Dividing by zero?


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  • Ahmet aa
    Ahmet aa 21 minute ago

    1/0 is not undefined. its infinty

  • Liliana Sanroman
    Liliana Sanroman 21 minute ago

    by definition 3 times 5 is 5+5+5 never 3+3+3+3+3... WRONG. Then, I can distribute 1 (thing) to 2 persons (1/2) which correspond a half... i can distribute 1 to nobody, i still have 1 (it is not infinite) yea yea yea, i want to distribute it but none to recibe it, i keep it to my own i still have 1... think about it.

  • B Pettis
    B Pettis 23 minutes ago

    Awesome teacher. What's even better ..... I can understand him. Had 4 teachers in my college career where I had to decipher/translate their speech so that I could learn the subject.
    Though my high school algebra teacher has been the best teacher I've known. He made the class full ... made it relevant ... was animated....

    Love to take a class from this guy.
    Had 1 professor that during his lectures, nearly read from the text, if you asked a question he read from the text, and if you asked the same question more than once he'd get all perturbed and then not answer it. Go see the TA ....
    The best college professor I had was the chemistry professor. Man was disheveled and seemingly absent minded. Came to class with jumble of paper and overheads. Class was given from multitude of his copious notes. Never once opened the book. But damn if his examples made more sense than the text. If you asked a question he answered it. If someone else asked the same question he acknowledged that and then answered it in a different manner different example or a real life example etc.

  • Brennen Akely
    Brennen Akely Hour ago

    This broke my brain

    DLC ENERGY 2 hours ago

    ok, but... it's still infinity. infinity is a unique concept beyond numbers. you can't add to it. and negative infinity is its own answer too. you need both logical answers for boolean reasons. nothing is less than negative infinity. nothing is greater than positive infinity. this completely follows rules of logic. infinity is perfect when it comes to dividing by 0 in programming. it fills in the logic for you. no having to explicitly make if statements. let the comparators rule. (1/0 > anything) vs (1 > anything x 0) LOGIC!

  • iluvsquarez
    iluvsquarez 2 hours ago

    The most "right"s ive heard over any 9 minute period

  • LennyTheChicken -_-
    LennyTheChicken -_- 3 hours ago

    I love the energy un this guy. He seems like he really loves math and wants to teach instead of feeling obligated to do so. I hope you have a great day Eddie!

  • Morgan Norris
    Morgan Norris 3 hours ago

    I think that possibly the answer to why using 0 results in undefined is because it simply already breaks the rules of math. It is neither positive or negative. It has only one factor (Ik 1 is like that but still). It’s is a complete outlier in math. Of all the numbers kids commonly know, it is the only one that we don’t Inherently know, like 1,2,3,4,5... which we don’t have to be thought to at least understand these numbers(such as the 1 is not equal to 2 example in this video) it took thousands of years of civilizations for a single civilization to come up with it. Think of all the great Greek mathematicians who never thought of it. Zero is simply a weird number with completely abnormal principles in math, which I think is why it results in complex problems like this and 0 to the 0th power and so forth

  • [HH]General Burkhalter

    Good work man, you sir are a good teacher

  • Mauro Pastorcic
    Mauro Pastorcic 7 hours ago

    Being high on math

  • milad farahani
    milad farahani 7 hours ago

    if I had this teacher ...

  • Aidan Smyth
    Aidan Smyth 8 hours ago

    I feel that you can't use infinity in the equations as it is not a number, there are an infinite amount of infinities (eg. Even numbers and multiple of 3) therefore 1/inf is 2x greater than 2/inf. Infinity is not a fixed number.

    LODIELIE B 9 hours ago

    I wish he was my teacher (;

  • Do Hoeijmans
    Do Hoeijmans 9 hours ago

    Infinity can be mathematicaly treated as a unique number if you accept negative Infinity and positive Infinity are the same.

  • vlad quetes
    vlad quetes 10 hours ago

    I'm not really into math but I understood it all and I found your presentation catchy and your reasoning fascinating. these are 9 minutes I won't consider wasted. you remind me of a good friend of mine whose most striking trait was that he spoke like a book. you are the kind of people who elevate teaching to its original highness.

