Dividing by zero?

  • Published on Sep 22, 2014

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  • Uncle Royston
    Uncle Royston 9 hours ago

    I would define the answer of A/0 = +/- infinity... does it make sense? Just like when we are using the quadratic equation, we are expecting both + and - answers...

  • Innovasion Classes
    Innovasion Classes Day ago +1

    This is how we can prove
    1/0 =infinity , similarly
    =》 1/infinity = 0
    Infinity can be any number
    So let we take
    So 1/10000......... = 0.000000..........1 approximate 0

  • Radha Devadarshini Manoharan

    What an explanation sir

  • BangGamer 1338 YT
    BangGamer 1338 YT 3 days ago

    0:0 I think is 1
    :0 just -+ infinity

  • I Was Here
    I Was Here 3 days ago +1

    That what i call pasion

  • Jacob626
    Jacob626 4 days ago

    What happens if you multiply 1/0 times 0

  • Emma Ausprung
    Emma Ausprung 4 days ago

    Isn't the 2/0 a different infinity. Since all infinities aren't equal?

  • Jitendra Kaparwan
    Jitendra Kaparwan 5 days ago

    That's simply awesome sir.. insanely awesome !
    Fan of yours now ...

  • Rick Lewis
    Rick Lewis 5 days ago

    What is Negative Infinity and Positive Infinity are the same thing. Just one infinity.
    We know the Earth is round, but our Maps are flat because it is merely a projection of what is really there.
    We know the Cartesian plane we see could be thought of as a projection of a 4-dimensional complex plane (since each axis is 2-dimensional, having both a real and imaginary part) when the imaginary parts of both axes are zero.
    What if the Cartesian Plane we draw is also actually a projection of a sphere, (or some other shape that follows weird rules of higher dimensional geometry,) and when travelling towards infinity, you always find yourself returning from negative infinity back to where you started.
    The value of anything divided by zero will be the value infinity. Not positive infinity, not negative infinity. Just, infinity.

  • sanchari guha
    sanchari guha 6 days ago

    I figured it out when I was 10.as I can't understand multiplication and division.

  • zawa Hana
    zawa Hana 6 days ago

    despite i was a undergraduate, i dont konwn what dividing by zero is untill i watch this lesson

  • Avalon XX
    Avalon XX 7 days ago

    Negative INF

  • asadullah mehmood
    asadullah mehmood 7 days ago

    So what would be 0÷0 than undefined or 1??

  • dian santoso
    dian santoso 7 days ago +1

    Can you explain this, If 1×3 = 1+1+1 then 3×1 = 3+....?

    • dian santoso
      dian santoso 6 days ago

      @Illuso Senpai so multiplication is NOT repeated adding. I think the concept of multiplication is repeated adding cannot be applied in such situation. That makes confusion for students.

    • Illuso Senpai
      Illuso Senpai 6 days ago

      i always imagine the last '1' as 0

    • Illuso Senpai
      Illuso Senpai 6 days ago


  • Shiva Musham
    Shiva Musham 7 days ago

    Nice teaching skill sir am inspired

  • Agnieszka Wójcik
    Agnieszka Wójcik 8 days ago

    But when you divide 1 by 1, then 0.1, then 0.01, then 0.001 etc. you're only approaching to 0, but you're never gonna get, it's always gonna be 0.0...1 so is it right to assume that 1/0=∞?

  • 落叶
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  • rs y
    rs y 9 days ago

    2 thousand unlikes are from teachers who say that "because it just is" when you ask "why?"

  • emilio mercado pasikat na bayagbag

    Zero raised to zero is any number higher than zero and lower than 1.

  • The Humanoid
    The Humanoid 9 days ago

    3x5 is not 3+3+3+3+3
    It's actually 5+5+5

    • The Humanoid
      The Humanoid 9 days ago

      And im being serious with this, even though the value is the same but that's the correct way of doing it.

