Official Hollyoaks Trailer: Spring 2019

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Who’s ready for a cheeky Spring surprise? And we’re not talking the kind you get from the Easter Bunny! That’s right, the Hollyoaks Spring Trailer is out right here, right now! Take a look at what’s coming up this Spring in Hollyoaks! ❤️🌷😲
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Comments • 604

  • Liv Grace
    Liv Grace 16 hours ago

    Maxine swapping someone else’s example? That’s just wrong she’s putting someone’s life in danger 😡

  • Aishah Jackson
    Aishah Jackson 19 hours ago

    The spring triller looks amazing

  • Crash Club Media

    🔥🔥🔥 HollyOaks is the realist soap out there. It’s the closest interpretation of British young culture.
    Their content inspires me so much over at Crash Club Media. Thank you HollyOaks 🔥🔥🔥

  • Taylor Ross
    Taylor Ross Day ago

    Favorite good guy James Nightingale. Favorite vilian Breda McQueen. How about you?

  • Grace Whelan
    Grace Whelan Day ago

    I LOVE hollyoaks

  • Ciaran Calder
    Ciaran Calder 4 days ago

    Why was James crying

  • EPC Vlogs
    EPC Vlogs 4 days ago +1

    This is the best trailer ever! I love Hollyoaks so much

  • CarlyRae
    CarlyRae 5 days ago +2

    1:10... lmao awkward😂

  • Safia Mahmood
    Safia Mahmood 5 days ago

    Whats wrong with Maxine

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 4 days ago

      Safia Mahmood she has a mental illness

  • Keeleyyy_ Taylor
    Keeleyyy_ Taylor 5 days ago +3

    0:46 😂😂

  • Sofia Qureshi
    Sofia Qureshi 5 days ago +1

    Wait..... Does Mercades cheat on Syliver with Liam??? Really Agian????

  • PaReise Weldegabriel

    I think Laurie wants to have an affair with Sienna. What is Brody going to find out?

  • Kelly Richardson
    Kelly Richardson 7 days ago +1

    Has mercy left poor syilver for that thug.

  • Chloe Lewis
    Chloe Lewis 7 days ago

    I want Breda to get caught she’s so annoying

  • HuskeyJ
    HuskeyJ 7 days ago +1

    Does anybody know what has happened at the end with James talking about romeo, I'm confused??

    • o Katy XVI
      o Katy XVI 5 days ago

      HuskeyJ I feel like he’s probably talking about himself with Mac

  • Rihanna Beagley
    Rihanna Beagley 7 days ago

    I hope Liam dies

  • William Yale
    William Yale 7 days ago

    CHAVTASTIC! Seriously,who the fuck watches this garbage?? It’s the very lowest of tv.And we use to think Home and Away was trash!

  • Maddie Updates
    Maddie Updates 7 days ago

    Mercedes noooooo

  • Sain
    Sain 7 days ago


  • Sofia Qureshi
    Sofia Qureshi 7 days ago

    and brooke and olly omg

  • djjlc
    djjlc 7 days ago

    More leftist feminists propaganda

  • Lightningboy 244
    Lightningboy 244 7 days ago

    I bet Breda get hit by the car by Liam and mercades

  • gemma harrison
    gemma harrison 7 days ago

    Your really good at acting

  • Trisha C
    Trisha C 8 days ago

    The “who’s gonna die now” trailer is up

  • Scott Kelly
    Scott Kelly 8 days ago

    Ste has no chance if he tries to fight with sylver

  • XxMidXx Night Xx
    XxMidXx Night Xx 8 days ago

    Sienna slaps Part 444

  • Divine Bale
    Divine Bale 8 days ago

    Oh no Mercedes is going off with Liam

  • SmoothedEdges
    SmoothedEdges 9 days ago +1

    Gregory deserves this win!!

  • DegrassiInstantStar
    DegrassiInstantStar 9 days ago +2

    I've been waiting forever for this trailer, and am so glad it's come out! Yas!

  • Mysticlover Fairy
    Mysticlover Fairy 9 days ago

    Maybe I am wrong but it doesn’t look like there’s a big disaster that involves the entire village like the Hurricane in 2018 The Halloween disaster ,the train crash. (I know there has to be more but those are the ones I watched)Are those just summer and fall events.

