How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It really puts into perspective how truly insignificant our problems are, on this tiny speck of dust lol

    • Could Be
      Could Be 3 days ago

      Totally disagree

    • Ramp rambola
      Ramp rambola 7 days ago

      For sure there must be pandora in avatar species aliens predators star wars thanos too

    • dyl17171
      dyl17171 16 days ago

      A spec of dust doesn't do this justixe

    • jackbenimble
      jackbenimble Month ago

      Now im not worried about them invites they sent out to the universe, its like yelling from the moon to someone on pluto and hoping it will be heard

    • Heather Yearwood
      Heather Yearwood Month ago

      Yep sure thing I totally agree

  • Alexander Bean
    Alexander Bean 2 months ago +233

    When I was a kid I always wondered why in Star Trek they only explore a tiny part of the galaxy. Why not go everywhere? Then you do the math and realize that even at the insane, made up speed of warp 9, which is like 1000 times the speed of light, it would STILL take tens of thousands of years to get from one side of the galaxy to the other. Even at crazy, made up speeds we can't begin to encounter even a tint fraction of the universe

    • doberfag
      doberfag Day ago

      why they use wormholes

    • Maddinhpws
      Maddinhpws 5 days ago +2

      Just like how there are practically no scifi stories that include galaxy spanning empires or similar such things. Because our own galaxy is so absolutely massive, you can make stories beyond the scope of anything imaginable just using our one galaxy.
      If we were to use the entire energy the sun produces. Aka. have a Dyson Sphere around it. We could have trillions of people just living in our one solar system.

    • ktn808
      ktn808 23 days ago +1

      at that point, wormholes would be more practical

    • Corn0nTheCobb
      Corn0nTheCobb 25 days ago +4

      The Milky Way is about 100,000 ly across, and "warp 9" is about 1,500x light speed. At that speed it would take about 67 years to get from one side to the other.
      That's still quite a while though for humans.

    • Glt Glt
      Glt Glt Month ago

      I know what the problem is the Earth is bipolar

  • Dollars • 12 years ago

    I'm still amazed by the ability of our species to figure out all these stuff

  • Conor Ryan
    Conor Ryan 17 days ago +13

    This has to be one of the most amazing videos on the internet, it is absolutely unbelievable how massive the entire universe may actually be.

  • CapnMuff
    CapnMuff 3 months ago +59

    The wildest thing is to try to imagine a distance that never ends considering logic says it is impossible. Trying to imagine the end of the universe seems inconceivable. The makeup of what was here before the big bang and what is outside of our universe is a true mystery.

    • Théo L
      Théo L 5 days ago +2

      yeah that is exactly what i think about, like if the universe is finite then what contains it or what encompasses it idk it's so weird. even before the big bang, what was it like, there can't be nothing like no space or stuff you know, wtf

    • Jesus Condom
      Jesus Condom 18 days ago +1

      Have you ever imagined what the "end" or "edge" of the universe feels like? Maybe it's truly infinite

    • iCost Hop
      iCost Hop Month ago +2

      Reading through the thought patterns of different people in the single comments and in the threads.
      Can be very eye opening

  • Toilet Man-_
    Toilet Man-_ Year ago +1765

    It's so weird to think that our brain literally can't comprehend how big the universe is

    • Gaurav Singh
      Gaurav Singh 14 hours ago

      @safeenah Abdullah jihadi always be jihadi
      Scientist: This is universe.
      Jihadi: where is my 72 hoors 😂😂😂

    • El lado Derecho
      El lado Derecho 5 days ago

      @Ebrahim Adel yeah but only Christ is the way.

    • Toilet Man-_
      Toilet Man-_ 6 days ago

      @Cypher Hymn 2.1 a bit exaggerated

    • Cypher Hymn 2.1
      Cypher Hymn 2.1 6 days ago +1

      @Toilet Man-_ What is the meaning of
      'stretch' ?

    • Toilet Man-_
      Toilet Man-_ 6 days ago +2

      @Cypher Hymn 2.1 bit of a stretch mate

  • Fanindra Saini
    Fanindra Saini 17 days ago +7

    " Who are you in this strange universe? "
    " What are you doing, what is your actual purpose? "
    I think these are the right question that we should ask ourselves.

  • Stephen Dowdall
    Stephen Dowdall 5 months ago +4

    The concept, information, execution and thought stimulation are amazing! I have no idea how you've accomplished this, but good for you.

