'Jose Mourinho keeps in contact with me!’ | Scott McTominay on his career & his Man United coaches

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
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    Scott McTominay on his different coaches at Manchester United, including Warren Joyce, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer & Jose Mourinho.
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Comments • 683

  • A C
    A C 32 minutes ago

    He’s very smart, I like him. Bright personality.

  • Abhishek kumar
    Abhishek kumar 16 days ago


  • Omosh Makago Owiti
    Omosh Makago Owiti 20 days ago

    McTerminator39 my boy!!

  • james murag
    james murag 22 days ago

    Jose is a superb coach but bad man manager. At times a dose of positivity goes a long way

  • MF89
    MF89 26 days ago +1

    Nice kid, cracking attitude on the pitch aswell. Plays for the badge

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 28 days ago

    Great player love his passion on the pitch when we score you can see how much it means to him we need to buy more quality so he can learn from them

  • jay richardson
    jay richardson 28 days ago

    Jose will be next United manager if it southgate or giggs

  • Gordey Kropolev
    Gordey Kropolev 28 days ago

    Scotty is a great guy.
    So much passion in him.

  • FreshTheScot
    FreshTheScot 28 days ago

    He doesn’t sound Scottish atall

  • Jake Goodwin
    Jake Goodwin Month ago

    What’s this pro evolution they speak of?

  • Christoph Ntjathi
    Christoph Ntjathi Month ago

    I can hardly hear what he's saying.

  • Ken Leung
    Ken Leung Month ago

    I don’t trust him to play in the midfield

  • Chill Out
    Chill Out Month ago

    People of colour tend to have attitude problems, not all but a lot do. You can see this kid would be so easy to coach. Pogba, Martial, Lingard, too much swagger, cocky, attitude about them.

  • ayden sunassee
    ayden sunassee Month ago +1

    Scott come through as a striker and mourinho helped him find his position now his flourishing and getting the credit he deserves.mcsauce‼️

  • Ty boxing
    Ty boxing Month ago

    Where is his Scottish accent?? Hes an immigrant

  • zyreX
    zyreX Month ago

    I'm having a feeling like Ole's gonna not put him in the playing 11 anymore after this interview🥺

  • chris jewitt
    chris jewitt Month ago

    Absolute garbage this player. Jose also rate John obi mikel....

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh Month ago

    Future captain

  • Mekonnen Alemahu
    Mekonnen Alemahu Month ago

    ጎበዝ መብትህን ለማስከበር ተደራጅ: ተደራጅ: ተደራጅ: ....

  • E'POOL 23
    E'POOL 23 Month ago

    jose still contact with tominay..so that means man utd should be alert or jose will steal tominay to his next club..

  • Aditya Raghavan
    Aditya Raghavan Month ago

    McTominay is all class. Good kid.

  • Y C
    Y C Month ago

    Armband pending

  • Dontbethat Guyy
    Dontbethat Guyy Month ago

    Scott is incredibly intelligent, wise and articulate for such a young man. He’s very very likeable and his attitude is fantastic. He could go to the very top if he continues as he’s going.

  • Sheen Shami
    Sheen Shami Month ago +1

    His deep voice 😍😍😂

  • ytdutzz -
    ytdutzz - Month ago

    Teacher pet fml

  • Hassangadzz
    Hassangadzz Month ago +1

    “Playing alongside Paul,Nemanja,Fred...It sounds like playing Fifa 20” 4:16
    Nah man Mctominay is actually much better than Matic and Fred.I don’t think he was thinking “Oh my god that’s Fred in Fifa” LMAO...

  • rajabu dau
    rajabu dau Month ago

    Scott just keep it up ... i beleive in you when you are on and off the ball

  • Bockarie Sama Banya

    I love this boy

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks Month ago

    Scott Eastwood?

  • Jack Menzies
    Jack Menzies Month ago

    Why does he sound English

  • hart patel
    hart patel Month ago

    I like this guy.

  • John Baptist
    John Baptist Month ago

    If we had 3 or 4 players with McTominay's heart, we wouldn't be where we are currently.

  • metal garurumon
    metal garurumon Month ago

    Mourinho wants to buy you to his new club. Get out of that manu it's a mess.

  • Holger Nielsen
    Holger Nielsen Month ago

    attitude is first class, decent player on the ball as well. Hes gonna go right to the very top of football mark my words

  • Froggen88
    Froggen88 Month ago

    he must be in awe lining up with the likes of Fred

  • Hary Irfantri
    Hary Irfantri Month ago

    I'm genuinely asking, why is he called McSauce on social media?

  • kcelestinomaria
    kcelestinomaria Month ago +2

    This player has leadership potential

  • Jim 83
    Jim 83 Month ago

    Scottish international = Not good enough to play for England

  • BK007
    BK007 Month ago

    He is not a Scotsman?

  • Eddy otu
    Eddy otu Month ago

    BULLSHIT VID and mctominay be careful mourinho is clearly a sweetyman

  • Bana Sweet
    Bana Sweet Month ago

    I met him in deansgate st Manchester Scatt is top man so humble..

  • The GR81
    The GR81 Month ago +3

    Scott has a really good personality, he had done so well to where his got to. Well done. Keep it up

  • Jeff Mum
    Jeff Mum Month ago

    Manchester United dna is winning football u stupid prick

  • ghany candra
    ghany candra Month ago


  • Tomas Brice
    Tomas Brice Month ago

    Super talented. Often looks like best Man U player on the pitch in my opinion

  • Infinito
    Infinito Month ago +1

    It's so important to see interviews like this. Gives you a completely different perspective on the player instead of him just being a stat on twitter.

  • Jesse Wagiwan
    Jesse Wagiwan Month ago

    If i was told i had to compete with fred for a midfield spot I'd be extra motivated

  • Roma Forall
    Roma Forall Month ago

    Bring Jose back !

  • N K
    N K Month ago


  • townbythetown
    townbythetown Month ago

    Wow. Bright, very well spoken kid

  • Charles Ndung'u
    Charles Ndung'u Month ago

    I wonder what Klopp would do with a player like Mac!!!!

  • S.Robinson Meitei
    S.Robinson Meitei Month ago

    People saying Mcsauce is not the most technically gifted player should watch those freestyling f2 videos.

  • Gary Casey
    Gary Casey Month ago +5

    "You should've said PES" 😂

  • Tom Eskdale
    Tom Eskdale Month ago

    If Mourinho rates him, I rate him.

  • morgengabe1
    morgengabe1 Month ago

    A PES man! You can tell Pogba like's FIFA :P

    • morgengabe1
      morgengabe1 Month ago

      @MiniFridge Jr looool fair, my bad. Still stuck on 2018 for ps3

    • MiniFridge Jr
      MiniFridge Jr Month ago

      the reason why he said that was because Man United had a deal with PES this year instead of FIFA

  • Dommi Davros
    Dommi Davros Month ago +1

    He’s a PES man rather than shitty FIFA! I like him already!

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago

    min 3:27 if anyone is here @ Jose Mourinho

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago +1

    Jose Mourinho - I think world's best manager - y - made Porto champions !!! Inter Milan -
    Champions, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester United (
    Europa Champions) !!! Kudos and simply adore !!! btw when RM won the
    laliga 100 plus goals !!!

  • Konstantin Chernenko

    Good player, should play for England.

  • Samorry Touray
    Samorry Touray Month ago

    He's keeping in touch with him to bring him to another club in the future