Incredibles 2 - Tamara Just Saw

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • Tamara gives her thoughts on Pixar's newest sequel, Incredibles 2. Was it worth the 14 year wait? Find out now!
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Comments • 310

  • Sam Gauper
    Sam Gauper 9 months ago

    so incredibles 2 was ...... incredible?

  • Richard Nanson
    Richard Nanson 9 months ago

    Paul Eiding was Reflux. He voiced Proceptor from G1 Transformers

  • Amelia B.
    Amelia B. 10 months ago

    The original came out when I was almost 5 months old.. I鈥檓 now 14! Not disappointed by this movie, I really love it.

  • Rubycancer 10
    Rubycancer 10 10 months ago

    I was only one in my family that called the villian correct.

  • Barnabus Blackoak
    Barnabus Blackoak 11 months ago

    I want a Toy Story/Incredibles crossover movie, where whoever is the current owner of Buzz and Woody gets a set of Incedibles action figures for Christmas.

  • JacKAttacKXxX
    JacKAttacKXxX 11 months ago

    The villain looked like the girl from megamind tbh

  • JJrama
    JJrama 11 months ago

    I saw the movie yesterday. Definitely really good! The villain was weaker than Syndrome, but nevertheless, I loved it. Just on a little sidenote, what I really liked is that they made Violet so much more kickass. In the first movie, I get she was supposed to be shy and unsure, but her fight against Void was so badass. I loved what they did with Violet's character.

  • Peanut Butter Pikachu
    Peanut Butter Pikachu 11 months ago

    Jack jack ran his jokes into the ground. The only part where I laughed was when he duplicated the first time.

  • AntonyLockhart
    AntonyLockhart 11 months ago

    Found this movie really disappointing, the twist was telegraphed from the start, and it just felt so obvious. A bit meh overall

  • wakeangel2001
    wakeangel2001 11 months ago

    My eyebrow raised a little every time I heard a character say "damn" in this movie, I know it's a very light curse word, but Disney/Pixar just doesn't DO that you know?

  • goldbat 4 healing
    goldbat 4 healing 11 months ago

    what jokes I watched it and I did not laughed at all

  • haiden cortez
    haiden cortez 11 months ago

    I also loved the humor. I couldn't stop laughing at the scene where violet saw tony at the restaurant and she spit the water out of her nose

  • cosmicnerd
    cosmicnerd 11 months ago

    I was so glad that the two babies that went with a few adults were actually quiet during the movie cuz I was like. ''ThEy BeTTeR noT CrY''

  • Olgjard
    Olgjard 11 months ago +1

    Is there a way to kill a person without consequences?

  • Stan Kingzton
    Stan Kingzton 11 months ago

    Tamara is such a babe! 馃槏馃槡馃拫

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly 11 months ago

    *Hey Tamara"* You should check out an app called *Run Pee,* which is very useful for not missing anything important when you need to _step away_ from a film for a few minutes. It tells you beforehand when the best times are to go. It describes the scenes and the time stamp and how long you have to go during that period (and a description of what relatively inconsequential scene you're missing, if anything). As well as the option of having it _vibrate_ to remind you of those available times when you're actually watching an engrossing film.
    I'm not sure if this is still the case, because I haven't been to an opening in a while, but I think there are sometimes difficult he's getting that information when going to the first showing of something. It's probably a little less of a problem on the West Coast.

  • Ryan daly
    Ryan daly Year ago

    Love your natural hair so beautiful :) love the color :) your awesome and amazing also movie is all nostalgia feels :)

  • Ansel Nil
    Ansel Nil Year ago

    14 longgggg years.....and I watched it with my brother and dad and my bro wasn't even born when the first incredibles came out and I was 4.

  • Gabriel Atienza
    Gabriel Atienza Year ago

    The sequel avoids being is after all, A FAMILY movie and for every human to see.

  • Elmemxicano
    Elmemxicano Year ago

    Beginning of the video: .........................................WHERE




    S U I T

  • Joshua Booth
    Joshua Booth Year ago

    Can talent ball reference document distinguish raise feel.

  • MagCynic
    MagCynic Year ago

    Incredibles 2 should've been called Feminism: Men Suck.

