very oddly satisfying videos

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • oddly satisfying videos with will!!!
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Comments • 571

  • Karmites
    Karmites 19 hours ago

    actually! every plane I have been on has unloaded front to back or back to front in a nice, simple manner! You just have had some bad flights, friend!

    THE MUFFN MAN 5 days ago +1

    Who wants a face reveal from memeoulous?

  • Retrofish
    Retrofish 8 days ago

    I like chicken nuggets

  • 28 Stab Wounds
    28 Stab Wounds 9 days ago

    "I don't like jellyfish so I'm glad that happened to him."

    ~Memeuless, 2k19

  • Arabella Guinnane
    Arabella Guinnane 9 days ago +1

    “It looks like Lego”

    “George... it is Lego”

  • WaydEn
    WaydEn 12 days ago

    1:41 George:whos eating that
    Will:your mum your big fat mother

  • Jaydia Williams
    Jaydia Williams 12 days ago

    If anyone can find the source for the video at 3:35 I will forever love you

  • Lava M3AD3R
    Lava M3AD3R 14 days ago

    5:45 it’s not a grape it’s a kiwi by the way

  • Pälezz
    Pälezz 14 days ago

    the island at 8:51 is actually real and i live nearby it. if george doesnt belive this i can prove it to him :D

  • Hector Esqueda
    Hector Esqueda 17 days ago


  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell 20 days ago +1

    This island is Kotasaari island

  • bread
    bread 21 day ago +2

    i cant stop seeing Will's picture in the video as James Charles in that angle and it scares me

  • Jen Graham
    Jen Graham 22 days ago

    Will isn’t allowed in George’s flat after he ripped up his card.... that’s why he features on call 😂

  • baby._. boo
    baby._. boo 26 days ago

    Love this video but willne is a real MOOD

  • zzzaj2016
    zzzaj2016 27 days ago

    Of we get 111 more comments including mine it will be a haha funny number

  • Ash Fretwell
    Ash Fretwell 28 days ago

    Me watching this with 666k you the devil now 😂😂

  • Joe Moore
    Joe Moore 28 days ago

    Um, 666k. Memeuless

  • K14 K41
    K14 K41 29 days ago


  • PapaPutinAndTheNukeFactory

    Please stop making your backgrounds white, im near blind now, cheers


  • Xerve
    Xerve 29 days ago +1

    What do you rate it
    Will: can’t remeber

  • HZOOZ69
    HZOOZ69 29 days ago

    He is on 666k subs jay station will be on this soon

  • Israel Nevarez
    Israel Nevarez 29 days ago

    I can't tell if they're on the 17th layer of sarcasm or these are genuine reactions

  • Yared Pizza
    Yared Pizza Month ago


  • glossophxbia
    glossophxbia Month ago +1

    *will and George stealing content*
    *never thought i hear that..*

  • OfficialNobody
    OfficialNobody Month ago

    OMG! 4:28 that was the first hockey game that I went to! Guess my dream sort of came true that I made it onto a Memeuless video...

    • OfficialNobody
      OfficialNobody Month ago

      I was sitting right on the corner of the rink on the far left side!

  • Official 2AloN3
    Official 2AloN3 Month ago

    If you look closely you can see eyes in the suitcase waiting patiently

  • Deathbot
    Deathbot Month ago +1

    Imagine the lag

    XSTART7X X7X Month ago

    Has memeulous become the annoying orange... THERE MOVING PICTURES PEOPLE

  • The_fort_walker Y
    The_fort_walker Y Month ago

    Here is where the thumbnail is from 5:48

  • Joel Curtlin
    Joel Curtlin Month ago

    What hat is George wearing

  • Harry Thomas
    Harry Thomas Month ago

    Do u know what else is satisfying?

    Hitting the like button

  • Shod Plays
    Shod Plays Month ago +1

    oddly put in my reccomended too much videos

  • Doi Brandoe
    Doi Brandoe Month ago +2

    Will: "against my will im back"
    Memeulous: "alright cool"

  • Faith Smyth
    Faith Smyth Month ago +1

    GEORGE DO A r/memeulous VIDEO pls x

  • tokionovaloid
    tokionovaloid Month ago

    this is a very calm video, very nice

  • Cløudjckt _
    Cløudjckt _ Month ago

    Nah it was maths its called the infinite perimeter so will has big brain

  • Weeb. .Covers
    Weeb. .Covers Month ago

    5:49 ngl looks like anal beads

  • archiefordee
    archiefordee Month ago

    ik these take minimal effort, but i really enjoy these videos

  • Micheal GRAY
    Micheal GRAY Month ago

    Sub to WillNE

  • TrickyTrixY
    TrickyTrixY Month ago

    Theres another mafia city type game called be the king palace game i got the ad multiple times

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    how sharp is the knife wtf

  • Johannes Hembre-Ingul
    Johannes Hembre-Ingul Month ago +1

    4:10 sound oddly like Joe Biden

  • mxsstaken__
    mxsstaken__ Month ago


  • Luckyy lemur
    Luckyy lemur Month ago


  • Alfred Soul
    Alfred Soul Month ago

    Memeulous sounds damn high at points throughout this video xD
    Not accusing, just noticing.

  • chilliwac
    chilliwac Month ago

    So the library of my city made it into a memeuless video. cool

  • Sahara whitaker
    Sahara whitaker Month ago


  • Book of Nyx
    Book of Nyx Month ago

    I showed this Video to my guineapig and she ran away 🤔
    Don't think she found it statisfying enough lol

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur Month ago +1

    You're just a memelous wanna be

  • lil Man
    lil Man Month ago

    Memeulous ice saticfing will” bruh

  • Gochocles s
    Gochocles s Month ago +1

    Dude man, there’s this guy named memeulous and he is stealing you’re stuff, you have to do something about it he is really worth exposing

  • Rocky
    Rocky Month ago +1

    saw will in the thumbnail and just assumed it was his video. i was so confused when it was george's intro instead

  • Oof :/
    Oof :/ Month ago

    Vote labour

  • Rodney Trotter
    Rodney Trotter Month ago

    Will poopoo

  • Kirsty Burston
    Kirsty Burston Month ago

    I paused at 3:25 and ran out and threw up everywhere and I come back and he says it looks like sick

  • okokjustkhadija
    okokjustkhadija Month ago

    I acc remember Willne bitching about the bartender as well 🤣

  • lunameowl
    lunameowl Month ago

    4:00-4:16 what even is this video xD

  • whittaker !
    whittaker ! Month ago

    Will was indeed right... that was maths

  • Uh
    Uh Month ago

    5:50 did they not realize those are kiwis?

  • Mia Lane
    Mia Lane Month ago

    0:32 against his own *Will*