What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
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    What happens if we bring the sun to earth? No, seriously.
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    What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

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    • Commando303X
      Commando303X Month ago

      I believe the Tsar Bomba carried 50Mt of T.N.T., not 40Mt (was designed up to 100Mt).

    • Rustam Djakhangirov
      Rustam Djakhangirov 2 months ago +1

      Very sorry to mention it this late but the Tsar bomb had an estimated power of 50-52 MTNS of TNT while the actual blast resulted in 54-58 MTNS of TNT equivalent. The Jekil-Hyde chain that was abandoned in process i.e. using another block of raw uranium 258 would double the destructive power. The problem of explosions and implosions is that the moment they go beyond the atmosphere the energetic force is lessened. Wouldn't that imply that a thermonuclear detonation of this projected blast would also exit the Earth's atmosphere and the destruction would not cause that dreadful effects?

    • Cut Man
      Cut Man 3 months ago

      Great, now with R163a1

    • Adam Palmer
      Adam Palmer 3 months ago

      Hot jello

    • Sergiu M
      Sergiu M 3 months ago

      I like your channel, but wouldn't it be nicer to have useful videos?

  • Darmanitan blaze
    Darmanitan blaze 3 hours ago

    Things not to do after getting out of bed:
    1.Dont bring the Sun to Earth.

    SAMSILLA 5 hours ago

    Lab *blows up* Kurzgesagt:WhAT If We gO dEEpEr

  • Virus Sans
    Virus Sans 6 hours ago

    Sonic forces.

  • ricemango
    ricemango 16 hours ago +1

    just put it in the fridge

  • Seeria's Ant Channel
    Seeria's Ant Channel 18 hours ago


  • Mazaroth
    Mazaroth 19 hours ago

    I'm starting a GoFundMe page for bringing a core sample to the earth.

  • Logic Blue
    Logic Blue 19 hours ago

    We’ll die

  • J ZB
    J ZB 21 hour ago

    Sooo... Basically what your suggesting is that a nuclear war would fix human made climate change?
    Trump please don't watch this video!

  • The legend
    The legend 23 hours ago +2

    "The best way to learn something is to do it yourself"
    Well shit, i guess i'm bringing the sun to earth then.

  • Mr. Unnamed
    Mr. Unnamed Day ago

    5:39 *Is it that ICE KING?*
    Where is Finn and Jake?

  • O/STheEevee
    O/STheEevee Day ago


  • Clare Birch
    Clare Birch Day ago

    longer wish you have any attachment

  • Supreme Assassin
    Supreme Assassin Day ago +3

    Kurzgesagt - Ways of dying in a nutshell

  • ??????
    ?????? Day ago +4

    Me:it is impossible to bring sun to earth

    Future:hold my beer

  • Grimcreeper HK
    Grimcreeper HK Day ago +2

    I like to think kurzgesagt are just a bunch of bird gods that go to different universes and worlds and just fuck with the things living there for science,and we are just watching them doing it.

  • Mr. Watermelon
    Mr. Watermelon Day ago +1

    1:22 to 1:52
    How To Create An Implotion Granade

  • Joks iZantos
    Joks iZantos Day ago

    Mad Max but without humans

  • David Atayev
    David Atayev 2 days ago

    Short answer: you die
    Bring that heat to me!

  • Sunivagu Creative
    Sunivagu Creative 2 days ago

    4:28......Actually the name was tsar bomba not tsar bomb........ anyway it's ok🙂🙂

  • Kanako Kumamaru
    Kanako Kumamaru 2 days ago

    Comments made to say things about videos tho a home for memes

  • wooosh mystery
    wooosh mystery 2 days ago

    shut up fatty

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever 2 days ago

    But what happen if we bring the Earth to the sun?

  • Nimbus Shadow-Wings
    Nimbus Shadow-Wings 2 days ago

    "churning gas" you mean plasma

  • Ostego Lectric
    Ostego Lectric 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that always feels bad for the birds in these videos? I would suggest putting a label explaining that no cartoon birds were harmed in the making of these videos, but we both know that's not true. Some of those death animations are SouthPark level lmao!

  • goerge bosh
    goerge bosh 2 days ago

    Sun: how are you over there?!
    Earth: pls stay away!!!
    Humans: ikr

    KING FROST GAMING 2 days ago

    I wonder what will happen fo we bring Earth 🌍 to Sun ☀

  • Bronwyn Blake
    Bronwyn Blake 3 days ago +3

    I Was Eating Chicken And As Soon As I Saw That The Scientist Were Ducks And Birds I Stopped Eating Chicken... Im A Vegetarian Now

  • [루비시네마]Ruby theater

    🕵No no no no 😰

  • Wild Champions
    Wild Champions 3 days ago +1

    Is it safe to say we'd all burn and die?

  • GabAndVinz
    GabAndVinz 3 days ago

    If we bring the core of the sun to earth our universe will turn to adventure time?

