10 Strangest Engines of All Time

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • MOST UNUSUAL AND INTERESTING ENGINES. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first internal combustion engine in 1872 by American George Brayton. Since then there have been a lot of new engine designs, and even some so crazy that people said they would never even work. Some of these engines are super rare and unusual, so if you’re a gearhead and you love cars and engines, then buckle up and check out the most unusual engines!

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    MAD LAB  6 months ago +35

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  • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

    Talking about Engines and getting the inventor wrong. Very bad dude. Very bad.

  • Turd throwing monkey

    In the UK a "gear head" is someone that is addicted to heroin.

  • Redx Boone
    Redx Boone 2 days ago

    Dam it ur making me scream it’s not a fuckin rotary engine it’s a dam rocker engine

  • Gus Kelman
    Gus Kelman 2 days ago

    Damn check your facts

  • Lateral Twitler
    Lateral Twitler 4 days ago

    You suck at history, facts, truth, and basic research. Not to mention the title and thumb is pure click bait.

  • Todor M
    Todor M 5 days ago

    You pronounce Volkwagen incorrect. It should start with F rather with V when pronouncing it!

  • Ali Ismael
    Ali Ismael 7 days ago

    Nothing is better than an electric car.

  • corey merrill
    corey merrill 8 days ago

    So...heres a question...and yes be
    I may be killed for asking,but why do we not have self charging electric cars? There is more than enough space to make the wheels and axels as well as a plethora of other moving parts into electromagnetic charger units.
    Im sure one could also find pneumatics could potentially be used to start the vehicles motion so it is combustion free...

    SMASH LEFTISM 8 days ago

    Loved that 500ci Caddy’s torque. Had a friend who’s dad bought these Lead Slead’s and he used to borrow it on weekends when we were in high school. A 2 door Eldorado convertible.

  • thelocustemperor
    thelocustemperor 10 days ago

    7:22 what movie is that where the guy in the green smoking car is screaming his head off...

  • JacobPug Poirier
    JacobPug Poirier 11 days ago +1

    6:29 I thought those were stairs...

  • Trevor Goldie
    Trevor Goldie 11 days ago +2

    Oh Americans invented the Internal combustion engine did they? Utter and outright lies. Yanks trying to change history again

  • Andreas Bergmann
    Andreas Bergmann 12 days ago

    Father Eugenio Barsanti, an Italian engineer, together with Felice Matteucci of Florence invented the first real internal combustion engine in 1853. Their patent request was granted in London on June 12, 1854, and published in London's Morning Journal under the title "Specification of Eugene Barsanti and Felix Matteucci, Obtaining Motive Power by the Explosion of Gasses". In 1860, Belgian Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir produced a gas-fired internal combustion engine. In 1864, Nikolaus Otto patented the first atmospheric gas engine. In 1872, American George Brayton invented the first commercial liquid-fueled internal combustion engine. In 1876, Nikolaus Otto, working with Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, patented the compressed charge, four-stroke cycle engine. In 1879, Karl Benz patented a reliable two-stroke gas engine. In 1892, Rudolf Diesel developed the first compressed charge, compression ignition engine. In 1926, Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fueled rocket. In 1939, the Heinkel He 178 became the world's first jet aircraft. In 1954 German engineer Felix Wankel patented a "pistonless" engine using an eccentric rotary design.
    Source : WikiPedia

  • MemphisBell
    MemphisBell 12 days ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't put the Chrysler turbine in this.

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    my car runs on kidnapped orphans, if they run the wheel well they get cheese and if they don't they get a shallow grave

  • Paul Steinmayer
    Paul Steinmayer 13 days ago

    I love the use of a 58 Plymouth Fury (from the Movie Christine) shown during the Cadillac bit!

  • Noah Kuhns
    Noah Kuhns 13 days ago

    So has anyone caught that the car on the assembly line when talking about the caddy is a Plymouth fury

  • Yony Loya
    Yony Loya 14 days ago

    Rotary engine is trash

  • Josh Link
    Josh Link 14 days ago

    I owned a 1981 Cadillac Eldarado biarritz that had 460 cu/in engine with that 4/6/8 bullshit on it....

  • orangestoneface
    orangestoneface 15 days ago

    i want to see an engine that turns itself in the engine bay of a car , rotates itself so you can see the whole engine spinning in a circle around itselfs middle, , not so hard to do . nobody done it .

  • Dave Zwerts
    Dave Zwerts 15 days ago

    Vr6 sucks .

  • Kaikashii MntsZng
    Kaikashii MntsZng 16 days ago

    The only problem of VW is the parts are so EXPENSIVE!!! I said it because I had a 00 Passat.

    GRANGEROUS DESIGNS 16 days ago

    We could have had some awesome hydrogen cars by now if the powers that be wouldn't have murdered and threatened inventors to suppress the technology.

