What the hell happened to FC Barcelona's academy La Masía? - Oh My Goal

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • La Masía is the biggest and most influential football academy in the world! They've produced football legends such as Andrés Iniesta, Xavi and Leo Messi. But in the past years they have been unable to replicate these results and the level of their graduates has drop. So, what the hell is happening with La Masía? We'll explore the reasons behind their downfall and talk to a la Masía graduate.
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Comments • 1 294

  • Merciless YT
    Merciless YT Day ago

    Where is ansu fati ???

  • Russell McDonald
    Russell McDonald 3 days ago

    So basically johan cruff developed Barcelona. But yea investing in the youth is cheaper. Than buying people in the market not knowing if they can maintain that level. Dembele and counting For example. Ajax had a solid team made it to semi finals beating the biggest teams in Europe with home grown players compared to Barca galacticos losing 4 nil. Owners and managers need to see this and change

  • Mike Jimenez
    Mike Jimenez 4 days ago

    LOL @ Adam Traore being a flop😂 he is doing extremely well with Wolves!

  • Zak Parr
    Zak Parr 5 days ago

    Ansu fati??

  • weds toussaint
    weds toussaint 9 days ago

    Kubo is not Real madrid best prospect!

  • Daniel Asyraf
    Daniel Asyraf 9 days ago

    What the hell happened to Nokia..

  • oan
    oan 10 days ago

    The reason is because now la masia boosts their ego too much and they think they are the best and when they get hit by reality they just stop

  • pc sahoo
    pc sahoo 12 days ago

    Even as a real Madrid fan this makes me sad to see the decline of la masia

  • Adrian Rohde
    Adrian Rohde 12 days ago


  • level 5000 commander
    level 5000 commander 12 days ago

    this is where real are better than barca. Figuring out the future of their club......sack valverde and this isn't an issue. mere words cannot describe the hate i have for him

  • YvngboiJohny
    YvngboiJohny 14 days ago

    Adama is doing good now In Wolverhampton

  • Emiliano Dishman
    Emiliano Dishman 14 days ago

    LOL he didn’t mention ansufati once

  • vm matadin
    vm matadin 15 days ago


  • Ole Storm Emborg
    Ole Storm Emborg 15 days ago

    anyone here after ansu fati is a beast in la liga

  • Kuda
    Kuda 16 days ago

    The Chelsea academy is better than La Masia now

  • Marcos The Great
    Marcos The Great 17 days ago +1

    That is why Germany and France will continue to produce the best in the world because they give their youth a chance.

  • Manu Ruci
    Manu Ruci 18 days ago +1

    I don't know but we have ansu Fati, junior firpo, and wague

  • SquidWard 23
    SquidWard 23 18 days ago

    Ever since Joan Laporte and Johan Cryuff left the club
    La Masia was stopped
    Sandro Rosell took over and was just a big fan of Galactico Signings like really Madrid
    Then Bartemou took over
    And he had the same beliefs.

  • Isaac Robillard
    Isaac Robillard 20 days ago

    traore a flop ur shitting me

  • septianto arief
    septianto arief 21 day ago

    I hope laporta become president of Barcelona again..

  • K13R4N !
    K13R4N ! 21 day ago

    DJ Khaled: suffering from success 😂😂

  • Sahil arora
    Sahil arora 22 days ago

    2010 Ballon d’or was seriously a joke.
    I’m a neutral fan.
    But the season Wesley Schneider had in 2010 where he was the most influential player for his club Inter Milan who won the Treble that year with not so stacked team.
    And also led Netherlands to the final of 2010 world cup being one of the best player of that tournament.
    It is a shame he wasn’t even included in the top 3.
    It was disgusting. FIFA was completely corrupt at that point of time. The dark era of Sepp Blatter.
    2010 was Schneider’s year and not Barcelona’s!!!

  • Chirmi Kasomwo
    Chirmi Kasomwo 22 days ago

    This is not right WTF...its only because Valverde.

