Russia's Last Royal Family Rare Photographs

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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    Rare Photographs Of Russia's Last Royal Family
    After Tsar Nicholas II and his family were by Bolshevik early on the morning of July 17, 1918, a collection of the royal family's personal photographs was out of Russia. The albums offer a glimpse into the life of a family
    Nicholas II and his wife, Empress Aleksandra (far right), with their four daughters and son. The tsar was in 1917
    Tsar Nicholas II wading on the rocky shore of Finland.
    Tsar Nicholas II and his son, Aleksei, near St. Petersburg.
    Anna Vyrubova (right) wading at the beach with Grand Duchesses Tatyana and Olga, Anna, a close friend of the royal family, was able to flee Soviet Russia with six albums containing these photographs
    Empress Aleksandra (left) with Anna Vyrubova, and Olga, the eldest of the grand duchesses. Anna after the but managed to escape to Finland with the albums, which contain more than 2,600 photographs of the private lives of the Romanovs. in Helsinki in 1964
    Empress Aleksandra being greeted aboard the Standart, the imperial yacht that served the tsar's family for holidays and official tours. known as Russia's grand duchesses, are saluted by the crew
    Two of the grand duchesses aboard the Standart.
    Nicholas II and his daughters hiking in Crimea
    A footbridge at Spala in Poland. During the royal family's 1912 trip here, Tsarevich Aleksei fell while jumping into a rowboat
    Tsar Nicholas II posing with a deer felled at Spala. When the Siberian mystic Rasputin apparently helped the tsarevich make a miraculous recovery Rasputin became a close confidant of the royal family
    Empress Aleksandra and her daughter, Grand Duchess Tatyana.
    Tsar Nicholas II (left). (A previous version of this caption incorrectly identified the man on the right as King Gustav of Sweden.)
    Tsarevich Aleksei Romanov, the heir to the Russian throne. The boy was 13 years old
    Tsarevich Aleksei, third from left, playing. Andrey Derevenko (far left) Derevenko joined the Bolsheviks soon after the tsarevich
    Klementy Nagorny (right) Tsarevich Aleksei (second from right on trolley). After the 1917, Nagorny joined the royal family Romanovs, Aleksei's gold chain
    Pierre Gilliard, the family's French tutor, with his pupils Olga and Tatyana Romanov. fleeing Russia as Vladimir Lenin tightened his grip on power. He in Switzerland in 1962
    The grand duchesses with their mother and two officers
    Tatyana Romanov aboard the Standart. Tatyana
    Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatyana, and Maria aboard the Standart in 1914.
    Empress Aleksandra having her likeness modeled in clay. In the three years before the of 1917, the German-born Empress became a figure of suspicion and contempt as Russia fought against Germany
    Olga Romanov in a wicker chair aboard the Standart
    Villagers photographed during a trip made by the tsar and his family. The picture is one of only a few in the albums which focus on the ordinary people of Russia
    Anastasia, the youngest of the Grand Duchesses, photographed after a round of tennis with an officer and her father, Nicholas II. On the night of the on July 17, 1918
    The grand duchesses striding across the deck of the Standart. Life on board the yacht was relaxed and informal, and sprang up between the sailors and the grand duchesses
    Nicholas II and three of the grand duchesses floating in one of the canals of Tsarskoe Selo, near St. Petersburg
    In the months after the 1917 , Grand Duchess Tatiana helping to dig a vegetable garden
    Tsar Nicholas II and his son Aleksei sawing wood. The diary of a senior Soviet leader recalls that Vladimir Lenin made the decision to have the Romanovs after concluding
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  • TexasLadyTrucker
    TexasLadyTrucker 3 months ago +1

    Wish people would stop saying they were executed. They were brutally shot, bayoneted and bludgeoned to death by the evil Bolsheviks. Nevertheless, this is an elegantly well-done documentary. Beautiful music!

  • wil mer425
    wil mer425 3 months ago +2

    Very sad . Beautifully done.

  • godson johnson
    godson johnson 3 months ago

    One day British royals would be history too.