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    Can鈥檛 wait to get this dvd so much in the future

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    2004 is when I was in elementary school I think I was age 6 or 7 .Man this was my childhood

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    Best video I watched for a animated I love

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    In my opinion the action is better than the first one but the first one had a great villain the second one had a weak villain but didn鈥檛 suck but I feel love with this film

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    I鈥檓 shocked and I鈥檓 age 20 and thankfully when I was at the theaters and there were a few kids but I loved this film

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas Year ago

    This was a great sequel not a masterpiece but I loved it so much .8/10 but the only issue the villain but incredibles 2 had great action

  • Zachs Mind
    Zachs Mind Year ago

    Since Incredibles 2 picks up where 1 left off I'm just gonna pretend it's one movie from now on. Like Kill Bill or Back To The Future. Just one big film. It doesn't feel like fourteen years apart. When I buy I2 on DVD (and I hardly ever buy DVDs anymore but I'll get this one) I'll watch the two films back to back. I'm hoping we get a 3rd one soon that focuses more on the newer characters. Especially Void.

  • Grayson Christian

    You can鈥檛 really beat Syndrome as a character or villain. But this movie is a nice sequel and the villains pretty good

  • ColeB05
    ColeB05 Year ago

    It was better than the first

  • 效懈褎懈褉
    效懈褎懈褉 Year ago +1

    What about making a series ... about the series "Ash against evil dead". Director and Screenwriter - Bruce Campbell. It turned out 2 seasons and finished shooting the 3rd!
    P.s. Sorry for my knowledge about english language, because i am russian and now listening audio-lessons with this is "great" language :3

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Year ago

    This movie is EVERYWHERE!!!

  • rewster7
    rewster7 Year ago +3

    and Helen was thick as

  • Andrew Bond
    Andrew Bond Year ago

    Do a nostalgia critic on this movie

  • Ellsie Hagan
    Ellsie Hagan Year ago

    Nice review! just saw this movie

  • Endtimescoming
    Endtimescoming Year ago

    Hmm guess I missed the bait and switch it was the sister from the start, not that that detracted from the movie. It was great, I recommend it.

  • Like Hod
    Like Hod Year ago

    A little bit of your hair was sticking up in the back! LOL

  • ThatMissQuin
    ThatMissQuin Year ago

    I loved it.

  • sanzoskitten
    sanzoskitten Year ago +1

    I hope they release a version I can watch. Sadly they have a scene that is dangerous to epileptics and light-sensitive people. Tons of people fainting and vomiting from certain scenes. I almost went opening night but dinner ran long and couldn't.
    I'll have to wait for DVD/blueray to watch it in a brightly lit room with someone who has seen it to warn me of the moments.

  • Crono Trigger
    Crono Trigger Year ago

    Amazing movie. Well worth the wait! Loved it!

  • Dan Blair
    Dan Blair Year ago

    It's been thirteen and seven months not fourteen years. The First Incredibles came out on Friday November 19th, 2004. A week later was the Spongebob movie on the states Thanksgiving weekend, which was November 25th 2004.

    • Dan Blair
      Dan Blair Year ago

      mathematically it was not around in June 2004. A trailer yes for 2003's The Haunting Manison, which was VHS/DVD in 2004 with the fame Incredibles trailer.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi Year ago

      Dan Blair it's easier to round it to 14

    • Dan Blair
      Dan Blair Year ago

      Spider-Man 2 and Fantastic 4 came out in July 2004. Lenny Snicket came out that December of 2004. Shrek 2 came out in June 2004 and October was Shark Tale. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban came put in July instead of November like, Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets in November 23rd 2001 and November 22nd 2002. I remember seeing the first Harry Potter at five years old, there was a huge lineup, with my mother, sister, and my mother's friends. I have now seen the first Harry Potter about four times, once at the theatres, once at the library, once VHS, and once on TV. I will never forget the memory book that Hegrid made for Harry, of all his memories at Hogwarts, as he was going home to the Dersley's in 2001. The invisibility cloak at Christmas, the Ogre scene, the sorting hat(Not Slyvender), the castle for the first time, and Hegrid's motorbike.


