• Published on Oct 7, 2017
  • The RGB build guide was complete RGB goodness, but is it possible to create a FULL RGB watercooling loop?
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Comments • 6 745

  •  3 hours ago

    I don't like the case

  • Spawny_95
    Spawny_95 14 hours ago

    Did someone say Rgb

  • Van Dalgyon
    Van Dalgyon Day ago

    Fuck his voice

  • Frank Thetank
    Frank Thetank 2 days ago

    They used copper cutters to cut that pipe

  • HoLo Snow
    HoLo Snow 2 days ago


  • Pradhumn Raghava
    Pradhumn Raghava 3 days ago

    Yes yes yes yes ,.,,,,, Ah ah aha ah ah 8:30 , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . That was some good *0rn

  • Fireboy Gaming
    Fireboy Gaming 4 days ago

    What happens.if.you put.ice.in the tank for watercolling

  • Potato Tyrant
    Potato Tyrant 4 days ago +1

    Nice shout out to Mike Finnegan.

  • Hazi
    Hazi 4 days ago

    Linus’s hair isn’t RGB. Reported

  • Destroy Noobz
    Destroy Noobz 6 days ago

    This guy is the best lol

  • Tiger Tiger
    Tiger Tiger 6 days ago

    Montage song??

  • Kellen Reynolds Gaming
    Kellen Reynolds Gaming 7 days ago +1

    5:34 I spit out my cereal

  • CBiscuit 456
    CBiscuit 456 8 days ago +5

    I know this is old, but Damn it still looks good! :D

  • MrKazukaoO
    MrKazukaoO 9 days ago

    Awesome Build! But im honest... the little airbubble at 7:32 killed me

  • TopdeckLethal
    TopdeckLethal 10 days ago

    Shoulda done fully rgb every thing.
    Rgb radiators, rgb ssd, rgb motherboard, rgb fans, rgb cd rom, rgb jazz drive, just rgb everything.

  • Macaco Louco
    Macaco Louco 10 days ago


  • ThatMint240
    ThatMint240 11 days ago +1

    Never thought I'd see a Car TheXvidr on LTT, nice shoutout to Roadkill

  • Jay C
    Jay C 11 days ago +1

    This needs to be labeled NSFW

  • Cant think of name Yeah

    The tubing is just a bit cringe and the wiring is alright but the lighting looks great. That camera setup though...

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett 13 days ago

    Caution do not use this pc if you are prone to seizures, epilepsy, or staring at pretty lights and colors....

  • Teymour Amirov
    Teymour Amirov 13 days ago +1

    I will literally sell you all my organs for it

  • Stigma
    Stigma 14 days ago

    Its so sad that hard tubing is so hard... The small yet noticeable non straight tubes or non 90º angles are infuriating to say the least but i do understand it is HELLA HARD to do those.. Still looks perfect to me like i'd be so proud ;-;

    • Fredrik Carlén
      Fredrik Carlén 10 days ago

      To be honest, it really isn't that hard at all. It's just that he's running a company and can't have his staff practicing this for as long as it takes. When people build stuff like this in their free time it gets to take the time it has to, but this isn't possible here. That's why they have to give up and not put in a few more hours for a perfect result.

  • Wonabegeek53
    Wonabegeek53 16 days ago

    When it wakes up it will be looking for it's creator.

  • Shitposter Supreme
    Shitposter Supreme 16 days ago

    TEAM makes RGB SATA SSDs

  • tobiojr
    tobiojr 17 days ago


  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX 17 days ago +3

    It needs cable combs. Other than that, near perfection.

  • Kahoot Is good
    Kahoot Is good 17 days ago

    Best I can do is $50

  • Aaron Chadwick
    Aaron Chadwick 18 days ago +3

    Not a fan of RGB but this is a very clean build

  • bryan paz
    bryan paz 19 days ago

    Is it possible to put a PS4 into this case ?

  • Graphiar
    Graphiar 19 days ago

    No problem, I'll just casually reach for $3000 from my pocket.

  • TIK GT
    TIK GT 21 day ago +1



    I'm thirsty

  • Greasy Steve
    Greasy Steve 21 day ago

    Lol Brandon's "What, Why?"

  • Matt Munson
    Matt Munson 23 days ago

    wild finnegan appears

  • calixindox28
    calixindox28 23 days ago

    We ride spinners my man.

  • Just Finn
    Just Finn 26 days ago

    Can I have this PC please😢 it is very nice;)

  • ChaosXGamer
    ChaosXGamer 26 days ago

    What reservoirs are they using?

  • Edward 86
    Edward 86 26 days ago

    Do things straight next time!

  • Garrett Bivens
    Garrett Bivens 27 days ago

    I love overkill pcs but i havent been able to find any overkill till you got the light shun apun this vid and its a throw and a near miss for my attention but dam thats overkill so i give 99999999999999o999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999outa 10

  • David Freeman
    David Freeman 27 days ago

    Is it legal to show something this well done?

  • 3mar_705 ً
    3mar_705 ً 28 days ago

    to be honest these tubes are not perfectly warped... but damn man that looks gorgeous!