  • Ariana Johnson
    Ariana Johnson 29 days ago +5

    I love coming back to this video every now and then to remind me of earth and how tiny we are it sucks that we can't see more and far beyond our world but it's pretty interesting we definitely aren't alone 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Luke Day
    Luke Day 4 months ago +15

    This video is fantastic, really does get the mind to open up and think of the possibilities in years to come. We really are tiny in all of the entire systems out there. Keep exploring guys!

    • Jesus Condom
      Jesus Condom 18 days ago

      No need to explore the eternal black void of matter, silence, and darkness. It is impossible for mere living things to grasp this reality.

  • Stromedy
    Stromedy 4 years ago +22230

    This is the video I fall back on when I am feeling down about something, Helps remind me how irrelevant & insignificant my problems are aha

    • Homebrew Horsepower
      Homebrew Horsepower Month ago

      That's exactly what a shroom trip feels like

    • Frank Bridges
      Frank Bridges Month ago

      Me too

    • Josef K
      Josef K Month ago

      @Wilsonatron like fungal spores floating gently away from the dying corpse of their home planet

    • Jnetta58
      Jnetta58 2 months ago

      That's the point of the lies. You are at the center of God's focus. Everything He did was for mankind.

    • Catherine Nnanna
      Catherine Nnanna 2 months ago


  • Damon Garrett
    Damon Garrett 2 months ago +7

    I imagine people looked out at the oceans 1000s of years ago with the same type of fear and curiosity that we do now looking up into space. Who knows in a 1000 more years we might be traveling thur space in giant cruz ships like they do across oceans now. 😁

    • Corn0nTheCobb
      Corn0nTheCobb 25 days ago +1

      In 1000 years, without a doubt. We're about to have humans walking on Mars within the next 10-20 years.

  • mortdeus
    mortdeus 5 months ago +11

    1:19 Could you imagine being an astronaut traveling from Mars to Earth (or vice versa) and watching that little dot slowly grow so that like half way there it's like the size of the sun, until eventually you are on the planet that takes literally months and months to walk all the way around.
    Like can you imagine the scale of these things even at the most minute of distances when compared to the rest of the galaxy?

  • FriendlyKat
    FriendlyKat Month ago

    This is one of my favorite videos about the size of space and the size of us. I keep coming back.
    Fun fact: After the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ photo, which was taken in 1990, the camera was turned off to conserve power. It’s predicted that Voyager 1 will never pass another astronomical object ever again.
    Thanks for this awesome video!! I love the detail and everything about it! Space is so cool!

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole Month ago +8

    6:45 if the distance from earth to every outside point of the observable universe is the same. It means that the actual unsiverse is way bigger because the chance that earth is in the excact middle is 0

  • Rehan's fun life Official
    Rehan's fun life Official 10 months ago +5446

    Saying that aliens don't exist is like taking a table spoon of water from ocean and saying that fishes don't exist.

    • Aayan's Creative Lab
      Aayan's Creative Lab 51 minute ago

      @Gabriel Traveler make sense

    • Mike J
      Mike J 2 hours ago

      Fish dont exist if we havent seen them. Seems like an ignorant position.

    • Daniel Amone
      Daniel Amone 3 days ago

      So basically there's not enough evidence to prove or deny their existence just like any devine being like God for an example.

    • Disukyubi
      Disukyubi 4 days ago

      @Wally West I just want to know one thing, are you religious?

    • Anthony Rivera
      Anthony Rivera 6 days ago


  • Ramon Martinez
    Ramon Martinez 4 months ago +6

    I've never felt so tiny after watching a video 😳 truly amazing stuff 🌎

  • Anthony Russell
    Anthony Russell 24 days ago

    I always thought it was crazy how you can see the milky way galaxy in the sky. But we are located in it. Always blew my mind🤯

  • ktn808
    ktn808 23 days ago +2

    8:52 that gave me a kind of epiphany, we are no more aware of our universe than a virus is aware of a human being.

  • GereDJ
    GereDJ 4 months ago +2

    Amazing to think that God, or whomever-being, might be willing to share this or any Universe with us mere mortal beings is pretty astounding in its own right. The average or mean or median size in the universe has been calculated to be about six feet, between the size of the Universe (the biggest and oldest thing we know of) and the Q-mason subatomic particle (the smallest and youngest thing we know of). "Life is a mere blip of light between two dark eternities".

