The Most Intelligent Games OF Football | Neymar, Brozović

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Hi friends, I have prepared a video in one of the most clever moves in football. For more, subscribe to the channel and help me by opening notification.
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Comments • 445

  • Cenk Bezirci
    Cenk Bezirci  5 months ago +31

    Sakat ve cezalı futbolcuların güncel listesini bu adreste bulabilirsiniz. Türkiye ligleri, Avrupa ligleri, UEFA veya ikinci ligler, bütün güncel listeler burada! Liste her saat güncellenmektedir, bu şekilde sakat ve cezalı oyuncuları her zaman takip edebilirsiniz!

  • Egg Master
    Egg Master 4 days ago

    Turkish garbage

  • Latrick
    Latrick 6 days ago

    Wasn’t Ronaldinho in the offside area at 7:05

    • Rohan Roy
      Rohan Roy 4 days ago

      Offside rule doesn't apply for throw-ins

  • Fabian Stöhr
    Fabian Stöhr 6 days ago

    0:53 why is this smart? the offside trap didn't work

  • Idris sulaiman
    Idris sulaiman 8 days ago


  • Remind Mnisi
    Remind Mnisi 8 days ago

    Nice i like it

  • EDasbern
    EDasbern 8 days ago

    Trent alexander arnorld assist?

  • tucking fypo
    tucking fypo 11 days ago

    suarez does that dummy miles better than modric in the final third.

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper 14 days ago

    Wtf is this gay ass music

  • elias pashazadeh
    elias pashazadeh 14 days ago +2

    4:06 wasn´t intelligent.It was using the fairniss of the Players they played against

    • mad234luiz
      mad234luiz 12 days ago

      Naw it was intelligent, it got them the goal

  • Joel Robert
    Joel Robert 16 days ago

    6:05 David Luis no 2 😂

  • tomasnunes
    tomasnunes 17 days ago

    3:56 unfairplay

  • Technically Problem Solver

    these are intelligent plays of football not games

  • Patrick mahalo
    Patrick mahalo 19 days ago

    Karius was obviously defending himself at 7:42
    But I wonder what must be his explanation
    Don't just think write in comments section

  • Cristiano ronaldo
    Cristiano ronaldo 21 day ago

    😂ASENSIO AT 4:02 VS ASENSIO AT 4:05 😂😂😂

  • TMKK
    TMKK 22 days ago

    1:28 POLAND

  • Ice Bazooka
    Ice Bazooka 23 days ago

    shit music

  • Just Alen
    Just Alen 23 days ago +14

    Half of them are not even smart plays, they're just unfair plays 🤷‍♀️

    • CraftyProFTW
      CraftyProFTW 19 days ago

      Yanal Abushanab you have a good point big teams and big players should set examples like Neymar shouldn’t dive as much as he does for example but at the same time I’d say it’s more unsportsmanlike or disrespectful than unfair, just my opinion though

    • Yanal Abushanab
      Yanal Abushanab 20 days ago

      CraftyProFTW Yh but it’s still unfair or at least unsportsmanlike don’t you think? The “defence” shows some sportsmanship by waiting for the injured Madrid player to get back up and it just gets shoved in their face. Ik that’s how Real play (dirty) but it’s not the kinda example they should set as a popular football team

    • CraftyProFTW
      CraftyProFTW 20 days ago +1

      gravel and sharp stones in your shoe part of football is knowing the rules and you can take free kicks quickly, the ref would’ve called it back if anything was done wrong, not the offences fault the defence wasn’t ready

    • gravel and sharp stones in your shoe
    • CraftyProFTW
      CraftyProFTW 21 day ago

      Just Alen how so

  • Derp Zerb
    Derp Zerb 25 days ago +1

    nice video but shit music

  • Henry Paxton
    Henry Paxton 26 days ago +1

    I'm not a professor but , Im pretty sure that games cant be intelligent.

  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 27 days ago +21

    How does someone even like this music at all? I think you are trolling us. Or you're mentally unstable😂

  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 27 days ago

    Terrible music

  • Frank
    Frank 27 days ago

    shows clips of offsides>_>

  • Red Asteroid
    Red Asteroid Month ago

    8:09 - that is genius. he took that touch while telling the ref that that was him taking the corner (I'm stating the obvious). mate genius

  • SirRiffsAlot
    SirRiffsAlot Month ago +18

    The most intelligent plays in football, paired with the most unintelligible music imaginable. Jesus christ I've never been so annoyed by a track before.