  • The Squirrel
    The Squirrel 9 days ago +1

    X/0 = 0xY to equal X. That value will always be... nothing. Not 0. Nothing.

  • Saad Patel
    Saad Patel 10 days ago


  • Saad Patel
    Saad Patel 10 days ago

    Impressive..understanding with proof is much more efficient that just memorising or learning a fact

  • Babadun Babadun
    Babadun Babadun 10 days ago


  • David López
    David López 10 days ago +2

    What about ±∞?

  • David López
    David López 10 days ago +1


  • luky jeem
    luky jeem 10 days ago

    Yhis lesson is so good :)👌👍

  • My Queen,
    My Queen, 11 days ago +3

    How do you get to 1/0 if the path between 1/1 and 1/0 is infinity

  • michael myers
    michael myers 11 days ago

    TheXvid recommendations never fail to amaze me

  • Hansfrivoslavolay Zinvaralasglyder

    This Man is one of the Masters of the 3rd Dimension Wisdom.

  • R 19
    R 19 11 days ago

    I love you 3000

  • Hosea Kun
    Hosea Kun 11 days ago +2

    Just a simple question. If multiplication is repetitive addition then why is (-) x (-) = +, but (-)+(-) = - ?

  • yee白居
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  • duemilanove
    duemilanove 12 days ago

    What about the limit of x->0 of 1/x? Is it undefined too?

    • Giannis Mag
      Giannis Mag 12 days ago

      Yeah, You need to know if the x is close to negatives or positives numbers. If its close to negatives , the answer will be minus infinate and if its close to positives the answer will be plus infite. So the limit x->0 doesnt exist. By close to pos or negs I mean that the f(x) is >0 or its

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 12 days ago

    So nice of you to define a black hole.

  • Shirley Munro
    Shirley Munro 13 days ago

    A÷0=NOT A (where NOT A is a Set unrelated to A except at superposition)

  • Rodrigo Graca
    Rodrigo Graca 13 days ago +1

    Hey, professor !! My name's Rodrigo, I'm from Brazil and I have 15 years, I'm coursing the second year of our midterm college !! Your explication is amazing, you're awesome !! I have lots of math questions and you're making me more interested in math !! Now you have one more subscriber but a brazilian one !! Haha thanks !!✌🏻❤️

    ようこそRAZUMOVSKY 13 days ago +1

    Лайк если ты от Рыбникова

  • 70111145 42145
    70111145 42145 13 days ago

    0.1 isn't it zero.

  • Devangi Kacha
    Devangi Kacha 13 days ago

    My father thought me same way when I was learning multiplication.. Me made me do repetitive addition and the introduced that as multiplication.. Like wise division..

  • Mostly Everything
    Mostly Everything 13 days ago

    If repeated subtraction = division ,than 0/1 should also be undefined but we know that it is 0 .Your teaching style looks cool but your knowledge is not so cool.

  • swag 6891
    swag 6891 13 days ago

    Lmao it’s actually undefined, oh sorry I didn’t finish the whole vid.

  • rustcarp 5956
    rustcarp 5956 13 days ago

    And 0/0 has infinite solutions.

  • saniyah ratcliff
    saniyah ratcliff 13 days ago +1

    B*x= a there is no such x
    1/0 does not exist or is defined or undefined

    • Élysée Pasteur
      Élysée Pasteur 12 days ago

      Actually he was teaching the limit topic. He used 1/0 for advertising. Right?!!!

    DRAGON SLAYER 13 days ago +32

    Multiplication is repeated adding
    Class: 😮😮

  • Rajesh Jangid
    Rajesh Jangid 13 days ago +2

    1^0=1^1 so we can say that 0=1😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • 나몰빼미
      나몰빼미 13 days ago

      so we can say that 1=2=3=4=••••••=○○

  • Mikey McMikeFace
    Mikey McMikeFace 14 days ago

    Or we just haven't realized the definition yet!