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Mysticlover Fairy they only happen in October-November

  • Get Cool
    Get Cool 9 days ago

    i came back after 2 years, and i dont know who the fuck these people are

  • Rosie Smith
    Rosie Smith 9 days ago +1

    Lilly rip

  • Sacha Choi
    Sacha Choi 9 days ago

    Excuse, I’m quite offended. If not, very. I can tell that Breda is going to kill somebody else. I don’t understand why you have to use crow noises to emphasis it.. honestly. You probably think crows are bad animals and I’m fed up of them being used as a sign of when something bad is about to happen or happening. Crows are such beautiful, pure creatures. I hope next time you film a bad scene you leave out the caws.

  • •Minty Cat•
    •Minty Cat• 9 days ago

    If Romeo dies I’ll be sad!

  • Chloe 2009
    Chloe 2009 9 days ago


  • F. J. Blakemore
    F. J. Blakemore 9 days ago

    lilys dead

  • The Only Cuties
    The Only Cuties 10 days ago +2

    I’m SO EXCITED!!!

  • Kyle James
    Kyle James 10 days ago

    Imagine actually watching this shite

  • georgina cat
    georgina cat 10 days ago

    Oh look more murders!!

  • Chloe Hughes
    Chloe Hughes 10 days ago


  • Lauren Justice
    Lauren Justice 10 days ago

    Oh please kill Darren off now.

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 4 days ago

      Lauren Justice he’s my favorite

  • Simmi Purdy
    Simmi Purdy 10 days ago

    Liam without a beard 😂😂

  • tilly
    tilly 10 days ago +1

    Romeo is fittttt

  • Larry Gurkin
    Larry Gurkin 10 days ago +1

    People really forget how dark sienna can get

  • Buuzzsaw Touched Me
    Buuzzsaw Touched Me 10 days ago +1

    Is it just me, or is everyone in this Soap Bi-Sexual?

    P.S. No hate, but it is surprising how many Straight characters (or Characters you thought were straight) switch sides by the snap of the fingers.

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Buuzzsaw Touched tf more then 5% if the population is gay

    • Buuzzsaw Touched Me
      Buuzzsaw Touched Me 10 days ago

      +Ned K,

      Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not surprised you get bullied, especially if you act towards others the way your acting towards me.
      But if your not going to even try to understand my argument and judge me for shit that I don't even believe in, then fuck you.

    • Buuzzsaw Touched Me
      Buuzzsaw Touched Me 10 days ago

      +Ned K,

      Clearly didn't read my comment, not only that but leave Politics out of this, in fact leave my "bigoted" views out of this, an focus on the Soap itself, an when you do you'll realise that percentage wise there are too many Gays.

      P.S. About 5% of the population are Gay/Bi, so for every 11 friends you have, 1 will be Gay or Bi, but in Hollyoak's it seems to be a 50/50 split.

    • Buuzzsaw Touched Me
      Buuzzsaw Touched Me 10 days ago

      +Ned K,
      I love Hollyoaks, I've been watching it since it started as a matter of fact (I've not seen every episode, I have had breaks from it), but it just surprising how many character's are Bi-Sexual, or at least are potential Bi-Sexual's.
      I mean this with the upmost respect, but do Straight actors in Hollyoaks get told at their auditions now "are you willing to play a Bi-Sexual/Gay character if the time comes, for now your Straight, but story line wise we might make you swing the other way".

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Vote emmerdale!

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Vote emmerdale!

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Vote emmerdale!

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Vote emmerdale!

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Vote emmerdale!

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Lisa-Marie Hunt fuck off

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Thanks for wasting my time!
    This is probably the worst trailer yet!

