MANDALORIAN Chapter 4 Breakdown! AT-ST Redesign & Star Wars Easter Eggs Explained!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
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    Mandalorian Episode 4 Star Wars Easter Eggs Revealed! "Sanctuary," the fourth episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+, gets a full breakdown and analysis for all the Star Wars references and visual details you overlooked! Erik Voss reviews Mandalorian Chapter 4 scene by scene for the interesting elements you missed, like the visual redesign of the AT-ST walker, homages to The Matrix in the fight choreography between Mando and Cara Dune (Gina Carano), and how the Mandalorian designers are using ET as an example of practical puppeteering to illicit strong emotional reactions from Baby Yoda.
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Comments • 697

  • app
    app 18 hours ago

    Those AT - ST tracks gave me fanboy chills.

  • Cole Lewis
    Cole Lewis 7 days ago

    Mandalorian is not a species. It’s a religion, or a nation.

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin 7 days ago

    I think she’s just good with the gun.

  • Robert Tomasik
    Robert Tomasik 21 day ago

    is anybody noticing the clone armor on mandos hands?

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo 25 days ago

    3:30 jeez no one remembers 3 amigos...

  • Ahmed Kareem
    Ahmed Kareem Month ago

    in the first episode he said that he was a foundling

  • Samuel Muñiz
    Samuel Muñiz Month ago

    The widow is definitely the storm trooper that became Darth Vader’s friend (Commander Hawk)

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio Month ago

    Mandalorian isn't a race, it's a culture. There are different races within the Mandalorian society.

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x Month ago

    Years from now at the end of the series... The Mandalorian will come back to this planet to settle down with the baby Yoda...
    REMEMBER THESE WORDS... and come back to me then and praise me for my soothsaying...

  • Simo Lee
    Simo Lee Month ago

    Some of the things he says in all his vids are a bit far fetched

  • redraven24
    redraven24 Month ago

    I have to say that I am very glad to see that they decided on puppeteering instead of CGI for Baby Yoda. There is something very real and life-like about how a puppet emotes vs a CGI character and I find it makes me forget that the puppet isn't actually alive while it's on screen. I feel connected more I guess. (It was the same for The Dark Crystal series but I digress.) Parts of me wonder if that human connection the puppets bring forth is because they are being controlled moment by moment by performers.

    T0UGH GUM Month ago +1

    But why is there an AT ST on that planet in the first place? Empire run low on shrimp?

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie Month ago

    So many Jurassic World references

  • Josh Hoffman
    Josh Hoffman Month ago

    Don’t forget that Jango Fett also took off his helmet.

  • Vision Vapor
    Vision Vapor Month ago

    The beard is working for you

  • Darth Severus
    Darth Severus Month ago

    Imagine if the mando is in clan Wren?

  • Ember Ico
    Ember Ico Month ago

    i liked the theorie, that becasue he wasn't BORN Mandalorian but a foundling, when he was given the helmet he was welcomed into the tribe by casting away his face and becoming a helmet in the crowed and if he took the helmet off he would cast away the mano persona and become the indivicual again.

  • jaaayden123
    jaaayden123 Month ago

    Vodka. more like SPOCHKA!!!

  • ruevelle the rainbow
    ruevelle the rainbow Month ago +3

    If at the end of Mandos story he returns to be with that widow i would be very happy

  • Ben Caldwell
    Ben Caldwell Month ago

    do chapter 5

  • Ben Lepisto
    Ben Lepisto Month ago

    What is Jango found him before his death in attack of the clones, at the end of The Mandalorian, Mando gets the message that his farther like figure, Jango, is dead??? Hmmmm?

  • darthbuzz
    darthbuzz Month ago +1

    The widow must have been a Rebel or bounty hunter or something. Anything but an Imperial, they cannot hit anything.
    They seem to like red in The Mandalorian.
    Red Jawa eyes when they were always yellow.
    Red AT-ST 'eyes' in the windows when there was no light before.
    Red AT-ST laser bolts when they used to be white.