  • Sand HunterPl
    Sand HunterPl 10 hours ago

    Welp, pretty obvious to me as engineer university student, but still it's nice somebody shows the basics to the others in easy to understand way

  • Lex Slort AKA 1HitBurn
    Lex Slort AKA 1HitBurn 10 hours ago +3

    I don't really understand the point with 1/0 = inf = 2/0
    I mean the same can be said over 1 x 0 = 0 = 2 x 0
    But that also doesnt mean 1 = 2.
    Just as 1/0 = inf = 2/0 doesn't necessarily mean 1=2 right?
    And also the way i always look at this problem is like this:
    a / b = c, so
    b x c = a. so if we take:
    a = 5, b = 0, c = X
    Then we get:
    5/0 = X
    0 x X = 5
    And its impossible that something times 0 becomes something else then 0.

    • Krauser Maou
      Krauser Maou 36 minutes ago

      Lex Slort AKA 1HitBurn
      If it'll never be a/b=c or, a=b x c if a=5(okay) while b=0(not zero) and c=?...

  • Anaxagoras
    Anaxagoras 11 hours ago


  • DicePice
    DicePice 11 hours ago

    what old are they xD ?

  • shoop
    shoop 11 hours ago +1

    Can't 1/0= +/- infinity like when you square a square root?
    Please say if I'm wrong (which I probably am)

  • Olie Mahlombe
    Olie Mahlombe 12 hours ago

    Excellent! You have the passion and the amazing ability to explain a complex concept in the simplest of methods! You are a great maths teacher. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 14 hours ago

    Infinity is NOT a number and neither is Zero. division by zero is like asking what do you get when you cross a frog with fish. - You get nothing.
    Zero is expression of nothingness.

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson 14 hours ago

    Wish I had him as my math teacher

  • kar venthan
    kar venthan 15 hours ago

    Can you why illustrate 1power infinity indeterminate for

  • Khaled Helwane
    Khaled Helwane 15 hours ago +1

    this the first time I understand it .......in our school teachers make us just memorized it as a rule with out explanation......great teacher .....thank you....

  • kapil busawah
    kapil busawah 15 hours ago

    It looks undefined cuz its every possible answer and none at all simultaneously which cannot make sense.
    In quantum physics that's the only thing that does make sense. Defining 1/x where x approaches 0 would be seminal to all sciences

  • Saul Huck
    Saul Huck 16 hours ago

    I've wanted to know the answer to this for forty years!
    Why couldn't my teachers have explained this?
    This chap is ace!

  • Zxcv Vcxz
    Zxcv Vcxz 16 hours ago

    Zero multiplied by infinity is equals to 1 !
    Fuck maths

  • Zxcv Vcxz
    Zxcv Vcxz 16 hours ago

    1 divided by 0 is impossible not infinity ,!
    Shitty math rules

  • tigerboy1966
    tigerboy1966 17 hours ago

    I used to teach Eng Lit and had to substitute in a y10 (15 year-olds) top set Maths class. I asked them what 1/0 was and all 30 of them went for their calculators.

  • Littleoak 12
    Littleoak 12 17 hours ago

    1/0 = infinity (multiply by 0 both sides)
    1 = infinity * 0
    If 0n = 0 then
    1 = 0
    So 1/0 != Infinity
    A.K.A 0 is broken math plz fix

  • Black Opal
    Black Opal 17 hours ago +1

    wtf, they told me my education was good.

  • 7r Grov1
    7r Grov1 19 hours ago

    Technically 2/0 would be 2times infinity

  • Qń
     20 hours ago

    1:13 man what a BS. What you just wrote is wrong... It's not 5-3≠3-5 but 5-3=-3+5 RIGHT?!

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon 20 hours ago

    damn i miss high school

  • shadwo xii
    shadwo xii 22 hours ago

    And the mitochondria married to the cell

  • Eloïse
    Eloïse 22 hours ago

    It's against rule 50.

  • Tony Nameless
    Tony Nameless 23 hours ago

    Too much pot in his college years ?
    The same goes for questioning "is being gay ok ?"
    Exact same absurd in both cases.

  • Albert Dela Cruz

    Is infinity standard? Can't we label infinity like (1)infinity or (2)infinity so that we know where that infinity originated from? So we know infinity are all the same infinity (maybe we don't) but at least we know where they originated so that 1 won't be equal to 2?
    No, I am just joking. Hahahahaha.

  • fofo cruz
    fofo cruz Day ago

    are u asian or british

  • ImLiLDude _
    ImLiLDude _ Day ago

    Why are my teachers not like this guy?

  • Nigell
    Nigell Day ago

    hate math but this video was hella interesting lol

  • Luis Sánchez
    Luis Sánchez Day ago

    Quick question. We should be able to create a number to represent 1/0 without solving it the same way we created i to represent the square root of -1, shouldn't we?
    Let's call that number, say, j. 2/0 would simply be 2j, which is different from 1j.

