Why Bran Stark will be King

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Today I'm hitting you all with one of my most controversial (and probably unlikely) predictions. At the end of Game of Thrones, the Starks will be the new royal family, and the official ruler of Westeros will be the Three Eyed Raven himself. King Brandon Stark.
    Not the King we expect, but the one we deserve.
    EDIT: Please check the upload date before commenting. Or, watch my season 8 predictions video. I'd rather not keep responding to false/unsubstantiated accusations.

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  • YezenIRL
    YezenIRL  Month ago +2424

    *In response to accusations claiming that I saw plot leaks and then made this video.*
    I didn't, and I can prove it. Here is the freefolk thread documenting accurate plot leaks: www.reddit.com/r/FreeFolkNews/comments/bmfdv7/compilation_of_leakers_who_gave_previous_accurate/
    If you read through this thread, you will find that it compiles several plot leaks from over 3 different leakers. Now, the plot leak which actually mentioned that Bran would be King, was not posted until April 28th. But of course, if you know how leaks work, you'd know this one did not gain any attention until much later, because it didn't come from a reputable leaker, and it didn't actually predict anything correct until May 4th when it was confirmed by episode 4. In fact, non of these plot leaks, from the ones posted last December, to the afraidpart leaks posted last Summer, had received any attention by the community until episode 3 aired (on account of them having predicted Arya killing the NK and Lyanna Mormont's death). That was literally the night before I released this video. Before that, the afraidpart leaks (which again, did not mention Bran) were just one in a thousand self proclaimed leaks of which 99.9% turned out false.
    Now, if ya'll are honestly suspicious enough that you think I watched episode 3, went and found the April 28th leak before anyone else and before it had been confirmed in any way, and then immediately wrote this script and put together this video over night, then you're clearly a very paranoid individual and you don't have any idea know how much time these videos take. But, just to throw those suspicious folks a bone, *here is me predicting King Bran back on March 31st:* thexvid.com/video/yTskuAes73o/video.html
    So hopefully ya'll can stop making these same tired accusations and give me some peace lol.

    • YezenIRL
      YezenIRL  12 days ago

      In the books there is no Night King

    • White Alliance
      White Alliance 12 days ago

      @YezenIRL the fact that the show mostly ended like this and you got a few things (extreme minor details) wrong let me know that you are active in the fandom and made a great prediction! That being said. Its a stupid ending. One im only willing to believe only of bran is the night king. But good intuition bud i liked the structure of your vid. And first short story or book you post i would like to read.

    • AK Jay
      AK Jay 23 days ago

      YezenIRL you should’ve let us know how shit season 8 was going to be

    • Just Trying
      Just Trying 24 days ago

      Fredo Martinez people calling him a sociopath or whatever are losers who were overreacting. This is coming from someone who doubts that he didnt actually read the leaks

  • Jesse Tellez
    Jesse Tellez 6 days ago

    You were almost 100% right in your prediction. Well done.
    I would love to see if you predict the ending of my novel.

  • Derek Meeks
    Derek Meeks 6 days ago +1

    It was leaked 5 weeks ago that he was gonna be king

  • gokblok
    gokblok 7 days ago

    It's like D&D saw this and said, "LOL FUCK IT LET'S DO THAT"

  • Blaine Gurrie
    Blaine Gurrie 8 days ago

    'Theon, your a good man' - I thought that was brilliant. When I leave this world that's all I want people to say about me. It's all my parents cared about too, just be a good man.

  • Umair
    Umair 8 days ago

    This video almost made no sense, just like the finale itself

  • Alexandre Beaudry
    Alexandre Beaudry 10 days ago

    He his not the King, he is the pope. Elected by a few until he died.
    The place of the king is still empty.

  • Kai’s Messiah Baby
    Kai’s Messiah Baby 11 days ago

    ...aaaand Sean Bean dies. 😂

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 12 days ago

    Extremely close. Almost 87% ACCURATE! Very good intuition level. Some stuff was highly detailed and wrong (arya is not queen of the north; sansa is not defacto queen regent) but this was good friend. Hats off! Awesome video awesome edit.

