A Gender Reversal Reversal | Flight of the Conchords: Live in London (2018) | HBO


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  • Carissa White
    Carissa White 14 hours ago

    "Thanks its my deodorant" LMAO

  • Avery Milieu
    Avery Milieu 14 hours ago

    You are still as funny and Real as you were when I saw you in Seattle - way too many years ago.
    I am often amused but I rarely laugh out loud. You guys never fail to bring it out!
    Thank you!

  • Antoine A.N
    Antoine A.N 18 hours ago

    that sounds like the cure haha

  • Morzord
    Morzord 22 hours ago

    I liked this, very nice.

  • Mellon Walker Movies
    Mellon Walker Movies 22 hours ago

    haha brill, i have been watching murray's plane crash vlog too lol

  • SoundYogi
    SoundYogi 22 hours ago

    i had no idea they were still performing...life's good!

  • Rick Davoice
    Rick Davoice Day ago

    Can't stop watching this!

  • kris lester
    kris lester Day ago

    Is it werid that I'm masturbating?

  • The Alpha Film Addict

    Saw this live. Brilliant

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    That Bass is so sexy ;3;

  • firsttimecaller longtimelistener

    Brett’s so mad he feels like cursing!
    Go fuck yourself Brett!

  • 11219tt
    11219tt Day ago

    I could watch 3,000 more episodes of their tv show.

  • Benji Coffey
    Benji Coffey Day ago

    swear i thought that was fred armisen fucking wha

  • theogore
    theogore Day ago

    Brilliant. Sounds as if Robert Smith and Prince had a musical baby. Cross dressing reversal reversal.

  • Mi Chacho
    Mi Chacho Day ago

    Holy shit, I was there!

  • Lilitu
    Lilitu 2 days ago

    "Yeah, I've put in two layas"

  • jeremy ray
    jeremy ray 2 days ago

    This is very like their song in Moana...

  • Archie Balachandran
    Archie Balachandran 2 days ago

    2 bedroom cottage 😂

  • gamby16a
    gamby16a 2 days ago

    Musically, the verses sound like The Scorpions--Big City Nights. This is more awesome overall, tho

  • Leo
    Leo 2 days ago

    "...and I'm Ian from accountiiiiiiiiing!"

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder 2 days ago

    God I love them

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris 3 days ago

    When is this and father and son going to be on spotify!?!

  • Dominic Dennis
    Dominic Dennis 3 days ago


  • Callum Starr
    Callum Starr 3 days ago

    I thought this was called a gender reversal rehearsal

  • Jews Killed Indians
    Jews Killed Indians 3 days ago

    finally a real gig after all these years. Good job, Murray

  • L Egborg
    L Egborg 3 days ago

    The beginning of that guitarr solo reminds me of some other song, anyone know the song?

  • Antony P
    Antony P 3 days ago

    I'm a long-time fan. Glad to see this still rocking my socks.

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico 3 days ago

    Just brilliant!
    I love Bret's voice.

  • Michael Hagerup
    Michael Hagerup 3 days ago

    Dont understand the joke at all

  • juejuejue jeujeujeu
    juejuejue jeujeujeu 3 days ago

    Yes!!! The best version of this song so far. I love these two so much.

  • Pat Riesterer
    Pat Riesterer 3 days ago

    Any idea what Bret was laughing at at 6:15?

  • Urameshii
    Urameshii 3 days ago

    Oh god how I've missed these guys, best laugh I've had all day!

  • Pete butSue
    Pete butSue 3 days ago

    Anyone else think Mille Bobby Brown from Stranger Things looks a tad like Brett? Just saw it here and there through season 2... Might just have been the plaid shirts and curly hair...

  • solitarymaninblack
    solitarymaninblack 3 days ago

    Jermaine was great in Tongan Ninja and Men In Black 3

  • SnoodyMcFlude
    SnoodyMcFlude 4 days ago

    I had a great time Deanna, I wouldn't eat that banana :D

  • somegoddamnguy
    somegoddamnguy 4 days ago

    chords for those who care: verse - [Am] [C] [F] [G] [E/G# ] chorus -[Am] [F] [C] [G] [E/G# ], they only switch two chords but it really opens it up, clever songwriting

  • evie willis
    evie willis 4 days ago

    Not bad for a tribute act

  • Austin Jossart
    Austin Jossart 4 days ago

    Miss those guys

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne 4 days ago

    I love that split screen in the edit! Thank you for not avoiding stuff like that, live shows are usually so horribly boringly edited.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 4 days ago +1

    Welcome back. We've missed you. :D

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 4 days ago

    Greta performance.
    Weird split camerawork at 3:54.

  • Peni Parker
    Peni Parker 4 days ago

    Jemaine is unrecognizable from the old days :O

  • Alfa Mail
    Alfa Mail 4 days ago

    Man, I missed these guys! Priceless! Bretter than ever! See what I did there??

  • Morgan Hayward
    Morgan Hayward 4 days ago

    “It’s the Fucking Patriarchy”
    Liberal Women - “Wooh “
    Dumb broads don’t even get comedy let alone jobs !

  • RubberBowl
    RubberBowl 4 days ago

    Jemaine Clement with Hofner bass? I will literally explode

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson 4 days ago

    Brunettes not fighter jets

  • Benjamin Gowers
    Benjamin Gowers 4 days ago

    How has no one pointed out the fact that Ian is inside Dianna

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 4 days ago

    Make a season three of the show please!!!

