• Published on Dec 4, 2019
    So Netflix has just released a show called The Messiah and we discuss on this video how the trailer uses a character known as Dajjal ie anti christ in islamic theology.
    smile2jannah video on this:
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  • Mehdi
    Mehdi 17 hours ago

    Lol keep reacting and basically creating the buzz so that Netflix makes even more money..

  • Ayoub Ag
    Ayoub Ag 19 hours ago

    I really heath this guy man your face is fake and more they way how you talk

  • Karim Elessawy
    Karim Elessawy 19 hours ago

    It's so funny how shoving Arabic words in English language ends up sounding like blah blah blah .. the Messiah is a great series on Netflix and a must watch

  • Hashpotato
    Hashpotato 21 hour ago

    You believe what you want to believe. They have already decided that he is the Dajjal. Maybe try watching the show first before attempting to discuss it.
    Theres a strong sense of irony here.

  • Aledin Jecka
    Aledin Jecka Day ago

    How will the Dajall have perform such miracles? How would Allah give him this strength?

  • Sylvain Pierre Durif

    Bonjour, pour votre information, je suis le Grand Monarque, le Christ Cosmique, le Messie, Roi de France et du Cosmos, Pape Pierre (Petrus Romanus), le véritable Messiah, et non le Dajjal dont vous parlez que les Illuminati vont tenter de présenter au monde afin de tenter de m'éclipser comme ils tentent de m'éclipser via usurpation de mon identité depuis 2015 et via attaques criminelles incessantes depuis fin 2012, l'Apocalypse, la révélation de mon identité de Messie à Bugarach devant 350 journalistes du monde entier et 350 militaires réunis autour de moi de manière imprévue pour eux comme pour moi par celui qui m'envoie. Contact:

  • Ahmed Harris
    Ahmed Harris 2 days ago +1

    The series was actually really good. Waiting for season 2.

  • lastpokemon
    lastpokemon 2 days ago

    its another Israeli legitimating video just like Islam legitimating it -- and religion scam carries on since the invention of God by the same mafia

  • San64
    San64 3 days ago

    The show is called "Messiah" and so is based on the messianic religions so why would he appear in Hong Kong? You cannot possibly criticise a show based on tiny snippets edited together designed to draw you in so you watch the show. Did you watch the entire thing? As far as him bing the Anti-christ I think it's a double, double bluff. btw, he has beautiful eyes. The entire premise of the show is "is he the true Messiah- Or just a deluded con man" - if you've watched it we find out that he has a brother , and was taught to be a magician/ illusionist and was in hospital for having have messianic delusions.

  • Maedrus
    Maedrus 3 days ago

    It's not Isa neither Dajjal, u can't just judge the trailer without seeing what the series is about. With all due respect, peace be upon all.

  • Randall Lowe
    Randall Lowe 3 days ago +1 read a lot into the "TRAILER". This is over a month old, so I hope you took the time to watch the show. It's nothing like you think. But seeing people of faiths reaction to it really proves what the shows about.

  • Soumia سمية
    Soumia سمية 4 days ago

    it's so weird. they are showing Jesus (Isa, a.s.) as a gay and disrespect them. and then this about the dajjal. the dajjal has a tv show now??
    la hawla wala quwata illa billah

  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez 4 days ago


  • Lonewolfqueen I shall never bow down to any man

    So basically the Hollywood industry knows the truth about the coming of the Dajjal and Isa AS. But on the other hand they are glamorizing it to sugar coat the reality of his coming. I hate Hollywood and their shenanigans. Ugh 😑

  • Hawaii islandgirl
    Hawaii islandgirl 5 days ago

    The writers of this Messiah are GENIUS!! They knew exactly how this would effect Abrahamic believers. Art is a beautiful thing. Let's all take time to thank GOD for creating humans who can create such amazing amazing, everyone and their mother is in an uproar about this series before watching the series for themselves.
    I highly recommend watching the series. God will NOT punish!!😁😁💖💖

  • Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!

    Please watch the series and then do a review with your new views and opinions. I’m Catholic but your my brothers. Bless you guys

  • Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!

    His eyes are normal.

  • Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!

    He’s never called Jesus/yessuh in this series. Critics bad mouth this by trailer only

  • Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!

