David Dobrik Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • Notorious seafood-hater David Dobrik visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make shrimp-filled Vietnamese-style summer rolls with Carla Music. Can he follow along using verbal instructions only? Also, can he keep the dreaded shrimp down once he takes a bite?
    Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/vietnamese-summer-rollscxs
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    David Dobrik Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit
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  • Doodle Melon
    Doodle Melon 6 hours ago

    Hi Carla I like your show, and I would be happy to cook with you. I like to try new things.

  • Thomas Calabro
    Thomas Calabro 6 hours ago

    Do it with KSI

  • Daniel Ospina
    Daniel Ospina 8 hours ago

    she said she was allergic to shrimp and then touched it

  • mhedzetterstrom
    mhedzetterstrom 9 hours ago

    I despise him

  • Ava
    Ava 9 hours ago +1

    As an Aussie “Three shrimp on the barbie” physically hurt

  • Cami Dawson
    Cami Dawson 11 hours ago

    Im sobbing- he just---ate it off,,which is what i would do im not ok

  • Azaria Hernandez
    Azaria Hernandez 12 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣he really just ate a cucumber whole

  • Safwan Sadik
    Safwan Sadik 16 hours ago

    Carla: the mango's weird
    David: the mango.. Mm..hmm..

  • Sad_ _Nugg
    Sad_ _Nugg 16 hours ago

    David you literally kill me LMAO

  • Ariane G.
    Ariane G. Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how he took off the first vein without effort, but the two others he didn't do it because he thought it was supposed to be the white string on the belly ?

  • lazos antoniou
    lazos antoniou Day ago

    As a cook a really struggled watching this

  • Cheryle Blossom
    Cheryle Blossom Day ago

    It's okay let's make vain shrimp.

  • Qozat
    Qozat Day ago

    this mans really didn’t know which one was the mango

  • Zora Wenzel
    Zora Wenzel Day ago

    Wow! What an ignorant boy. I feel bad for Carla.

  • Flamecrew9 At roblox

    6:17, well that explains alot.

  • Vatsal Sanwaria
    Vatsal Sanwaria 2 days ago

    They used stale mango.

  • Kaylee Ruiz
    Kaylee Ruiz 2 days ago

    “by the flower?” by far the most underrated part of this video i burst out laughing

  • Praecantetia
    Praecantetia 2 days ago

    Do this with Michael Reeves

  • Nycole Leon
    Nycole Leon 2 days ago


  • Nina Ristić
    Nina Ristić 2 days ago

    I've heard of David Dobrik and never saw any of his video so this is my first time watching him and I really don't like him :/

  • ChromaticAngel
    ChromaticAngel 2 days ago

    Why didnt she ask him befor hand if he liked sea food

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 2 days ago

    I'm crying at how messy David's station is compared to Carla's, but hes trying 😂

  • Drew Whitcomb
    Drew Whitcomb 3 days ago

    I thought since he didn't like seafood he would take a tiny bite at first to make sure. But then this man just takes HALF of the freakin thing at once XD wth

  • SimplyWeirdly Haley
    SimplyWeirdly Haley 3 days ago

    If Carla is allergic to shrimp and David hates seafood, then why did they make it then? I know they probably already had the ingredients and everything, but they should have at least asked David if there was good he hated.

  • milen748
    milen748 3 days ago

    mango: imma end this man's whole career

  • Annie Thái
    Annie Thái 3 days ago +1


  • ASMR with Sophia
    ASMR with Sophia 3 days ago +1

    Me being Vietnamese I am so offended 😡😭 also that is not how you make Vietnamese spring rolls, they are called spring not summer

  • Wonderful
    Wonderful 4 days ago

    I relate to David so much

  • sebastian maldonado
    sebastian maldonado 4 days ago

    You should have chef ainsley on this if possible

  • ashley vu!
    ashley vu! 4 days ago +1


    • ashley vu!
      ashley vu! 4 days ago

      AND HE MADE A VIETNAMESE DISH (i’m vietnamese)

  • Victor Elliott
    Victor Elliott 4 days ago

    I have a phobia of crustaceans I almost vomited when I saw the shrimp lol

  • Jessica De La Luz
    Jessica De La Luz 4 days ago

    are we gonna ignore the fact that david didnt know which one the mango was AHAHAH

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 4 days ago +3

    The fact the he legit Hates seafood but still tried it was nice, a good sport .but even the first time i watched this and now, i cant help but wonder if Natalie told the BA staff "yeah David is allergic to coconut but loves seafood" bc she knows he Hates it!

