ITZY 있지 members talking about their English names


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  • Patrick Ferry
    Patrick Ferry 4 days ago +3

    Hussey lol in the u.s this is a derogatory word used to insult women

  • Victor P.
    Victor P. 4 days ago +2

    Chaeryeong's "Hey!" 3:18 is the cutest thing ever.

  • Lesley T
    Lesley T 8 days ago +8

    HhHeLlO!! mY nAmE iS _Hussey_

  • Lianne Nazy 214
    Lianne Nazy 214 9 days ago +14

    Chaeryeong accent when she said OMG tho..😍 3:25

  • Blackpink Jisoo Jennie Lisa Rosé

    “I’m so hot”
    “Your so what?”
    “I’m so cold, can you warm it up for me”
    “Are you ok?”

  • pred obs
    pred obs 12 days ago +5

    what does Hussy mean?

  • Deoxo
    Deoxo 13 days ago +3

    i’ve never heard of hussey in my life

    • Ar M
      Ar M Day ago

      It's from Olivia Hussey I guess.. she is very famous in Korea.

  • sbkpzrevo -
    sbkpzrevo - 14 days ago


  • G. Quagmire
    G. Quagmire 14 days ago +2

    josé is hella funny

    • genevieve
      genevieve 2 days ago +1


  • Judy Zhang
    Judy Zhang 14 days ago +2

    Omg my name is Judy I’m so happy

    ARCELLE GONZALES 14 days ago +12

    Ryujin really suits the name joanne

  • jude E
    jude E 16 days ago +34

    _Joanne was just chillin'_

  • Foodsé Blinks once
    Foodsé Blinks once 18 days ago +11

    Hi my names hUssEy

    LISA IS THE BEST 18 days ago +2

    Lia is more like a kim

  • waleed brood
    waleed brood 20 days ago +3

    Lia, atleast you have a Gorgeous car with the same name, not quite spelt the same but pronounced the same

  • Candy Bong
    Candy Bong 20 days ago +24

    “Who who who are you hey” 😂😂😂

  • Rafy Aqwa
    Rafy Aqwa 21 day ago +4

    Uhh when did CH develop an american accent?

  • Sopjudy Iv
    Sopjudy Iv 21 day ago +7


  • ferberry
    ferberry 21 day ago +1

    i love the name hussey

  • bea
    bea 21 day ago +9

    I died at 2:37

  • Chelsea L.S.H.
    Chelsea L.S.H. 21 day ago +2

    Lmao that’s so cute they all have grandma names in English

  • Ten Ten
    Ten Ten 22 days ago +19

    Judy is so extra OMG 😂😂😂😂 lol

  • Cheta
    Cheta 23 days ago

    😂😂😂😂I cant

  • King of Vishuar
    King of Vishuar 27 days ago +16

    Chaeryeong dancing Chungha's Gotta go. Oh my god❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nabua Chel
    Nabua Chel 27 days ago +5

    yuna is so funny hahahahhaah

  • Nini
    Nini 28 days ago +62

    Lia's *"Are you okay?!"* is so funny 😂

  • 009 archive
    009 archive Month ago +37

    I believe she means Hussey as in Olivia hussey who played in Romeo and Juliet years ago. I think people seem to like her in korea idk.

    • TheRealWei
      TheRealWei 7 days ago +1

      Yuna's official English name is hussey

    • Mikie E
      Mikie E 22 days ago +1

      Years ago? You ain't lying about 45 to 50 years ago. Wow Her daughter is older than them.

    • leeooch
      leeooch 25 days ago +1

      She surely doesn't mean hussy lmao

  • chaengspiracy
    chaengspiracy Month ago +154

    Chaeryeong: I’m going to change my name.
    Yeji: NOPE!

  • flipevent
    flipevent Month ago +80

    Yuna can be an English name... no?

