Dividing by zero?

  • Published on Sep 22, 2014

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  • Chí Luận
    Chí Luận 17 hours ago

    1 divise 0 cant equal ìninity because ìninity x 0 not equal 1, ez

  • yes
    yes Day ago

    Bruh 0÷0 is 0

  • Yarra Ramu Yarra Ramu

    1/0=infinity can't we say (numerator)/0=(numerator)infinity...

  • Shivshankar avhad
    Shivshankar avhad 4 days ago


  • Mayank Soni
    Mayank Soni 5 days ago

    Certain things that can be said :
    1. Division is repetitive subtraction, so 1/0 = 1 - ( 0+0+0... infinite times), even if 0 is subtracted infinite times from 1, the result can't be 0. So, the answer is Not possible .. or cannot be defined.
    2. When we are suggesting a pattern for 1/0 = ∞ and for 2/0 = ∞ , we can't equate the two infinities because the infinity values will be different, just like 1/0.001 = 1000 and 2/0.001 = 2000. So, again that should not violate any rule.
    Thanks for this wonderful teaching !

  • MisterDutch93
    MisterDutch93 6 days ago

    If only my teacher in primary school taught me that multiplication is repeated adding and division is repeated subtraction. That's a really nice mnemonic device for kids!

  • Digi Byte
    Digi Byte 7 days ago

    divide by 0 is 0. using both methods confirm that the result is outside the scope of infinity
    -infinity + +infinity = 0

  • Kon Wai Luen
    Kon Wai Luen 7 days ago

    This is way more entertaining than it should be!

  • ch ajith
    ch ajith 7 days ago +3

    1/0.1 is
    Student: 9
    Me: God I'm good at math...

  • ch ajith
    ch ajith 7 days ago

    See the quote!!!

    In the side of the board not in my comment...

  • Grindyl 1402
    Grindyl 1402 8 days ago

    i thought infinity is same as undefined

  • Nour Ahmed
    Nour Ahmed 8 days ago

    In javascript 1/0 = infinity , the guy who invited it must watch this video.

  • Shakshi Singh
    Shakshi Singh 8 days ago +1

    What is 0/0 equals to ? Is it 0, 1 or infinite.

  • Robert Conti
    Robert Conti 8 days ago

    You might consider reading a book that I read some 60 years ago. "1 2 3 Infinity." It could prove enlightening.

  • Lokesh Ramareddy
    Lokesh Ramareddy 9 days ago

    I'm understanding basic math after 20yrs of my engineering career

  • romy saputra
    romy saputra 10 days ago

    5:34 thats where the math left the chat room
    and hypnotism comes in
    1/0 is not the same as 2/0
    you need to multiple it crossly -> 1x0 = 2x0--->> 0=0

  • agung justika
    agung justika 10 days ago +1

    Why 1÷0 = ~ ,and 1÷0 = -~?
    0 is not negative number...
    1/0 = ~ = 2/0
    I take 0 = 0... 🤔
    Like this 2/3 x 3/2
    So what we do is equaling they into
    4/6 x 9/6
    So why i must take 4 = 9? Not 6 = 6?

  • Kishor Joshi
    Kishor Joshi 11 days ago

    @0:33 should be "3 times 5" is 5+5+5 and "5 times 3" is 3+3+3+3+3.

  • Ricardo Tena
    Ricardo Tena 13 days ago

    Math is just for learning how to solve problem.....outside of school you have only one problem...that's how to live..

  • Dawid Drozdz
    Dawid Drozdz 13 days ago

    Answer at 3:00 is wrong - you can subtract zero from one infinitely times and still it will be one, so infinity can not be the answer. At that moment you generally proved that 1/0 does not exist.
    However, keep up the great work, you have a passion that every teacher should have! Regards!

  • Puspita Adak
    Puspita Adak 13 days ago +1

    Your explanations are very clear, understandable and logical.

  • Kalola Nachiketa
    Kalola Nachiketa 13 days ago

    Excellent tutor ever i have seen yet. Thank you

  • Leo Shane
    Leo Shane 14 days ago

    I didn't learn maths in English but I can understand everything he says. What a great teacher you should come and teach kids in South Asia.

  • X_ Ployt
    X_ Ployt 15 days ago

    ÷0 looks like a scared man

  • sanket joshi
    sanket joshi 15 days ago

    Excellent video
    Hands off to you sir

  • Ron McKay
    Ron McKay 15 days ago

    How would you explain the multiplication: sqrt(3)*sqrt(2) using the definition that multiplication is "repeated addition"? Or how about how about (-2/3)*(-1/2)?

