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  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Brexit? Is that still happening, or what?
    Footnote on the EU's SECRET strategy: thexvid.com/video/agZ0xISi40E/video.html
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  • dnissen2012
    dnissen2012 5 hours ago

    There is another option...
    Ireland leaves with Britain, and new "union" forms between Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

  • adam anthoni ford
    adam anthoni ford 6 hours ago

    Brother it's a square. The 4th side is fuck you EU we are out and southern Ireland is coming with us wether they want to or not

  • Verbindungsfehle
    Verbindungsfehle 15 hours ago

    "There is nothing as permanent as a temporary solution"
    So wrong, yet so true xD

  • ethan hunt
    ethan hunt 16 hours ago +1


  • Ben CG
    Ben CG Day ago

    After 2019 election: Wall inside the UK it is. But Boris can just say there won't be one. Sure, that'll work.

  • Ethan Tokko
    Ethan Tokko Day ago +2

    Here after the UK election. Well, on the bright side, I am very much looking forward to seeing the Irish reunification and independent Scotland.

  • Dr Cyan
    Dr Cyan Day ago +1

    Watch the British beg Ireland to leave the EU with them

  • Liam Griffin 218


  • SiriusXification
    SiriusXification 2 days ago +1

    do another one

  • Cameron Charlesworth

    Why don’t the British just create a pact with Ireland for free movement.

    • Ben CG
      Ben CG Day ago

      Because it leaves the UK with an open back door for smuggling in goods that don't match our regulations which is a public health and safety risk. Mind you, if our standards are lower and they have to get into the EU first then no biggie - it's just playing with profits and dodging customs at that point.

    • Rick 1974
      Rick 1974 Day ago

      An individual country in the EU cannot make a trade agreement seperately.

  • Dalton Cunningham
    Dalton Cunningham 2 days ago +1

    4th option is invade the Republic of Ireland. 5th option is dissolving the UK (yes). 6th option is reverse Brexit.

  • ace
    ace 3 days ago

    I kinda liked this better played at .75x

  • SC123
    SC123 3 days ago +5

    December 2019
    This is still relevant somehow

  • Zack Tan
    Zack Tan 3 days ago

    Ah...sips tea...videos about more walls.

  • Dom Graves
    Dom Graves 4 days ago

    It honestly annoys me so much how people dont see the obvious answer, have ireland annex the UK. We had our fun with them now its time to give them a turn at the good ol' empire

  • ValChronification
    ValChronification 4 days ago

    Brexit means Brexit. I don't care which of these 3 is compromised on, WE LEAVE.

  • GDR2011
    GDR2011 6 days ago

    Can we get a better [ˈkɒmprəmaɪz] on its phonetic transcription?

  • Thezz973
    Thezz973 7 days ago +1

    most of us dont even want brexit

  • Ze Frendly Medic
    Ze Frendly Medic 7 days ago

    Innnnnwadeeeee ireland!

  • Memnun
    Memnun 8 days ago +1

    sounds like the uk wants to annex ireland. all it takes to get the full trinity is to get ireland to leave the eu as well

  • Richard Boyle
    Richard Boyle 8 days ago

    did the troubles sneak up on grey?

  • OrangeLake 55488
    OrangeLake 55488 9 days ago

    Maybe make the wall encircle the entire British and Irish isles

    • SGT_Weber
      SGT_Weber 9 days ago

      the problemw ith that is that it woudl piss of(for good reason) Ireland(the country) as it would be inside a wall it did not want, and the irish are kinda, how do i put this, sensitive about being behind Borders they dont wanted

  • Desolate
    Desolate 9 days ago

    UK and Ireland are northern island divorced parents.

  • Woodie Dave
    Woodie Dave 10 days ago

    Hes got one thing wrong. From an economic point nobody wants northern Ireland they generate a huge loss each year. The only reason why Ireland may want her back is to have a United Ireland and gain back all the counties again, which sounds nice but like this comment is asking for trouble. Kind of a touchy subject for some people so dont take offense to this, just thought I'd explain to people who were unaware.

  • Jack Beach
    Jack Beach 12 days ago

    American who's about to get yelled at here. Why can't you just ditch northern Ireland, have them be part of Ireland and say well that's the cost of Brexit?

