36 now and I’ve had 7 shoulder surgeries... be careful guys. I was jacqueline “more power more pain” Rowlands and my god I hit hard and I’ve suffered the consequences since. It’s the most adrenaline pumping sport and I miss it every day. You’re young... just go easy.

  • Yamahagangsta 69
    Yamahagangsta 69 Month ago


  • D . B
    D . B Month ago

    I feel sorry for his janitor. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Hasnan Hafis
    Hasnan Hafis Month ago

    Ur more fun logan, subs u back

  • Firas Kirat
    Firas Kirat Month ago

    Logan, please interrupt moments of insult,

  • Dumb Boy69
    Dumb Boy69 Month ago

    Just imagine if Jake and Logan we're still hating each other then we could've seen them box each other

  • andolex caesar
    andolex caesar Month ago

    Hahaha Mike called Milton decrepit 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathryn Veno
    Kathryn Veno Month ago

    Logan Paul: 2020... we are on fire Australia: Are we a joke to you?

  • Jennifer Mcgowan
    Jennifer Mcgowan Month ago

    If they fought. Jake would win so bad.

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres Month ago

    i miss old logan paul

  • Russel Angutikjuaq
    Russel Angutikjuaq Month ago

    2 easy steps on how to be Logan Paul:
    Be ret4rded and then Record.

  • Russel Angutikjuaq
    Russel Angutikjuaq Month ago

    I guess they’re both from Alabama.
    With the amount on how much they trust eachother. I’m guessing the sucked eachother off when they were in their preteen years.

    SPIDER_GAMING_ Month ago

    Logan went from really good to bad and now he’s 100 times better than before

  • Anonymous Nobody
    Anonymous Nobody Month ago

    his teeth were on fire

  • WT Actual. . .
    WT Actual. . . Month ago

    Ju-Diksu, lol.

  • nico D angelo
    nico D angelo Month ago

    Get Manny Pacquiao as your trainer..

  • Afonso Silva
    Afonso Silva Month ago

    You are the best

  • A V
    A V Month ago

    I never had any issue with you, completely unbiased but, you shouldn't fight AB. That man is insane, he has nothing to lose my man.

  • Isaac agada
    Isaac agada Month ago

    Love this guy

  • KJ Helms
    KJ Helms Month ago

    Why bo you look like that?

  • MilliønDegree9Ø
    MilliønDegree9Ø Month ago

    The Paul kids look homeless now

    • KB 13
      KB 13 28 days ago

      Bc they have beards?

  • Mathias Terp
    Mathias Terp Month ago

    Man i have just watched like 10 vlogs from Logan and this dude is truly a good guy. A great rolemodel

  • Leo 2019
    Leo 2019 Month ago

    "Ur gonna beat the shit out of this kid" I really doubt that

  • WeepinqJunee
    WeepinqJunee Month ago


  • Ashir Javaid
    Ashir Javaid Month ago

    GBU 🤗

  • Zest
    Zest Month ago

    Ayy looks like jake only sneezed twice

  • Xylum
    Xylum Month ago

    What happened to the sober 2020 thing lol

    • Idonea Kw
      Idonea Kw Month ago

      Lol apparently it's water 5:53

  • Asury Ariza
    Asury Ariza Month ago +1

    Love Logan

  • Andrew Gabriel
    Andrew Gabriel Month ago


  • K K
    K K Month ago +9

    Y does Jake look like a caveman now.... the beard really ain’t it

  • Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais Month ago

    Maturity comes with knowing how to be immature correctly

  • GamingLegend 6260
    GamingLegend 6260 Month ago

    Even though I am a ksi fan I think Logan has gotten better. Also ksi is going to beat jake

  • thecreativeone
    thecreativeone Month ago +2

    2:21 Hey Logan, your best friend doesn’t know his anatomy. That shot was not hit at the sternum :)

  • Agnes Ottosson
    Agnes Ottosson Month ago

  • hunnid dub hunnid stack

    Ill knock both this Boyz out

  • LGN _Do7o
    LGN _Do7o Month ago


  • Ethan Messerschmidt


  • Ricardo Denogean
    Ricardo Denogean Month ago +2

    Jake were not actually drinking alcohol 5:51 drunk Greg has a white claw

    • Idonea Kw
      Idonea Kw Month ago

      I don't think he's doing the sober 2020 😂

  • _Kodiak _
    _Kodiak _ Month ago

    I Live In Big Bear And I Never See These Fucking Boxers

  • Uses Alex
    Uses Alex Month ago

    That didn't age well lmao. 1:33

  • FaDe Vibe
    FaDe Vibe Month ago

    Advice but you lost to my dude Ksi

  • Kaydz 2009
    Kaydz 2009 Month ago

    I've been subbed to u for a long time and your speech to Jake was the best thing u have ever said, do what u do your amazing.

    CYLAR Month ago

    He looks like a hill Billy now

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    Who would win logan vs jake

  • ғʟʟᴜғʏ ᴄʜᴀɴ シ

    Who from Poland? Wow this is friz from England, XD