    The movie was great 馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • mcdude910
    mcdude910 Year ago

    I know it's kinda easy to figure out early on, but putting the picture you put up when you said "the villains of this film" was pretty spoilery.

  • Holden_D_Znuts
    Holden_D_Znuts Year ago

    Num num cookie?

  • ribs
    ribs Year ago

    wait what happened with the controversy?

  • Justin Platt
    Justin Platt Year ago

    Channel Awesome
    Have You
    Stuart Little
    1 2 & 3


    Tamara! Yay!

  • Melody 4.0
    Melody 4.0 Year ago

    I just finished watching this at a drive in, it I was AMAZING!

  • kodiac 87
    kodiac 87 Year ago

    You look like you could be Amy Lee's sister

  • meta527II
    meta527II Year ago

    Am I the only one on this whole planet who thought the short preceding this one was really dumb? I loved the movie but not the short.

  • Scott Korin
    Scott Korin Year ago +35

    "Steamed bun with delicious food inside"...
    So, a dumpling

  • happychaosofthenorth

    I saw it yesterday. The energy of the crowd was so fun and positive, we were all having a great time. When the end credits rolled, me being the dork I am, I blurted out in my best kids voice impersonation, "That was totally wicked!!" and people cheered and clapped. The crowd in the theatre was just as fun as the movie itself.

  • jag519
    jag519 Year ago

    The weird thing that happened during the short, my whole theater started laughing, we didnt know how else to react. haha

  • Ada 脼贸rsd贸ttir

    Please please please Watch You Were Never Really Here or Phantom Thread, There both just amazing, best films ever made

  • havok6280
    havok6280 Year ago

    So you're saying it was incredible, too?

  • the l33t hamm3rbro

    Your review feels like the exact opposite of the ones
    made by the Nostalgia critic

  • undecidedgenius
    undecidedgenius Year ago

    I am surprised no one is talking about how Bob Par died at the end.

  • Cierra Swaye Lyle the anime fan girl

    My mom really wanted to see that movie.

  • MoonPlayz
    MoonPlayz Year ago

    Incredibles 2 was not really my favorite Pixar movie.
    It's more in the middle for me, but Incredibles 2 was way better in my opinion, making it my favorite Pixar movie.

  • Oomdb C
    Oomdb C Year ago

    The supersuit joke again ?
    Also in this one ?
    meeh, ok

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia Year ago

    Yms had a better review

    • The FirstBourne
      The FirstBourne Year ago

      +Daniel Garcia No they didn't...they spent the entire movie trying to rant and nitpick instead of pick better evidence.

  • DarkKnightFanBoy
    DarkKnightFanBoy Year ago +1

    Are you contractually obligated to make your videos 10 minutes and 1 second long?!?! you have to be!

  • Abel Leyva
    Abel Leyva Year ago

    I think the villain sucked ass, but everything else was great

  • Kili Fischkopp
    Kili Fischkopp Year ago

    One reason I lovvvve this film is that it shows that comedy can be dignified, have heart and still be really really funny. Like Mark Kermide said, "I'm soooo fed up of the vulgarization of comedy". Well, good news, i
    That ingredient is no longer necessary :)

  • erikoen
    erikoen Year ago

    Can't believe we're not getting this movie in Norway till the 24th of August...

  • Prince Polykrovka

    nostalgic critic, please make a review on "Teenage Mutant Ninja" 2012. This is my favorite series on them, everything is as it should be.

  • blackfox1320
    blackfox1320 Year ago +1

    This movie was a mess and a complete snorefest. I didn't laugh once and it seriously dragged on and on. Helen's voice was nails on a chalkboard and sounded like a grandmother. Frozone's wife, arguably the funniest moment, comes about once...ONCE! And it is the scene from the commercial. The plot is all over the map. Underminer gets away and is never heard from again. Edna is thrown in hastily. None of the jokes hit; no one laughed in my screening. The plot was incredibly predictable but yet managed to drag on; I had already guessed the main villain with an hour left. Skip this one in the theaters and wait for it to come out on Netflix; it'll help put you to sleep.

  • Jigsaw407
    Jigsaw407 Year ago

    "Always" = best movie with Holly Hunter. Watch it!