  • Jayden Redfern
    Jayden Redfern Year ago +816

    Let’s just take a moment to recognise how impressive humanity is to have figured all of this out

    • rreettak
      rreettak 12 days ago +1

      @Anime God no worries, the fact that you even admitted "you changed my mind half" made me like you :D you know there are people that i've argued with on the internet that would never even try to understand my point of view cuz they've already made up their mind to disagree entirely. and yeah don't take the last thing i said that seriously, i just tend to get a little heated whenever having an argument which is bad

    • Anime God
      Anime God 12 days ago

      ​@rreettak Fine, you changed my mind half. I can say that humanity has achieved great things but will filter out the negative things about humanity. Basically, it is directed at those who did, so if we can't even specify pick out people then it is humanity, it goes towards those who had done it. And don't assume that I love negativity, I am trying to get away from it and this comment is an example of it. Kinda felt very bad when you said the negativity that I love so much but cool. I am stating I don't love it, no, not at all. But it haunts me so I can't help but remember it. That's why my profile pic has the brightest smile I could find.

    • rreettak
      rreettak 12 days ago

      @Anime God well when your comment started with "impressive? how so?" it didn't really sound like you were impressed or appreciating the work of those scientists either. and yeah i guess that's your way to look at the world. if my country wins for example in a sport competition, i'll celebrate that. did i contribute to their victory in any way? nAh but i'm still very much allowed to be happy over it and it gives me the sense of "yes we did it!". so when science achieves something and makes new breakthroughs, i feel happy in the same way. if you don't feel that way, that's alright but no need to shame others for it jesus.
      "it is an achievement for those who worked for it". yes but they also couldn't have done it alone by themselves. so that they could, there's centuries of scientific deveploment as their groundwork. just imagine how many people have contributed to when we're talking about advances in science, we can measure it by how far we as humankind have proceeded. but go ahead and spread that negativity you love so much.

    • Anime God
      Anime God 13 days ago

      @rreettak I am not underestimating importance even a tiny bit f discovery. stop fking taking things so sideways. my only problem was that one sentence and still is: This is not humanity achievement, just don';t fking include whole humanity in this. It is an achievement for those who worked on it. I haven't partaken in this endeavor of discovery or any other but I am impressed by them and those who worked on it. Only them, not the whole humanity. so get my point or no, Idc. you can sing all day about WE humanity or whatever, idc. Lump in those shts and goods together in one word.

  • Mosh PitBull
    Mosh PitBull Month ago +1

    This video made me feel exceptionally small way before the lightbulb/Pluto comparison but damn this video is crazy. Excellent job showing laymen like myself

  • Saint Burnsy
    Saint Burnsy 4 months ago +1

    4:48 They might be unaware of humans specifically, but for billions of years, anyone looking at the Earth with sufficiently advanced instruments would know that there's life here. The biosignatures have been detectable that long; even at intergalactic distances it could be detectable.

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Thank you for a great, simple explanation of such a mind-blowing subject.

  • E m m a
    E m m a 3 months ago +3

    this honestly makes some of my worries eased. the sheer insignificance of it all can be highly distressing for many, but for me, i feel more comforted than anything by my irrelevance.

  • Heiloloheimir
    Heiloloheimir Year ago +3112

    This either causes depression or cures depression

    • Vittal. T
      Vittal. T 4 days ago

      nice one

    • Ramp rambola
      Ramp rambola 7 days ago

      🤣🤣 epic👌👌

      MTX MAAYAVII 13 days ago


    • Jesus Condom
      Jesus Condom 18 days ago

      With all of these thoughts, I just accepted the reality. We are just mere destructible and mortal living things that miraculously existed.

  • Altius Below Deck
    Altius Below Deck 4 months ago

    @reallifelore there’s days I feel lost and just sad but then I see what you create and the platforms you use and I’m glad to say I started my own TheXvid channel and a great THANK YOU!!!! For inspiring me, entertaining and educating me!!! Keep them coming!!!!

  • Mahesh M
    Mahesh M 2 months ago

    It is actually comforting sort of relaxing to know that the universe is so vast with no end or the real end not comprehensible to our minds Would be scary and oddly adding to the confusion etc if there WAS an end point !

  • ldchappell1
    ldchappell1 3 months ago +1

    Even traveling 11 miles per second for 45 years, the Voyager space probes have only traveled a little more than a light day. At that rate it will take 16,425 years to travel the distance of a light year.

  • Lake Deer park
    Lake Deer park 4 months ago +5

    Imagine having the technology to traveling and exploring other planets. Yet we are in a multi something dimensional environment we can’t see let.

  • LogicallySnuggles
    LogicallySnuggles 8 months ago +2628

    It’s weird to think that someone out there in a different galaxy could be wondering if other life exists, it’s keep me up at night.