  • nour cr7
    nour cr7 14 days ago

    I swear you are incredible Allah preserve you 😁😁

    • Pokadots andWhatnots
      Pokadots andWhatnots 12 days ago

      ......... i doubt he's Muslim. Not many Asians r but nice try ig 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Squeeks
    Squeeks 14 days ago

    0÷0=0 : Neural Logic
    0÷0=WTF : Chipset Logic

  • Throxing
    Throxing 14 days ago +1

    At first he's kinda wrong, but he's still kinda right. 3 times 5 means 3 groups of 5. Not 3+3+3+3+3.

  • Krozma San
    Krozma San 14 days ago

    Another problem: if 1/0 = infinity and 1/0 = negative infinity, then 1/0 = infinity = negative infinity. And the only way that a negative is equal to a positive, is if that number is 0. Then, infinity=0.

  • 카르마수용소
    카르마수용소 14 days ago +1

    I wonder which grade r they lol. Cuz the idea is from Calculus! Perhaps college right..?

    • swag 6891
      swag 6891 13 days ago

      카르마수용소 yea I learnt it last year and I’m year 12 rn

  • musicLover9487
    musicLover9487 14 days ago

    Am I the only one that flashed back to mean girls at 8:48 /8:50 ?

  • Vijau Solanki
    Vijau Solanki 15 days ago

    2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick math

  • Detective Fat Weedington

    well why couldnt anything divided by zero just equal all possible numbers

  • Thành Đức Nguyễn

    Lim 1/0+=+oo ; lim1/0-=-oo

  • Viktor Aggerholm
    Viktor Aggerholm 15 days ago

    Dividing by who gives a fucking shit

  • Prochnost c:
    Prochnost c: 15 days ago

    But this would make sense in the universe, if it were to be infinite, then you have infinite space (negative) and infinite mass (positive) would that mean that the big bang was just someone dividing by zero in the opposite directions at the same time? hmm...

  • mr. nul
    mr. nul 15 days ago

    But if you go dowm from 1, 0.1, 0.01 you will never get to zero it will go further 0.001, 0.0001, 0.00001, 0.000001 ...

  • IDK Productions
    IDK Productions 15 days ago +2

    Ok so that means 1/0 is 8!
    And 2/0 is 16 and on and on and on

  • Donaldo Trompeta
    Donaldo Trompeta 16 days ago +1

    Lim x-zero 1/x ?? Another way to explain

  • Jeremy Lenon
    Jeremy Lenon 16 days ago

    I believe this whole argument is falsely constructed. The idea that division is repeated subtraction is the only definition. That is division's purpose. Therefore, the only solution to this is infinity. You cannot define division using division, just like you cannot define a word by using that word in the definition.

  • Alexander Micharski
    Alexander Micharski 16 days ago

    Or you can just write a limit

  • CrazyField
    CrazyField 16 days ago

    1 x 0 = 0 = 2 x 0
    1 = 2?

  • Fef & Gogo
    Fef & Gogo 16 days ago

    answer : x / 0 is over 9000

  • Wod Katiten
    Wod Katiten 16 days ago

    Let's considaaAAh

  • Afaq Azmat S.
    Afaq Azmat S. 16 days ago

    lecture starts at 9:04... Save time...

  • Дмитрий Хабаров

    i don't get your logic. You take 1 marker in the right hand and 2 markers in the left hand and say - they don't equal. BUT! You take 1, divide it by 0.1 and say it equals 10... How can you divide something and have it equal a grater number? And i mean physically. Can i divide an apple and get 10, 100, 1000 apples?.. I did try but for some mysterious reason it's not working. Besides, you try to make markers represent 2 infinities. How does that work? They do equal, because they are infinite. It's not like one infinity starts with a 1 and the other starts with a 2. No. They are equal because they're both infinities. So, the answer to the problem 1/0 is actually very simple - it's 1. Zero is nothingness. When you divide anything by nothing you don't get nothing, you get the original thing. At least that's what the apple experiment let me to believe. Because you're actually not dividing at all.
    So question is why dividing 1 apple by 0.1 = 10 apples? Actually it equals to 10 pieces of that 1 apple. The apple is still there. So when you divide it by 0 - you are not dividing it at all. It does not disappear. So, it cannot equal 0. It has to be equal to 1...

