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we broke up

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll
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Comments • 379 049

  • Nahal Nowroozpur
    Nahal Nowroozpur 7 hours ago

    Just please If you feel like it's the time get back together please

  • Mia Ohren
    Mia Ohren 7 hours ago

    You go get that mayonnaise, Liza!❤️

  • Ilayda Karacan
    Ilayda Karacan 7 hours ago

    It's the year 2067 and im still cryin😭 They are already over it but we are not 💔

  • Dhanvi Gupta
    Dhanvi Gupta 7 hours ago

    My heart broke💔💔

  • lovely vibes
    lovely vibes 7 hours ago

    My heart cry every time I watch this!

  • peachy pop
    peachy pop 7 hours ago

    *mayonnaise where u @*

  • peachy pop
    peachy pop 7 hours ago

    *its been a year

  • Sarah Jane Chien
    Sarah Jane Chien 7 hours ago

    Still watching.. this. Still hoping that they would come togheter and that they found the Mayonaise...😢

  • White Guy
    White Guy 8 hours ago

    This is so funny hahahahahah

  • cali
    cali 8 hours ago

    this was David’s worst video yet...

  • Rachida Mabrouki
    Rachida Mabrouki 8 hours ago

    noooooooo don't brake up u guys are so cute and u guys are the best cople ever or idk how u say it

  • nutella natilda
    nutella natilda 8 hours ago +1

    bruh,ive watch this multiple times and it still got me crying

  • G_R_A_C_E ;P
    G_R_A_C_E ;P 9 hours ago

    OMG i'm literally balling and it 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The New Cooking show
    The New Cooking show 9 hours ago

    I cry every time she cusses

  • Olivia Berthelsen
    Olivia Berthelsen 10 hours ago +1

    Who’s back here again?

  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace 10 hours ago

    0:24 my heart 💔

  • ItsAlex LoL
    ItsAlex LoL 11 hours ago

    It's your decision but still i hope you get back together (its been a year and I'm steel crying every time i watch this)

  • Mina Exo-l
    Mina Exo-l 11 hours ago

    Its clear David never wanted to break up and still had hope for them he kept using terms like 'for now' 'you never what could happen but just not now' 'take a break' but liza kept looking down when he said not now and said 'break up' not take a break . But hey its her own life her own decisions

  • Marshall Ackerman
    Marshall Ackerman 11 hours ago +1

    Whoever the 125k people who disliked this fuck you

  • Trainer boltTM
    Trainer boltTM 11 hours ago +1

    One reason I dislike this video.

    *Because they broke up* 😭

  • Alecsi Mikaela Dy
    Alecsi Mikaela Dy 12 hours ago

    who is still crying in June 2019?

  • Jessica Whaley
    Jessica Whaley 12 hours ago

    they need to get back together

  • Abdullah Al-Jarallah
    Abdullah Al-Jarallah 13 hours ago +1

    anyone still sad? 😢

  • blu wong
    blu wong 13 hours ago

    1 year later and im still crying over this 😭😭😭💙

  • Diamond Angel
    Diamond Angel 13 hours ago

    Here I am at 4 in the morning once again😭

  • Amena zoeb
    Amena zoeb 13 hours ago

    Omggg still waiting❤️😭

  • Always a bridesmaid Aldc

    One year... wow

  • Ceren Kuzu
    Ceren Kuzu 13 hours ago

    I still like the fact that they cry with each other while breaking up

  • Nil's Lifestyle
    Nil's Lifestyle 13 hours ago +2

    Omg the only video in TheXvid that makes me cry I love them

  • A B
    A B 14 hours ago

    5:46 😭

  • Nayeli Castro
    Nayeli Castro 14 hours ago

    It’s so sad that he said that Liza is his best friend and then a year later he says Natalie is his best friend:(

    • Diamond Angel
      Diamond Angel 13 hours ago

      Him and Natalie have been bestfriends since high-school lmao

  • Copper Tree
    Copper Tree 14 hours ago

    lmao nerd

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie 14 hours ago +1

    Wow a year 😭💔💔

  • Azhana Izzah
    Azhana Izzah 14 hours ago

    I just realized that this video is already a year. How things went fast.

  • Silixia
    Silixia 14 hours ago

    was rlly hoping to se a "we got back together" video or "we found the mayonnaise" type video on june 4 2019.

  • Raegan Lewis
    Raegan Lewis 15 hours ago

    6:07 is actually super funny!! LMAO XD

  • Evelyn Garcia
    Evelyn Garcia 15 hours ago +1

    This doesn’t even feel like a year 😪

  • Just PlainMe
    Just PlainMe 16 hours ago

    still waiting for them to come back together...

  • Dre Kennedy
    Dre Kennedy 16 hours ago

    I'm gonna be honest. Nothing about this break up makes sense to me.

  • Lil Bleach
    Lil Bleach 16 hours ago

    You know it’s bad when it does not end at 4:20

  • Shadow Wolf:3
    Shadow Wolf:3 16 hours ago

    At least their still best friends 🥰

  • DanTheMan 35
    DanTheMan 35 16 hours ago +1

    When is the prank over

  • Brook_ Brittian
    Brook_ Brittian 16 hours ago

    One year later...
    Still crying 😢

    LEMONADE ARMY 16 hours ago

    I dont think hes that great he hasn't bought me a car yet

  • Kashive Sahadeo
    Kashive Sahadeo 16 hours ago

    You two are meant to for each other !!!

  • Frozenz _ttv
    Frozenz _ttv 17 hours ago +1

    Bro my eyes poor out water every time I watch this

    MONICANDO 17 hours ago

    Did you guys find the mayo yet?😭😭

  • ok shut up
    ok shut up 17 hours ago

    one of the only videos that will ever make me cry.