    • Jesus Condom
      Jesus Condom 18 days ago

      There's no need to overthink what we cannot grasp. Just accept the "reality" of existence and the concept of life as we, mortal living things, see what is here and there. This is like, a single bacteria inside the human body imagines if there are other types of bacteria or organisms in other humans.

    • ktn808
      ktn808 23 days ago

      or another you in some distant part of the universe thinking the exact same thing

    • Corn0nTheCobb
      Corn0nTheCobb 25 days ago

      There's gotta be at _least_ millions of other planets with life in my opinion. It's estimated that around 500 million planets in our own galaxy are located within the habitable zone of their stars. And as we saw in the video, our galaxy is only one of billions upon billions.

    • KaMia White
      KaMia White Month ago

      Ya it’s making my head hurt

    • Butcher This
      Butcher This Month ago

      There could just be someone out there in a spec of dust floating through your house on Earth wondering the same thing.

  • Zach LeCroy
    Zach LeCroy 4 months ago +1

    It's unfortunate we're at this moment in our history where there is no more realistic options for exploration and colonization.... but instead now we're at the time of inventing new technologies so one day we will be able to explore again. I've always hoped there is other intelligent beings out there. Maybe we'll find out in this lifetime.

  • 🌽COBalt
    🌽COBalt 3 months ago +5

    The voyager photo is soo eerie, beautiful, creepy, scary, and amazing at the same exact time...

  • Organogenesis Metamorphosis

    Hey my friend, is it more stars than all the grains of sand "in the entire planet" or just "on all the beaches on earth"? Btw, thank you so much for educating me and you are awesome.

  • Dante Meru
    Dante Meru 4 months ago +1

    Great video thanks - short and sweet impression of the long roads and scary size of it all.
    BUT there is one mistake. It seemed immediately obvious to me that the time for a message to travel from Mars to Earth at light speed is not 20 minutes. Distance is 54.7 million kilometers - divided by 0.3 (300.000 km/h being 0.3 mio km/h) equals 180 seconds or 3 minutes.
    I have not checked the numbers with 18 or more zeros, but any mistake there would drown in the proportions and only be noticed by scientists.

    JP CLIPS 9 months ago +2607

    The fact that we even know about this stuff is amazing

    • Anthony J. S.
      Anthony J. S. 13 days ago

      @46. Siddiksha Srivastava It's tons of maths and physics

    • AA BB
      AA BB Month ago

      It's amazing that concious life exists in first place.

    • Earla Weese
      Earla Weese 2 months ago

      *Yeah, but it makes me desperate. It’s so huge, but yet we can’t find any aliens and they can’t find us either? Where did we come from? Are we really going to be immortal? What is all of this about? It makes me so desperate.*

  • Logan Hartsel
    Logan Hartsel Month ago +2

    Could you do a video on how we even came up with these measurements? Like how do we know these superclusters exist? How can we even see or document that?!?!

  • Vincaso
    Vincaso Month ago

    I try to watch this video at least once a week, it really helps put my problems into perspective

  • Wandile Mkhize
    Wandile Mkhize 22 days ago

    If everything we have ever broadcasted (via radio waves, travelling at the speed of light) is within the little yellow square box, the same should apply to received info. How do they know/ calculate info received outside that box? Truly mind boggling stuff here, great video 🙌🏾

  • jeffwads
    jeffwads Month ago +1

    This video needs to be watched by everyone...especially the part at 4:36 talking about the "far reach" of our radio-waves, etc. Nobody knows we are here and that is a good thing.

  • Mountain Drew
    Mountain Drew 3 years ago +1905

    I wish I could live long enough to see the entire observable universe. It makes me sad that I won't :(

    • pinfold1000
      pinfold1000 3 months ago

      Your body is constructed of space materials

    • Ender Wigin7
      Ender Wigin7 4 months ago

      There's many apps like space engine which has the observable universe inside of it, and you can explore each planet and each star.
      ( I'm not really sure if it's the entire observable universe or just a fraction of it, cuz im sure a 3d map of the observable universe will take like 4 TB of storage.)

    • ZD TECH
      ZD TECH Year ago

      @Alex Bjarnaa Bro only our body die not the soul it left the body so there is after life

    • ng Fury
      ng Fury 2 years ago

      After death

    • Suey
      Suey 2 years ago

      What actually makes me sad is that humanity will never reach the edge of the universe, so the answer to "what is the universe expanding on?" will never be answered.