  • NeonFX
    NeonFX 3 days ago

    Kurzgesagt - We answer questions nobody asked xD

  • ivy animates
    ivy animates 3 days ago

    New type of bomb

    GALACTIC PEANUT 3 days ago

    Ironically the hottest thing can make the earth so scold

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 3 days ago +1

    1945 Bomb on Hiroshima colorised

  • EraOfLensley
    EraOfLensley 3 days ago

    Here what happens, (Exterminatus) Happens!

  • Matix 777
    Matix 777 3 days ago

    What if you bringe little piece of sun to the earth
    Simply, you will die
    **Video ends**

  • Dann Aarde
    Dann Aarde 4 days ago

    bwah I was yawning throughout most of the video!

  • RMGamer203 RMGamer203

    just to correct you the Tsar Bomba is 50 megatons not 40 megatons but whitout that another great video of your i think you need more than 9.2 mil. subs

  • Bằng Kiều
    Bằng Kiều 4 days ago

    4:47 accidental SoundCloud

    ASHISH KUMAWAT 4 days ago

    8 times...
    8 times he said goo...

  • Matthew Madayag
    Matthew Madayag 4 days ago

    The sun:*EXISTS
    ULTRA SHAGGY:Am i a joke to you?
    The sun:ye cuz the s in ur name means SUN

  • arsee khanam
    arsee khanam 4 days ago

    2.4k dislikes are from donald trump followers who believe that sun rotates around earth and they think that if we take a piece of earth on sun the sun would collapse because Jesus loves us

  • K U
    K U 4 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: New ways to destroy the earth
    *I dont need sleep, I need answers*

  • Big Man Stan
    Big Man Stan 4 days ago

    RIP Birds

  • Israel Curry
    Israel Curry 4 days ago

    No it doesn't depend we just die

  • just a dog in the comment section

    This proves that...
    *_The sun is a deadly laser_*

  • Josue Palomares
    Josue Palomares 5 days ago

    *_The Sun is a Deadly Laser_*

  • omino jaku
    omino jaku 5 days ago

    It’s already here, 4000 miles above us.

  • Xhemile Temaj
    Xhemile Temaj 5 days ago

    Plot Twist we cant cut the sun or either we can grab it expect we invent some weird crazy technology

  • Emmanuel Fernandez
    Emmanuel Fernandez 5 days ago


  • Siu Tak Chen
    Siu Tak Chen 5 days ago

    What happens if we bring the sun to Earth? I will go to Canada.

  • David2278
    David2278 5 days ago

    Michael Scott: (Inhales deeply through nose) THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

  • Cayla Jao
    Cayla Jao 5 days ago +1

    *Alright boys, everybody grab your SPF 40 sunscreen, grab a bucket of ice and we'll be set.* **Slurps down a Diet Coke**

  • tur tle
    tur tle 5 days ago

    Bruh just put fire resistance on the entire earth on all humans now u can have a piece of the sun.

  • KittyCarrot 2505
    KittyCarrot 2505 5 days ago

    What happens is

    -and more fire

  • stonkstrader dotcom
    stonkstrader dotcom 5 days ago

    did the sun tell you that?

  • blue gravity
    blue gravity 5 days ago

    I was taught recently that its metal hydrogen. So plasma or metal?

    • W3475ter Weird name probably
      W3475ter Weird name probably 5 days ago

      blue gravity plasma is a state of matter while metal is an element, which means it’s actually possible for metals to exist as plasma.
      The only reason we usually don’t see some elements are usually because they’re gas or liquid at room temperature.
      Hydrogen can exist as plasma, as with any metal

  • TK-756 Brony
    TK-756 Brony 5 days ago +1

    Daww... No! Not a tear! I could watch you bords disintegrate, burn, be cut to pieces, explode, and be crushed, but seeing that birb be knocked down... Touches my sad bone :c

  • TK-756 Brony
    TK-756 Brony 5 days ago +2

    Hfff... Eksploshin make WET

    Oh.. that's my skin melting

  • Mel stionYT
    Mel stionYT 6 days ago

    to sum it up: death happens

  • Judgement Ravi
    Judgement Ravi 6 days ago

    Yeah absolutely right Ravi means SUN ☀💪👍👌👈

  • Elite Ducko
    Elite Ducko 6 days ago +1

    We die. I was right.

  • chinese bullshit poster

    London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...

  • Alejandro Aragon Tan

    Easy common sense

  • Mecha Apple
    Mecha Apple 8 days ago

    *Hey look I’m on fire*

  • 박해범
    박해범 9 days ago


  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 9 days ago

    Someday we will have a software able to replicate/simulate 100% of physics laws and space-time digitally and we will be able to test this kind of questions as easy as we can today launch universe sandbox and see what happens i we delete the sun. Mark my words.

  • end my life.
    end my life. 10 days ago

    Ok, that sound realistic and all, but what if we put earth to sun instead sun into earth?

  • StevenUniverseGacha ____


  • Justin Franks
    Justin Franks 10 days ago


  •  11 days ago

    We die

  • Admiral Yi sun-shin
    Admiral Yi sun-shin 11 days ago

    Next thing on thumbnail: *S u n o n s u n*

  • Mr. Noob Studios
    Mr. Noob Studios 11 days ago

    The trolli adds are my worst fear

  • Dip Mations
    Dip Mations 11 days ago

    *Ice King*