    ASHISH KUMAR NAG 15 days ago

    Man u r awesome...ND I liked ur style....ND really wht u r trying to make us understand is really interesting...I was really having fun..😍😍😍

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery 16 days ago +1

    I've heard it be said that Keanu Reeves can, in fact, divide by zero and it's absolutely breathtaking.

  • Aiman Nasir
    Aiman Nasir 16 days ago

    Because of people like you subjects like mathematics became too much interesting....wow

  • Hoang Nong
    Hoang Nong 17 days ago +1

    it's very simple that we don't know what exactly the infinity is ?

    ADARSH YADAV 17 days ago

    It is undefined because it is undefinable

  • Muneesh Singh
    Muneesh Singh 18 days ago

    Loved it thanks

  • FlamingRedstoner
    FlamingRedstoner 18 days ago +1

    Yeah 1=0

  • Heather Bowman
    Heather Bowman 18 days ago

    It's a PIN number.

  • Mehtab Ansari
    Mehtab Ansari 19 days ago

    I wise that he become my maths teacher.

  • Goya Jumbo
    Goya Jumbo 19 days ago +1

    Well 2xinfinity is infinity so is any number times infinity but that doesn t make them equal, that s why i don t agree with the 1/0 and 2/0 argument, the rest is fine

  • Saburou Saitoh
    Saburou Saitoh 20 days ago

    0/0=1/0=z/0=0. Please look the papers:

    viXra:1904.0408 submitted on 2019-04-22 @, (137 unique-IP downloads)
    What Was Division by Zero?; Division by Zero Calculus and New World
    Authors: Saburou Saitoh
    Category: Functions and Analysis
    viXra:1904.0052 submitted on 2019-04-03 @, (41 unique-IP downloads)
    D\"aumler's Horn Torus Model and\\ Division by Zero \\ - Absolute Function Theory -\\ New World
    Authors: Saburou Saitoh

  • In5aNeGuY
    In5aNeGuY 20 days ago

    once God devided by 0 and then we got the big bang

  • Von Song
    Von Song 20 days ago


  • Lady D
    Lady D 20 days ago

    9:02) I like that the graph looks like a sort of ∞ symbol =)

  • Lady D
    Lady D 20 days ago +2

    I love this guys explanations!
    For years I've said everything in math (as far as I've gotten anyhow) can be summed up as addition &/or subtraction with short cuts.
    I've never thought about how that'd relate to dividing by zero tho! Now I finally feel like I understand it!

  • famailiaanima
    famailiaanima 20 days ago

    I'm a layman, high school level, but wouldn't a/0 = ax∞? Since 1/0.1 = 1x10 and 2/0.1 = 2x10.

    • meeran n
      meeran n 17 days ago +1

      It can't be... consider this example: 5/0.5 can not be the same as 5*10

  • Mr. Gandhi
    Mr. Gandhi 20 days ago


  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi 20 days ago +1

    Division is repeated substraction.
    I never thought about it that way. Generally speaking I am stupid but this was just obvious.

  • tamutalon12
    tamutalon12 21 day ago +3

    1 doesn’t equal 2? Stefan Banach and Alfred Tarski disagree with you!

  • K. Nickel
    K. Nickel 21 day ago

    my approach to define it is:
    there is not just one endless there are in your case 2 (think of it like there is one endless "line" going along thr way endlessly if you pair it with a second line next to it it can go endless too.
    And the negative version is nothing more than a change in direction of the line the opposite way, and you can have multiples of those... they wouldn´t even notice running in a big circle for ever.
    thats probably an answer to many unsolved questions, that it (time, space and matter) has no start (there is not one big bang... it repeats itself over and over again) and the universe is not infinite long or big. It is a ball or a sphere (like an egg, the earth the stars...) and when all matter disolves into back holes and dark matter it becomes darker and darker from the core of the ball and when the whole universe ball is dark inside in the center it gets so "dark" there is so much mass, that it bursts. and the dark matter they can´t explain is nothing else then the rest of the last "universe" therefore it can´t be detected, it is measurable but you cannot grab it. The question would then be: How many times did it happen ? In what stage are we now ? Will it ever end like life or will it transcent into something else ?
    Even when they say before the big bang there was nothing not even time...
    Its somehow true, because the blackness is so overwhealming that nothing or nobody could observe it. Probably not even god can look inside there... this is the Heisenbergsche of god, he can explain it he holds the ball, he created this ball, he is maybe the ball.
    Why do i bring god in here again... because balls like this just don´t pop up by accident... this is of a genius mind only god has.

