• Published on Sep 16, 2016
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    Original Music by Christopher Carlone
    Twitter: Carlonecmusic
    Website: www.christophercarlone.com/
    Additional Animator:
    Shho: Shhotime
    Bug images from: www.therichest.com/rich-list/13-bugs-from-australia-that-will-haunt-you/
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Raman Rajabi
    Raman Rajabi 12 hours ago

    I saw a fucking 10cm cockroach in a trash can in pre school that was traumatizing as fuck i think i peed my pants

  • The Tyson 2.0 show
    The Tyson 2.0 show 2 days ago

    We are ok :)

  • Wolfiefloof :D
    Wolfiefloof :D 2 days ago

    Well spiders can grow to about an adult male hand or larger here in Australia ..

  • Jacob Jackson
    Jacob Jackson 3 days ago

    If you have eight legs or more in my house That bug has chosen death(Spiders and centipede)

  • Nerdy_Chu
    Nerdy_Chu 6 days ago

    Just great for me-
    Me: *Has fear of any bug*


  • Senaa Hasan
    Senaa Hasan 6 days ago

    My friend said that he'd "never killed or hurt a bug before" ...

    B u l l s h i t

  • Coffe Mug Animations

    Roses Are Red
    Violets are blue
    Omae wa
    Mu shrindu

  • OhWayHay
    OhWayHay 7 days ago

    3:33 ppl in 2064 "whats an Austallieaa???"

  • cyclonedragon6
    cyclonedragon6 7 days ago

    3:39: fun fact: That is called a Witchety grubb and they are edible.

  • Hayley Gilders
    Hayley Gilders 7 days ago

    Me as a Australian
    Bishhhhhhhhhhhh u have idea how meny bugs and snakes we have

  • Eevie-Chan
    Eevie-Chan 8 days ago

    When you’re in the shower and a bug shows up.....

  • Brandon Visocky
    Brandon Visocky 9 days ago

    I’m actually in a snake right now and I think I can see ithehshdjr gl junk S

  • Shawn Liu
    Shawn Liu 9 days ago

    1:29 transparent computer screen lol you can see the table outline

  • A A H
    A A H 10 days ago

    Australia isn’t that dad you don’t see bugs everywhere you walk

  • Potato GD
    Potato GD 10 days ago

    Same thing with the cheese :)

  • Bradigans D
    Bradigans D 10 days ago

    I mean Australia’s on fire so I guess we’re kinda safe now

  • Harvey Morris
    Harvey Morris 10 days ago

    I saw an online ad for someone selling beehives

  • Iggy fan
    Iggy fan 11 days ago

    Instead of killing a bug I put it in a cup and if it looks like a baby or something I'll just take it outside

  • _ Bo _
    _ Bo _ 11 days ago

    I could never live in Australia. Its beautiful but the bugs. I saw spider season in Australia, and thats what kept me away.

  • Ben Coleman
    Ben Coleman 11 days ago

    Snakes aren’t that big over here and btw I don’t think small toys like LEGOs can watch TheXvid vids

  • Hazardfly
    Hazardfly 11 days ago

    Not at the rate they're going.

    This comment was made during the wildfire bunk.

  • Hazardfly
    Hazardfly 11 days ago

    The spider killing scene at 1:00 was pretty cool ngl.

  • Suja Mary
    Suja Mary 12 days ago

    Yes, Dom i’m ok

  • Security Guard
    Security Guard 12 days ago

    Spiders are blind like literally-

  • GamingMadness
    GamingMadness 13 days ago +1

    Yeah...Australia isn’t ok right now...

  • Jazza
    Jazza 13 days ago

    No we are not ok send help i just got a warning from the spider

  • Marsella D. Fyngold
    Marsella D. Fyngold 13 days ago

    I have a similar rule with bugs. I like spiders cuz they're polite and keep to themselves. . . . I've caught wood lice trying to crawl onto my bed though, cheeky little bastards. They get FED TO THE SPIDERSSSS!!!! Or crushed and drowned.

  • TheSinclairBlues
    TheSinclairBlues 13 days ago

    Someone please reply to my comment when this comment says one year old thank you

  • Elysia Tan
    Elysia Tan 14 days ago +1

    My older sis always calls me one time she called my at 12:00am to kill a fly on the roof and now I'm a bug murderer!

  • TheYoutubeDweeb
    TheYoutubeDweeb 14 days ago

    How did the bugs vid get more views then fears I thought the community would be more interested huh.