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 12 days ago

    Where did you get the phrase "bran the broken" from?

  • bruno queiroz
    bruno queiroz 14 days ago

    I also always knew he would be the king, at least since season 7. it has to be a stark, and its not jon (predictable af), and def not rickon/robb LUL

    • Tom Street
      Tom Street 2 days ago

      I thought the Independent North was the Starks goal. With all the other kingdoms fracturing as well.

  • ry4n357
    ry4n357 14 days ago

    They made the ending empty and emotionless like bran...

  • Mr. Reus
    Mr. Reus 17 days ago +1

    Bran: the most awkward character in "GOT"

  • raul alvarez
    raul alvarez 17 days ago +2

    It should’ve been Daenerys

  • clawalk
    clawalk 18 days ago

    ...and Sam is Sam. 👏😂

  • Angela Solon
    Angela Solon 18 days ago

    Quick question: Do you think Eddard Stark would've actually made a good king had he lived or do you think who Ned Stark is & what he would've become has largely been overblown and romanticized since he died?

  • Elise Lestrange-Lannister


  • Dolly
    Dolly 19 days ago

    Dany wanted to break the wheel, but with bran the wheel is fully functional and its user is the one that is ‘broken’

  • Tanoshi of M
    Tanoshi of M 20 days ago +1

    You are from the future, eh?

  • YankeesFan0620
    YankeesFan0620 20 days ago +1

    Who are you? How the hell did you know the ending?

  • Sonia Ndukwe
    Sonia Ndukwe 20 days ago

    Not fate.

  • Peter Young
    Peter Young 21 day ago +1

    No one predicted this and neither did you.

  • esha dhawan
    esha dhawan 21 day ago

    I really hope you had not read or heard any leaked script or anything because I loved your reasoning in this. I didn't particularly love the idea of Bran being king when I watched the finale and was only ok with it because he is a Stark and I wanted a good end for them but your video has made me see so much more in this end. I thought Jon and Dany both losing the throne was quite poetic seeing how both ice and fire didn't get the throne and I think Bran also fits well in the poetic end.
    Still I'm a Danaerys fan forever 🖤

  • RedGħost
    RedGħost 22 days ago

    2:50 lol the iron throne actually burned like the ring

  • Gayatri Deshpande
    Gayatri Deshpande 23 days ago


  • Xeronix
    Xeronix 24 days ago

    nah ur acc amazing for this

  • Enzia rozi
    Enzia rozi 24 days ago

    should i buy more bitcoin today???

  • Dom Quixote
    Dom Quixote 25 days ago

    Holy shit man you are the 3 eyed raven yourself holy shit you called it

  • obscured
    obscured 25 days ago

    100% accurate

  • Angelis Fpv
    Angelis Fpv 25 days ago +1

    When this was made after the episode was released.....
    Yeah, nice try...

    • Luis Lopez
      Luis Lopez 25 days ago +1

      Lol this came out before episode

  • Aryana Rose
    Aryana Rose 25 days ago +9

    No one believed me.
    No one probably believed you.
    B u t h e r e w e a r e

  • Ryan Layton
    Ryan Layton 26 days ago

    The three-eyed raven is a true God. Omnipresent but not omnipotent. The religions in GOT ASOIF are toxic dividers, but a fairy tale ending; a benevolent God on the throne.

  • Lafayette
    Lafayette 26 days ago

    You got Bran right but Sansa is Queen of the north and Arya is a Arya

  • Tomé Valentim
    Tomé Valentim 26 days ago

    What if Bran was controling Littlefinger? (maybe to protect Sansa)

  • Meghan Bee
    Meghan Bee 26 days ago

    “Bran should have the iron throne because he’s good at sitting” may as well have been the reasoning behind why they chose him. It would’ve made as much sense as the rest of the season which is none.

