My Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety Routine | Michelle Khare

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
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    A lot of you guys have been asking for tips on how I deal with anxiety and stress! Here is a simple routine I try to do whenever I'm not feeling my best. Hope this helps you lovelies :) xoxo
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +170

    Do you guys wanna see more routine related stuff?? Comment below to let me know what you think!! :)

    • Van Snyder
      Van Snyder 11 months ago


    • David Lopez
      David Lopez Year ago

      I bought a foam roller from Trigger Point Therapy. Used it a few times. Now, I will use it every day. My hips feel like very tight. I'll use your stretching tips. Thanks Michelle.

    • Surge Juice
      Surge Juice Year ago

      Michelle Khare Hell yeah!

    • T T
      T T Year ago

      Michelle Khare I’d love to see your daily routine on how you stay fit and what you eat. You’ve tried a lot and have a lot of experience....So what did you find that works for you? Xoxo

    • hotredginger Amanda
      hotredginger Amanda Year ago

      Yes. It's great to see a more personal side of you, will def try your tips!

  • Chiro Kumar
    Chiro Kumar 8 months ago


  • Megan Jancaitis
    Megan Jancaitis 9 months ago

    can you pleasssssssssse do a video where you follow a your only workout for a few months is pop pilates, plus cardio, and least.

  • Carley Savage
    Carley Savage 10 months ago

    Okay #6 is absolutely me

  • Cs Scott
    Cs Scott 11 months ago

    Beautiful without makeup

  • Princess Scully
    Princess Scully Year ago

    So I have fibromyalgia so in general exercise is very painful for me but I always feel tense. I want to try foam rolling to see if it helps alleviate the pain in my joints. Does anyone know if this actually helps for my kind of pain?

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago

    Great relaxation and destressing tips!!

  • Niji Sama
    Niji Sama Year ago

    Hey the grateful journal/writing is something my psych teacher taught us and it helped a lot of kids get a little happier. :) also nice routine thanks for the info :D

  • S Harricharan
    S Harricharan Year ago

    Loved this!!

  • Theabobea
    Theabobea Year ago

    Needed this so much today after just being called into work tonight. Thank you for being a great influence in mine and so many other's lives. 💜

  • KS
    KS Year ago

    You have lovely handwriting! My writing looks like a drunk spider took a bath in ink and danced across the paper 🖤

  • K Olmeda
    K Olmeda Year ago

    All day watching you vids . New subbie . I Love you 💙

  • JB_10000 #RR
    JB_10000 #RR Year ago

    I love "Entourage" & I think I love you... 😍😊 Anyways, Stay Awesome & Stay Beautiful. Take Care as Always and hit me up if you ever need anything.
    Twitter: JB_10000

  • Hexa Fleet
    Hexa Fleet Year ago +1

    "Your emotions are stored in your hips" that is SO CRAZY and like an awesome amazing super revelation to me because I have very curvy, prominent hips (typical "hip dips"/"violin hips" body type) and I get horrible pain in my hip joints ALL THE TIMEEEE so finding out that taking care of my hips can also help my emotional/mental health is so amazing, I'm excited to try stretching more and seeing if it helps my overall sense of wellbeing both physically and mentally, thank you for the tip!

  • Nicole Greenlee
    Nicole Greenlee Year ago

    She deserves so any more views and subs. She is so precious! And he content is great!

  • Fatima Chowdhry
    Fatima Chowdhry Year ago

    yayy! I like your channel and esp this video! Do more of these and also on a beginning workout?

  • Mario
    Mario Year ago

    I got one of those Fidget Cubes. Those work wonders!!! Have you ever tried those?

  • faithnt
    faithnt Year ago

    I SO needed to see this. You are the best and keep it up, love your content!

  • Y K
    Y K Year ago

    Lol u have the richest country in the world and most of its citizens have therapists. U go to Africa or india and you see such poverty and you still see smiles of people's faces. Islam is the only way to true happiness. Not money not exercise and definitely no therapist. Yet to meet smeone in america whose not sucked into this notion that they need a therapist... let's make america great again was trumps slogan... not sure if it ever was great.. I hope you find that true happiness in your heart like I did... don't let the media fool and don't limit your choices please look into islam with an open heart... if you ask God to guide you to the right path he will. Be honest you have money a good job fame and your pretty yet your still not happy inside right? So atleast look into islam I did and my heart hss never been happier true happiness deep in my heart...

  • Beauty By Design
    Beauty By Design Year ago

    Loved this video! We know dealing with skin can be a very stressful thing and add unwanted anxiety to life so we designed a product, Beauty Be Design, that delivers amazing skin products chosen specifically for you and your skin!

  • J. S
    J. S Year ago +20

    Breathe through your nose and exhale through your butt.

    • Caitlin Schilbe
      Caitlin Schilbe 2 months ago

      I literally threw my phone when I read this thanks for the laughs broski 😂😂😂😂

    • Shanel Orellana
      Shanel Orellana 6 months ago

      My friend calls it blowing kisses lol!

  • ItsWilly Cuhhz
    ItsWilly Cuhhz Year ago

    Damn u look sooo hot ❤️

  • Amelia Brown
    Amelia Brown Year ago

    I'm so glad you brought up bathing, because I honestly take baths waaay more than showers, because I have major anxiety and it is just wonderful to bathe.