  • jess pace
    jess pace Month ago

    I love the baby Yoda ears they seem to have modelled them ALOT on Yorkshire Terriers, they have really unique ear movements than alot of other dogs and it reminds me Completely of all the yorkies ive had / have

  • Hayden Enke
    Hayden Enke Month ago

    MANDALORIAN EPISODE 4 COPIED CLONE WARS: In clone wars, season 2, episode 17 Anakin, Ahsoka and Obiwan
    Get stuck on a planet and run into a farming village that is constantly being robbed from off-worlders. They team up with a group of bounty hunters and try to train the farmers to fight and defend themselves. There’s just to many similarities to be a coincidence.

  • Intactbjörn
    Intactbjörn Month ago

    All I could think about during this episode was how big a deal they were making out of the raiders having a Walker, yet on Endor 3-foot tall teddy bears were destroying them with swinging logs and tripping them with vines. 

  • Daniel Reinhart
    Daniel Reinhart Month ago +5

    With aim like that, the widow definitely wasn't a Storm Trooper

  • Superko Bros
    Superko Bros Month ago +1

    have you noticed that baby Yoda makes the same sounds as baby Tarzan

  • J3B
    J3B Month ago

    The episode was so bad it doesn't deserve any "analysis" or fun little facts.

  • Matthew Osborne
    Matthew Osborne Month ago

    I bet he has a moustache......

  • Andrew Wilkey
    Andrew Wilkey Month ago +1

    4:08 this is the way

  • Stan Tehee
    Stan Tehee Month ago

    I imagine baby (toy) yoda feels Mando’s reactions as well as the kids regardless of the helmet. Just he is jaded and doesn’t care that the kid eats frogs, probably thinks the kid is French. I wonder if Mando wears the helmet because of his scars from fighting the mountain? :-)

  • Bryan Wilson
    Bryan Wilson Month ago

    The widow looks like Iden Versio from battlefront 2....

  • Green Man
    Green Man Month ago

    Chicken walker? So unintimidating. I used to call ATSTs T-Rex walkers.

  • Ster
    Ster Month ago

    I know you have to pander to certain audience, watch some westerns... that "Matrix Move" was done about 60 years ago.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott Month ago

    You all do such a great job with breaking down shows. You all always point out some things I never thought of but make perfect sense. Thanks for another great vid!

  • The Sheffield's
    The Sheffield's Month ago

    Everyone so far has missed the connection with akira's shot angels, in 7 samurai there are the same stick training scenes as well as the locals looking over the stick wall. Fyi

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Month ago

    First off, the red lights isn't that surprising. In the military, we use red or blue light at night to protect our night vision. It is possible that, like the Soviet Union, the Empire decided it was better to crank out lots of vehicles with inferior tech. So instead of some fancy (and expensive) sensors like Mando has in his helmet, the AT-ST folks are mostly using the "Mark 1 Eyeball" which could explain why they could be lured into the trap a better vehicle would have avoided. I mean come on, a legged vehicle SHOULD have some sort of terrain sensor to keep it upright.
    Also, as a long time military history geek, gamer and combat veteran, I think the whole "flap" about the names of these vehicles miss the point. First off "AT-AT" is quicker to say than "Ay-Tee - Ay-Tee" but "AT-Ese-Tee" sounds weird so A.T.-S.T. flows.
    HOWEVER; like so many things in the military, designations are NOT what you call them! The Bradley is a Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and is "officially" the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) but no one calls them a Bee-Eff-Vee although it's problem faster to say. Likewise, the M1 tank is a Abrams...but everyone calls them Em-Ones. I'm thinking that with all the AT series of vehicles, most people would call them walkers or derivatives of that so the who "Is it AT-AT or A.T.-A.T." misses the point. Hell, even in the film, they were "Imperial walkers spotted on the north ridge."