  • Gabe Whisen
    Gabe Whisen 16 days ago

    The last engine is a modified A/C COMPRESSOR I thought of making that as a child cool someone did it

    • T Turner
      T Turner 15 days ago

      It's a take on the Stirling engine.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago

    I think two ads at the start is better the 50 in the middle of the vid

  • Brandon Pollard
    Brandon Pollard 17 days ago

    Ok hold the fuck up.. that was not a caddy. That red car was god damn Christine! The Plymouth Fury to tule them all!

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell 17 days ago

    Totally wrong about who invented the first internal combustion engine-
    As usual an ‘american’ voice telling us it was ‘an american’.
    American voice: “Bullshit!”

  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 17 days ago

    Only 6 seconds in and Robert Street 1794 and John Stevens 1798 might disagree with you

  • Samuel Foote
    Samuel Foote 18 days ago

    @5:55 no no higher compression does not mean more fuel consumption, it literally mean the piston is raised closer to the head but you have a higher risk of knock with low octane fuels.

    • bridged13b
      bridged13b 17 days ago

      In a perfect world a higher compression engine is more eficcient. Unfortunately in the real world conditions are far from perfect which means they generally add more fuel to stop knock

  • The Duder
    The Duder 18 days ago

    By sheer design, rotary engines can not be fuel efficient nor keep within evolving emission guidelines.
    A whole different fuel will need to be created, and the engine completely redesigned before those engines will be a major player.
    Too much un-burnt fuel is dumped into the exhaust because of the combustion chamber size, giving them a very low thermal efficiency.
    Not to even discuss the extremely poor rotor sealing due to uneven heat created because combustion only occurs in one area of the engine.
    That leads to very excessive oil consumption because oil has to be injected into the rotor/combustion chamber area to keep it lubed and sealed.
    Sorry folks, but the rotary engine is merely a half way thought out idea. Once the inventor had ignition, he stopped trying to advance his discovery.
    And those who followed, made no effort to advance the design in any way.
    That is the same concept as if we were still using oil lamps for headlights on our cars today.

  • toaster man
    toaster man 18 days ago

    4:37 does any one notice that the car licence plate says OH MY

  • Ant
    Ant 19 days ago

    VW and concern for environment??? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • The Zone
    The Zone 19 days ago

    Its pre-detination not detonation

  • Julian hendrickson.94 hendrickson

    200 hp is a lot for a motorcycle depending on the bike. If it is a sport bike that is a ridiculous amount of power, but for a cruiser, that isn’t bad

  • Tech Record
    Tech Record 19 days ago

    Amazing engine

  • Andrew Houghton
    Andrew Houghton 19 days ago +2

    ABSOLUTE BOLLOX - great viewing for americans who don't want their bubble burst!

  • Wonka Chocolates
    Wonka Chocolates 19 days ago +1

    Strange doesn't equal Reliable...usually, means more $$$ to repair...!!!

  • St0ner1995
    St0ner1995 19 days ago

    a little disappointing there was no mention of the car with a jet engine in it

  • luigi lasagne
    luigi lasagne 20 days ago

    ashole what is strange on this machines ? nothing and fuck u dont scam my time idiot dislike
    u ask why ? its 120 years old i know better engines as example graviton reactor
    i can build a starship idiot

  • Mike SpeedK
    Mike SpeedK 20 days ago

    7:21 That was my dad's old car but not that couleur

  • Oliver F. Rupert
    Oliver F. Rupert 20 days ago


  • demonic477
    demonic477 20 days ago

    Mazda is going to bring the rotary back . they say they have found a way to make them more efficient and plan on using it as the generator power plant for a electric hybrid . being as compact and powerful as they are it's a match made in heaven . that and I want to see how they pull it off when they leak and burn more oil then a hundred chain saw's a eat fuel like a big block still you got to love the size to power ratio .

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp 20 days ago +2

    "...since the Invention of the first internal combustion engine by the American George Brayton 1872"
    Hahahaha! Very funny.
    Brayton was actually late:
    Nicolaus August Otto -> internal combustion engine 1867 showed at the international Paris fair. Developed since 1862 or so.
    At 1872, Nicolaus August Otto already hat a 300.000 Silverthaler stock corporation for building Gas operated engines, the "Gasmotoren-Fabrik Deutz AG". And Otto also had trouble, because he violated patents on 4 cycle internal combustion engines, which where granted Christian Reithmann (1860) and Alphonse Beau de Rochas (1862). And then there was Samuel Brown... his invention was strictly speaking also am internal combustion engine - > 1826

  • Frikadasonline Kike
    Frikadasonline Kike 21 day ago

    You have no idea about what you're talking about eh... and only one of those motors are "rare", ignorance is free at internet nowadays

  • Sascha Funk
    Sascha Funk 21 day ago

    It must be possible, to build an engine with pistons only. The crancase is completely filled with oil. You need no piston rod and no crancshaft. The oil is mooved by the pistons up and down and get pressed throuth a turbine like in a hydraulic motor.

