PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL 2019 | For Beginners (in 4K)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Premiere Pro Tutorial 2019 for Beginners. This video will teach you everything you need to learn to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Including Transitions, Title, Effects, LUTS and many other stuff.
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    Good luck! Enjoy!
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  • Korang Amo
    Korang Amo 19 hours ago

    may i can use in 4gb ram?

  • Built From Bricks
    Built From Bricks 20 hours ago

    I think actually not relying on somebody else to do my editing will make me actually start filming again! I have a fun channel and love filming but have not liked editing, mainly because I don't know what i'm doing. I think your tutorial will change that! I'll be trying this soon!

  • Jerin Sophia
    Jerin Sophia Day ago

    Nice one brother
    You got that caliber to teach ....

  • Ayoola John-Muyiwa

    loved it! Very helpful.

  • Dylan Chadderton

    Awesome video. I have a quick question for you or anyone else who can answer. 31:15 why not just use CROP in effects on the video and crop it say 10% top and bottom. This takes like 2 seconds to do. Why would you use this round about method that takes longer when you can just crop the video top and bottom? There must be a reason, just want to know what it is.

  • Alex G
    Alex G Day ago

    Just made my first youtube vid and will be editing tonight lets see how it goes, took about 2 hours to watch this with notes and play back. Like they say, " Learn it as if you will be teaching some one else". Thanks soo much!!

  • Thebigboss
    Thebigboss 2 days ago

    Great tutorial, It helped me alot, thanks.

  • raja raja ghugan
    raja raja ghugan 4 days ago

    Hey there..really superb an important question.. the video footage of the person jumping over the fire is shoot is 24 fps? how did u made it slow down then?

  • Bikash Acharya
    Bikash Acharya 5 days ago

    Anyone here because they just started a channel? 🤗 Let's support each other! ✌🏼✌🏼

    • Toại Lớn
      Toại Lớn 2 days ago

      Bikash Acharya,
      Yes I just started my TheXvid channel please check it out under toai lon my should be on very top.
      Thanks in advance

  • Siva Kumar Ari
    Siva Kumar Ari 5 days ago

    Thank you very much, learnt so much from your tutorial :)

  • Habsyi Assyihab
    Habsyi Assyihab 7 days ago

    Great I love this tutorial

  • Mann Aggarwal
    Mann Aggarwal 7 days ago

    hehehehe just pirated adobe premiere

  • stunning
    stunning 7 days ago

    man you should be a teacher I love this video and I understand it clearly thanks very much for sharing

  • Shawn J
    Shawn J 7 days ago

    Thanks man, this really helped me get started.

  • Morgan Le Vack
    Morgan Le Vack 7 days ago


  • SRTHAR77 S
    SRTHAR77 S 8 days ago +1

    thank you very much,very helpful!!

  • Mary Rhoads
    Mary Rhoads 8 days ago

    This is really well-done and informative. Great tutorial!

  • queenofhearts786
    queenofhearts786 9 days ago

    Thank you sooo much, Your video helped me learn and teach my students as you go step by step like a professional teacher, well done. Really appreciate it

  • Quynh-Anh Senel
    Quynh-Anh Senel 9 days ago

    starting my channel today. This gave me confident to move forward. Great tutorial.

  • DenzkiePedia
    DenzkiePedia 10 days ago

    thanks for sharing ,, i am a small TheXvidr Hopefully you support me :)

  • Bronxdade Productions
    Bronxdade Productions 10 days ago

    First Video Tutorial on Premiere Pro I feel Confident in Executing> Thanks

  • Diagon Alley
    Diagon Alley 10 days ago +1

    Same thing 😅
    Lets ..........each other

  • Mikaela Oosthuizen
    Mikaela Oosthuizen 12 days ago

    Great tutorial! Very helpful thank you.

  • Shebeer n j
    Shebeer n j 13 days ago

    Well explained...

  • Santiago Ruiz
    Santiago Ruiz 13 days ago

    Great video!
    What music are you using behind this tutorial? The really quiet piano thing? Reminds me of the Sims games .

  • Vox Vanitas
    Vox Vanitas 13 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Banner Drones Media
    Banner Drones Media 13 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial, it really helps in my transition from vegas 17. Doesnt look like you noticed but in your render settings when you hit use maximum render quality it put your preset from youtube 4k to custom so checking maximum render quality will override your preset.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 14 days ago

    if you need premier pro for a good price hmu on twitter @GetjiggyAnt24

  • mrbobbilly
    mrbobbilly 17 days ago

    Thank you so much, I moved from Vegas 17 to Premiere 2019 due to all the constant crashing and unresponsive editings, I was planning to move to Premiere for a very long time but all the tutorials were hard to understand and the people who made the videos just made it difficult until I finally found this video.