  • Daniel von Bose
    Daniel von Bose Day ago

    If a/b = c, this is equivalent to saying a = bc. If b is zero bc is always zero and can never equal a unless a is also zero. But 0/0 is indeterminate since anything times zero is zero. c the answer to the division problem is anything!

  • caleb williams
    caleb williams Day ago

    5:16 aren't there multiple sizes of infinity though? wouldn't it be better to say that 1/0= 1infinity and 2/0=2infinity?

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Day ago

    Very good teacher, I had Nuns they were very good also.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Day ago +1

    Learned this back in the 50's.

    • Ole Albers
      Ole Albers 8 hours ago

      You are really old. Must have been awesome having Fred Flintstone as a classmate :)

  • Dr Deuteron
    Dr Deuteron Day ago

    you had me at 1/-0.001.

  • Gardeners Galaxy

    Tell me he doesn't sound like British nigh higa

  • Waffle Person
    Waffle Person Day ago +1

    8:35 *Stranger Things music starts playing*

  • Waffle Person
    Waffle Person Day ago +3

    6:18 YoU MiSsed PArT oF thE TwO whEN yOu WeRe eraSiNG. o_O

  • William Wang
    William Wang Day ago

    You realise you waste 9 minutes of your life if you already took calculus...

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee Day ago

    The concept of "infinity" is not a number, finite or otherwise. Therefore you cannot equate anything to "infinity", rather you can only approach infinity.

  • Pravin Dahal
    Pravin Dahal Day ago

    No, this is not what division is and that is not why it's undefined. God! It's right there in the name. "Division", meaning dividing something.
    Divide 100 into 4 parts. That would be 25 each.
    Divide 100 into 2 parts. 50 each.
    Divide 100 into 1 part. That's already 1 part, so 100 it is.
    Divide 100 into 0 parts. 100 is already 1 part. I can't divide it into zero parts. Wtf? That doesn't make any sense.
    That is why it's undefined.
    Mathematics is a way to model reality, not reality itself. Don't ever forget that part and you won't get sucked into retarded nonsense like Banach-Tarski paradox or waste your time on simple ideas like "divide by zero".

  • raze
    raze Day ago

    but then, what's 0divided by 0?????

  • zdrastvutye
    zdrastvutye Day ago

    5:40 1=2 means the intersection of y=x+1 and y=x+2 which calculates x+1=x+2 but this intersection does not exist

  • Roger Ahier
    Roger Ahier Day ago

    Dividing by 0 is nothing more than adding another axis to the equation.

  • Ap A
    Ap A Day ago

    this is how religions came into existence, via fake logic, smart guy and really stupid audience.

  • Miki Brunner
    Miki Brunner Day ago

    I believe the problem is that the set of math-rules we call algebra is not enough to properly work with entities like zeroes and infinity. First we would need to recognize that there can be positive or negative 0. Simply to recognize this as property of any number to be positive or negative. Now that we fixed the problem with 0 lets focus on infinity. There is no one single infinity. Infinity + 1 is not just infinity. That increment must be taken into account on some level, other vice the math falls apart. Let's say 10/∞ is not quite the same as 1000/∞ . Yes in the end the end product may be the same but the infinity destroys the concept of division since it is not commutable operation. You cannot restore the original values once you have "∞" or "0" in place. If we had apparatus to preserve the original components of any formula - we could well work with division by 0. Imagine (10/0 = 10∞, 10∞*0 = 10) (2/0 = 2∞; 1/0 = ∞ >> 2∞ ∞). (1/-0.1 = -10; 1/-0 = -∞; -∞ ∞ 2∞ ) Would that work for you?

  • Cars Maniac
    Cars Maniac Day ago +2

    I want a teacher like him. It’s very interesting and he is very good to explain to students how it works 😁. With this teacher it’s funny to learn mathematics but in France ( I live in France ), you don’t want to go to school because every teachers are boring, I swear, you want to sleep. 👍

  • Ryan Mya
    Ryan Mya Day ago

    Like matter and anti matter

    ARYAN SINGH Day ago

    3 words
    Just 3 words ......
    Why can't I get a teacher like u persoally .....

