This Update Changes Everything In Rocket League (50+ Blueprint Opening, Item Shop, Archiving Items)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • The new Rocket League update has fully removed crates and added blueprints! Let's check that and SO much more out now!
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Comments • 2 969

  • Jon Sandman
    Jon Sandman  Month ago +953

    I guess we will rock the Rocket Pass tomorrow....Definitely a little disappointed in the update. Thoughts?!

    • Jeffrey Snyder
      Jeffrey Snyder Month ago

      should be able to earn a small amount of credits for free each game.

    • Kreo
      Kreo Month ago

      I hope they will add special edition goal explosions someday :p

    • Jaz Wraps
      Jaz Wraps Month ago

      @Jasper 65 same a hextide blueprint and wanted hextide but i dont wana feel like fucking idiot for spending $20

    • Colin Gerlock
      Colin Gerlock Month ago +1

      I agree with everyone the update is shit. You know what would fix the update? Being able to earn credits from playing the game. After finishing a match, you should earn credits. I’m sure everyone would be happier if this was the case. Maybe about 10 to 25 credits per match depending on how you do? Someone bring this up to Psyonix/Epic or Reddit please?

    • A Hero For Fun
      A Hero For Fun Month ago

      I haven’t seen the full video yet but I’m pretty sure you had decryptors, they turn into mystery gifts that automatically go into your inventory. Have you/are you going to do an opening video of these?

  • Lulzy Wizard
    Lulzy Wizard 2 days ago

    yeahhhhhhh blueprints are prettymuch rip-offs now

  • Dakota Maynard
    Dakota Maynard 4 days ago

    Last night I unlocked a titanium white zomba blueprint for $10. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • KillBarney87
    KillBarney87 4 days ago

    Still kinda sucks you have to pay money for good cosmetics

  • ultra 034
    ultra 034 5 days ago


  • Bhunter654
    Bhunter654 6 days ago


  • christophe bensoussan


  • huganation
    huganation 8 days ago +2

    It’s been a month and I can confirm this update isn’t that bad

    • Cartier Scott
      Cartier Scott 6 days ago

      huganation thank you people are overreacting

  • Inferno Manfredi
    Inferno Manfredi 10 days ago +3

    “I didn’t have soo many I had like *400* keys.”
    Me: I had 1...

  • ZkhM4_ 69
    ZkhM4_ 69 12 days ago

    Fuck epic games for screwing us over, why tf do they have to own this game now

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 13 days ago +1

    The blue print system is the same as warframe

    • Kubloo
      Kubloo 13 days ago +1

      Naruto Uzumaki Except I’ve never had to pay money for a weapon or a warframe.

  • Domen A
    Domen A 16 days ago

    This is a strategy. Epic will get rid of their concurence from inside. Kinda smart

  • II Georg
    II Georg 16 days ago

    Who wants infiniums

  • Winter Talents
    Winter Talents 16 days ago +2

    Gambling has left the Chat

  • Nathanh360 Hutchison
    Nathanh360 Hutchison 17 days ago

    What about your old keys

  • James Draper
    James Draper 18 days ago

    I bought the batmobile ages ago and I always used it but now in this update its not in my inventory. Has this happened with anyone else

  • Scream
    Scream 18 days ago +1


  • Sebo_The_Pro
    Sebo_The_Pro 18 days ago

    Blue prints should cost a little less like 200 credits or something

  • Tom G
    Tom G 18 days ago

    Definitely a cash grab. 1 dollar for an item from a crate before, now rares cost a dollar. 5 dollars for a very rare? Fuck Epic.

  • ASM Cloudburst
    ASM Cloudburst 19 days ago

    I got tw 20xx and now I’m balling

  • FaZe TrINsAdY Alpha
    FaZe TrINsAdY Alpha 21 day ago

    I got black Zumba’s earlier from a game

  • Black_ F_0305
    Black_ F_0305 21 day ago

    *bonus gifts??? how do you get them*

    • Black_ F_0305
      Black_ F_0305 21 day ago

      nevermind i know its the decrypters or something like that

  • Jimsam C
    Jimsam C 21 day ago +2


  • k4 _
    k4 _ 23 days ago

    see the item shop is alright but 2 days ago they released tw zombas epic will mess up rocket league too

  • brad
    brad 23 days ago

    At this point thay my aswell clear all our inventory and make us pay to get it back

  • brad
    brad 23 days ago

    Skyline going to be like £10 instead of like 2 if they did what I think they did

  • brad
    brad 23 days ago


  • brad
    brad 23 days ago

    Where do find dlc shop

  • ItsThunder
    ItsThunder 24 days ago

    This sucks

  • TrYhRDN Crackly
    TrYhRDN Crackly 24 days ago +3

    So this game wants us to pay for the blueprint with credits in a trade and then unlock that blueprint with more credits

  • realnuke
    realnuke 25 days ago

    I think it's not about how many cases it would need to get me a fence for example, it's about that where you once had the chance getting it in an instant, maybe even with free chests, you now have to pay an outrageous amount of money to get it. Not even talking about the Pass and the little mount of credits you're getting from it.