  • raisun lakra
    raisun lakra 16 days ago +5

    Dear sir 1/0 is not equal to infinity but 1/0 tends to infinity that's why 1is not equal to 2

    • Kowin Bringolf
      Kowin Bringolf 14 days ago +1

      @Alberto Romanhol it actually tends to negative infinity and infinity. If you apply lateral limits, you see that if you approach 0 from the left, it tends to negative infinity, if you aproach from the right you get it tends to infinity. So theres no limit to 1/x

    • Alberto Romanhol
      Alberto Romanhol 14 days ago

      1/0 is undefined but 1/x when x tends to 0 it tends to infinity

    AMARJEET VERMA 16 days ago +2

    What is 0/0
    0-0 = 0 🤣

  • Saitama Uchiha
    Saitama Uchiha 17 days ago

    Θα μου πει κανένας τον λόγο που στην Ελλάδα μαθαίνουμε τα όρια απο την 3η Λυκείου και μπορούμε να λύσουμε τέτοιου είδους προβλήματα;

  • ExterZ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ExterZ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 17 days ago

    I really wish I had you as my high school & college math teacher

  • Perfect Enrager
    Perfect Enrager 17 days ago +9

    Dude I found this video really entertaining to watch!

  • That Dude
    That Dude 17 days ago

    This is the kinda shit I watch before I write my math exam

  • znpower
    znpower 18 days ago

    you are my dream teacher

  • Landon B
    Landon B 18 days ago

    N/0=infinity remainder n

  • Shazia Jamshaid
    Shazia Jamshaid 18 days ago +1

    Those who disliked have DEFINED division by zero!!..

  • Draupath Umesh
    Draupath Umesh 18 days ago

    1^0 = 1 = 0^0
    Doesn't it implies 1=0

  • Awesome Anonymous
    Awesome Anonymous 18 days ago

    But sir....generally any number divided by zero is taken to be zero.....many mathematical equations have been solved using that...so what should i think?....undefined means zero??

    • Tak Wan Chan
      Tak Wan Chan 17 days ago +1

      Please use your calculator to calculate the following questions:
      1 / 0
      2 / 0
      3 / 0
      4 / 0
      5 / 0

  • Anderson Klein
    Anderson Klein 18 days ago

    While in a class in high school or calculus 1 or something, the teacher pointed out what was probably in everyone's mind: Some people conjecture that this could just proof that minus infinity and infinity are connected and the number wheel connects there. Watching this it just hit me... What if there is a plane of numbers, like the imaginary numbers, which exist parallel to real numbers and there is a whole field of mathematics to be found?
    Maybe it could also one day be useful in explaining things about the universe that would make no sense otherwise...

  • Rachel Davies
    Rachel Davies 18 days ago +1

    1/0 doesn’t equal ♾ because if you subtract 0 from 1 infinite times it’ll still be 1

  • Saptarshi Paul
    Saptarshi Paul 19 days ago

    Man I want to be in your class

  • Count Roy
    Count Roy 19 days ago


  • Vremm
    Vremm 19 days ago +1

    9:04 here's what you looking for

  • syc 297
    syc 297 19 days ago

    Math has never been more fun than this

  • Asia Nash
    Asia Nash 19 days ago

    This man needs to teach my math class I'd actually learn and be entertained

  • Pond
    Pond 19 days ago

    Math just shows how everything is equivalent and theres no reason to really do anything

  • Lio the Gemini
    Lio the Gemini 19 days ago +1

    If division is repeated subtraction what would the subtraction look like when you do division such as 1/0.1 or 1/0.01?

