Swapping Girlfriends with Tfue

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Switching Girlfriends with Tfue, Corinna, Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks | Sunday Vlog #8
    ● Watch Tfue's Video Wednesday: thexvid.com/user/TTfue
    ● Corinna: thexvid.com/channel/UCcedwvr7BdBSzTnCouzG-yQ
    ● Alissa: thexvid.com/user/AlissaVioletYT
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    ► Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/RickyBanks
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  • TeaWap
    TeaWap Month ago +15832

    DM me for scissoring footage

  • Padraic Mulhall
    Padraic Mulhall 17 minutes ago +1

    First you took his girl, then you take his money. Damn

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 25 minutes ago +1

    Next video : Tfue left faze clan

  • Saw Exeso
    Saw Exeso 56 minutes ago

    This is too funny, let’s go get drunk, banks and tfue on a date this is WILD

  • Gaven Boparai
    Gaven Boparai Hour ago +1

    This didn’t Age well

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D Hour ago

    tfue a whole bitch #teamFaZe

  • baseball god
    baseball god Hour ago

    Lawsuit has entered the chat

  • Moche
    Moche Hour ago

    I hope you are good friends after this lawsuit.

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man Hour ago

    Who came here after the drama?

  • Rael Stiffler
    Rael Stiffler Hour ago


  • Jamie Isaacs
    Jamie Isaacs 2 hours ago

    Whose watching after the case ?

  • Cornualclock80 PS4
    Cornualclock80 PS4 2 hours ago


  • RaKaYu
    RaKaYu 2 hours ago +3

    Ummmm.. This did not age well

  • SwipeEU
    SwipeEU 2 hours ago +2

    This aged well.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 2 hours ago


  • Wave Tfue
    Wave Tfue 2 hours ago

    Y’all are getting scammed by Tfue😂😂 y’all FaZe members are nothing all y’all do is use people for money 80 percent of earning and drinking while under age. Use to be a fan of FaZe but now y’all are going to be nothing but trash 🗑😂

  • Penguin Vlogs
    Penguin Vlogs 2 hours ago

    fuck you tfue

  • ALBOZ 45
    ALBOZ 45 3 hours ago

    Swapping Girlfriends Banks 80% - 20% Tfue

  • Neil Grey
    Neil Grey 3 hours ago +1

    So...what brings YOU here?

  • Detroit 7Milee
    Detroit 7Milee 3 hours ago

    It was all good just a month ago

  • harrison777ify2
    harrison777ify2 3 hours ago

    This has aged poorly

  • Fluidz
    Fluidz 3 hours ago

    Damn they look so chill together. I wonder how the current situation will unfold

  • PrimeIbrahim
    PrimeIbrahim 3 hours ago

    Waiting for it to get deleted

  • ItsReln
    ItsReln 3 hours ago +2

    Soooo who’s here after the drama/beef?

    ME_BOSS_IT 3 hours ago +1

    Whose here after the lawsuit Tfue is putting on FaZe clan

  • Alvara Spazz
    Alvara Spazz 3 hours ago +1

    Who’s here after tfue is sewing faze?

  • Oh yeah yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Yeah 3 hours ago +4

    Who is here after the law Suit bois

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 3 hours ago

    Damn watching this video again today is sad af

  • Ritsu
    Ritsu 3 hours ago

    Who came here after watching the drama ?

  • Thunder
    Thunder 3 hours ago +2

    Whos here after the tfue and faze drama

  • NonsenseBoy
    NonsenseBoy 4 hours ago

    Well this is now awkward

  • EcHo SmurfZ
    EcHo SmurfZ 4 hours ago +1

    Who here after seeing that tfue is suing FaZe?

  • mildish sadbino
    mildish sadbino 4 hours ago +1

    You really be taking 80% of his money

  • 10 subs with no vid challenge

    Anyone here from the recent lawsuit drama???

  • King Gaming100
    King Gaming100 4 hours ago +6

    This didn’t Age well!

