Dividing by zero?


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  • De sampige kasser
    De sampige kasser 6 hours ago

    2:56 not infinite, its nothing, not even zero, it's impossible, there no qualification for dividing by zero

  • Airplanes11
    Airplanes11 7 hours ago

    well 1 x 0 = 0 therefore 0 / 1 must equal 0 Kappa

  • Barrett Gilbreath
    Barrett Gilbreath 21 hour ago

    i think i love math now!!!! this guy is fucking amazing!!! i have no interest in pursuing a math career or doing anything in my future related to math, but this guy makes me watch all of his videos. there is always something interesting about his lecture!!! i fucking love this guy!!

  • TheGreen Tortoise

    You can think of it this way. Think of numbers like A to B, or like a path.
    1 is a path. It ends at 1.
    2 is a path. It ends at 2.
    3 is a path. It ends at 3, and so forth.
    A man walks 3 steps. How many steps has he walked? 3.
    However, infinity loops into itself. It has an *infinite* path. It doesn't end at 100, 2,000, 30,000. It ends at infinity.
    On a number line, you can slide your finger left or right. Imagine you start at 3 and move 2 to the right. You land on 5.
    But then you're asked to start on 1 and move infinity to the right.
    *Where do you move? How much do you move to the right by?*

  • Michel Araujo
    Michel Araujo Day ago

    8:51 Aaron Samuels had just gotten a haircut that day

  • Cyprien Chabin
    Cyprien Chabin 2 days ago

    "Division" by zero isn't that undefinable, but I guess making rules is more paedagogic.
    Eventually the more one understands math, the more one can question authority.

  • naomi essamha
    naomi essamha 2 days ago

    unnecessary philosophizing in mathematics
    dividing by 0 means not dividing at all
    whereas dividing bei 0,1 is just like cutting the numerator into 10 pieces

  • Dominik Juventyn
    Dominik Juventyn 2 days ago

    Pamiętaj stara cholero nigdy nie dziel przez zero

  • 김정은金正恩
    김정은金正恩 3 days ago

    1 / 0 = ZeroDivisionError

  • Naveen Singh
    Naveen Singh 3 days ago

    May I get some help in trigonometry CIE pure math

  • Ratikanta Nayak
    Ratikanta Nayak 3 days ago

    Eddie sir can I have your phone number

  • Mr Qwertzuiopü
    Mr Qwertzuiopü 3 days ago +1

    Ok but what is 0x1? It‘s 0 and 0x2? It‘s 0, so is 1=2? No
    Now I don‘t know what to believe

  • FitzJohnLep Gaming
    FitzJohnLep Gaming 3 days ago

    Unintelligible question XD

  • Murilo Vidal
    Murilo Vidal 3 days ago

    Dear God, someone help me, It's almost 1 am, I have to go to sleep, and I can't stop watching these videos

  • YouTube User #123456789

    Did I just watch a 9 minute lecture and not dose off

  • Comedy back to back
    Comedy back to back 4 days ago

    Only indian students can explain it.

  • MC Ride
    MC Ride 4 days ago

    I reckon minus infinity is the same as regular infinity as I believe it is opposite to 0 and you can’t get negative 0. I also reckon /0 could mean infinity if you don’t treat it as an integer as it is more of an expression.

  • Friendly Cock
    Friendly Cock 4 days ago

    What if we think of zero as a non ordinal number like infinity is? Then it would be feasible. Because the first infinity is Aleph Nol. The second infinity is Aleph+1 and so on.

  • Wilson tawa
    Wilson tawa 4 days ago

    What about 1/0²? is it undefined or is it +∞?

  • Ellie Tincan
    Ellie Tincan 5 days ago

    As above so below

  • Filipe Dias
    Filipe Dias 5 days ago

    Just a question, you told that 1/0= infinity =2/0, so 1=2, what is impossible. But they can be just proporcional: 1/0×2/2 is 2/0, the same logic of 1/2×2/2=2/4. There is only one difference, which is that 0 times anything is 0

  • Eros Avila
    Eros Avila 5 days ago

    Oberhofer IMagine omg teacher i am from tijuana and you are great

  • Moritz Abel
    Moritz Abel 6 days ago

    1/0 = oo and 1/-0 = -oo
    so you see... Problem solved with an -0 think on this :)

  • Noam Dorenbush
    Noam Dorenbush 6 days ago

    Wait... If 1/0 is INF and -INF, so it must be INF times -INF, which thats FAR away. So it is -++-1. Which that does not exist, so 1/0 is (N.E) so 1/0 is (N.E.) which that is an ERROR. so 1/0 is an error. Job well done.

  • Australian Chicken Pie

    There is nothing called negative Infinite. Infinite is to describe something for example a number thar never ends negative numbers that never end is infinite amount of negative not negative infinite amount

  • Bobby Wong
    Bobby Wong 6 days ago

    3:51 teacher asks, ‘one divided by point one?’