    Islam n Christian are the same thing. Jews are on some blind path denial of Jesus. Us Catholic n Muslims don’t realize how much we have in common beliefs. Watch the series it’s not dajjal. They don’t want us to watch this show

  • Tariq Mohamed
    Tariq Mohamed 6 days ago

    17:29 - 17:52 this describes an exact scene from the series

  • Hamoody
    Hamoody 6 days ago

    I don’t even know what to think of this because I’m still a kid and Allah knows when he’ll come and I Fear that a lot of us will not be able to fight against him because we are still kids and teens and most of the kids I know barely even pray 1 salat per day, Either way I hope Allah will forgive us for our Sins and protect us from Al-Dajjal. Allahum-Ameen

  • Amer Khan
    Amer Khan 6 days ago

    Voice is very low

  • Laila kuchkvosky
    Laila kuchkvosky 6 days ago

    May Allah swt protect us all
    They're normalizing it and we are literally living in the era of dajjal you never know it might come soon.

  • Fauzi Majid
    Fauzi Majid 6 days ago

    Interesting how Dajjal would have a massive following from females...*clears throat* Feminist movement!! Recruitment starting already. May Allah protect us all.

  • The Caramel Effect
    The Caramel Effect 7 days ago

    Protect your gates, sayeth the Lord Jesus . Eye gate ear gate mouth gate. this movie is confusion and confusion is of Satan

  • The Caramel Effect
    The Caramel Effect 7 days ago

    The Bible states that the Anti christ will not have a desire for women. So, when you stated that he will have a great following of women.... well

  • Oana Cristina
    Oana Cristina 7 days ago

    This is what the producer wanted. To mix Islamic hadith with Jesus peace be upon him. Mentioning them here only gives them free publicity. Look at the names of the actors... Even someone with Jibril is in the movie... Seriously!!

  • Ray Braxton
    Ray Braxton 7 days ago

    I seen about 4 blogs about the show messiah by muslims and all of them are reactions to the trailer not a reaction to the whole show so it's not worth watching

  • Next to forever ministries

    Is it me or is the clock stuck on 3:45 the whole video???

  • AJ Sayyar
    AJ Sayyar 8 days ago

    My brothers the dajjal is one eyed and your god is not one eyed this is just a show and a good reminder of the real dajjal don’t forget to memorize the first 10 verses of al-khaf to protect yourselves from the great test

  • devilishmode
    devilishmode 8 days ago

    After watching it.. I feel as if the comments here are a little exaggerated, many jumped the gun. Its a fictional show, and will be nothing more than that unless your very weak minded.

  • The Meme
    The Meme 8 days ago

    Everyone saying that this show is haraam, honestly I think it’s quite interesting and for a ridiculously westernised show about the arrival of dajjal, is quite accurate and they’ve done an alright job at making him neutral to all religion

    • The Meme
      The Meme 6 days ago

      Hasan Hussain well if it’s set in the Middle East I’d expect the characters to look Middle Eastern

    • Hasan Hussain
      Hasan Hussain 7 days ago

      Not realy became it shows more of middle eatern people so it suggests that mulims are the bad peopke mostly presented in this.

  • 90nadz
    90nadz 8 days ago

    People will interpret this is many ways, it's thought provoking. Me personally, I couldn't see him as Dajaal, although Christians have taken him as a higher bing Astaghfirullah. I think this series as alot more to offer and as Season2 comes maybe things will be more clear then as Dajaal. He's not claimed or asked to be worshiped at this stage either... One thing I did notice as many times before these dogs love to show brown people as villains and the Whites as heroes. Typical!
    P.s The batteries are dead on your hanging clock Akh.

  • Shahzan Sadick
    Shahzan Sadick 9 days ago

    You don't know how to react bro.. I'm sorry I had to point it out. 😁

  • Juan Antonio Monzón
    Juan Antonio Monzón 9 days ago +17

    Spoiler Alert: These guys hadn't watch the show and are hypothesing about something which has nothing to do with the show.