  • Eira Dennice
    Eira Dennice 17 hours ago

    Pls comeback😭😭😭

  • Lilly Jacks
    Lilly Jacks 17 hours ago

    Stay strong Liza !!!! I’m late Ik

  • Gabbie McGinty
    Gabbie McGinty 17 hours ago

    it’s been a year😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Koolaid
    Koolaid 17 hours ago

    Damn this shit got 53 million views lol. My ex reminds me a lot of Liza. Super attractive, great personality, I'm her rock blah blah blah she got back with her ex that was before me and calls me crying at least once a month and cheats on the dude constantly. Life is weird man

  • Amity Lara
    Amity Lara 18 hours ago

    The ending hurts my heart.... when he kisses her on the cheek:(

  • Avril Vincent
    Avril Vincent 18 hours ago

    The break y'all took is long enough, please get back together😭

  • Heather Tetford
    Heather Tetford 18 hours ago

    this still hurts my heart a year later

  • Stella Komin
    Stella Komin 18 hours ago

    Poor poor Liza and David

  • Noah Perez
    Noah Perez 18 hours ago +1

    3:06 Liza wipes a fat booger on David's shirt.

  • Brooklyn Davis
    Brooklyn Davis 18 hours ago


  • Chin Bin Min Nin
    Chin Bin Min Nin 19 hours ago

    Those seven guys we're bts

  • Ella Waddell
    Ella Waddell 19 hours ago


  • BlasianKid
    BlasianKid 19 hours ago

    one year later and im still waiting for a video titled "it was just a prank" with him and liza as the thumbnail :(

  • Fan of A lot of people
    Fan of A lot of people 19 hours ago

    It’s been a year and I still cry abt this video

  • KC Pena
    KC Pena 19 hours ago

    they’re wearing each other’s merch:(

  • Victoria Holmer
    Victoria Holmer 19 hours ago

    Sometimes I watch this when I need a good cry. Just me? Okay..

  • Skittle_ Gang2019
    Skittle_ Gang2019 19 hours ago +1

    3:12 awww

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez 19 hours ago

    After this video, the world's heart died

  • Camila Ulloa
    Camila Ulloa 20 hours ago +1

    I fucking hate that they are not together anymore
    Like i am still waiting for "we are back together"

  • Kiara S.
    Kiara S. 20 hours ago

    More than a year later and I'm still crying😭😭

  • Nancy Reyes
    Nancy Reyes 20 hours ago +5

    *In 6 MONTHS they will be broken up for as long as they were together!!*

    Time is really weird bc I swear they were together for SO LONG, yet the time since their break up passed too fast.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 20 hours ago

    A year later, still crying about this😭

  • Jasper Beatty
    Jasper Beatty 21 hour ago

    Did y'all find the mayonnaise

  • Nevaeh Akiva
    Nevaeh Akiva 21 hour ago

    It's my fourth time seeing this and I am sad

  • Wuendy Calzada
    Wuendy Calzada 21 hour ago

    Who is still crying? 😭😭😭

  • Alba
    Alba 21 hour ago

    'You want to spread the mayonnaise but all you have is mustard" So deep xD

  • Richard Ojelabi
    Richard Ojelabi 22 hours ago

    Alot of youtubers broke up
    But this is tooo

  • Caoimhin Ohara
    Caoimhin Ohara 22 hours ago

    We’re is the fucking Mayonnaise

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner 23 hours ago +13

    Who’s watching after they got back together?

    ... wait never mind

  • Shannon Brown
    Shannon Brown 23 hours ago

    I’ve watched this so many times I can recite at least the first 2 minutes from memory

  • Idk what to name myself


  • Evelin
    Evelin 23 hours ago

    You're so mature... I'm so glad that you exist

  • Sophie Limbourg
    Sophie Limbourg Day ago +2

    who else is still crying

  • kristin knowles
    kristin knowles Day ago +2

    Cutest couple on iTunes lol iTunes Lol Utube!!

  • Bri Ruiz
    Bri Ruiz Day ago

    Still the saddest video ever 😔😢😭

  • Tristin Shaw
    Tristin Shaw Day ago

    One year ago today I was crying my eyes out because of this video😭

  • Alicyn Blanchette


  • Ava Daniela
    Ava Daniela Day ago +2

    It’s a year later and I’m still crying while watching this 😂♥️😭 I hope you find the mayonnaise even though I throw up when I eat it

  • Nadeen Razali
    Nadeen Razali Day ago

    I saw this in my recommended at it just made my morning and night and the rest of my frickin June depressing.

  • behinderteleberwurst

    This is still one of the funniest videos on TheXvid.

  • Lindsey Huerta
    Lindsey Huerta Day ago


  • Antonia Tasoulidou

    "For now" 💔

  • Jezzy the J
    Jezzy the J Day ago

    7 guys... so BTS😂😂😂😂 lol jk jk

  • Antonia Tasoulidou

    This video breaks my heart every fucking time I watch it and I gladly let it

  • Briza Camacho
    Briza Camacho Day ago +1

    It's been a year, *WHA-*

  • kassidy spence
    kassidy spence Day ago

    here i am a year later still crying over this

  • Genesis200? .E
    Genesis200? .E Day ago +2

    David: I think we will make this clear if Liza finds a boyfriend WE WILL DESTROY HIM

  • Tika16 Tika
    Tika16 Tika Day ago

    Is the,s rial

  • A D A M B A L M A C E D A

    Who is here just to emote?

  • kylaV
    kylaV Day ago

    Watching this crying my eyes out because me and my ex bf had a relationship like them but him and I are over too. 😭💔

  • Jerold 125
    Jerold 125 Day ago

    still waiting for the mayonnaise and waiting for them to get back together 😢

  • MiaSun07
    MiaSun07 Day ago