  • combatjumpmaster89
    combatjumpmaster89 28 days ago

    No RGB cable combs - FAIL

    LEMON 28 days ago +1

    I just nut everywhere

  • Aaron Silva
    Aaron Silva Month ago

    Who else doesn't understand what he said

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    I still left rgb so I can get better part with the money :p

  • Luke Olsen
    Luke Olsen Month ago +1


  • PainGames
    PainGames Month ago

    kappa pride

  • Michael Huey
    Michael Huey Month ago

    Where can I get some rgb fittings

  • Federico Radici
    Federico Radici Month ago

    How can I upgrade a non-rgb reservoir-pump to rgb one without breaking the bank?

  • Triparadox Clifford

    A generous amount of goop

    Proceeds to put the tiniest bit of paste on top of that cpu.

  • Asian God
    Asian God Month ago

    Is it me or I really want to drink this

  • daniel pirkl
    daniel pirkl Month ago +2

    Someone in 2019

  • John Remie Evensen
    John Remie Evensen Month ago

    This looks sick af :D but as a perfectionist like yourself :P should not this be all synced up in the RGB :O :O :O :D

  • Gavin McCabe
    Gavin McCabe Month ago

    Holy cow it looks like a modded 3d printer

  • Joeyö Graceffa
    Joeyö Graceffa Month ago


  • Bob Wagnon
    Bob Wagnon Month ago

    want it in black:)

  • Dean Finson
    Dean Finson Month ago +3

    I'd get fired if my piping was that crooked. Cmon guys.....

    • praetorxyn
      praetorxyn 10 days ago +1

      Fredrik Carlén Yes, but PETG is simply more prone to deformation during bending than acryllic is, no matter who's doing it or how much time it takes. That was my point.
      The only things that make PETG "easier" are that you can cut it with a pipe cutter and it has a wider temperature range for bending, as well as being less fragile if you drop it or something. Everything else is easier with acryllic; it's easier to deburr, easier to bend without deforming, easier (and stronger for that matter, as rebending PETG weakens it) to "redo" a bend if it's not straight, etc. It also looks clearer than PETG ever will.
      I use Singularity Computers 16mm OD acryllic tubing and I'll never use anything else after using it.

    • Fredrik Carlén
      Fredrik Carlén 10 days ago

      @praetorxyn Nah man you can quite easily get PETG perfect as well. It's just that Linus is trying to run a buisness and letting his staff put in a ton of hours bending tubes to get them perfect won't make money, or make the video much better for what it's meant to be.

    • praetorxyn
      praetorxyn 25 days ago +1

      PETG tends to do that. It's one reason I prefer acryllic despite it supposedly being more difficult to work with (it's not. It's only harder to cut, everything else is easier IMO).

  • Semi Delusive
    Semi Delusive Month ago

    He’s so corny and weird

  • Andrew Horton
    Andrew Horton Month ago

    Linus have a word with Thermaltake there taking the piss not offering extra hdd cages for this tower

  • SachiMochi
    SachiMochi Month ago

    James gained weight in LTT. Here he looked slim.

  • Billy Reiko
    Billy Reiko Month ago

    I’m actually thinking of getting that case

  • Calin Cohan
    Calin Cohan Month ago

    Soooo.... what kind of PSU will work with a setup like this that requires all the fittings to be hooked up? This thing is crazy, I just picked up a Tower 900 myself, looking forward to getting the build going. RGB fittings seem a bit overkill but god damn do they ever work well with the opaque solution... decisions decisions.

  • Keepmguessin
    Keepmguessin Month ago

    Imagine how much cooler this would look with the aorus xtreme waterforce mb and corsair hydro x reservoirs and GPU block with corsair rgb ram. I like to keep with like branded parts... just preference.

  • Akash Medishetty
    Akash Medishetty Month ago

    Bro gift me one like that lots of love from India

  • Moobeus
    Moobeus Month ago

    As a former rgb fanboy I think it looks sooo tacky now I don’t even like the little glowy lights on gpus anymore

  • Hexerade.E6
    Hexerade.E6 Month ago

    Gigabyte waterforce 2080ti and waterforce z390 mainboard next please

    • Hexerade.E6
      Hexerade.E6 Month ago

      www.anphatpc.com.vn/media/product/27838_2018101918364824_big.jpg pics.computerbase.de/8/5/7/1/4/4-1080.742592467.jpg

  • WeeDyS
    WeeDyS Month ago

    Looks line am 3d printer with hella rgb

  • Ashok Menariya
    Ashok Menariya Month ago

    I can do $20

  • Tanner Lynn
    Tanner Lynn Month ago


  • Rob Ch.
    Rob Ch. Month ago

    That's semen

  • MiniatureMasterClass

    How many times a day do you have to shake it to get bubbles out?

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan Month ago

    I'll bet it makes great popcorn.

  • Jackson Sanford
    Jackson Sanford Month ago

    Uggh the ram sticks are different colors at different times

  • Elliott Salt
    Elliott Salt Month ago


  • JusTANickname
    JusTANickname Month ago

    That case tho