  • Jonatan Kelu
    Jonatan Kelu 22 days ago

    What if you say -Infinity = +Infinity?

  • Jin Sun
    Jin Sun 22 days ago +5

    1/0 does not exist, no number multiplying 0 gets back to 1. Division is the inverse of multiplication.

  • Xynnful
    Xynnful 22 days ago

    But I thought you could divide by 0. Not technically, but still, I thought someone gave a random solution or something.

  • SD5
    SD5 22 days ago

    I think this video gave me cancer.

  • Jagdeep Dhillon
    Jagdeep Dhillon 23 days ago

    So does that mean that undefined is actually +-infinity? Like root of 4 is +-2? Anybody?

  • Prem Jay
    Prem Jay 24 days ago

    Great concepts. Thanks a lot

  • Rohith 625
    Rohith 625 24 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who read undefined as widetired🤣

  • ß Gold
    ß Gold 24 days ago

    sorry to correct you but 1/0=infinity is true.
    If 1/0=infinity, then 0×infinity=1. Likewise, 0×-infinity=-1. Your fraction always stayed the same, you arbitrarily switched it to negative by multiplying by -1.
    Think of it intuitively, if I asked you to divide a cake between 3 people, you'd cut 3 slices. For 2 people, cut it in half. For 1 person, don't cut it at all. For 0 people, cut the shit out of it infinitely many times until nobody can eat it.
    Likewise if you had to feed infinitely many people, your portions would approach 0 as the number of guests approached infinity.
    So yes 1/0=infinity, 1/infinity=0, and 0×infinity=1 😋😎🤥🤔
    Can you prove 0=infinity? If so, is the √(1) = 0×0 or infinity×infinity? 😂😂😂😂

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder 25 days ago

    3:51 my man says 9000 Lmao 😂

  • ssiu7777
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  • Evangel Akillian
    Evangel Akillian 26 days ago

    Well just make a wormhole and combine the two infinities

  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman 27 days ago

    Where is this video when i need it 11 years ago.

  • Neerupan Ganeshaan
    Neerupan Ganeshaan 28 days ago

    I wish I was thought limits like this tbh

  • Dr.Padmaja Pulicherla
    Dr.Padmaja Pulicherla 29 days ago

    I love this way of teaching

  • Bruce Perry
    Bruce Perry 29 days ago

    What math discipline is this? They didn’t seem to know what multiplication was.

    • cadkls
      cadkls 27 days ago

      The most basic discipline

  • yongzhi zhu
    yongzhi zhu 29 days ago

    1/0=1,which means one is not divided so one is still one itself. 1/1=0.5 which means one is divided once.1/2=0.25 which means one is divided twice 1/3=0.125.....and so on and so on

  • Abhirup smash
    Abhirup smash 29 days ago

    Eddie (sir) you just gave me a new perspective in thinking about mathmatics

  • study
    study Month ago

    Even 4th grader knows that😂😂

  • Ayush Bedwal
    Ayush Bedwal Month ago

    combine Arthur Benjamin and Eddie Woo and we come up with mathematical sciences....😂😂😂🔥

  • yeshwanth appi
    yeshwanth appi Month ago

    Yaa I learnt math blindly,this is how I should learn from now

  • Murat Ay
    Murat Ay Month ago

    2*0=1*0 1/0=2/0

  • สรธร มีสมปราชญ์

    You didn't talk about remainder in division.

  • Rare AK
    Rare AK Month ago

    Sir please explain what is infinity power zero

  • CrazyEagle
    CrazyEagle Month ago


  • Joy of Lego
    Joy of Lego Month ago

    Reminds me of that old Billy Preston song: Nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'

  • jdcunnington
    jdcunnington Month ago

    The problem at 5:56 is that infinity is not just "a number". It's a concept. Kind of like an irrational number only going to the impossibly huge rather than the infinitesimally small (in additional decimal places). It's a number so impossibly huge that nothing can ever reach it. If we can never reach it, then at no point is 2/0 equal to 1/0 because it never ends. And negative never-ending is the same as never-ending. It's all infinite. Again, that's a concept, not a number.

    I know - there are probably a number of set theorists and math wonks here who will say I'm wrong. Fine. I'm just coming at it from the street level view, not the vaunted ivory tower view.

  • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe

    Is 0/0 defined

  • Emperor Louis The Retard

    How do you devide a Non Exist Pizza?

  • miss ghani
    miss ghani Month ago

    Maths+passion= Mr Woo