  • khalia smith
    khalia smith 14 days ago

    We had an ant problem in my house so i sweeped the ants outside the house and poured vinegar by the door and where they would go for about two days and it stopped

  • Aussie Boy
    Aussie Boy 15 days ago +5

    A snake fell out of a tree on to my head “drop bear” more like drop snake

  • Kaylee Schaffer
    Kaylee Schaffer 15 days ago

    BRO have you seen them Chinese lantern flies that like populate certain areas more than humans

  • Jacqueline Humphreys
    Jacqueline Humphreys 15 days ago

    Au here. There are over 5 black house spiders I have and I keep finding more (the ones that jump out at me die instantly) but there’s one on my windowsill that I was gonna kill until I realised how many flies it ate........flies suck

  • Jared Brandon
    Jared Brandon 16 days ago

    no we are not - Australia

  • Jared Brandon
    Jared Brandon 16 days ago

    staya mate

  • Rachel Robalino
    Rachel Robalino 16 days ago +1

    His true calling is to be an exterminator.

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 16 days ago

    Don’t worry about us Australians most of those crazy bugs and scorpions and stuff live in the desert so

  • ThatOne _Retard201
    ThatOne _Retard201 16 days ago

    Yes i am in Australia, and there is about 12 spiders in the room right now.😂😂😂
    Shoot theres a spood on me right now!

  • XxPhantom_RosexX
    XxPhantom_RosexX 16 days ago

    i live in australia

  • Ry Mo
    Ry Mo 16 days ago

    Same policies with bugs
    except spiders, those eight legged mofos deserve to get banished to the shadow realm

  • iMrQueso
    iMrQueso 17 days ago

    1:50 what's a cheese bowse?

  • S,c
    S,c 18 days ago +4

    *five cubic centimeters or larger i dont want this house anymore* me: THATS A POKEMON

  • Thatanonymousidiot Kaur

    I am Australian and I'm fine

  • Underthebanana
    Underthebanana 18 days ago

    Im in a snake right now

  • James Weatherly
    James Weatherly 19 days ago +26

    Don’t even ask about if we’re safe in Australia.
    We’re not.

  • Dogeeeman N
    Dogeeeman N 19 days ago +1

    I live in Australia and we Gucci

  • SnuzyIsGone
    SnuzyIsGone 19 days ago

    Yea i'm good in Australia, and sorry that i didn't comment sooner had a massive bug came in, kinda to 2.9 years to kill. sooooo

  • Cheesy Fries
    Cheesy Fries 20 days ago

    Yeah there are some pretty big bugos in Australia

  • Ruby-cat Kids
    Ruby-cat Kids 20 days ago +1

    Bee sting: 5/10
    Spider bite: 6/10
    Wasp sting: 8/10
    LEGO brick: 999999/10

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 20 days ago

    Yeah, good luck trying to enforce your so claimed humanly authority and power on a house fly. How will you chastise a thing that's several machs above the speed of sound?

    If you're on my bed, you DEEEAD 😂lmao

  • Emily Ngo
    Emily Ngo 20 days ago

    im auzzie!..... but I'm asian :)))))))

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 20 days ago

    0:51 Animated by Bones

  • Noob Saiyan
    Noob Saiyan 20 days ago +3

    I had two extremely venomous spiders chasing me.i killed them with a 20 pound hammer in my garage.
    Edit: I live in Australia
    Edit:I used American weight since the video was from America

  • Mikael Jarl Martin
    Mikael Jarl Martin 20 days ago

    1:53 me 100 percent me

  • Ruh Bruh
    Ruh Bruh 20 days ago

    When was Dominic blonde

  • Henry Pham
    Henry Pham 20 days ago +2

    I’m from Australia have not seen a single dangerous bug

    • Cennixx
      Cennixx 17 days ago

      Doesn't matter, they still exist there

  • Lochlan animations
    Lochlan animations 21 day ago

    australia sucks it get to 50 degrees Celsius or hotter and in Fahrenheit it gets to 122 degrees thats blistering hot

  • pingoo's ASSISTANT
    pingoo's ASSISTANT 21 day ago

    2:21 why is dom hugging a huge dick with legs

  • Turquoise Oyuka
    Turquoise Oyuka 21 day ago

    Well ill go crazy ill call my dad and if he isnt near me i will throw every possible hard not break thing i can find