  • Wilbor Cordova
    Wilbor Cordova Year ago +1


  • William Arthur
    William Arthur Year ago

    Incredibles 2 is... ok. The humor is good and the action is on point but the movie fails to justify it's own existence. Bob is the only one to have anything close to an character arc and the film seems to forget about it by the third act. Also it's weirdly out of order. It should be: 1. Bob has difficulty adjusting to domestic life, 2. He reaches his breaking point as things spiral out of control, 3. He overcomes, adjusts, and grows as a person. For some odd reason instead of the story arc going 1-2-3, it goes 1, jumps to 3, then back to 2 and then forgets about it all together.
    Elastigirl is more or less the main character this time around but she doesn't go through any sort of arc at all. She doesn't evolve as a charcter, nor do the kids. The family (and the world for that matter) is in the exact same state at the end of this movie as it was at the end of the first movie ( which is also the immediate beginning of this movie). When they do make a third movie nothing that occurred in the second movie will matter because nothing of any real importance happened.

  • Calebibas
    Calebibas Year ago

    Spoiler alert

    The business man's sister is the villian who is hypnotizing everyone looking at a screen

  • Mar1o 640
    Mar1o 640 Year ago

    Awesome Review as always!!

  • Alicia Matheson
    Alicia Matheson Year ago +2

    Seizure warning for this movie, apparently they utilize black and white flashing strobe effects from anywhere between a few seconds to over 2 minutes. If this is an issue for you, you might want to watch it as a rental in a brightly lit room with someone who can help you if it does trigger a seizure. Stay safe, Disney/Pixar fans!

    • sanzoskitten
      sanzoskitten Year ago +1

      Exactly. Light sensitivity is not that rare at the minimum and kids tend to be way more sensitive. Here's hoping they actually give us a professional edit for those of us that are sensitive.

    • Alicia Matheson
      Alicia Matheson Year ago +1

      Thank goodness for that. You'd think with all the hands this movie had to pass through, SOMEONE would have caught this and said something.

    • sanzoskitten
      sanzoskitten Year ago +1

      Disney has officially put out a warning to theaters since so many people have been fainting and vomiting and getting migraines from this film. Wish they had thought of this before hand.

  • SonySteals
    SonySteals Year ago

    That black leather couch keeps me distracted every single time xd

  • Josh Creator GALAXY

    Nostalgia Critc Do A Movie Review Of The Shallows in your next video馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿

  • Chicken Permission

    Boa summed up in one word: Vore

  • astrogallotron
    astrogallotron Year ago

    You didn't cry at the movie because you had to pee and missed a part, maybe?

  • xXx Hashassin xXx

    Review and reaction videos succeed on the grounds of an interesting persona or real personality. Yours lacks depth. I have no interest in the boring shit you say and the unentertaining way you present your uninteresting opinion.

  • Kat Sam
    Kat Sam Year ago

    I kind of have a low-key TheXvid crush on Tamara

  • CasualBanter
    CasualBanter Year ago

    Lol in the theater people were freaking out during bao

  • GarzaEsg
    GarzaEsg Year ago

    This bitch is hot but annoying as fuck which cancels out the hotness

  • Cody Every Day
    Cody Every Day Year ago

    Spoiler comment!

    Why does doesnt elastic girl just shut her eyes when she KNOWS she has those damn hypno glasses on while shes restrained in that frozen room?
    She knows what they do...
    My 6 year old knows to avoid this threat better than ALL of the supers....

  • FearlessAstridHofferson

    I feel the same way with that meme about How Train Your Dragon 3. I don't want no damn kids interrupting me crying buckets of Tears as hiccup says final goodbyes to his best friend Toothless. I'm excited to go see this movie possibly on Tuesday next week. As someone who really enjoyed the original back in 2005 to 2006 I am definitely looking forward to this sequel. And even if it doesn't live up to everything in my mind it's still more of these amazing and wonderful characters.

  • Mythril Shotgun
    Mythril Shotgun Year ago

    I really wish they'd brought back the Babysitter from the first one. She had the funniest bits of The Incredibles. Like, I don't know in what capacity, really. Perhaps as a classmate of Violet's, ranting about her strange little brother? Either way, at least a reference to her when they were looking for a babysitter in this film would have been nice.
    Even just calling her up as a possible babysitter and getting a click-dial tone would have been a funny gag to play off of that.