  • Jordan Lapointe
    Jordan Lapointe Year ago

    Crazy, I just bought a foam roller yesterday

  • Maggie F
    Maggie F Year ago +1

    I have exams coming up, I will need this 😂

  • Aj Stlucie
    Aj Stlucie Year ago

    Can you do the Dora Milaje workout please

  • Sexymaya Green
    Sexymaya Green Year ago +1

    Hi michelle, love from israel.😙i loved this video, you gave some really good advice.
    What do you think about asmr viseos? It helps me with extreem stress and fall asleep

  • Trinity Tran
    Trinity Tran Year ago

    Can u please make more training videos please 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐶🐶🐰🐰🐰🐰🐹🐰🐰🐹🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  • Randy Long
    Randy Long Year ago

    I like the writing. A good change of pace. Kind of Marcus Aurelius - but short. Thx.

  • Year ago

    I do the exact same things :) They help beyond.

  • Nathen Mixon
    Nathen Mixon Year ago

    I haven't taken a bath in YEARS! Epson salt is the truth! I might get back into the routine.

  • rate2875
    rate2875 Year ago

    Think sports therapists recommend using a lacrosse ball for apply pressure to specific areas but rolling on one just creates inflammation to the facia, ligaments, tendons etc. Could be wrong tho

  • Nona Lisa
    Nona Lisa Year ago

    I really loved this

  • Oi your such a boyo Boyo

    thank you so so so much hopefully this shall help me 😃😃😃

  • Chris Nutt
    Chris Nutt Year ago

    Love the video. Very informative. But did anyone else notice the strange light orb at 3:40 of the video? It started at Michele’s right shoulder and turned down at her chest, towards her left armpit? What a cool thing to catch on camera. Michele I would love to see you on an episode of ghost adventures.

  • Melanie Dougherty

    You should try jiu jitsu training! I personally love it and think you would love it 2!

  • oh no n
    oh no n Year ago

    Try the water fast for a week plllss

  • Spookey’s Edits

    Hey queen! I originally saw you in Gabbie Hanna’s best friends (you) boyfriend video and then I saw you in a video where you were a mermaid and also in FBE. QUEEN!

  • Peter Krom
    Peter Krom Year ago

    Very Beautiful cute

  • Mohammed Shafi
    Mohammed Shafi Year ago

    Michelle you have perfect teeth's & a beautiful smile .....May god bless you...... :)

  • Naomi Faustin
    Naomi Faustin Year ago

    You're so beautiful

  • Sydney Fishman
    Sydney Fishman Year ago

    Are you moving!

  • coldhands
    coldhands Year ago

    Love your channel because it's so real❤

  • Clémentine Granger

    This is amazing and really genuine, thank you !!

  • Tasha V
    Tasha V Year ago

    Thank you for this video! I love seeing different ideas on how to destress! I roll back and forth on my yoga wheel at night before I go to bed, just a couple minutes and I'm relaxed! Your handwriting is fine! I've tried so hard to get pretty handwriting but can't ever achieve it so I just own it, it's not pretty, but it's legible!

  • Mermaid's Reel
    Mermaid's Reel Year ago

    Foam rollers and lacrosse balls = life.

  • soul ripeanutbutter

    Wow this was a really interesting and helpful video! Thanks so much for the information as well as the walk through

  • Shariq Torres
    Shariq Torres Year ago

    Stretching is very good. Drinking lots of water is very good. I never tried yoga or the foam roller but I do something similar with my basketball.
    The only thing I cant get behind is watching Entourage in the year 2018. Entourage?!? Michelle, really, lol?! But different strokes for different folks, I guess. Are you a Vinnie, E, Drama, or Turtle?

  • juann
    juann Year ago

    I was going through such a emotionally draining week and I really needed this.. Thank you so much Michelle :)

  • kayla thurmond
    kayla thurmond Year ago

    Thank you for this :)

  • Alexia Rivers
    Alexia Rivers Year ago

    Thanks for sharing yogia with me, trying out my free month now. The meditations helped relieve my anxiety. Gotta get back into yoga!

  • Saulė Drakšaitė

    I'm relating so much, so many times at work i get angry at ppl just because I'm hungry and forgot to stretch that day!

  • Silva Alexandre
    Silva Alexandre Year ago

    Your the best ^-^
    I don’t care for my depression or insomnia but videos such as yours, Brooke Ence really help

  • Matthias Patrick Seeberger

    Very important Video. Most People myself included often forget to do a relaxation Routine.

  • Sarcy58
    Sarcy58 Year ago

    yeah. That's me on a foam roller...ooorrgghhhhhh!!!

  • RandomGirl380
    RandomGirl380 Year ago

    Thanks for posting, I think I want a foam roller! I love that you had a recommendation incase of lack of space.

  • Kathleen Harry
    Kathleen Harry Year ago

    I loved this list. I write down 3 things I'm grateful for, and I write down 3 things I'm proud of myself for when I'm stressed. I wish I could do a bath, but I live in an apartment with a stall shower. 😞

  • NoSpokenWordHere
    NoSpokenWordHere Year ago

    Train like Hailey from the Stick It movie (2004), way old, but very nostalgic..

  • Jenna Robinson
    Jenna Robinson Year ago

    I love your videos, you have such a great personality. I wish I was as naturally pretty as you are. Meanwhile I'm just hoping that your active lifestyle rubs off on me if I keep watching...

  • Regan M
    Regan M Year ago +2

    I loved watching this video! Sooo relaxing to watch you relax cuz it reminded me to slow the eff down and breath and then I took a nap. More videos like this please! Awesome as usual girl.