    Students say, ‘nine thousands’

  • Clayton LaChance
    Clayton LaChance 6 days ago

    I didn’t learn anything divided by zero was infinity until calculus when we use limits and derivatives to do proofs on it. Basically the second thing he explained but more complicated terms. I can’t remember what we used it for but I remember it was on the AP test so we learned it

  • Short 9914
    Short 9914 7 days ago

    What grade even are those kids??? Jeez, the amount of stupid answers in this video is astonishing

  • Josh Redgard-billingham

    Wait it can’t go to infinity because it’s not a number because a number is something you can count to but you can’t count to infinity because it never ends

  • JoffeBisk
    JoffeBisk 7 days ago

    Division is just reversed multiplication. Xx0=0 and therefore x/0=0. Put it this way, 4x4=16, and 16/4=4. See? Its just rearranged And if you switch out one of the 4's with zero it would be 16/0=0 BECAUSE 16x0=0 obviously, i switched it up a bit just to make it easier to understand, but you get the point.

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster 7 days ago +1

    This must be a class from the early 1900s, the kids sound intelligent and like they have ability

  • GaLL cSp
    GaLL cSp 8 days ago

    3×5=5+5+5 isn't it?

  • Picsa szag
    Picsa szag 8 days ago +1

    n/0 its wrong

  • Falkor YT
    Falkor YT 9 days ago

    Wish this was my teacher oof

  • joey
    joey 9 days ago

    0:42 3x5 (three times five) could mean "3 times, the 5 (5+5+5)" OR "the 3, times 5/5 times (3+3+3+3+3)"

  • The Bishop
    The Bishop 10 days ago +4

    The square root of a negative number is also undefinable though surely? Yet we managed to define it as “i”. Why can’t we do the same thing to dividing by 0? Why can’t we just call it “j”, for example, and class it as another imaginary number?
    I would genuinely like to know the answer to this as I’m sure there is a solution I am just unsure to what the solution is.

    • Uj Jjw
      Uj Jjw 9 hours ago


  • Vinicius McKagan
    Vinicius McKagan 10 days ago

    Ooooo, you classes is of gods

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 10 days ago

    if 1÷0=infinity=2÷0
    form here we can't conclude 1=2 because infinity is not defined so we can't say anything about it.

  • Matthew White
    Matthew White 10 days ago


  • krishan pal
    krishan pal 11 days ago

    big thumbs up....from uttarpradesh 👍

  • Lifes Sky
    Lifes Sky 11 days ago

    I just realised that all teachers were those kids in school who told funny facts

  • UltraZombieC7
    UltraZombieC7 11 days ago

    i wish i had teachers that can explain well like you

  • IlDivinoPase
    IlDivinoPase 11 days ago

    I wrote the 6666 comment

  • IlDivinoPase
    IlDivinoPase 11 days ago


  • Indycraft
    Indycraft 11 days ago

    Also if you were to make it algebraic, it would be
    1 divided by 0 = x
    But 0 multiplied by anything will equal 0
    In this equation 0 is multiplied by something to equal absolutely anything, because you can replace the number with anything you want and get the same result, exactly like what the teacher spoke about. Eg 2=0x or 10=0x
    If x = infinity, then 0 times infinity equals anything.

  • Vaibhav Banga
    Vaibhav Banga 12 days ago

    This 1/0 thing still keeps me awake at night

  • BulletRain
    BulletRain 12 days ago

    So.. couldn't you just say that its 0
    Cuz in my mind the middle of +infinity and -infinity is 0

  • POT01
    POT01 13 days ago

    But 1/0 is not egal to 1 (2/0 is not egal to 2 too) is egal to infinite so why you write 1 = 2 ?

  • Break stress
    Break stress 13 days ago

    This guy is amazing in all the possible meanings of this adjective!!!

  • waqas meeran
    waqas meeran 13 days ago


  • The IOS Gamer
    The IOS Gamer 14 days ago

    1/0 must be 1*infinity and 2/0 must be 2*infinity

  • Faraaz Nauman
    Faraaz Nauman 14 days ago

    When I clicked on this video: 😐 When I saw the first scene: This guy looks familiar. When I reached halfway: ITS THAT GUY FROM THAT TEENAGE BOSS SHOW.

  • SuperCityscan
    SuperCityscan 15 days ago

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, if division is "how many times can I substract x to make it equal to 0" then 1/-1 is infinite, because 1-(-1)=2, 2-(-1) =3 and so on.
    And because 1/0 became something and 2/0 became the same thing, that does not mean 1=2. It makes no sense for me in that context, because it does not broke the set up logic to that point. It's like 1*0=0=2*0, does that mean 1=2, NO.
    But still liked it. It would simplify for people with high school math knowledge.