  • SlickRicHelicopter
    SlickRicHelicopter 5 months ago +1

    Until we, as humans, can travel the speed of light, 99% of what we have learned about the universe, at this point, is purely theoretical at best.

  • Björn Hagman
    Björn Hagman 2 months ago +2

    The whole notion on that the universe was created thru the big bang and there was nothing prior to it is the same as believing everything was created when you became selfaware. I was looking for exactly a video like this, one that zoom out to the boundaries of what we can percieve. Looking at it it says to me that the big bang occurred a long time ago but the visible universe is just a part of a bigger universe that is inflating as a tiny bubble in another macroverse.

  • iamgavin
    iamgavin 4 months ago +1

    you say even if humans lived an eternity, we will never explore space like we want, but i believe someday not too far from now we will be able to create something that has no issues getting to any planet. I really wish I could see space with my own eyes and I wish we were close to exploration. Maybe in 1,000 years

  • Jason 28
    Jason 28 4 months ago +6

    Is strange how we see so far out of the universe when we only discover nothing about our deep sea

    • anirudh mitra
      anirudh mitra 25 days ago

      we can only comprehend what we can see . Light doesnt penetrate much deep in oceans .

  • Bennett Newman
    Bennett Newman Year ago +1526

    I think it’s more terrifying to believe that we are alone rather than we aren’t

    • Bennett Newman
      Bennett Newman 10 months ago

      @Don Dokhmesy I don’t think it’s explicitly said in Abrahamic/Christianic religion, I’m not sure about Islamic or any others though

    • Don Dokhmesy
      Don Dokhmesy 10 months ago

      If you think about it, religion says that we aren't.

    • Derek Rogers#1
      Derek Rogers#1 10 months ago +1


    • Lore Twister
      Lore Twister 11 months ago +1

      @Kev Redman yup what was fiction is now a reality

    • Kev Redman
      Kev Redman 11 months ago

      Similar words spoken by Arthur C Clarke.

  • Eeeeeeee!
    Eeeeeeee! 3 months ago +2

    I love Mass Effect (the trilogy) and to think about the game’s whole story, as big and as grand it was, it was set only in one galaxy.

  • Echizen
    Echizen 5 months ago +2

    It really puts into perspective how truly insignificant our problems are, on this tiny speck of dust lol

    WOLF GAMING 3 months ago +1

    It makes me sad that we won’t ever be able to know what lies behind these boundaries 😔

  • Jobby Germ
    Jobby Germ 3 months ago

    Stunning video.
    The only constructive I have would be in reference to the use of Pluto Vs a light would be easier for us to understand if it was explained as a lightbult being the known universe and the rest of the unknown being around the size of Australia. Or, earth Vs an NBA basketball (yes I calculated that!🤣)

  • HollowPooper
    HollowPooper Year ago +4883

    Mad respect to the cameraman that had to fly through space to film this
    edit: can we just make this comment thread die? the reply section is absolute cancer. ok thanks

    • Thomas Doy
      Thomas Doy 15 days ago

      Hey this made me laugh its not cancer keep this sense of humour going my freind 🤠

    • iCost Hop
      iCost Hop Month ago

      ... seriously 🧐
      No that was a joke 🤣
      SERIOUSLY ❗️🤔❗️

    • Jose Rios
      Jose Rios 2 months ago

      You started the thread, what did you expect lol
      Anyways, huge respect to the guy. Incredible effort

  • Calvin Jackson
    Calvin Jackson 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for making me feel even more small and insignificant than I already feel and making my problems and worries even smaller!

  • Pedro Encinas
    Pedro Encinas Month ago

    Loved the video and especially the “very not to scale” sign. Awesome job.

  • Timothy Sader
    Timothy Sader 3 months ago +2

    I would of never skipped one second of school back in the 70’s and 80’s if it was even half this interesting and informative !! My science teachers must of sucked !!

  • Grime Man 789
    Grime Man 789 2 months ago

    That circle on the Milky Way showing how far out signals go actually amazed me

  • Heizman
    Heizman 4 years ago +2427

    We're a needle in a haystack. Scratch that, a needle in a trillion haystacks put together.

    • ACE
      ACE 6 months ago

      Naw a grian of sand in a universe full of hay

    • Stale Shortcake
      Stale Shortcake 9 months ago

      @Jared Smith planck

    • B U T T E R P E R S O N
      B U T T E R P E R S O N 9 months ago

      @Jared Smith we are smaller than 0.0000000000000000001% of salt in a undemillisextseptendecillion oceans

    • jintan merah
      jintan merah 9 months ago

      SEXtillion haystacks put together.