  • Dark Orb
    Dark Orb 26 days ago

    Lol the throne actually got destroyed by the shit

  • nividi kevichusa
    nividi kevichusa 27 days ago +1

    I said this to all my friends.. almost all the Starks n likely rulers have blood on their hands and are very bad at forgiving their enemies.The concept of reconciliation and forgiveness is almost absent in the series. Cept for Bran forgiving Jamie, and affirming Theon.It makes him Worthy to be a good King. Not power hungry, ambitious, fighter.

    • Nutty dishwasher
      Nutty dishwasher 22 days ago

      True, almost all cruel and wrathful characters (Cercei, Tywin, Daenerys, The Baratheon brothers, etc..) in this series died, while the forgiving ones (Bran, Sansa, Tyrion, Arya, Jon, Sam, Davos ) survived.

    • YezenIRL
      YezenIRL  27 days ago

      nividi kevichusa you are absolutely right!

  • jeebus2121
    jeebus2121 27 days ago

    You were correct, but I fear your explanation for why--which is sophisticated, steeped in the show's lore, and equals parts poetic/logical--is vastly more well thought out than the actual writers' process, where they probably just went "let's subvert expectations".

  • beanie0112
    beanie0112 27 days ago

    My thing is that since the 3ER has taken over his mind and body Bran’s consciousness either 1) no longer exists, 2) has been pushed down into a “sunken place” where all he can do is helplessly witness the 3ER control him, or 3) is allowed to co-pilot his mind and body with the 3ER.
    If either 1) or 2) is the case could the now six (🤦‍♂️) kingdoms really trust such an entity to be king if it’s willing to do either of those things to Bran’s consciousness? 🤷‍♂️

  • Danger Gibson
    Danger Gibson 27 days ago

    damn boi

  • waleed tellawi
    waleed tellawi 28 days ago

    u were right

  • Z3rv3d7k
    Z3rv3d7k 28 days ago


  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen 28 days ago

    I guess you were exactly where you needed to be.

  • ShamanMcLamie
    ShamanMcLamie 28 days ago

    Bran new everything that was going to happen when John Snow learned who he was. He seemed almost too insistent about John knowing the truth of who he was.

  • Ivy Hoss
    Ivy Hoss 28 days ago

    Well done. Wouldn't have believed you if I saw this vid a few months back, but I'm glad you were right. It really was a pleasing appointment to the throne

  • Luis Filipe Pena Borges de Andrade

    Subtitles! ;)

  • Bran The Bearded Builder

    Had to pause and mention this. Idk if you do or not yet. It in the arya chapter ehen Brandon eakes up need takes sansa and arya donthe godswood to pray for him. While there he tells arya she will be queen. To which Arya says no that will be sansa

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 28 days ago +8

    I think D&D were lacking ideas and stumbled across this video

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man 28 days ago

    Your the 3 eyed raven

  • Ben DG
    Ben DG 28 days ago

    When did bran get his title 'the broken' ?

  • Afshin The Great
    Afshin The Great 28 days ago +10

    Bran The Evil allowed Dany to burn down the city so he could rebuild it to be Westerosi with Disabilities Act compliant!

    • northern sky c
      northern sky c 25 days ago +1

      @Hamzath Anees many of her fans are as self-entitled as she is, annoying as hell. Dany fans aren't the only ones suffering from bad writing, so are Bran, Jon, Tyrion fans, blame the writers, not the characters !!

    • Hamzath Anees
      Hamzath Anees 25 days ago +1

      @northern sky c they just want to find any excuse to justify all dany's evil acts.. fucking hate that Dany character who believes everything is hers because of her birth right..

    • northern sky c
      northern sky c 26 days ago +2

      Lol to anyone who think bran "let this happen"
      seriously this theory is just dumb and lazy af

  • Gavo Morg
    Gavo Morg 28 days ago

    Fir all the idiots saying the same thing every other comment calling this guy a fraud cos of the bran the broken comment it's nothing new he's been bran the broken since book one

  • S P
    S P 28 days ago +1

    Love how this guy read the spoilers that were leaked on reddit weeks before the finale and makes out like he came up with these ideas himself!