  • Мария Егиазарова

    4:25 я здесь только из за музыки.. а так футбол не люблю

  • Ya Yet
    Ya Yet Month ago +53

    It’s just unwatchable with that music

  • Crazy Legend
    Crazy Legend Month ago

    7:22 famous known piece of shit

  • Crazy Legend
    Crazy Legend Month ago

    4:46 again that is just a filth piece of shit

  • Crazy Legend
    Crazy Legend Month ago

    4:03 I know its the tactics and it works and all that but I just don't feel right for a team like Real to do that to Sevilla. That's just too 2nd handed.

  • GT - Oktay Ak
    GT - Oktay Ak Month ago

    real şu asensio nun yattığı frikik de oçluk yapmış adamlar asensio ya bakıyo diğeri frikik vuruyo o anda asensio kalkıp koşmaya başlıyo

  • harun tiryaki600rr
    harun tiryaki600rr 2 months ago

    7.09 içtiği suya ihanet etmiş ronaldinho

  • rayan Rayan
    rayan Rayan 2 months ago

    نيمار ذكاء خارق

  • Roberto Maramieri
    Roberto Maramieri 2 months ago

    Ma la giocata a 7:03 non era fuori gioco?

  • David Borges
    David Borges 2 months ago

    Legal em

  • Brayan S
    Brayan S 2 months ago +1

    Cenk bitte lerne einfach DEUTSCH

  • Juan Miguel Urrego Rodriguez

    The music is so bad

  • Bruna Bridi
    Bruna Bridi 2 months ago

    9:42 alguém sabe me dizer de quem foi esse golaço?

  • M. E. M Gamming
    M. E. M Gamming 2 months ago

    أتريدون الحقيقة ..!!
    الناس يهمها شكلك و مالك ..!!
    أما روحك فالوحيد الذي يبحث عنها هو ملك الموت ..!!

  • Salam Zirvesi
    Salam Zirvesi 2 months ago +1

    Azerbaycan a milli takiminin konerlerini unutmusuz.Azerbaycan-Turkiye(1-0)maca bak

  • B1R OYUN
    B1R OYUN 3 months ago

    Abi Son Videonun Sonundaki şarkının ismi ne

  • Нурсултан Кыдырмухамет


  • Azamat amanbek uulu
    Azamat amanbek uulu 3 months ago

    6:05 slidshow bob. Bart simpsons enemy.

  • Crazy
    Crazy 3 months ago +3

    Şu ofsayta düşürme işi çok iyi yaa

  • Huseyin Ozdemir
    Huseyin Ozdemir 3 months ago


  • Dela Setiawan
    Dela Setiawan 3 months ago

    lagu nya enak bang wkwk

  • 호박마스터
    호박마스터 3 months ago

    은근슬쩍 일본 넣고있네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 일뽕인가

  • Emir Õzkan
    Emir Õzkan 3 months ago

  • Emir Õzkan
    Emir Õzkan 3 months ago

    5.03 çok iyi ya

  • winn winn iddaa
    winn winn iddaa 3 months ago

    maç tahminleri yapılır arkadaşlar desteğinizi bekliyorum

  • cuber 2019
    cuber 2019 3 months ago


  • Feels Tunes
    Feels Tunes 3 months ago +1

    Gols roubados

  • Gabriel Alves
    Gabriel Alves 3 months ago

    Todo mundo diz que é como ironia o título do vídeo mas na realidade são lances que jogadores usaram a inteligência não estou vendo nenhum lance tosco ai

  • Fazlı Günel
    Fazlı Günel 3 months ago +1

    Taçtan ofsayt olmaz zaten ronaldinho nun golü haklı

  • Heyner Jheis
    Heyner Jheis 3 months ago +2

    7:03 maravillosa jugada :v

  • Emanuele D'Angelo
    Emanuele D'Angelo 3 months ago +1

    You should put Morata's gol against inter, in Juventus-Inter

  • Agung Fcim
    Agung Fcim 3 months ago

    Brozovic 😁

  • Ruben 15
    Ruben 15 3 months ago

    Music 00: 00

    • Ruben 15
      Ruben 15 3 months ago

      Música min 0: 09

  • hilal andaru
    hilal andaru 4 months ago +1

    Indonesia like

  • Wiseney UI
    Wiseney UI 4 months ago

    La musique stp

  • Xuan Khoang
    Xuan Khoang 4 months ago

    Khốn nạn quá. 😂😂😂😂

  • 배화평
    배화평 4 months ago

    아 시발 카리우스 개새끼 진짜 미친새끼 챔스우승할수있었는데 미친새끼가 진짜 또라이새끼

  • Vahan Harutyunyan
    Vahan Harutyunyan 4 months ago


  • Elif Karasu
    Elif Karasu 4 months ago


  • Phuc Tran
    Phuc Tran 4 months ago

    Trong đó có n bàm thg ko đc côg nhận

  • ER ptasio
    ER ptasio 4 months ago +1

    1:28 POLSKA! KURWA

  • Genarel AznavuR
    Genarel AznavuR 4 months ago

    7:23 karius her yerde karius mq

  • mohamed iliyas
    mohamed iliyas 4 months ago +1

    Im heartly waiting for Salah revenge on ramos may be gonna happen on this champions league