  • ayaya tribe
    ayaya tribe 4 months ago

    I like to think there could be some omnipotent intergalactic species outside the 'observable universe' that could destroy or find us in a second
    They just haven't been bothered to enter this insignificant lightbulb, and its tiny supercluster, and enter that one lil galaxy, and our tiny milkyway inside that, to find the speck that is Earth

  • AS
    AS Month ago

    Imagine living long enough to be able to see every planet and galaxy ever with super alien technology, would we even be able to comprehend it?

  • Hermes Psychopompos

    For me the most amazing thing is, every star and light we see, it's nothing like that at the moment we live in. Suns currently beaming have been destroyed years ago and such.

  • Pepsiman
    Pepsiman 5 months ago

    It bothers me that we'll never see what's truly out there. Are there other forms of life? Other earths? Other dimensions? That knowledge would probably drive a person insane

  • Fernando Cortes
    Fernando Cortes Year ago +1651

    I literally cant think how big is the universe, my mind cant imagine it

    • Aneil Kaushik
      Aneil Kaushik Year ago

      That’s why our ancestors invented God. It’s impossible to understand universe.
      Don’t try to understand universe, leave it to god. Take care yourself!

    • sithika deneth jayasinghe
      sithika deneth jayasinghe Year ago

      Once the lord buddha said never research and find things about universe, it's that complicated

    • snyxs
      snyxs Year ago

      Basically the biggest black hole is the universe and we are bacteria 🥱 jees we would be tiny its hard to imagine big nor small if its basically impossible

    • Fernando Sebastian
      Fernando Sebastian Year ago


    • // Sousa //
      // Sousa // Year ago

      @Fernando Cortes they are the result of human arrogance.. Ghosts and daemons are birthed from our fears.. They exist but not in the way we think.. They ain't what we think.. Religion is human arrogance.. Jus to show.. How important we are.. And something to relay own when we find ourselves hopeless.. This is the truth.. Mark my words

  • Francisco Herrera
    Francisco Herrera 4 months ago +1

    The "known" universe if you please. Some people believe it makes us, and our earth "insignificant", but when you consider the complexities of life, the perfect conditions required to sustain life, I say: be humbled by how very SPECIAL we are and how unique our spaceship Earth truly is.

  • IdontKnow
    IdontKnow 3 months ago +1

    It’s actually mind boggling I can’t even comprehend what I’ve seen.. My brain is just thinking thinking and thinking how far we could go how deep it just doesn’t make any sense I-…

    • Wyne Climaco
      Wyne Climaco 3 months ago

      Yesss!! Agree. I think we're not alone also. Every galaxies has a planet. And I don't think so every planet don't have species like us.

  • first name
    first name 5 months ago +6

    i watch this video when i’m struggling with depression. it just shows me that how small my problems are and i shouldn’t overthink anything.

  • AlolanDolan
    AlolanDolan 3 months ago +1

    Every time I watch this video I undergo ah existential crisis it’s mind numbingly amazing

  • Bruce Thistlethwaite
    Bruce Thistlethwaite 7 months ago +836

    I became amazed at the potential of the Universe when I was a preteen. At 71 years I still have this sense of wonder and a desire to see and know what is out there.

    • Topdog525
      Topdog525 2 days ago

      Same here. Dreaming of the potential of things is inspiring thoughts

    • CvpcakKe_King333
      CvpcakKe_King333 7 days ago

      @tibarion sorry what are we arguing about? what did i say?

    • tibarion
      tibarion 7 days ago

      @CvpcakKe_King333 They aren't being rude? There's so many ppl older than him that use the internet. Shit, the ppl who created the internet as you know it are older. Even Biden or Trump who are like almost 80 or whatever used Twitter before.

    • Heather Yearwood
      Heather Yearwood 7 days ago

      Seems we all get a little like this at 70 something ....50s born people are very inquisitive I find ...Batman, Wonder Woman, and of course Superman 🦸‍♀️ Era of folk, highly imaginative ..this is good

    • Jesus Condom
      Jesus Condom 18 days ago

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      The third heaven compared to the fourth, is like a small ring thrown into a desert.
      The fourth heaven compared to the fifth, is like a small ring thrown into a desert.
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      The sixth heaven compared to the seventh, is like a small ring thrown into a desert.
      “The seven heaven are in relation to the Kursi is like a ring thrown into a waterless desert. And the superiority of the ‘Arsh over the Kursi is like the superiority of the desert over that ring.

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