  • Francisco Macias
    Francisco Macias 28 days ago

    I came here after seeing Mr. Sunday movies and maaaaaaan, this was a drastic change of pace in pace and talking

  • Shankha Sarkar
    Shankha Sarkar 28 days ago

    What if D&D saw this video and came up with the ending?

  • robertg305
    robertg305 28 days ago

    You and Ben Shapiro are master GOT predictors

    • YezenIRL
      YezenIRL  12 days ago

      Ben Shapiro is a master of nothing.

  • robertg305
    robertg305 28 days ago


  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 28 days ago

    It was only 3 weeks ago. He read what the writers wanted us to know, even if it's crap.

  • Unclejerry50th
    Unclejerry50th 28 days ago +2

    Well damn

  • SugarCrush 7354
    SugarCrush 7354 29 days ago +1

    My boy, what is my lucky number??? Imma buy the lottery if you tell me a number hahaha lmao. Well-founded prediction, for those who say game of thrones was unpredictable, let me remind you of this awesome video. hahaha WELL DONE YEZEN

  • Super Cat Elvis
    Super Cat Elvis 29 days ago +1


  • aquaphazed
    aquaphazed 29 days ago

    way to profit off the spoilers.

  • carecree888
    carecree888 29 days ago +4

    Your breakdown/analysis of the qualities it takes to rule/be powerful was pure genius! I had an epiphany while watching your video. Bran becoming the 3 eyed ravin can be compared to becoming enlightened. Losing one’s ego identity which is why him becoming the King and leading the people in goodness makes the most sense.

  • katykat978
    katykat978 29 days ago

    I see only 2 possibilities, you're either in with someone in the crew/cast, or you're on some next level three eyed raven baxter psychic shit right bro

  • Vestlandsguten
    Vestlandsguten 29 days ago

    I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the ending. It was a bit rushed, I'll give it that. And I think the whole Night-King storyarch's ending was a bit anticlimactic. And the death of Cercei too. But all in all, happy with the outcome.

  • s0bad
    s0bad 29 days ago

    So one of two things happened:
    1) the writers literally ripped this guys idea cause they were too lazy
    2) the writers couldn't even successfully "subvert" expectations of the audience loll

  • Chris
    Chris 29 days ago

    Congrats on the prediction. I enjoyed your video even though I didn't like your argument for the overarching interpretation of whole of GOT. I hated it even more in execution. So I'll revisit my oft repeated claim: maybe this ending could have worked with an entire season to flesh it out. But the complete disregard for the nature of the threat from the white walkers I think undermines the entire story. The final season just turned them (and so the NK) into a zombie apocalypse, which they never were, and certainly never were thematically, ever in the series. Such a shame. Such a damn shame.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 29 days ago

    Wow, an incredible prediction. I have been pushing back against the toxicity towards king Bran. I was pleasantly surprised by that reveal (although I did not like Columbus Arya and Democracy Sam). You pointed out that Bran fits the wounded healer archetype, but also consider that Danerys arc was to break the wheel, then who sits upon the wheel? Bran the broken in a wheel chair. Also most toxic people are just whining, still half mad about star wars, they include no real reasoning... I instantly realized that Bran although unexpected, fit the Arthurian archetype by having been trained by a wizard mentor, the previous three eyed raven. Jon Snow had no such wizard mentor and instead has a christ like martyr thing going on. Bran the broken also calls to mind the Greek idea of a philosopher king being the most perfect form of govt. How nice would it be if the president of the USA actually knew what to do to help the most people the best way... I say this in 2019 :(

    As for Columbus Arya and Democracy Sam. The show borrowed from medievel history and that made it come alive, but to lean that hard into our history seriously compromised the lore. I'm eagerly awaiting game of parliament, the wig party edition /s. Then Maester Franklin ties a key to a kite and well, you know the rest. BOO! Giving the sailing west hook to Greyworm as a tentative plan after Naath would've been fine. Arya should be master of whispers, she wouldn't be done protecting Bran.