  • Martial Matters
    Martial Matters 15 days ago

    the teacher is Asian and he's crying on the inside that he's teaching such simple stuff in high school.

  • Qash G
    Qash G 15 days ago

    these 9 minutes felt like a second, wish every teacher was as skilled as u

  • Rudy Raito
    Rudy Raito 16 days ago

    what a great teacher...he make math completely interesting

  • Zoe Porphyrogenita
    Zoe Porphyrogenita 16 days ago

    I teach like this, except that my students also get turns to explain at the whiteboard and they love that. We learn a lot about each other’s mathematical preferences that way.

  • Barış Özügüler
    Barış Özügüler 16 days ago

    0 çarpma işleminde de sorunlu bir sayı

  • My Head Now
    My Head Now 16 days ago

    this doesn't make sense because you'll never reach 0 by dividing 1 by 10 repeatedly :(

  • Jenni Aly
    Jenni Aly 16 days ago

    I want u in my life

  • super speedster gaming 2.0

    0:57 (subtitles) unintelligible question....................lmao!!!

  • 01110000 01101111 01101111 ,

    Google calculator says it is infinity. Microsoft says "Cannot divide by zero"

  • a whole bunch of bread

    1/0 = 2/0
    Cross multiply with 0
    1*0 =2*0

  • AravAuronMaBaba Bhattacharya

    Wait by that theory what is 1 times 0 because 2 times 0 is equal to 0 and 1times 0 equals 0 too!! lmao!! XD

  • Ali
    Ali 19 days ago

    The part where you said 1/0 = ∞ = 2/0, couldn't you multiply everything by 0 to get 0 = 0 = 0, making the statement true?

  • Judas Mlengos
    Judas Mlengos 19 days ago

    As the denominator approaches zero, the solution is defined infinitely until it reaches an asymptote where it's undefined. In other words the solution is only defined for all denominator greater or less than zero. I don't know if i understood it right😞😞

  • Kota life Updates
    Kota life Updates 19 days ago

    Good for small class children

  • Omkar Chavan
    Omkar Chavan 20 days ago

    Omg i never thought this way
    Plz upload all such concepts
    U are like the treasure of knowledge

  • Le Mirage
    Le Mirage 20 days ago

    Who are Eddie's students? bunch of dudes/actors pretending to be students to make up the video? :-D

  • Jeff Longhamme
    Jeff Longhamme 21 day ago +3

    Multiplication is repeated addition


  • zarix
    zarix 21 day ago

    i love this professor

  • Niranjan Hari
    Niranjan Hari 22 days ago

    1/0 = 2/0
    Cross multiplying 0 , we get
    1*0 =2*0
    It's proved.
    Then why undefinable??

  • Jkoe
    Jkoe 22 days ago

    Nice teachee, but he did a mistake. He wrote 5x3=5+5+5, and 3x5=3+3+3+3+3, but its actually the other way around!

  • Aiden Hawkins
    Aiden Hawkins 22 days ago

    If 1 divided by 0= infinity then surely 0 times infinity =1 and 1 times infinity =0 infinity according to his equation

  • Christino Sim
    Christino Sim 22 days ago

    I knew 1=2!

  • MRSomethin1
    MRSomethin1 23 days ago

    note that the net inverse proportional antiderivative is constant except with double integration then having a quadratic formula with diminishing hyperbolic trigonometric functions asymptote to the callipygian chain rule

  • Zoe Porphyrogenita
    Zoe Porphyrogenita 23 days ago

    This is why relations are better than functions.

  • JoeAceJR
    JoeAceJR 23 days ago

    uhhh you could have cross multiplied 1/0 and ∞ and put infinity over 1. Then solve what infinity divided by 0 is.

  • eriksonidingle
    eriksonidingle 23 days ago

    Hmmm. 2/0 and 1/0 is impossible because they both result in infinity and that means 2=1.
    That means that the sums 1+1+1+1...=infinity
    and 2+2+2+2...=infinity implies 1=2 aswell and are therefore not allowed?
    No more infinite sums? Disclosure, I think it is a mistake to treat 0 as a number, it is not a number more than infinity. 0 and infinity seem to be the same entity from different perspektives, from inside and outside. Treat 0 as a placeholder instead and math makes more sense.

  • Alpt Gamer
    Alpt Gamer 23 days ago

    1 does not equal 2 because 2/1=2 and 1/1=1 which is essentially what "1" or "2 is

  • Kallelay
    Kallelay 23 days ago

    1/0 tends to infinity but is never is.... it is basically undefined

  • 1 Minute Cuber
    1 Minute Cuber 24 days ago

    Asian. Huh.