  • deelkar
    deelkar 21 day ago

    I'm flabberghasted that there are still people who claim to know about cars who call a Porsche a Porch.

  • Dion Phillips
    Dion Phillips 21 day ago


  • Felipe Vaiano
    Felipe Vaiano 21 day ago

    Fucking click bait dick head.

  • goval gaming
    goval gaming 21 day ago

    I really confused how the sphere one work😵(second from the last)

  • Connor Bunch
    Connor Bunch 21 day ago

    So. Many. Ads.

  • torque 6971
    torque 6971 22 days ago

    4 vertical shafts? Just looking at it from putside looks like every shaft in it is horizontal. Where is the term vertical coming from?

  • RobWillmot
    RobWillmot 22 days ago

    It’s not gear head the phrase is petrol head.

  • Kane Randle
    Kane Randle 22 days ago

    don't use cubic inches for engine size you fuckwit
    use liters or CCs

  • Tbonyandsteak
    Tbonyandsteak 22 days ago

    I believe it was Mercedes who made a super sports car in the 70's with Wankel engine.

    • Smith Inkognito
      Smith Inkognito 19 days ago

      Yes, the Mercedes-Benz C111 was a sportcar series with Wankel engine. They also produced the series with diesel and gasoline engines through the 60's and 70's.
      Funny Mazda lost their own invention to the competitors.

  • Evan Doss
    Evan Doss 22 days ago


  • Blake Belladonna
    Blake Belladonna 22 days ago +1

    You got the compression part completely wrong...

    Compression improves efficiency and power. But you can't have high boost and high compression at the same time (or you'll get knock), so the engine LOWERS compression at high-load, high-boost situations. And raises it in low-load situations for max efficiency during normal driving, while having gobs of power when desired.

    Basically all technology add-ons in engines are designed to improve the range of character of an engine. It's basically high-tech VTEC.

  • CaptHollister
    CaptHollister 22 days ago

    Woah there ! the internal combustion engine most assuredly was not invented by an American. Stopped watching after this monumental lie.

  • Norman  Johnson
    Norman Johnson 23 days ago

    I love cars and engins

  • john preston
    john preston 23 days ago

    Electric cars are gay AF

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster 23 days ago

    Sick of it youtube, eat a dick.

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster 23 days ago

    Man these ads are fucking gay as fuck.

  • Jayce Odell
    Jayce Odell 23 days ago

    More ads please

  • Mark Baxter
    Mark Baxter 23 days ago

    Numerous errors, the most glaring two being: 1) Mazda did *not* develop NSU's rotary engine at all. The first patent for the rotary engine was filed in the 1920s (before Mazda had even started making cars) by Felix Wankel, who along with other engineers at NSU developed it into production in the 1950s and early '60s. NSU sold licenses to a bunch of other companies to be allowed to make the rotary engine, one of whom was Mazda (in 1961), and the two companies raced each other to be the first to put a version into production. Mazda lost when NSU built the first production rotary car, the Spider, in 1964. Though Mazda did did go on to make a more reliable version when they did get a rotary into production in 1967. 2) The internal combustion engine was well and truly already invented *before* 1872 (indeed there's patients and working internal combustion engines built in the century previous). What George Braydon did bring to the party was a way to use liquid fuel (ie rather than gas), and this what eventually allowed motors to be come mobile; so certainly a very significant contribution, but he didn't "invent the internal combustion engine" per se.

  • darkosovar
    darkosovar 23 days ago

    Just a suggestion: consider using SI units along with pounds per sq feet and rotations per moon cycle, for non USA viewers. About 80% you said was a total nonsense to me.

  • Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards 23 days ago

    Rubbish, America invented everything didn't they?

  • Donny Churly
    Donny Churly 24 days ago

    One interesting engine which you should have included was Chryslers Turbine Engine, this engine could run on anything with exception to leaded fuels.

  • powertothebauer
    powertothebauer 24 days ago

    the first internal combustion engine was built in Paris by an belgian engineer in 1860

  • Mick von Bornemann
    Mick von Bornemann 24 days ago +7

    Ah Mazda had nothing to do with the NSU & Citroen Wankel Rotary programs.

    • NLRevZ
      NLRevZ 19 days ago +1

      @E3lcpl He said "But Mazda put these engines in the German NSU Ro 80 and the Citroën GS Birotor as part of a joint venture between 1967 and 1977". So yes, he did claim Mazda had everything to do with that. Unfortunately, that's dead wrong.

    • E3lcpl
      E3lcpl 20 days ago +1

      he never claimed it did , he said those engines where first in those cars and not mazada

  • Joe Pyle
    Joe Pyle 24 days ago

    Why was there a Plymouth furry while they were showing the caddy