    • Imane amouna
      Imane amouna Day ago

      They are discusting the caracter of antichrist not the serie😒

    • Abdullah Alsaleh
      Abdullah Alsaleh Day ago

      I know, which pisses me off! They are basing it on a Trailer. They are actually not discussing about the series rather the actual Dajjal or Antichrist himself

    • Noel Hernandez
      Noel Hernandez 3 days ago

      I know right? Lol

  • Desiree Simone
    Desiree Simone 9 days ago

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." Jesus is the image of God. A loving God that sent His Son to take the punishment we deserve for our sins and then giving us His life/New life and then sending His Holy Spirit to come and live in His children.. He is real LOVE.. Muhammad didn't do that.. Allah didn't do that.. Buddha didn't do that.. Jesus Christ did that.. If you don't know Him, you don't know the Father❤️

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 9 days ago

    I've seen the whole season one. They have used the Qur'an very precisely and even the smallest of details. I swear, these stuff only real Muslims would know about. It may seem like a normal series to the non Muslims but they have been really clever in the way they have presented it and the wordings they use.

    • Rafiur Rahman/RifRaf
      Rafiur Rahman/RifRaf 7 days ago

      What have you noticed more from the actual show? What are some details that us Muslims may find, any interesting parts?

  • Eagle Cos
    Eagle Cos 11 days ago

    watch the damn movie and give ur opinion on it don’t pause it every 3 seconds

  • Ayu Dayani
    Ayu Dayani 11 days ago +1

    We know quite well how the western film industry just love to twist things around. Especially when it comes to religious beliefs. Don't get too caught up in thinking about this, because it's the very thing that dajjal wants : you to be confused.
    Hold on to what is told to us by hadith and Qur'an, not by them. This is their effort to contort people's vision about *Imam Mahdi*, not dajjal. They're mixing the two together. Be careful.
    Allahualam bisawab.

  • Jay A
    Jay A 11 days ago +2

    Everyone’s going on about how they should have watched the series - this vid was made over a month ago before it was released - chill out

  • Максим Сокол


  • Ashoo Amoor
    Ashoo Amoor 11 days ago

    Voice not clear

  • Kostas - Κώστας Μπ

    0:02 No need for correction. Its ISRAEL. The country of the holy folk of YHWH.

  • shehab330
    shehab330 12 days ago

    bro please get a mic Ali.

  • Najibullah Stanakzai
    Najibullah Stanakzai 12 days ago

    Salam brother ur doing a great job but it is kind request is that to keep the videos short and clear. Most of the videos are confusing and take a lot of time and effort to understand you jazakallah khair

  • 3am Jay
    3am Jay 12 days ago +2

    This series has nothing to do with the Dajjal.

    • 5thDawg
      5thDawg 9 days ago

      It has. Season 2 will be out soon. They are building to it.

    • Qendrim Meziu
      Qendrim Meziu 10 days ago

      This show has definitely to do with dajjal

    • Hasan Ahmed
      Hasan Ahmed 10 days ago

      It definitely does lmao

  • Whipsaw
    Whipsaw 12 days ago

    Interestingly, the Koran is satanically written so flips events on its head. The Mahdi is the Biblical Antichrist, the Koranic Jesus will actually be the Biblical false prophet while their Dajjal will actually be the real Jesus Christ who comes as a wrath filled Lion to finally take over and save Israel. The Koran is garbage.

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 12 days ago +1

    This Shaykh is such a schoolboy with his interpretation.

  • Jacob Paul
    Jacob Paul 12 days ago

    As a Christian man I will say my understanding is that there will be a anti Christ that makes people believe in his mircales then he switches up and turns evil

  • Azhar Mohyuddin
    Azhar Mohyuddin 12 days ago

    Correction: PALESTINE 🇵🇸!!!!!! I rate it

  • Savio Romie
    Savio Romie 12 days ago

    Have you ever read the Quran yourself? Because if you have it’s just sickening. Not one prophecy has ever been proven in the Quran
    On the other hand every prophecy in the bible has happened and been proven that’s the difference.

  • Joseph Ibraham
    Joseph Ibraham 13 days ago +1

    Just finished the show, very smartly made, they develop characters in the Mid East to give the Muslim prospective and develop in America to give christian perspective. They also know their islamic litrature, the guy first appears in damascus, the city where muslims believe jesus will decends upon in his second coming. by the end of the first series u really dont know if he is jesus or the dajjal. Spoiler a muslim who watched the show i can definitly say he is the dajjal, very unclear for the christians, interesting to see what happens in the 2nd season.