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Lisa-Marie Hunt its the best one

  • Rihanna Beagley
    Rihanna Beagley 10 days ago

    Why is Nancy asking Ollie if he had fun

  • Bilal A
    Bilal A 10 days ago +4

    ayyyyy it’s on the trending page ❤️

  • Yung_• Charz
    Yung_• Charz 10 days ago

    Oh wow look. Mercedes still ain’t changed or Loyal
    And it looks like Siena is going to get raped to

  • Nicole Oyejola
    Nicole Oyejola 10 days ago +1


    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Nicole Oyejola i voted for sinead and darren

  • Jessica Doeee
    Jessica Doeee 10 days ago +1

    Omg I love this so much !!💙💙💙💙

  • Jessica Doeee
    Jessica Doeee 10 days ago

    Can’t wait !!!!!!!! Yessssss

  • AnthonynDeclan
    AnthonynDeclan 10 days ago +30

    I just wish Trevor and Dylan and the roscoes were still in it. And old Ste and I wish Brendon and Dodger was still in it😭😭❤️❤️💔💔
    God I even miss Patrick 😭

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      AnthonynDeclan 2015-2016 was the best year of Hollyoaks

  • Sasha
    Sasha 10 days ago +23

    I almost didn't recognise Forehead without his beard 😂

  • Barbie Liu
    Barbie Liu 10 days ago +13

    So sad for Lily but at least now her soul shall be able to join with her mum in heaven! Rest in peace Lily.

  • GatMan_V2
    GatMan_V2 11 days ago +2

    Mercedes and her loose morals make my stomach churn.

  • Tom Tominta
    Tom Tominta 11 days ago +2

    Gonna really miss Lilly! 😍😍
    Glad to see Luke coming back!
    Liam looks different! Thought it was just a hair cut at first!

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox 11 days ago

    why do new born babies in soaps look at least 3-4 months old

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson 11 days ago

    Oh God Liam looks about 12 🙈

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 11 days ago +4

    Omg Liam without a beard I didn't recognize him at first 😂

  • Jill Shaw
    Jill Shaw 11 days ago +1

    I love Hollyoaks 💜✌️😘

  • Rihannacorn12
    Rihannacorn12 11 days ago +1

    Lily Mqueen when u died I cried so so much your my idol and my most favourite acter ever and now you have gone ok I’m crying again 😂 I’m really gonna miss you lily please come back I really don’t no what to do where do I find you on your next chapter of acting please because I love you and I’m so mad that u have gone why can’t u have gone in a nice way 😢😰 I love you please someone replay and tell me where to find lily on her next programs is you see this holly oaks or lily please tell lily or if it is lily just no your always Been my idol I love you so so much R.I.P- lily drink well/mqueen xxx

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Rihannacorn12 yes xx

    • Rihannacorn12
      Rihannacorn12 6 days ago

      P Dineen do
      You miss lily xx

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Rihannacorn12 no problem xx

    • Rihannacorn12
      Rihannacorn12 6 days ago

      P Dineen thank you so so much xx

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Rihannacorn12 she will be on the second season of Bulletproof on Sky1

  • Precious
    Precious 11 days ago +1

    I love hollyoaks ❤️❤️

  • Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk 11 days ago

    Thank fuck Ive stopped watching this. Crazy Sienna STILL in it, Mercedes STILL in it and being a bitch surprise surprise. Probably still riddled with the bloody mcqueen family as well

  • ChronicSpadez
    ChronicSpadez 11 days ago

    1:11 funniest thing I think I've seen in Hollyoaks

  • Gfresh844
    Gfresh844 11 days ago

    This show is utter crap now.

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 4 days ago

      Gfresh844 better them ever

  • Kxtelyn
    Kxtelyn 11 days ago

    Hopefully Lily doesn’t leave, she’s my fav character!

    • Kathleen kelly
      Kathleen kelly 9 days ago

      +Kxtelyn 2 nights ago. She developed sepsis but didnt know, and ran away with romeo. She changed her mind and decided she wanted prince, so went back, but collapsed in the loos. Prince diane and tony found her abd prince tried cpr, but it was too late. I cried buckets. Was so sad. Xxx

