Excel Print Options, Tips and Tricks Tutorial

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Learn how to prepare for printing an Excel spreadsheet. Printing in Excel can be more complicated than you might thnk. In this tutorial we'll look at several factors that affect how Excel spreadsheets look when they're printed. #excel #exceltutorial ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***: www.patreon.com/technologyforteachersandstudents
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  • Olusola Disu
    Olusola Disu Month ago

    This is very educative. I had learnt alot on this section on printing from excel.

  • M.Y L
    M.Y L 2 months ago

    This was truly incredible, how you guided me in this video step by step, to master something, which normally is quite intricate.

  • Metyu
    Metyu 2 months ago

    You can use months as Jan,Feb Mar...

  • Aron Haile
    Aron Haile 2 months ago

    Wow Thanks For your support Dear Brother!! Keep its up we need more vedio!!!100%$

  • A.rahman
    A.rahman 3 months ago +1

    Bravo 👏 👏👏 You solves lots of my worries. Thanks.

  • Eddgino Valenzuela
    Eddgino Valenzuela 3 months ago +1

    Thanks it was really helpful for my job :D

  • Rajesh Kumar B
    Rajesh Kumar B 4 months ago

    Very Good

  • Schumi
    Schumi 5 months ago

    This is a great video. Thank you very much man 👍🏻

  • Teacherman1955
    Teacherman1955 5 months ago +1

    Love your videos and I'm learning so much! One thing I might have done in this example would be to abbreviate the month names, that might have given room for the December column. Just a thought!

  • Sandra Hughes
    Sandra Hughes 5 months ago

    I've really enjoyed watching your video's and have re-learned how to do Vlookup and Pivot tables. Your really good and so easy to listen to and to learn from, thanks so much. Keep up the good work :)

  • C Shiner
    C Shiner 8 months ago

    Crazy useful! Liked and subscribed.

  • K&J
    K&J 9 months ago +1

    Very thorough instructions including tips that I get to learn for the first time. Thank you so much!

  • Rasha Elfadaly
    Rasha Elfadaly 9 months ago

    Very useful

  • Ma hra ab
    Ma hra ab 10 months ago

    Very helpful. Thank you

  • Voodoo
    Voodoo 10 months ago

    Thank you This was so helpful

  • Firoz Ahmed
    Firoz Ahmed 11 months ago

    nice and clean tutorial

  • bknightify
    bknightify 11 months ago

    Great Tutorial, I learned a few new things or just forgot about them lol I do like to use the "Fit All Columns In One Page " under the scaling Drop down on the Print Preview page and maybe just a few modifications after. Excel has so many methods just to do one thing, which is why I still watch tutorials and continue to learn from others - #keeplearning Thanks for sharing :)

  • Sam Schlenner
    Sam Schlenner 11 months ago +1

    Why is this so beautiful.

  • Bayes Haqyar
    Bayes Haqyar 11 months ago +1

    Ctr+P is also the shortcut for printing

  • Alamin Sheikh
    Alamin Sheikh Year ago

    Via amar akta salary sheet lagbe update verstion er plz send me. amar email .

  • Hallmark Chemicals

    Excellent and informative

    VIPUL DOSHI Year ago +6

    I have watched and learned from several video Excel software different option , but I found this one best for printing option learning.
    Video show all steps and option in a very easy to understand ways to print report in minimum pages.
    I have only one suggestion, If wrap text option was used to narrow column to fill in long months names then report can be printed in fewer pages to since data for sales were only 2 or 3 digits only.

  • Victor Bassey
    Victor Bassey Year ago +1

    It was very helpful, but I wished it shrunk your print preview so that you would explain what to do if it gets shrunk. That exactly is the problem I am facing and hidden fonts. Thanks.

  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall Year ago +1

    You mentioned the option of abbreviating the names of the months. Why didn't you demonstrate that option?

  • adam
    adam Year ago

    appreciate every one of these.

  • Ryung Kim
    Ryung Kim Year ago

    Thanks a lot for your tutorial teaching is good for me....

  • Sahra Bunner
    Sahra Bunner Year ago

    You make sense. Thank you

  • P Auluknow
    P Auluknow Year ago

    The intro dragged on and on and on like a boring psych therapy

  • hendz hendz
    hendz hendz Year ago

    ..very helpful. Thanks

  • Hayder Abullah
    Hayder Abullah Year ago

    ctrl+F2 or Ctrl+p

  • roko ro
    roko ro Year ago +1

    you're a really great teacher tnx

  • FY
    FY Year ago

    very useful, thank you sir! There're indeed various techniques to use in excel, while the thing is that to use all of them effectively and sufficiently on different data to achieve different target is truly very hard and requires excellent excel skills. still long way to go for me

  • clayton florent
    clayton florent Year ago +1

    Great Tutorial, Thank You

  • fatmah salih
    fatmah salih Year ago

    very useful thank you

  • Cristina Taylor
    Cristina Taylor Year ago +1

    excellent - I subscribed, this is what i need, thanks

  • Anita Chung
    Anita Chung Year ago

    Very useful n clear thanks again!

  • Amber Bea
    Amber Bea Year ago

    I was gonna learn about excel but Kevin Hart's commercial side tracked me...brb

  • Gomathi sivakumar
    Gomathi sivakumar Year ago +1

    Great tips to execute print, thanks a lot for sharing

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    Moustafa Ibrahim Year ago

    thanks for this help

  • Walid Tech BD
    Walid Tech BD Year ago

    Very Helpful video,, thanks

  • okay day
    okay day Year ago

    I want to add 3 questions into an excel sheet
    And I want to give an option to answer yes or no to each question
    If I get two yes's or two no's then I want a red alert to feature in a different tab
    How do I achieve this on excel?

  • Rotimi Daniel
    Rotimi Daniel Year ago

    Very useful tips on printing in Excel. Please share the sample files so that your subscribers can follow along and practise the skills learnt

  • mno the phenix
    mno the phenix Year ago

    Thinks sir It is very useful

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    Sarahlove♥ Year ago

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    ENG YAASIR Year ago

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    It is very useful.