  • iDvrk _
    iDvrk _ 4 hours ago

    Who’s watching when tfue used FaZe

  • Imakidd OOF
    Imakidd OOF 4 hours ago

    Proof tfue has a girlfriend lol

    • BlaseSavage 11
      BlaseSavage 11 4 hours ago

      or if you go on his social media’s he posts her

  • Kyle Shugrue
    Kyle Shugrue 4 hours ago +2

    smart man, banks puts in the contracts that faze gets 80% of Turners pussy too!

  • D 2H
    D 2H 4 hours ago +11

    Uhhh guys whos here after...

  • alex5829
    alex5829 5 hours ago +1

    This has aged well

  • skaterthephyco
    skaterthephyco 5 hours ago +47

    This is awkward as hell now lmao

  • AnimeAMV
    AnimeAMV 5 hours ago

    damn this vid really popped up on my recommendations after the drama

  • Joel Skey
    Joel Skey 5 hours ago

    This kinda awkward

  • xSampL
    xSampL 6 hours ago +73

    soooo who's here after hearing about tbe beef...

  • o1deep killao
    o1deep killao 6 hours ago +1

    TFue a snake look at him acting like a best friend of Banks when you know good and well he was already plotting on him. Cut the grass Banks. TFue has always been a crying, selfish, negative, self absorbed, two faced piece of shit. I seen it since day one. Cut the loss get rid of him he will dry out because no brand wants a guy with his personality to promote their image. He will be back to making joogsquad videos with his brother within the next few years

    • harrison777ify2
      harrison777ify2 Hour ago

      o1deep killao well there many people that say he’s a great guy. You can’t make a judgment without even knowing a guy. But I can see how some people might perceive him that way. For example, I’m a really quiet person and when I don’t talk people sometimes think I don’t like them. I also tend to be pretty blunt about thinks so sometimes people interpret me being a dick, but the people that actually know me say I’m a really nice person. All I’m saying is that perception isn’t truth.

    • o1deep killao
      o1deep killao 3 hours ago

      Not hard to understand someone who puts their personality on display every day online for the world to watch, Harrison.

    • harrison777ify2
      harrison777ify2 3 hours ago

      Damn, you seem to know tfue really well despite never meeting him

  • Phil K
    Phil K 6 hours ago

    no more of these vids anymore lmao

  • EnderRemix Ftw
    EnderRemix Ftw 6 hours ago


  • Aran Farazi
    Aran Farazi 6 hours ago

    well I did the exact same thing

  • Aran Farazi
    Aran Farazi 6 hours ago


    SIR ZAZAD THE NOOB 8 hours ago

    Why you got a lebanese flag I'm not racist I'm just curious and also I'm lebanese

  • Taine Craig
    Taine Craig 17 hours ago

    good vid bro!

  • onlyanna
    onlyanna 18 hours ago

    Alissa and Corinna tho

  • b4dreon
    b4dreon 19 hours ago

    Gavats dedected

  • Vexvo
    Vexvo 21 hour ago

    what did they inject themselves with?

  • Clark Pines
    Clark Pines 23 hours ago

    No one owns faze clan update your goddamn description in ur abouts dumb ass you probably cant even play well jst like the other retarted faze cringy ass ytbers lmao

  • Young Angel
    Young Angel 23 hours ago

    Who's baby was that

  • Thesaucegod430 Sauce

    Yooo at 3:42 was that Logan Paul in the yetey😂😂

  • Razor shap
    Razor shap Day ago


  • ismael Medina
    ismael Medina Day ago

    The Siri thing got me

  • StriVe Clan
    StriVe Clan Day ago


  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez Day ago +3

    Alissa and tfue is goodcuple

  • Krotk _
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  • Chromatic K
    Chromatic K Day ago