  • LR Diaz
    LR Diaz Year ago

    Nostalgia Critic please do Incredibles!

  • Tdaad ghost
    Tdaad ghost Year ago

    How about a nostalgic critic- Kingsman

  • Ninja StrongHeart

    Same I just came back today. It was my 2nd time watching it and still amazing as ever

  • Matt R
    Matt R Year ago +3

    It鈥檚 a great movie, despite the lame villain, seriously they need to stop it, we seen through smoke and mirrors, everyone knew it in the beginning of the movie!

    • Armed NotTriggered
      Armed NotTriggered Year ago +2

      Matt R Yeah. My 8 year old niece figured out the villian almost immediately. I liked the movie overall except for the villian was eh.

    • Matt R
      Matt R Year ago +1

      William Arthur it鈥檚 not really about character development, I just wanted to see Bob and his family have better roles, even Jack Jack plays a bigger role in this movie. But the villain was so predictable, like Disney Pixar has already milked the trope.

    • William Arthur
      William Arthur Year ago +2

      Matt R, it has good humor and action but the movie doesn't really have a point to it. None of the family really grow as characters. Bob has the closest thing to a character arc but the film seems to forget about it 2/3 of the way through

  • Ronin861
    Ronin861 Year ago

    The sister was revealed to be the bad guy
    Mom: I told you
    Me: yeah I told you yesterday

  • mike ler
    mike ler Year ago

    But did you like it?

  • jjstarA113
    jjstarA113 Year ago

    7:33 "Inside Out is #1..." Okay, we're best friends now.

  • James Fonda
    James Fonda Year ago

    It was better than every marvel movie. I struggle to tolerate most of those and only enjoy a few but incredibles 1 and 2 are just amazing. I thought I had superhero movie fatigue but this showed me I just dont like marvel cause they aren't good like this was

  • Jacob Norton - JPTLN

    I too saw the film yesterday. Loved this review!

  • J Chapman
    J Chapman Year ago

    I got to bring my 3 yr old to his first movie. We were both equally excited to see this movie. Neither one of us were disappointed.

  • Emotional Kryptonite
    Emotional Kryptonite Year ago +50

    I would definitely rank Incredibles 2 over the original (I think they are both fantastic movies though) because I like the sub plot in this one a lot more. To me watching Bob take over all of the domestic duties for a short while and learn how to be a better and more involved parent is better than watching Helen get upset because she thinks Bob is cheating on her. Though I do find the villain weaker (granted, Syndrome would be a VERY hard villain to upstage)
    P.S. Am I the only that thinks Evelyn looked kind of drunk the whole movie?

    • JJrama
      JJrama 11 months ago

      Emotional Kryptonite I agree

    • Scabloonshki
      Scabloonshki 11 months ago

      Evelyn is one of those laid back 鈥渨hatever happens, happens鈥 sort of chicks... I liked it

    • suebob16
      suebob16 Year ago

      Kudos to Craig T. Nelson for his voice work in Incredibles 2. He had to go through more complicated emotions as Bob/Mr. Incredible than probably any other character in the movie--from confident superhero to jealous, envious (yet supportive) husband to inexperienced, utterly exhausted father who gradually grows more confident in his new role.

    • sal Bryant
      sal Bryant Year ago

      She also looked more hot

    • Clay Williams
      Clay Williams Year ago

      First of all... Kek yeah she did look pretty buzzed the whole time, just sittin on the floor and shit. Secondly this is in my top as well, right with toy story and the first one.

  • Fu Future
    Fu Future Year ago

    can you review resident evil the final chapters

  • Vale Krossner
    Vale Krossner Year ago +3

    Who's excited for Wrecket Ralph 2

    • Ninja StrongHeart
      Ninja StrongHeart Year ago

      Lien Shing me!! I鈥檓 watching that movie as many times as I can 馃槀

  • TXejas19 TXejas19

    Just saw it, it was good

  • SSK286
    SSK286 Year ago +7

    The villain was basically lex Luthor done right in motivation but not enough in execution