  • Tristan Flodin
    Tristan Flodin 29 days ago

    I can prove he saw the leak because he calls him Bran the Broken which was not used until the final episode

  • NightSpook
    NightSpook 29 days ago

    Holy shit, dude! 😲

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 29 days ago

    How the hell did u guess

  • Proud Noob
    Proud Noob 29 days ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

  • Axios .king
    Axios .king 29 days ago

    Him becoming King was the worst decision the show had made since

  • Billie Getachew
    Billie Getachew 29 days ago

    Holy shit - well done sir.

  • Benghazi Appreciation
    Benghazi Appreciation 29 days ago


  • Pedro.G B.S
    Pedro.G B.S 29 days ago +1

    This video aged really fucking well

  • Dylan George
    Dylan George 29 days ago

    You saw the spoilers.
    The fact you actually quote, "king of the broken" shows this.

  • Pink Berry
    Pink Berry 29 days ago +1

    There’s no way, you had to have found leaks. You were far too spot on, with the throne being burned by dragon fire, bran the broken, bran being king, Sansa ruling the north.

  • Pink Berry
    Pink Berry 29 days ago

    Damn you were right dude.

  • John Pliskin
    John Pliskin 29 days ago

    because: lazy ass writing

  • AcAm
    AcAm 29 days ago

    You prophet.

  • Fiona Rangel
    Fiona Rangel 29 days ago

    Ahh, would have loved it if Theon killed the Night King! What an epic ending for him that would have been 😊

  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark 29 days ago

    2:20 now that he says that well. It sort of makes sense. The ring was forged on the fires of Mount Doom, and it is later destroyed in the same fires that made it. In Westeros, Balerion the black dread made the iron throne with the swords of Aegon's fallen enemies, and Drogon destroys it in the end, making the stories sort of parallel. The fires that made these two objects are the fires that unmake them in the end

  • AzAMOuS
    AzAMOuS 29 days ago

    What are the lottery numbers for this weeks EuroMillions?

  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark 29 days ago


  • sun sushi
    sun sushi 29 days ago

    you talk way to god damn slow its actually so frustrating

  • Born A Valkyrie
    Born A Valkyrie 29 days ago

    Me pre finale: lamo what a fuckibg dumbass, Bran won't ever be king

    Me now: ANNA OOP-

  • ElCaballoTV
    ElCaballoTV 29 days ago

    Dude, you took a chance in predicting and it paid off, good for you amigo! Subbed (sub me back bro, I need it)

  • Hammu
    Hammu 29 days ago

    we need this guy in wall street

  • SlakjeJasper
    SlakjeJasper 29 days ago

    Because the script was bad and predictable. The end.

  • Kyle Latchaw
    Kyle Latchaw 29 days ago

    Great hypothesis

  • MonkeyDonk22
    MonkeyDonk22 29 days ago

    Are you God himself?

  • DJ Mastoor
    DJ Mastoor 29 days ago

    Fuck bran

  • Sergey Sergey
    Sergey Sergey 29 days ago

    Because fuck you, that's why.
    Or ask Ryan Johnson

  • eduardo de rezende
    eduardo de rezende 29 days ago +3

    the symbolism with the lord of the rings is impressive

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 29 days ago +1

    Explain this...Why do the Stark girls and Bran not have a North of England accent; when all their Family do.

    • Melissa
      Melissa 29 days ago

      Wasn't it Because it was too hard for the actrors to do?
      I can't recall perfectly but I remember They asked Sean to do a certain accent and he basically said "Cant." And so trained the family to match his accent instead and made THAT the North westeros accent. But the younger kids couldn't really pull it off and to prevent endless takes they just told them to speak normally.

  • Carlo Scrignaro
    Carlo Scrignaro Month ago

    Okay, calling Bran = King was cool, but calling the dragon destroying the throne and then it actually happening was mind blowing! You were close enough on the Sansa/Ayra predictions that I'd give it to you. ...Also, what are you favorite seven numbers between 1 and 50?

  • coucamaya
    coucamaya Month ago

    *slow clap*

  • AMan555
    AMan555 Month ago


  • I Can't Drive
    I Can't Drive Month ago

    Lol nope