  • JoKer Squad HUB
    JoKer Squad HUB Month ago +2

    It’s not a “redesign” it just has paint on it

    • Andra Johnson
      Andra Johnson Month ago

      No, it was larger and had different plating on the sides. Also improved blasters.

  • Jose De La Rosa
    Jose De La Rosa Month ago

    Gina Carano is HOT!

  • I am no one neither R you

    This comment is for all the guys here I SLEPT WITH YOUR WIVES.......... and some of the wives need to wash their butts I mean talk about butt odor 🍑💨😖🤮

  • Jammin Cannob
    Jammin Cannob Month ago

    Imps is a reference to the fanfilm...… maybe give credit to the EU before some fanfilm from 2005. Love your channel, you are actually my favorite channel on youtube, but give some respect to the EU.

  • Garrett Stewart
    Garrett Stewart Month ago

    The fact they used a puppet was the BEST move they could have done. If they used CGI they would have ruined The Child

  • Milan Budisavljevic

    The widow is Iden from battlefront 2

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis Month ago

    the widow cant be an ex imp..... no stormtooper can shoot that well

  • Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos Month ago


  • Dank Starscream
    Dank Starscream Month ago

    4:05 LOL

  • Luke Wick
    Luke Wick Month ago

    No offense but a fish and a farmer both wearing the same color isn’t a Easter egg

  • stainless steel pan

    Ah! Pill Boy, that’s where I’ve seen him before!

  • TheCrejziBoj
    TheCrejziBoj Month ago

    IMO AT-ST is not operated by anyone it is fully automated. I dont think people would be able to do such a backstep move. It is also acting like a robot.
    This can explain red lights.

  • Jamie MacPherson
    Jamie MacPherson Month ago

    Foundlings have to keep the helmet on because it's their identity as a mandalorian true blood mandalorians do not have to because they are true bloods

  • Jamie MacPherson
    Jamie MacPherson Month ago

    The burnt dirt being gone can be explained away by saying as they continued to wrestle they mixed the burnt dirt with the normal

  • Wiz and squiggy the guinea pigs

    It felt like episode 4 was a little rushed but it was good felt like the love between the two was a little rushed but it still was good

  • GhostH20
    GhostH20 Month ago

    Mandalorians aren't a race or species, they are just a group that have the same beliefs. Similar to a clan or religion

    • Charles Cernoch
      Charles Cernoch Month ago

      Not exactly. Just like the sith, there does exist an exceedingly rare race of mandolorians. Then there are the ones who approach it more like a religion

  • Natalya Rose
    Natalya Rose Month ago


  • Kenpachi Ramasama
    Kenpachi Ramasama Month ago +108

    "I've seen those things take down entire companies of soldiers in a matter of minutes!"
    And I've seen those things get taken down by 3-4 teddy bears in a matter of seconds.

    • Patrick Nagle
      Patrick Nagle Month ago +6

      There essential guide to vehicles sites the battle of endor as to why the at-st shouldn't be deployed in dense forest or uneven terrain for that very reason, which is rather funny. On an open field or in a clearing they'd be able to decimate foot soldiers

  • Amanda Stapley
    Amanda Stapley Month ago

    I get the Jurassic Park inspiration for the AT-ST, and they did a great job of making it feel menacing and a real threat. I thought is was strange though how they decided to make it feel like a real creature instead of a piloted piece of machinery. I had a similar grip about the AT-AT walkers in The Last Jedi.

  • Max Shaw
    Max Shaw Month ago

    Ep 4 was sh*t

  • Michael Draut
    Michael Draut Month ago

    I wonder if in the last episode the baby Yoda will say something.. that would definitely break the internet...

  • Jack Paul
    Jack Paul Month ago

    I think the widow looks like Iden Versio from the battlefront 2 campaign

  • zerocool gonna hack u

    Next video 525896662milion items u missed doing episode 5