    • Will Cahlstadt
      Will Cahlstadt 4 days ago

      Begin with the idea that 1-0.1=0.9
      We subtracted .1 from 1 10 times. Therefore, 1/0.1 equals 10.
      The corresponding process would follow for 1/0.01.

  • Isaac Joseph
    Isaac Joseph 19 days ago

    what if you did 0/0 wouldn't it always equal zero so now you don't end up with infinity. and i'm guessing you approaching this like everyone else but you never talked about what infinity means. infinity is like a problem that never ends but you were saying that 1/0=infinity and 2/0=infinity and just because they ended with infinity your saying that must mean their the same answer when really they don't. these two numbers never will get the same amount nor will they ever equal each other and so saying one number of infinity = another number of infinity is 100% wrong. i guess theirs something i'm missing or my education hasn't gotten to the level of what mathematicians perceive infinity to be so if i'm wrong on any of this let me know

  • Andrei Laurentiu Nuca
    Andrei Laurentiu Nuca 20 days ago +1

    If 1/0=x then 1=x*0? , And now the result is 0 or Infinity?

    • Xavier Platiau
      Xavier Platiau 15 days ago

      @猫我蜜糖 Finally someone who gets it.

    • 猫我蜜糖
      猫我蜜糖 19 days ago +1

      The inner expression needs to be evaluable before the Commutative Property can be applied.
      Hence you can't cancel the zeroes of 0*1/0 and predicate it to a 1.

  • Telli Moraglis
    Telli Moraglis 20 days ago

    If 1/0 tends to equal infinity or -infinity
    How come infinity*0 equals 0 and same for 0*-infinity
    That’s also why division by 0 is undefinable

  • Senpai Moshi
    Senpai Moshi 20 days ago


  • Tehblood
    Tehblood 20 days ago

    It's a different infinite set.

  • Aliant
    Aliant 20 days ago

    Wait a moment. How old these people are supposed to be?
    I learned some of this things at the age of eight. Hardest ones at the age of twelve
    Also, title is a fuckin clickbait

  • Isaac Shields
    Isaac Shields 21 day ago

    wait wait wait i could be out of my game he but instead of calling it "1 equal 2" couldnt you say it was "1 infinite 2" therefor your underlineing the fact of equal to more than the right too nono the possibility of

  • K1llStealer
    K1llStealer 21 day ago

    Explanation is just all wrong... He says 2/0 = infinite = 1/0 and then he says we have to assume 1 = 2 but all we so is assume infinity = infinity because 2/0 =/= 2 and 1/0 =/= 1 and noone said anything like that... You're basically saying... 2/2 = 1/1 so 2 = 1... No just wrong did a false explanation

    • Wybie
      Wybie 19 days ago

      He cancelled out the zero under each fraction- you can multiply both of the equations by 2 and they will still be relatively equal- what he's saying is right

  • Soon ster
    Soon ster 21 day ago

    Pretty cool presentation and I totally get you. Heard it somewhere before but still love ur style. One Question I always get thinking about that: If that "spot" is undefinable because it "moves" into separate directions. Doesn't that mean there is a logical error somewhere. I mean following the strategies I was taught to think like learning math in my lif: I clearly see: something is wrong. The System ist false.
    If u overthink it ... this could lead so some major headache regarding everything we know ... :D

  • 2muchtime26
    2muchtime26 21 day ago

    The real answer is in the what we think the problem is. Positive and negative are just directional so positive infinity does in fact equal negative infinity. Also mathematicians stumbled upon a truth they can't understand, 1 can equal 2 in that we are all one consciousness.

  • VW5pdmVyc2U
    VW5pdmVyc2U 21 day ago

    How is this education?

  • Anh Minh
    Anh Minh 21 day ago

    Me in my class: I Don’t know how to count!