    • Billy Kray
      Billy Kray 11 days ago

      Joseph Ibraham he did not resemble Dajjal in anyway shape or form, Dajjal will be deformed in both eyes, he has rough hair and he is also stocky built, this Payan Golshiri Guy was educated, smart, deluded, 11 stone and exploited his so called followers.

  • daxTHEcat of Wales
    daxTHEcat of Wales 13 days ago

    Series not Movie

  • Baztard 66
    Baztard 66 13 days ago If God exists

  • ummu hasanah
    ummu hasanah 13 days ago

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته..
    #Salam ukhuwah islamiyah..kenapa tidak ada translate bahasa indonesianya..?😟hmmhh saya tidak pandai berbasa inggris..

  • 13 days ago

    Its extremly dangereuse thés musulim diabolisation hollywoodien manipulation because in thé subliminal all people gonna fear to contacte muslim and open her mind befor heart .

  • Zubair Mohammad Norani

    Esfahan is not Khurasan
    Khurasan is the eastern province of ancient persia
    And the first Army to stand with Imam Al Mahdi will be from Khurasan (Currently Afghanistan) not the 70K jews

  • Zain Shaikh
    Zain Shaikh 13 days ago

    Can't say anything until I watch last 2 episodes. Let's see. Btw from the thumbnail I thought it was DJ Khaled sitting in grey cardigan 😂

  • Kruxyy
    Kruxyy 14 days ago +4

    Christian: our God is real. There are no other gods.
    Muslim: our Allah is real. There are no other gods.
    Hindu: our gods are real. There are no other gods.
    So on and so forth.
    People are having faith in lies we created. If there is one god which on is it. Have you seen it? I’m confused sometime.

    • Cartman
      Cartman 12 days ago

      Whipsaw So what are atheist?

    • Whipsaw
      Whipsaw 12 days ago

      Kruxyy The Bible is the only "religious" book that can prove itself archaeologically, historically and prophetically. It was written by 40 men over 1500 years on 3 continents, in 3 different languages and everything fits like a crossword puzzle. And unlike any other historical book, we have 33,000 copies from the original manuscripts dating back to the 2nd century. Your lucky if you get more than one of any other manuscript in historicity. The Koran is written sloppily and out of order and there are no prophecies in it to verify it’s validity unlike the Bible. Seek Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God and Savior of the world. The Koran and Islam are satanic counterfeits. Hinduism derived from Zoroastrianism actually which was a cult that came from Persia. All the “gods” they worship are actually fallen angels.

    • M Z
      M Z 13 days ago +1

      There are only three monotheistic religions which worship God : Judaism, Christianity and Islam (same God just different name)... all other religions worship idols or statues or universe or mother nature or whatever else... But the difference for example in Christianity and Islam is that modern Christianity associate Jesus with God himself... in Islam people worship,obey,pray,talk etc. ONLY to God

  • Miranda Hansen
    Miranda Hansen 14 days ago +1

    Is it permissable to watch this series, does anyone know?
    I mean in the light of they are depicting "jesus" and so on.

    • 5thDawg
      5thDawg 9 days ago

      I'd say watch it. Because as a real Muslim, we can't let the non believers think this is based on a true story or something that was mentioned in the Qur'an and they misinterpreted it. They have portrayed the Muslims in a alright way from what I've seen so far. They mix alot of things in the modern society and predicting alot of things if the Messiah was really to be here today. All I can say is, it's really fascinating. They have balls to create this series, because usually they always provoke Muslims. The directors and story writers of this have been really careful and precise in what they are showing etc..

    • Miranda Hansen
      Miranda Hansen 11 days ago

      @BIZZY DREAMIN thats true I have free will and thought. And I freely choose to base my life on what God has permittet and restricted. We as humans always push limits, and I choose to live by the perfect limits God has decreed for us.
      So thats why im asking, cause i know theres a strong opinion from scholars that its haram to draw or show the Prophets.

      BIZZY DREAMIN 11 days ago

      Who says you can't? Are you referring to some religious restriction or something? I'll just assume you have free will and thought to decide for yourself.. but i think its an interesting series and people will interpret it in their own way. Either entertainment, propaganda, reflecting the times, or a mixture.