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    the 1=2 thing isn't what you'd get though? 1/0 doesn't equal 2/0 - you have to multiply both sides by 0 first and you'd get 0=0

  • Music Oldies
    Music Oldies Day ago

    Eddie Woo: I disagree with any number divided by zero being infinity. Here's my take on this matter: Any number being divided into (let's say "3" in this case) always gets apportioned exactly into it's divisor, which in all but one case represents "a quantity" - however small that quantity is. To state the obvious: the smaller the quantity, the greater the quotient that gets apportioned to each quantity amount, the sum of which obviously equals the dividend (the original number being divided into). Now, the total amount of fractional numbers below the value of "1" are obviously infinite, so the smaller that fraction, the greater the number which will continue to approach infinity, as you correctly stated in your lecture. "Infinity" is just a concept describing the whole process I mentioned above, but it does not represent any "number". Next, let's take the digit "0". "Zero" represents a non-quantity, so the dividend can't be split up in any way, shape or form into this non-quantity, so to me the correct answer to "what is 3 divided by 0" should be 3, because the dividend comes out as the whole number it started out with - being that it can't be apportioned into the non-quantity, so it remains as the number it was before the equation process.

  • thrash metal
    thrash metal Day ago

    I actually got on TheXvid because I wanted to look for exercises to improve my picking e speed at guitar... Now my brain is so fucked I don't even know how to hold my guitar

  • D25 Gen
    D25 Gen Day ago

    Well, take no offence but your understanding about -infinite is wrong. -0.000001........ comes to be 0, which is neither + nor -. So it is not -infinite. I loved the way you explained/taught things. Keep up the good work.

  • Squeeks
    Squeeks Day ago

    Imo ÷0 should be the same as x0 aka 0
    It works out if you use the apple tree worded variant...
    15 apples on a tree, 3 people pick them equally, how many does each person have: 5
    15 apples on a tree, 0 people pick them equally, how many does each person have: 0
    Nobody picking so nobody will have any = 0
    Multiply ?×0=0
    If division is a mirror like repetitive addition/subtraction then surely
    Divide ?÷0=0
    Or to take your undefined
    ○○ + -○○ = 0
    (On cell so no infinity icon)
    Negating both the positive and negative infinity ends of the divisional constraints against the other, comes to a middle number that is definable and works for multiplication...
    That number, obviously ZERO = 0

  • graham grasdal
    graham grasdal Day ago

    the funny thing is that right in the first minute I notice that his mind and mine are different. He thinks (3) times (5) is 5 threes and my mind says (3) items of 5 each.

  • Jussi .Karasti
    Jussi .Karasti Day ago

    @4:00-> 1/0,001 ... 1/0,0001 ... and so on. Why would it ever reach zero, wouldn't there be more zeros after the "0," or "0."? Also, the quotient seems to go positively towards the infinity, whereas the denominator reaches finity. I'm no expert, so I don't know if that's a problem in the first place. And for last, you draw the hyperbola, which seems to support the idea that the quotient and denominator should both head towards pos. and neg. infinity? -rookie

  • Mooks
    Mooks Day ago

    this teacher is so much better then all of my teachers put together x 36

  • Furious Commenter

    There should be a math rule to 0 because for me 0 means nothing (except the 0 is after another number like 100) lets assume 0 as nothing for example... 50 divided by "nothing", you will divide 50 with nothing which will still be 50 just like the identity property in multiplication and addition

  • Imran Siddiqui
    Imran Siddiqui Day ago

    There is also an algebraic way to represent this that is very cool.
    For example: 3/4, this is the same thing as 4x=3, as when you substitute for x it is equivalent.
    Now take 1/0, and do the same thing.
    No number times zero is equal to one.
    This is undefined.

    SMART BOY Day ago

    I Don't Know, but it was not difficult for me. The fact of 1 divided by 0 is already cleared by me.
    1/1 = 1
    2/1 = 1+1 -> 2 answer
    80/20 = 20+20+20+20 --> 4 answer
    Then 1000/0 = 0+No power to reach up 1000+0+undefinable+0+Nothing = 0
    (0+No power to reach up 1000+0+undefinable+0+Nothing = 0 isn't not??)

  • Harshit Tihty
    Harshit Tihty Day ago

    the fug the students are lame af

  • DJ Svarovich
    DJ Svarovich Day ago +1

    Maybe division by 0 is quantum mechanics

  • johnny zavala
    johnny zavala 2 days ago

    Now I know how to beat Zero in a Tournament

  • velu ji
    velu ji 2 days ago

    Wow I wish I had mentor like you

  • Elucified
    Elucified 2 days ago

    Gotta say, Your videos are awesome..😁

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 2 days ago

    OR... we can surrender. When I see a result headed to infinity, that realization is the threshold of my effort, and I surrender. So to me, n/0 = Go take a break.