    • SGT_Weber
      SGT_Weber 9 days ago +1

      because... the troubles...(honestly, thast an answer to almost everything concerning British and Irish historie) NI dosnt realy want to be part of ireland, and there isnt realy any incentive for ireland to want northern ireland besdies uniting the isle as NI iirc has a huge financial deficit each year. making it a burden more then anything

  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson 13 days ago

    0:44 you missed the opportunity to put America here and have Trumps face on it smh

  • CC
    CC 13 days ago

    😂 This video perfectly sums up the mess that is #Brexit

  • Dragonslayr Ornstein
    Dragonslayr Ornstein 13 days ago +1

    Could try convincing Ireland to also go Irexit

  • Half-Baked Memes
    Half-Baked Memes 14 days ago

    Conquer Ireland, it fixes all of the problems

  • Istiak Ahmad
    Istiak Ahmad 14 days ago


  • Total Water
    Total Water 15 days ago

    put the wall through Ireland.
    dont enforce border security on the wall.
    laugh while the IRA blows up EU checkpoints.

  • Konrad Nitz
    Konrad Nitz 15 days ago +1

    My phone died the moment the title card showed up and it sounded like my phone died (as in broke).

  • Kasey Marriott
    Kasey Marriott 16 days ago

    this doesnt apply to me yet i watch it anyways

  • Flying Creepers
    Flying Creepers 17 days ago

    0:38 Did nobody else notice Ireland has ginger hair?

  • 92Rafay
    92Rafay 17 days ago

    And these fuckers with bad teeth and brains ruled a quarter of the world's population. smh.

    • 92Rafay
      92Rafay Day ago

      @houwlingwoolf Brits.

    • Rick 1974
      Rick 1974 Day ago

      The level of this debate is below sea level.

    • houwlingwoolf
      houwlingwoolf 17 days ago

      92Rafay if ur Talking for Brits wrong or Eu your stupid bitch

  • v1e1r1g1e1
    v1e1r1g1e1 18 days ago

    There is a solution... and a dandy one, too. Let Northern Ireland join the rest of Ireland. Then establish a whole new set of trade deals with the United Ireland.

    • tom marchianti
      tom marchianti 16 days ago

      or just make nothern ireland a new country or a condominium.

  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray 18 days ago

    Wait no, ok: A new country called the British Republic is formed which has the same people, geography, banking system, and royal institution, a written constitution that operates the same way, and it then holds a referendum to join the EU. It joins, then the UK leaves at the same time. Or how about, hold a new referendum to join the EU, leaving it officially for One Day, only to rejoin the next day in correspondence to the new referendum.?

  • switch player 101
    switch player 101 18 days ago

    Ultimately the simplest solution would be the hardest one to act on. Give northern Ireland back to Ireland and reunify the nation. That's about the only way to have the maximum brexit without reigniting the IRA.

    • switch player 101
      switch player 101 4 days ago

      @Dom Graves ok I should have chosen my words more carefully.

    • Dom Graves
      Dom Graves 4 days ago

      Its not 'giving', the Northern Irish people will have to vote

  • John Freak
    John Freak 18 days ago

    0:01 bee in the tree

  • Ted Lee
    Ted Lee 19 days ago

    one very unlikely but still possible solution: Ireland leaves the EU. (note: I am not endorsing this solution. I am simply saying it exists.)

    • alen40to
      alen40to 18 days ago +1

      Since we are day-dreaming here, how about the EU leave the EU and only the UK remains. Then UK renames the EU to The Great UK empire of Europe.

    • Houston Burnside
      Houston Burnside 18 days ago

      Ted Lee yeah

  • Heorteji
    Heorteji 19 days ago +2

    Solution: Soft Brexit!

  • Silvers YT
    Silvers YT 19 days ago

    The solution is to sink the british isles

  • Jerry Teh
    Jerry Teh 19 days ago

    Erm... How about build a river instead of wall?

    • tom marchianti
      tom marchianti 16 days ago

      the border got already one, and it's doesn't solve nothing.

  • zachary bukhari
    zachary bukhari 19 days ago +5

    There is a 4 the option northern Ireland could join Ireland

    • Adam Bainbridge
      Adam Bainbridge 14 days ago

      A lot of Irish people would not like that. Sadly a small element would then blow things up as a result. A lot of people would die.
      Because. A minority of terrorists will ruin just about anything.

  • type euclid
    type euclid 19 days ago

    The channel islands were in the eu on the map

  • Nobody
    Nobody 19 days ago

    UK will invade Ireland.

    • Dom Graves
      Dom Graves 4 days ago

      Someones been playing too much hoi. That will not happen

  • Argumengenic Hyperloquaciousrrhea

    Stand before the Holy terror of The Queen and secede the Irish to British control.
    Her majesty shall reign supreme across the British Isles wielding a greater banner.