  • HuBeX
    HuBeX 23 days ago

    Like your videos

  • KissMyNikes
    KissMyNikes 27 days ago

    Puig, Aleña, Fati

  • Lars
    Lars 28 days ago

    Well, the 2010 Ballon d‘Or is hardly a good example of a great achievement. Sneijder was clearly the best player that year, winning the treble and making the World Cup final as top scorer of the competition. Yet, he was snubbed. Shows how stupid this award is.... also, the downfall of Marsia has to do with Cesc, Pique and Alba leaving, eventhough they all returned?

  • Barca Fan
    Barca Fan Month ago


  • Yakosix
    Yakosix Month ago

    Ansu fati?

  • yungken
    yungken Month ago

    so no one gonna talk about that dude that got knocked out ?

  • aW Anton
    aW Anton Month ago

    Andy? Perez? Piuq?

  • Ankit Chhantyal
    Ankit Chhantyal Month ago

    Anshu fathi also there❤❤

  • Gustavo Madrigal
    Gustavo Madrigal Month ago

    "what the hell happened to samuel umtiti?"

  • Robert mc
    Robert mc Month ago

    Ricky Pooj what the fuck why can’t this cunt pronounce anything

  • akash giri
    akash giri Month ago +1

    Valverde is cancer

  • ALZA
    ALZA Month ago

    Griezman was a mistake

  • Woof
    Woof Month ago +1

    Ansu fati: I’m I a joke to you

  • Surgical witch
    Surgical witch Month ago

    And what’s happening to barca

  • ghostsneverdie5 1
    ghostsneverdie5 1 Month ago

    You forgot to say amus fati

  • ghostsneverdie5 1
    ghostsneverdie5 1 Month ago

    Coutinho is gone m8

  • Joseph Zuniga
    Joseph Zuniga Month ago

    Ansu Fati also a huge promise

  • Joseph Zuniga
    Joseph Zuniga Month ago

    2:28 ... Dani Alves was not a product of La Masia

    LOST LUINOR Month ago

    What about Ronaldinho

  • Joe Mamma is gay
    Joe Mamma is gay Month ago

    #valverdeOut #valverdeOut #valverdeOut #ValverdeOut

    KAY K1LLZ 2 months ago +1


  • Wishchanant P.
    Wishchanant P. 2 months ago +1

    6:48 Adama Traore is not a flop. He scored 2 goals against Manxhester City

  • Lol Moi
    Lol Moi 2 months ago

    Ansu Fati is the next big star for Barcelona

  • Magno Martinez
    Magno Martinez 2 months ago +1


  • TFTH_Stojanoski
    TFTH_Stojanoski 2 months ago

    Now we have Ansu Fati

  • Tokyo Drift
    Tokyo Drift 2 months ago

    That's why CR7 is the GOAT he had to adjust to 4 major teams gameplay and dominated and still does at 34.

  • Demne
    Demne 2 months ago

    1:35 little puyol

  • Seb Sundt
    Seb Sundt 2 months ago

    What about Ansu Fati?

  • Χριστοφορος Μποτσαρης

    We're is Ronaldinio 😭😭

  • Mysterio Mysterious
    Mysterio Mysterious 2 months ago

    What about real madrid

  • Orxan JR
    Orxan JR 2 months ago +1

    I Miss The Old La Masía.Valverde And Bartomeu Ruined La Masía ! They Should Have Been SACKED FROM FCB !

  • chris Williams6582
    chris Williams6582 2 months ago

    Players like Fabian are at the peak of their powers so it's not entirely bad

  • Sy Gaming
    Sy Gaming 2 months ago

    @ohmygoal stop putting up fake vids

  • Poopy Dodo
    Poopy Dodo 2 months ago

    Your voice annoys me

  • Poopy Dodo
    Poopy Dodo 2 months ago

    Ansu? Simmons? Rique?

  • Aliven Kikin
    Aliven Kikin 2 months ago

    Iniesta was brought in from Albacete and Messi from Newells they simply passed through the youth system after being discovered at other youth systems

  • CJP
    CJP 2 months ago

    Notice the pattern
    2000s barcalona were ok
    2010s messi xavi all in le masia
    Late 2010s no one can play in matches because previous le masia players are amazing see the better the past gen the less experence for le masia players