  • It's Ralf 16
    It's Ralf 16 25 days ago

    Had forest green chakrams and traded them with my friend for a jager

  • Yashveer Wassan
    Yashveer Wassan 26 days ago

    I got a titanium white, cyclone striker which goes on the market for like 600 credits max but to make it's 800...
    I feel ripped off.

  • Mum Shariff
    Mum Shariff 27 days ago

    John Iam farmustang plz accept my friend request

  • OmgINeedFriends
    OmgINeedFriends 29 days ago

    I feel like it's worse towards people who actively spend money on this game.

  • Aleximo
    Aleximo Month ago +1

    I hate the new blueprints they suck I can’t afford to build an item I would rarely get to open crates and I would get super excited when I would find something like a draco wheel and freak out now I can’t even build anything smh

  • ThePrejudged 1
    ThePrejudged 1 Month ago

    I done this and got painted pink mainframe. I have no idea what its worth tho. Plez tell me.

  • Smokes
    Smokes Month ago

    I’ll be selling my white octane for 100$ aud. I don’t play the game anymore so I won’t be scamming

  • Trihard
    Trihard Month ago

    Lmao. Theres no way im spending another dollar on this game now.

  • DelayedSweat
    DelayedSweat Month ago +1

    I got a tw Zombas blueprint after losing a game of hoops and it's 1k to build

  • Zhonyashater
    Zhonyashater Month ago

    Alpha console noises intensifies

  • Jeffrey Snyder
    Jeffrey Snyder Month ago

    They should at least make a way to earn credits for free. Even a small amount.

    • Comp Skittles
      Comp Skittles Month ago

      Jeffrey Snyder yea

    • Jeffrey Snyder
      Jeffrey Snyder Month ago

      @Comp Skittles I mean while there isn't an event

    • Comp Skittles
      Comp Skittles Month ago

      They pretty much do bru there’s Christmas event once u get 150 snowflakes u can buy golden gift and sell for 100 credits

  • Gta Geek
    Gta Geek Month ago

    White Zombas Are 1,000 Credits Too Unlock, But There Price Went WAY Down

  • Johnzombi
    Johnzombi Month ago

    "I'm not sick, I just have a cold"

  • Matt Goodwin
    Matt Goodwin Month ago

    Can't believe you're justifying this in any way. Even more shocked you dump money straight into their pockets.
    Weak as shit, man.

  • Noah Rahn
    Noah Rahn Month ago

    Yk 15k likes that's close enough

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Month ago

    I got solar flare on the blueprints and I can't get it because my mom won't let me get some money to get it

  • StealeGames
    StealeGames Month ago

    So basically, rocket league is not 100% pay to customize. Kinda bs

  • FifaSkillz _
    FifaSkillz _ Month ago

    So I opened 200 + blueprints, git 2 bmds and find out there worth 50credits and it costs 2000 to use it when yu can buy it for 1200 by trading... makes sense

  • Z Z
    Z Z Month ago

    I got a 20xx blueprint from a ranked game lol

  • Aidan Meyer
    Aidan Meyer Month ago

    Now in the store yesterday crimson draco was only 900

  • someone
    someone Month ago

    bad no more trade ups

  • someone
    someone Month ago

    so we have buy stuff we win now? ok..?

  • Rein Golub
    Rein Golub Month ago

    This blows for people like me who spent more time trading than playing and now it’s just pointless

  • Aileen Jones
    Aileen Jones Month ago

    It is an exotic or a import what would you choose?

  • BlazeCrowYT
    BlazeCrowYT Month ago

    What microphone does he have?

  • JJ White
    JJ White Month ago +2

    Dude your almost to a million subs ❤️

  • F8 hypnotical
    F8 hypnotical Month ago

    Very rare should be like 300 credits...

  • Warped Games
    Warped Games Month ago

    How are you not at 1million subs yet! Sign in a sub you lazy a.........

  • Kreo
    Kreo Month ago +2

    10:38 TW zombas will crash tho... imagine it going to the item shop for 900 credits.

    Black zombas is 900 creds.. so i think tw is same.. thats my logic ^^