    • Ali The Savage
      Ali The Savage 29 days ago

      Sure mate oh wait isn’t real knock out yes it is by Ajax

  • Eliezer Gabriel Medina Chavarria

    Sampaoli cabeza de rodilla

  • Nicola fasolato
    Nicola fasolato 4 months ago

    Song 0:00

  • Ahmad Mansour
    Ahmad Mansour 4 months ago


  • ニコラスオタメンディ


  • CORN 87
    CORN 87 4 months ago

    Jepang keren

  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Sin dudas, el más inteligente el del 6:40 min ... astucia, velocidad, reaccion. puntería, genialidad pura !!!!

  • Noobie GamerZ
    Noobie GamerZ 4 months ago +1

    Strategi Jepang Paling Gw Suka Anjay

  • Game King
    Game King 4 months ago +4

    messi 1M IQ

  • ardy indariyanto
    ardy indariyanto 4 months ago

    Messi pertama kurang sportif tapi itu lah sepak bola. Cmiiw

  • H.B Gündoğdu
    H.B Gündoğdu 4 months ago

    Bu şarkı ne böyle aq

  • Даниил прл
    Даниил прл 4 months ago

    Русские есть?

  • Emanuele Carbonetti
    Emanuele Carbonetti 4 months ago

    Epic brozo

  • ぼた餅
    ぼた餅 4 months ago


  • Porcodio Negro
    Porcodio Negro 4 months ago

    Ma il velo del Inter contro L Empoli?

  • Porcodio Negro
    Porcodio Negro 4 months ago

    Ma L assisti di ronaldigno non è in fuori gioco

  • Mahsum Aktarlı
    Mahsum Aktarlı 4 months ago

    Adam yere düsüyo ve bunu zekiliklemi.karsıliyorsum 🤔

  • Enes Erdoğan
    Enes Erdoğan 4 months ago

    *Vay anasını be*

  • Андрей Тенкач

    Месси поступил подло

  • Jorapama
    Jorapama 4 months ago

    Qual a musica de 3:06 ?

  • stamp
    stamp 4 months ago

    งง กับ ชื่อเรื่อง

  • Willian Cordeiro
    Willian Cordeiro 4 months ago

    Aquele chapeu q neymar dar no aversario q ele domina colocando pra bolq kicar e cobrir o adversário deveria ta nessa lista

  • Fußball livestreams einfach finden

    Was war hier schnell ? Sonst gutes Video

  • MrSoulde
    MrSoulde 4 months ago

    7:57 deixou levar um tapão gratuito?

  • alisson tomazelli
    alisson tomazelli 4 months ago

    Vídeo lixo da porra

  • ismTube
    ismTube 4 months ago +2

    Dortmundun frikiki yok

  • Yunus emre Ozcan
    Yunus emre Ozcan 4 months ago

    Yaw baraj yerine geçmeden nasil gol atiyorlar

  • Muh Aditya
    Muh Aditya 4 months ago

    Ronaldinho 😂😂

  • F B
    F B 4 months ago


  • Ayşegül Çelik
    Ayşegül Çelik 4 months ago

    5.13deki görünüş oyun gibi değilmi +1

  • star crasher447
    star crasher447 4 months ago +45

    Wer checkt den Video Titel auch nicht

    • FastFN
      FastFN 20 days ago

      ja die übersetzung ist richtig fürn arsch

    • Brayan S
      Brayan S 2 months ago +1

      Ja er kann einfach kein Deutsch

    • Patrick
      Patrick 2 months ago +2

      Schlausten Spieler

    • Ma 21x
      Ma 21x 4 months ago

      Voll 😂

    • ch MERON
      ch MERON 4 months ago +1

      star crasher447 ぁ

  • blonk #18
    blonk #18 4 months ago

    karius fuck

  • * EGOIST
    * EGOIST 4 months ago

    0:54 オフサイドじゃなくね?

    • 空は青い
      空は青い 4 months ago

      * EGOIST ちゃんとゴールになってますよ