    • Kxtelyn
      Kxtelyn 9 days ago

      Kathleen kelly omg no, the scouser! WHAT EPISODE

    • Kathleen kelly
      Kathleen kelly 9 days ago

      Erm..... shes dead. Have u not been watching? X

  • Adham Hussain
    Adham Hussain 11 days ago +2

    Old funny scary sienna is back I like it

  • spillthetae
    spillthetae 11 days ago +1

    2:58 is says as Lily McQueen lmao

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 4 days ago

      spillthetae thats her name

  • The Bloody wolf lol
    The Bloody wolf lol 11 days ago +1

    I miss lily

  • Happy Face
    Happy Face 11 days ago

    *let’s just hope laurie just goes to jail now please*

  • Nothing Lame
    Nothing Lame 11 days ago

    Can anyone guess who that gold heel belongs to that Liam kicked? Cus I just want to know

  • Matt Ghostly
    Matt Ghostly 11 days ago

    I would have loved if she started with “my mother always told me to smile and put on a happy face. To bring joy and happiness to the world...... is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there....”
    She’s crazy enough to pull that off.

  • aliyah_louise xox
    aliyah_louise xox 11 days ago +1

    Lily’s already dead.... so sad but an amazing storyline!

  • Abi Branning
    Abi Branning 11 days ago

    Nice video editing

  • Mick and Summer vlogs
    Mick and Summer vlogs 11 days ago

    It's about time liam got a hair cut

  • Luke Richards
    Luke Richards 11 days ago

    People watch this shit?

  • Kieran Harkins
    Kieran Harkins 11 days ago

    Only normie British cunts watch garbage tripe soaps like this, if you want people shouting at each other for half an hour then open your bloody window! Watch any other form of entertainment, this is fucking disgusting

  • Does anyone else have lumbago?

    Why are these soaps and dramas still a thing, it's ridiculous

    • P Dineen
      P Dineen 6 days ago

      Does anyone else have lumbago? Why u watching it so?

  • Nyssa steiner
    Nyssa steiner 11 days ago +1

    Can’t wait !!!

  • Disco Dog
    Disco Dog 11 days ago

    So y do all the girls respec me but the mandem dont its not fair blud hows a nigga even gatta roll tru the club these days kmt

    • Disco Dog
      Disco Dog 11 days ago

      Go smoke a spliff you bitch ass stoner you, you better slow down boy 4 you get a quick slap up

    • Disco Dog
      Disco Dog 11 days ago

      Listen up to all you bloodklart mandem on roads i dont wanna slap up these yutes i culdnt give a fux about no war and im lookin on shankin any man that lacks sn6

  • Itz Ayesha
    Itz Ayesha 11 days ago +2

    The longest trailer ever

  • Stuart Roy
    Stuart Roy 11 days ago

    Hollyoaks please please please will you hurry up and kill off Ste....they guy does my head in one of the worst characters

    • Julie Blows
      Julie Blows 11 days ago

      How dare you insult my Ste. He is one of the best characters

  • Victoria Windsor
    Victoria Windsor 11 days ago


  • Sac
    Sac 11 days ago

    Mercedes lol what a shithouse

  • Charlea
    Charlea 11 days ago +8

    I am SHOOK that Romeo and Sinead are dating in real life

  • lee watty
    lee watty 11 days ago

    Stop the Steve drama this story line is not good we don’t need this on tv

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 11 days ago

    What moron watches this absolute crap

  • FIRE2H4L Reactor
    FIRE2H4L Reactor 11 days ago +1

    I might have to watch this again

  • Jodie Graves
    Jodie Graves 11 days ago

    Greg and lauren should win the awards

  • Rhykachu Gaming
    Rhykachu Gaming 11 days ago

    Omg Ollie and Brooke and omg Cleo and Mitchell and good Damon is gonna propose to Maxine but don’t make the truth come out at the wedding again and yes the truth about Laurie is coming out and after Sienna punches Laurie (good on her btw) she’ll tell the truth but have no proof but Sinead will back her up and that’s how Laurie will go down cos Sienna and Sinead will team up and it’s not fair that Lily died and omg Liam without a beard and what happens in that crash and Breda better not kill James
    Edit: wait I think Breda is gonna try and kill Liam no please don’t he’s not evil

  • Daryl Gilmore
    Daryl Gilmore 11 days ago

    Do people still watch this shit

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 11 days ago +2

    How was your day?
    Hmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 11 days ago +1

    Hollyoaks has seriously upped their game

  • Chantelle Martin
    Chantelle Martin 11 days ago

    #10 on trending cant wait