  • Gamers best friend
    Gamers best friend 19 days ago

    I miss you sharefactory

  • kida fame
    kida fame 20 days ago


  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez 21 day ago

    Can anyone advice me. When doing the eg: colour correction my question is:
    1. which panel should I see, source or program panel?
    2. when doing the colour correction my program panel does not make any changes, what I can see only at my source panel. Please advice me how do I switch to program panel for the editing, I have done the reset to the colour, effect etc to default. My setting project setting is Mercury Playback. Thanks - in Brunei.

  • crazy man
    crazy man 21 day ago +1

    says 2019 uploaded in 2017

    well i guess we have invented time travel

  • ThunderDragon Musical Channel

    Thank you man

  • Okera17
    Okera17 24 days ago

    He edited a video of him editing a video 😁

  • Tom Knows Vegas
    Tom Knows Vegas 24 days ago

    This was great thank you. You got my subscription for sure!

  • Your future
    Your future 27 days ago
    Here you founed a Cours to learn adobe premiere pro 2019

  • Bhavik Mehta
    Bhavik Mehta 28 days ago

    I had trouble getting started with Premier Pro because I have no experience with video editing at all and I was completely panicking about it.
    This tutorial here made me feel so comfortable about learning Adobe Premiere Pro that it took me just a couple of hours to make way around the app like a pro. Especially the part where the actual footage files were available for download and we had to edit side by side, it was a masterstroke.
    Thanks a ton for this video and do keep posting such awesome tutorials for everyone to learn.

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar 28 days ago

    The video and audio are saving separately how to rectify it

  • Ninh Lương
    Ninh Lương Month ago

    It's just amazingly useful! Thank you very much for creating this tutorial!

  • SlitheryyySnakeee
    SlitheryyySnakeee Month ago +1

    This is gonna help me! I’m in high school and i have a video editing class, so these tips really help!

  • SubscribeItWontHURT

    My audio when i import is running too fast

  • SubscribeItWontHURT

    i don't have mark in

  • Ratosphere
    Ratosphere Month ago

    solid tutorial, been needing to learn the basics of this and now I can say I understand Adobe PrePro much better. still more to learn but nevertheless very helpful. thank you sir

  • HAGI Fitness
    HAGI Fitness Month ago

    subscribe my channel if you went Fitness

  • Kamishininoyari
    Kamishininoyari Month ago

    So basically Im missing the window present in the lower left corner. I installed the program and it was there, suddenly it was gone. Any way to bring it back? I tried reinstalling the program but its still gone. So I have no way of viewing imported files. Any tips? xD

  • Hicham Play
    Hicham Play Month ago

    i just put a video on youtube of fortnite and i edited with adobe plz go check it

    AISHA YARI Month ago +3

    anyone here trying to get 1k subscribers? ☺️

  • Ibrahim Selcuk Hanoglu

    awsome... I've been taking a course for the premiere and learned way more in 30 mins here compared to 4 weeks in the school. subscribing to support.

  • Sirlee Outdoorsmen
    Sirlee Outdoorsmen Month ago

    How do you fast forward the video ?

  • Jayden Wood
    Jayden Wood Month ago

    Great video and great voice - 3/4 of the way through I recalled everything from several years ago - thanks!

  • bryangaming
    bryangaming Month ago

    holy moly it realy helpt me whit adobe

  • Benedict Agyemang
    Benedict Agyemang Month ago +1

    It was very interesting and I really love it.

  • Ricky Dillon
    Ricky Dillon Month ago +8

    wow this was so helpful and well made

  • The Uber Successful

    can this be used for cs6? Because I don't (won't) have CC.

  • wow wow
    wow wow Month ago

    Dude this video is awesome! I'm very new to video editing and I thought the keyframe stuff was so cool.

  • Eron
    Eron Month ago

    Love it

  • lalala lulu
    lalala lulu Month ago

    ??what is he talking anyway

  • lynus mitabu
    lynus mitabu Month ago

    thanks bro

  • Esosa Oduware
    Esosa Oduware Month ago

    Where can i download sounds like the match striking