  • Pascal Wuyts
    Pascal Wuyts 24 days ago

    Dividing by 0 is like a non-division.
    /n every (n ≠ 0) is a division
    /n with n=0 is a non-division
    1/0=1 just like 1*0=1
    0 es nuetral at all operator

    • Pascal Wuyts
      Pascal Wuyts 24 days ago

      There is no magnitude attached to 0.
      It does not divide, does not multiply, ...

  • g4ngst4crizz4b
    g4ngst4crizz4b 24 days ago

    Nothing is the only thing that can be divided equally.

  • M L
    M L 24 days ago

    Kolejnym dowodem na to że nie możemy dzielić przez zero, bardziej intuicyjnym dla nie matematyków jest właśnie zapis dzielenia jako odejmowania. Odejmowanie w nieskończoność zera nie spowoduje że osiągniemy zero w równaniu 1-0-0-0-0-0....-0 =/= 0

  • nicholasp1987
    nicholasp1987 24 days ago

    If division is repeated subtraction, then you can't take anything away using nothing. Yes you could take something away from zero and end up in negative numbers, but his example of 15 - 5 - 5 - 5 = 0 would be 15 / 3, so 15 / 0 should be 15 -0 -0 -0 -0 and so on, would eventually still be 15! There is nothing to take away, so there is nothing to divide.
    So perhaps the answer to any number divided by zero, if the above rule applies that it is repeated subtraction, is that we end up with the same number we started with, which would then be equal to 15 ÷ 1. But 15 ÷ 15 is not equal to 15 - 15, where 15 ÷ 15 = 1 and 15-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (15 1's) = 0.
    So perhaps division is not repeated subtraction.
    If you have 15 pizzas and divide them by 15 people you all have 1 each. But if you have 15 pizzas and take 1 away 15 times, then you have none.
    And any number divided by 0 will end up with the same number, just the same as a whole pizza sitting there with no one to eat it will still be whole because no one has taken a slice.
    I guess that would be how i see it, but i am not a mathematician.

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 25 days ago

    He sounds like Amaz

  • A10戈LøLPRASAD Gaming

    Sir, what if when you got the answer 1/0 = 2/0, I do not see anything wrong with that. You straight away jumped to the conclusion without seeing that you skipped an intermediate CONCEPTUAL step. See, if I give you 1x0=2=0, then you could cut 0 out of the equation because, well, same thing on same sides so just cut it out and say 1=2, right? But no. It is equal to 0. So what I am trying to say is, when you cross-multiply the first equation, you can always get 0 and not ∞. Obviously you showed 1≠2 in a fancy way but it could have been just a simpler solution. So in the end you did not prove 1=2, you proved 0=0.
    And oh, in case you are wondering, I could have solved this by defining a limit but thats just not correct when you are looking at conceptual maths and not all the fancy stuff.

    Don't know though. Maybe I am wrong.

  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed 25 days ago

    1/0 = ∞
    1/-0 = -∞

  • Pete Pete
    Pete Pete 26 days ago

    The most entertaining maths teacher I’ve ever seen.

  • MrNickPeters
    MrNickPeters 26 days ago

    Why's the answer not 0?

  • WhiteGamezz
    WhiteGamezz 26 days ago

    1 is 2 like 4 is 8 but 90 is also 70 because numbers are not relevant its just something thought of as functional because we cant think in 80 is 70

  • Archit Babu Merciful
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  • Cold fusion Remix
    Cold fusion Remix 26 days ago

    what if we took infinity as a speed rather than a number? hear me out, if we say that 1/0.1and so on...
    equals to infinity and 1/0.2 and so on.....also equals to infinity but doesn't 1/0.2 and so on .... reach infinity faster??? can we redefine infinity as a speed????(or am i just over thinking it?)

  • majermike
    majermike 27 days ago

    oh my god not zero!!!!!!!!!! it makes it blow up noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn't watch it

  • Vishwesh Dayal
    Vishwesh Dayal 27 days ago

    He is a great teacher! I’m guessing he is a middle school teacher right? For some reason I thought he was a college professor or something.

  • Mr. Dounut
    Mr. Dounut 27 days ago

    One time on a test I got the question what’s 4 divided by 0?

    I was in third grade

  • Thresh Hook
    Thresh Hook 27 days ago

    Simple thing is if you say 1/0 = x then logicaly x*0 = 1. Tell me a real number that multiplied by 0 is 1 and you are the smartest person alive.

  • Mihajlo TFW
    Mihajlo TFW 27 days ago

    Well... you forgot one thing... so we have something which goes to infinity, and negative infinity. You can clearly see on graph he have drawed that there is no touching point, which will lead us to know it is complex. So there is term called complex infinity which will fit perfectly in this term. Its notation is just like infinity but it has ~ on it.

  • I am Curious.
    I am Curious. 27 days ago

    That's how math should really be taught.