  • Jemz Peifixy
    Jemz Peifixy 2 days ago

    Infinity is not a number so you cannot say that 2/0=1/0 the only way you can prive that is multiplying both sides with 0 to cancel the 0 and every number multiplied with 0 is 0 so 0=0

  • Two Games
    Two Games 2 days ago +1

    wait, so 1 + (-1) = 0 so ∞ + (-∞ ) = 0 ?

    • Kanashimi
      Kanashimi Day ago

      No. Infinity is NOT a number, and it is ALWAYS uncountable.

    • Gavrolux
      Gavrolux Day ago

      Infinity is just a big number that's usually uncountable like 833763365553829292922922928282828828282828282 etc'

    • Two Games
      Two Games Day ago


    • Kanashimi
      Kanashimi Day ago

      No. Infinity is not a number. It doesn't have a value. It's only a concept, so you simply cannot use it like that.

  • Hot_Daniel03
    Hot_Daniel03 2 days ago

    Infinity is an expression of an expressionless number

  • BluBlu
    BluBlu 2 days ago

    the problem with dividing by zero is that you can create multiples Infinitys, I mean 1/0 = infinity and 2/0 = infinity too but if you have both in the same table (1/0 and 2/0) they are not equal that means that 1/0 = infinity and 2/0 = infinity'
    This means that infinity it's a irrational number and 1/0 it's irrational or maybe I'm wrong and I don't understand maths. someone can confirm me if I'm wrong or right?

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 2 days ago

    You are an idiot

  • Muduler Derpz
    Muduler Derpz 2 days ago +1

    Couldnt you just say its undefinable because 0 has no value. 0 Is only a "number" you write to visualize nothing.
    He showed 1 and 2 are not the same by counting pens - then show us 0 pens;)

  • Min Z
    Min Z 2 days ago

    let us consayder... boring... if it is high school students... yeah ok, if higher grade, then students are retarded. Guess the math teacher should mind your decision.... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... lol

  • نادر الی راحمان

    Once he said "look it up on Wikipedia" i gave a thumbs down. While it may be accurate for some stuff, it's
    mostly a propaganda website used to push the opinions of it's editors into "facts".

  • Yogi naidoo
    Yogi naidoo 2 days ago

    Incredible!! I could not stop watching!!

  • mineofminecraft
    mineofminecraft 2 days ago

    0/0 = ?

  • love gayrights
    love gayrights 2 days ago

    I thought that was common knowlegde

  • Baptiste Saunier
    Baptiste Saunier 2 days ago

    This is bcause 0 is an invention by man. 0 is not something that exists in our world. You never have nothingness...

  • Fors
    Fors 2 days ago

    So... 1/0 = 0 but it’s undefinable ?

  • Timo Schick
    Timo Schick 2 days ago

    Then why we don't just say: 1/0 = ∞ ?

    DYNA KLO 2 days ago

    numbers are defined by force ENERGY. they are a string of pure compounding balance form factors. iam the creator.

  • Makaveli the legend
    Makaveli the legend 2 days ago

    what a load of horseshit. I wasted 9 minutes of my life, just so some wannabe genius could come to the revolution that its "undefined, because its undefinable :O"

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 2 days ago

    The sad part is the fact this great teacher makes a small salary. Soon, he will get hired to work for a corporation making 3x his current salary and then the education system struggles to find another great teacher.

  • DarconizerRC
    DarconizerRC 2 days ago

    BUT there are other math problems, that have two outcomes, like square root of 4 can be 2 or -2 ! So why not just say x divided by zero can be infinity or -infinity ?
    Same is for the pq-formula where we have x1 and x2 as possibilities and only the context gives the right one. We could just do that here. Please explain !
    Another thing I never understood:
    x to the power of 0 is 1 - WHY ?
    if the power of y means how many times x is multiplied with itself it means x^3 = x*x*x ; x^2 = x*x ; x^1 = x and logicaly it should mean x^0 is no x at all, so zero ! why is x^0 = 1 ???

  • Toaster Ninja
    Toaster Ninja 2 days ago

    aye listen if you have a cake for example, and there is 0, which is equal to nothing, which means that no one needs the cake which means that *the* cake isn't eaten that means you will still have 1 cake left or infinity slices. I would say the basic answer would be 1 cause it's infinity slices in 1 cake

  • Antoine Dubruque
    Antoine Dubruque 2 days ago

    useless video. Seriously wtf

  • Ricardo Ram
    Ricardo Ram 2 days ago

    I would definitely fail your class