    Banks girlfriend is cute

  • LSenate xD
    LSenate xD Day ago


  • MimikioSpeeltROBLOX
    MimikioSpeeltROBLOX 2 days ago

    u tuch Skrillex bro

  • Trevarious Hall
    Trevarious Hall 2 days ago

    She a freak sweet pussy for him

  • Trevarious Hall
    Trevarious Hall 2 days ago

    Yall gay

  • Jad Mahdi
    Jad Mahdi 2 days ago

    Is that a lebanon flag

  • Troy Rawlings
    Troy Rawlings 2 days ago

    4.05 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • x7jay1546 Pendleton
    x7jay1546 Pendleton 2 days ago

    What is that thing on her neck on 5:03

  • Ocean B
    Ocean B 2 days ago

    Bruh tfues girl has a hicky on her neck

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 2 days ago

    Corrina acting hella horny for views LOL

  • MataCabroz Fabian Gomez :v

    Corina has a pacifier :v tuvieron setso xd

  • TheNewAdam-b-_99_ GamingYT

    Your Gf is sexy!

  • joshua hernandez
    joshua hernandez 3 days ago

    Almost the whole video is blured

  • BEAS T
    BEAS T 3 days ago

    What's the iv thing

  • Dark Wolf 127 Urias
    Dark Wolf 127 Urias 3 days ago

    Anybody see when the doctor was there was a ghost

  • RolleyMcPolley YT
    RolleyMcPolley YT 4 days ago

    Will that even work out?

  • Ava Davenport
    Ava Davenport 4 days ago +1

    I love the way his videos r edited

  • Adrian Vasq
    Adrian Vasq 4 days ago


  • Hessa G
    Hessa G 5 days ago +1

    I saw corinna and clicked so fast

  • tom brooking
    tom brooking 5 days ago

    That thumbnail is hilarious they both gold digger asf😂🇬🇧

  • Riyaz - Alam
    Riyaz - Alam 5 days ago

    9:44 😂😂😂

  • Oops_Missed World of tanks blitz

    Switching thots

  • DAngerrous 0811
    DAngerrous 0811 6 days ago

    Stink bomb

  • DAngerrous 0811
    DAngerrous 0811 6 days ago

    Wait what i thought it was supposed to swap gf

  • Cooksie Da Cutest Doggie Dog In The World

    Dude not trying to hate but that’s just wrong. There’s a certain word for these people and it’s called swingers xD

    P.S bring your mom to the Faze House

  • Yuh. Jasmin
    Yuh. Jasmin 7 days ago

    4:20 somehow i thought it was my phone😂 I’m dumb

  • ghadi
    ghadi 7 days ago

    why is there a Lebanon flag hanged on the wall? I'm curious

    ACAPELLA CAMELLA 7 days ago +1

    Faze banks is 100,000,000% a drug dealer

  • The Japanese Savage
    The Japanese Savage 7 days ago

    4:20 was i the only one who got a message from Siri asking to like the vid??

  • Addie Bangura
    Addie Bangura 7 days ago +2

    At 4:22 I thought that was actually my Siri going off because my phone does that at random times 😂

  • Thatcoolwhiteguy
    Thatcoolwhiteguy 7 days ago

    Yo them knocks scared tf out of me lol

  • Wassim el Haroiti
    Wassim el Haroiti 8 days ago

    Banks: i'm gonna miss you guys
    also Banks: YEET!!

  • RealNoahAshton 7
    RealNoahAshton 7 8 days ago

    Why did the knocking sound so real

  • RealNoahAshton 7
    RealNoahAshton 7 8 days ago

    Corinna has a hickey

  • Daddy 6ix9ine
    Daddy 6ix9ine 8 days ago

    You shouldn't put shoes on the wire that mean there was a homicide

  • Jayden Pope
    Jayden Pope 8 days ago

    Is that a hickey?? 5:03

  • Daniel Cho
    Daniel Cho 9 days ago

    " guys i have a small pp, i actually dont" the first sign of being insecure is denial

  • Kloakk
    Kloakk 9 days ago

    Why r u so wreckless... buys new shoes cos they got wet