Stoke City fans break Soccer AM volley challenge record!!!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
    Stoke City fans took on the Soccer AM volley challenge this week with 9 the score to beat...
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Comments • 339

  • God
    God 11 hours ago


  • J o s M e r
    J o s M e r Day ago

    My favorite goalkeeper !!

  • Jubra 73
    Jubra 73 2 days ago

    Is this de gea?

  • Jejaka Tampan
    Jejaka Tampan 7 days ago

    What is big keeper doing ?....better let goal open

  • Khara Fek
    Khara Fek 10 days ago +1

    But Can they do it on a cold rainy night in stoke?

  • Brosse
    Brosse 17 days ago

    Fenners is the type of guy whose daughter hates him and he just takes abuse from her lol

  • Tommyboy80808
    Tommyboy80808 18 days ago +1

    Fat boy was terrible between the sticks

  • Arron Murray
    Arron Murray 25 days ago

    These fans should be playing not the actual team

  • cuvautoofficial
    cuvautoofficial 27 days ago

    This keeper is rubbish.

  • Mathew Thomson
    Mathew Thomson Month ago

    Keeper obvs a potters fan lol

  • adam rossiter
    adam rossiter Month ago

    shocking how bad that was

  • Paul Neale
    Paul Neale Month ago +1

    Stoke could probably do with having them lads in the first team this season.

  • Mostafa Ehab
    Mostafa Ehab Month ago

    What’s the tool that you pass the ball to the it bounces back for a volley
    What’s its name ?

  • Isaac Karting
    Isaac Karting Month ago

    Better then the actual team

  • D. m
    D. m Month ago

    Was that Stevie Wonder in goal??

  • Lionel M.
    Lionel M. Month ago

    What a goalkeeper...

  • Omar Abs
    Omar Abs Month ago

    That’s the best omg. I could get city fans who can score every volley

  • Brawl Leon
    Brawl Leon 2 months ago

    I'm czech

  • David 657
    David 657 2 months ago

    Who ever does soccer am titles needs to die

  • Spider Ashton
    Spider Ashton 3 months ago

    Who would of thought it would be stoke fans to be the record breaker after watching that crappy team lol

  • jallalabadreturns
    jallalabadreturns 3 months ago

    How is that a record they were shite

  • Cameron H123
    Cameron H123 3 months ago +1

    The proudest moment in Stoke City’s history

  • Jim Taylor
    Jim Taylor 3 months ago

    Sign em up 😮

  • Ben Mussell
    Ben Mussell 3 months ago

    Only because of the extra toes

  • Mo LFC
    Mo LFC 3 months ago +3

    But can they do it on a wet and windy night at stoke?

  • The Realist #1
    The Realist #1 4 months ago

    Get these lads in the first team

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 4 months ago

    Bullard loved it. Top on stoke lads. Brill.

  • PewDiePi e
    PewDiePi e 4 months ago


  • Lorenzo Jaramillo
    Lorenzo Jaramillo 4 months ago


  • Daniel Roll safe
    Daniel Roll safe 4 months ago

    If u support stoke you’re a none

  • Bob Bill
    Bob Bill 4 months ago

    Up the Potters

  • Muppet S
    Muppet S 4 months ago

    Mr beast gives better donations

  • Ryan Craddy
    Ryan Craddy 4 months ago

    Leeds would have scored more

  • jack o'callaghan
    jack o'callaghan 4 months ago +1

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  • Rybinh0
    Rybinh0 5 months ago

    These guys could easily replace our strikers

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson 7 months ago

    Does anyone else just want Bullard just to stfu for 1 bloody minute?!

  • Leah Greaves
    Leah Greaves 8 months ago

    I know that I might be a girl but I love Football especially Liverpool and I am not afraid to admit it

    • Leah Greaves
      Leah Greaves 8 months ago

      also the Celtic and Rangers thing is stupid just pick a team and support it because it doesn't really matter what religion you are just get on with football

  • Tripz
    Tripz 8 months ago


  • Ben nash
    Ben nash 8 months ago

    There’s a fat man in goal what do you expect

  • iwatchvideos
    iwatchvideos 8 months ago

    That was dreadful

  • BJ
    BJ 8 months ago

    they were very stoked when they made it

  • Le Vincent
    Le Vincent 8 months ago

    They’re all so bad, come on...

  • bargain bob
    bargain bob 8 months ago

    Only thing Stoke fans should be proud of

    • Iftikar Sahil
      Iftikar Sahil 4 months ago

      And to be honest, the only thing they can be happy about cos I’m sure being a Stoke fan doesn’t give them many happy moments, it probably makes them more depressed😂

  • T Lee
    T Lee 8 months ago

    Are the fans special ed kids! Why are they so uncoordinated??

  • Benji
    Benji 8 months ago

    Lol they suck. That’s an easy top bins shot

  • Marek Skoda
    Marek Skoda 8 months ago

    Invalid goalkeeper

  • Pablo Fishy
    Pablo Fishy 8 months ago

    Me and my boys could do better

  • DRAGON101 Chica
    DRAGON101 Chica 8 months ago

    Bruh I can get one other person and we could break that🤣

  • TheSolidheroes
    TheSolidheroes 8 months ago

    Might as well put a sack o potatoes in the goal.

  • Ato Futhz
    Ato Futhz 8 months ago

    An example of worthless keeper

  • dabesaround nstuff
    dabesaround nstuff 8 months ago

    This is garb

  • MEEP
    MEEP 8 months ago +1

    Why is it "soccer" AM

    KLOPPO LFC 8 months ago

    Poor goalkeeper.. I can save all that shots.

  • ToFu
    ToFu 8 months ago

    To be fair, this is pretty easy to score if you played a bit football in your life. Surprised the scores are so bad, because the goalkeeper wasn't doing a good job either

  • Paul Schmidt
    Paul Schmidt 8 months ago

    Background 0:59

  • PL7 05
    PL7 05 8 months ago

    but can they do it on a rainy day in stoke?

  • Scott Mills
    Scott Mills 8 months ago +1

    They had a huge advantage, calamity keeper David De Gea was in goal.

  • George Sherwood
    George Sherwood 8 months ago

    Insert fenners is a nonce comment

  • davd1986
    davd1986 8 months ago +19

    Yeah, but can they do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?

  • Fahmi Zanders
    Fahmi Zanders 8 months ago

    Just put almunia and the record will be break..