  • Huey
    Huey 4 days ago

    I don't understand why he's famous.

  • Austin Ginnett
    Austin Ginnett 4 days ago

    3:20 yup, school

  • Gingar Ninjar
    Gingar Ninjar 4 days ago

    Oh no, he didn't use gloves

  • ChomperSub
    ChomperSub 4 days ago +3

    10:56 - She took like 2
    David: Yanks the whole plant 😂

  • Elchinodiabolero
    Elchinodiabolero 4 days ago

    As a spaniard seeing someone struggle so much to peel a shrimp triggers me

  • Timmy Miftari
    Timmy Miftari 5 days ago +16

    are we gonna ignore the fact that he didn't even know what a mango looked like

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R 5 days ago

    the fact that David would throw up to the smell of seafood but still went through with it that was kind 😊

  • Ocloud The Evil
    Ocloud The Evil 5 days ago +11

    “Should I make sure it’s hot” while looking at bubbling steaming water

  • Gabbythegreat
    Gabbythegreat 5 days ago

    I cannot stand the editing of these videos. The transitions are always so jarring and you can hear the sentences they cut off.

  • emily scolaro
    emily scolaro 6 days ago +5

    DAVID looked like a kids movie where a boy's friend comes over and eats dinner with him but the friend hates the food

  • Timmy Girard
    Timmy Girard 6 days ago

    David looks like a 5 year old cooking with his mom 🤣🤣

  • Crystal Hartshorn
    Crystal Hartshorn 6 days ago

    This is the best one yet. OMG I laughed so hard I cried! 🤣😂

  • roxana martz
    roxana martz 6 days ago

    everything was going good until the mango.

  • Aryan Looois
    Aryan Looois 6 days ago

    David was in a fight with a mango.

  • ariel !!!
    ariel !!! 6 days ago +80

    carla talking to david is like an adult talking to a child.
    "get this vase of herbs"
    "oh th-the flowers?"
    "yeah :)"

  • XDark FlowzX
    XDark FlowzX 7 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed she said right is left and left is right

  • eliza grant
    eliza grant 7 days ago


  • Noya Telias
    Noya Telias 7 days ago

    I couldn't have taken apart the shrimp, that kind of studded grosses me out so much I rlly felt for him

  • Tony, The Stark
    Tony, The Stark 7 days ago

    Jesus Christ... Kids these days don't know how do make anything!

  • Karissa Davis
    Karissa Davis 7 days ago

    That was humbling 🤣🤣

  • Idk.anymore 123
    Idk.anymore 123 7 days ago

    I was literally having the same reactions as David I hate animal food, I am a vegetarian and seeing so many guys made me feel sick but at the same time so much entertainment.I have to personalities and its scary

  • HorstWeinberg
    HorstWeinberg 7 days ago

    seeing him holding the knife made me cringe :S

  • stone r
    stone r 7 days ago +5

    “like a circumcision, right?”

  • Cailyn Marie
    Cailyn Marie 7 days ago

    Guys really look good when their cooking

    David would disagree

  • Coopersnoots TV
    Coopersnoots TV 7 days ago

    1:25 omg i'm sorry

  • Nathanael Lefler
    Nathanael Lefler 8 days ago

    I laugh so hard through the entire video😂

  • Britz Hunter
    Britz Hunter 9 days ago +5

    When David didn’t know which was a mango I lost it 😂