    PS. Judy with that sneaky Chungha cover though... ;) Plus, her and Chaeyeon clearly were educated in English as kids. Plus Japanese too... these sisters are simply amazing haha.

    • Emily Quick
      Emily Quick 4 days ago

      @Victor P. ahhhh interesting.

    • Victor P.
      Victor P. 4 days ago

      @Emily Quick Apparently Hussey is more of a British surname.

    • Emily Quick
      Emily Quick 10 days ago

      I mean yuna sounds pretty in English so why not. But as an American I don't know anyone with that name so I know it's not a common English name or anything.

    • lisa.stan101
      lisa.stan101 Month ago +7

      I love them both..but im curious with chaeyeon's english name as well😂

  • Steeker on my carrier
    Steeker on my carrier Month ago +248

    4:25 Lia sounds like a typical american teen omg

    • rv trash
      rv trash 16 days ago +1

      I mean she was raised in canada, so like lol

    • Lizzy M.
      Lizzy M. 18 days ago

      @darren lai what-

    • darren lai
      darren lai 24 days ago +20

      well she was raised in canada so..

  • sugarxxw
    sugarxxw Month ago +6

    Love their pronunciation❤️❤️

  • Ahn Yu
    Ahn Yu Month ago +17

    Nice name hussey but I prefer nina

  • Ahn Yu
    Ahn Yu Month ago +7

    Hussey who hahahaha

    R'ITZY D'ITZY Month ago +265

    no one:
    yuna: call me hussey

    R'ITZY D'ITZY Month ago +4

    THANK U!

  • N O
    N O Month ago +134

    Wtf is Hussey 😹 But Yuna makes it look cute ❤️

    • unkle
      unkle 3 hours ago

      N O I assume she named herself after the actor Olivia Hussey

  • samarthsingh2001
    samarthsingh2001 Month ago +53

    Chaeryeong's english is so Cute!

  • Tristina leung
    Tristina leung Month ago +23

    i died at 2:18

  • roxy heart
    roxy heart Month ago +202

    i prefer nina than hussey though.... what i really like about itzy is that they dont brag that they can speak english. i stan humble monster rookie!

    • Emily Quick
      Emily Quick 10 days ago +3

      What idols brag about speaking English? I cant recall and idols bragging about their English skills. Maybe except for tiffany or rm but only playfully.

    • bubbles pb&j
      bubbles pb&j 20 days ago +1

      Judie Hopper um that's the 'fans' not the idols, they ask about the idols not the fans so don't twist it the other way *-*

    • King Arthur
      King Arthur 20 days ago +4

      @Min Lilia also the one who start mention Blink was not you luv but go off i guess

    • Min Lilia
      Min Lilia 20 days ago +1

      @King Arthur no dear most of them are blinks but go off
      by the way they have to start to leave BTS alone before, now as the video is not about BTS i will not answer anymore bye

    • King Arthur
      King Arthur 20 days ago +3

      @Min Lilia but Its not blink luv ,, y'all need to leave them alone

  • Conor Gilles
    Conor Gilles Month ago +69

    Oh no. Please, someone tell her what a hussy is.

    • meowzy
      meowzy 25 days ago +2

      Hussy, hussey, hassey lmfaoo NONE of these are English names 😂 and I can’t believe nobody said anything about what huss(e)y means I’m crying 😂😂

    • Mhira Ramos
      Mhira Ramos Month ago +4

      It is pronounced as Hassey

    • funkystyle
      funkystyle Month ago +4

      Yeah both Hussy and Hussey are not good first names because of what it means and its bad.

    • Conor Gilles
      Conor Gilles Month ago +8

      @ALIYAH But they sound the same. And Hussey is not a conventional English language name that I'm aware of.

    • ALIYAH
      ALIYAH Month ago +14

      it's hussey not hussy

  • jessica ArmyBlink
    jessica ArmyBlink Month ago +9

    I like it

  • Mgael LK
    Mgael LK 2 months ago +2

    Hahahahshah I love it