  • ss
    ss 19 days ago

    If hanging around like a bad smell was a country, it would be Britain.

  • GhostWolf
    GhostWolf 20 days ago

    The EU should just cut them off outright instead of letting the UK play with them. Really there is no incentive for the EU to make this anything but painful for the UK and if the UK gets a "good" deal then other countries might follow. They wanted out so bid them bye and offer fast track EU memberships to Scottland and Ireland, hell throw one to wales to just for giggles and break that country into pieces.

    • GhostWolf
      GhostWolf 4 days ago

      and if they don't make it hurt they risk other countries' wanting to leave as well. You may very well be right and the UK might back out of this terrible plan. However, if they do actually leave then it's in the EU's interest to crush them for it. By offering EU membership to the individual territories within the UK if they split, they are being incredibly democratic. They are offering 48% that wanted to stay that chance. They are simply offering Scottland and N.Ireland (they should do it for Wales and England as well but these two are important.) Who voted unanimously to stay that chance.
      They also break up a country that tried to leave, this would leave the Uk In shambles if it retained that identity at all. This simple act would destroy a county and giving all others pause if they were thinking of doing it as well. All by hiding behind an act of altruism and really they could even hide this behind just trying to protect the Good Friday agreement.
      Win, win... I'm not sure outside of the English who is really going to be upset by a move like this...I sure won't, honestly, I'm laughing just thinking about it.

    • Dom Graves
      Dom Graves 4 days ago

      ~50% of the uk wants to remain, the youth have an even higher rate of EU approval. Everyone knows that if we leave were just going to come straight back after a decade or so because the young people of this country are at least somewhat competent. If the EU were to go with your awful idea then theres no way Britain would rejoin and the EU would face horrible backlash from the International community.

  • Philip Hubbe
    Philip Hubbe 20 days ago

    Solution irelexit

  • Mr. Long
    Mr. Long 20 days ago

    Solution: start a 3 year plan to dig a 100 yard moat officially separating Northern Ireland from Ireland

  • fireflocs
    fireflocs 20 days ago +1

    I got it. If the EU goes away, this problem does.

  • Litigation Jackson
    Litigation Jackson 20 days ago

    annex the rest of ireland ezclap

  • Supertomiman
    Supertomiman 20 days ago +9

    Solution: have Ireland leave the EU as well ; )

    • Miguel Silva
      Miguel Silva 19 days ago +10

      If there's one thing Ireland loves is being told what to do by the UK :)

  • King blob the 1st
    King blob the 1st 20 days ago +2

    *there's a bee in the tree at **0:02** on the right*

  • Blair Cox
    Blair Cox 20 days ago

    can't they just make an agreement that british and irish people are alowed free movement between each other but other countries in the eu can't enter the UK?

    • Houston Burnside
      Houston Burnside 18 days ago

      Yeah I know

    • Miguel Silva
      Miguel Silva 19 days ago +1

      And how would you enforce that? There's freedom of movement between EU members, so if you have free movement between one EU country and one non-EU country, that means you effectively have it for all EU countries. That means I can freely go from Portugal to Ireland, no questions asked, then - since you have free movement between the UK and Ireland - I can just as easily go from Ireland to the UK.

      Surely you must see how your plan cannot work.

  • JFlaks Is Cool
    JFlaks Is Cool 20 days ago

    Mind boggling idea, just don’t Brexit..

    • Dom Graves
      Dom Graves 4 days ago

      @Houston Burnside and now we'll vote again

    • Houston Burnside
      Houston Burnside 18 days ago

      JFlaks Is Cool I mean the people voted for it

  • Squeakers
    Squeakers 21 day ago

    Keep northern island in EU but UK is allowed to get our resources and etc from there or just a special deal that allows northern island to have no border while being able to enter northern island without documents etc and being able to do trades and stuff with Ireland

    • ConJared
      ConJared 20 days ago +1

      Ooooooh I can see a TON of loopholes in that

  • Freestyler Gaming HD

    Bertie Ahern should be mentioned

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 21 day ago

    What about a wall with the EU but not Ireland specifically?

    • tom marchianti
      tom marchianti 16 days ago

      that's would say that Ireland leave UE, they did'nt vote for it.
      or that's would say that Ireland became an overseas territory or the UE (or a partener like Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Monaco) but they did'nt vote for it too.
      So : doesn't work.