  • Shank
    Shank 4 days ago

    Flight of the concords, making TheXvid great again. Best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Roubin Paciullo
    Roubin Paciullo 4 days ago

    I hope it's Jenny... I hope it's Jenny... I hope it's Jenny...

  • 8170youngwilliam
    8170youngwilliam 4 days ago +2

    And then Deanna doesn't feel she is respected anymore and gets Ian sacked.
    And 16 years down the track Ian will have a crack at politics and Deanna will say Ian raped her because she didn't scream out "yes yes yes" affirming that she wanted 'IT'.

    • 8170youngwilliam
      8170youngwilliam 2 days ago

      +monokhem you brought reinforcements.

    • 8170youngwilliam
      8170youngwilliam 2 days ago

      +monokhem, I broke you and your retardedness spread. 😂

    • monokhem
      monokhem 3 days ago +2

      Thanks for continuing to say stupid shit.

    • forthebirds4
      forthebirds4 3 days ago +2

      Thanks for continuing to say stupid shit.

  • Fubzilla
    Fubzilla 4 days ago

    Hahaha so great

  • HonusCarbuncle
    HonusCarbuncle 4 days ago

    These guys might be the two most likable humans on the planet.

  • Jared T-F
    Jared T-F 4 days ago


  • Curtis Foster
    Curtis Foster 4 days ago

    Aaawwww yeah........it's business time!!

  • Dan Yamat
    Dan Yamat 4 days ago +3

    When did Jemaine turn into Stephen King?

  • Doug BM
    Doug BM 4 days ago

    They could have used the song as an opportunity to comment on current issues. Disappointing.

    • monokhem
      monokhem 3 days ago

      You could have used your time to not be a whiny little bitch. Disappointing.

    • Brandon Shapley
      Brandon Shapley 4 days ago

      it's a comedy show, lighten up

  • TheAllKnowingTribute

    A Hofner bass! Sorry, got distracted.

  • tom domagalski
    tom domagalski 4 days ago

    I'm gonna fill your boober in the back of an Uber haha

  • redrock1963
    redrock1963 4 days ago

    "Well.....you've got one hot leg". LMAO

  • Starbuck Targaryen
    Starbuck Targaryen 4 days ago

    Yo what the fuck y'all gotta tell me this shit when my fucking sons are playing fuck sake

  • Elmo Blatch
    Elmo Blatch 4 days ago

    This shows that creativity does tend to wane with age.

  • Jack458111
    Jack458111 4 days ago

    Jemaine actually rocks the bass

  • noah1017
    noah1017 4 days ago

    I hope this is a sign that the show will come back. And that it will be funny, like the first season.

  • The Adventures Of Crazy Mar

    I wouldn't eat that banana

  • WalkIntoMyFace
    WalkIntoMyFace 4 days ago +1

    I saw them that night! They were absolutely incredible!

  • miguel rubio
    miguel rubio 4 days ago

    Boy I’ve missed you guys

  • SimpleHobson
    SimpleHobson 4 days ago

    I was in the Audience that night it was unreal how funny they were!! If they ever tour again definitely go!

  • polarweiß
    polarweiß 4 days ago

    boris the animal lol

  • Kitty Black
    Kitty Black 5 days ago

    Loooooove these guys. Wish I could see them live.

  • Jason Tunpane
    Jason Tunpane 5 days ago

    Do we have any gigs murry?
    Yes! Let me see here. No.

  • Georgie The Last Laugh

    So brilliant. Love that they are back

  • Code Alex
    Code Alex 5 days ago

    The Crazy Dogggz brought me here

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon 5 days ago

    When I saw them live they kept fucking up this song it was histerical

  • jasmine davis
    jasmine davis 5 days ago +10

    This gig was literally my first proper date with my boyfriend.....

  • George!
    George! 5 days ago

    This really reminds me of Victoria Wood!

  • Dylan Pfannenstein
    Dylan Pfannenstein 5 days ago

    New album when??

  • eri aden
    eri aden 5 days ago

    Thanks murray!!

  • Unscrewed _ Up
    Unscrewed _ Up 5 days ago

    Omg they’ve come back?! I always thought they wouldn’t because they seem super busy with other stuff but they did! Hopefully that means they are working on the movie they wanted to do .

  • Gopr311
    Gopr311 5 days ago +6

    >Brett mocks the concept of the patriarchy
    >idiots in the crowd whoop their support of it

  • Jonathan Poon
    Jonathan Poon 5 days ago +118

    Office romance? So you could say..... it’s business time

  • Hotcakes
    Hotcakes 5 days ago +1

    So... they've completely ruined Fuck on the Ceiling? I've been waiting 6 years for their next album so I can get a proper studio version and ... it's not looking good...

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 5 days ago

    Go back to NZ.

  • FinalDeity
    FinalDeity 5 days ago

    I've gotta say, that's a pretty groovin' bass line by Jermaine.

  • Glass Monty
    Glass Monty 5 days ago

    The version I saw live in Manchester was pretty different to this one. But still that's fucking awesome.

  • oliver punter
    oliver punter 5 days ago


  • Cary Banasiak
    Cary Banasiak 5 days ago

    Holy FUCKING shit.

  • Youlost thegame
    Youlost thegame 5 days ago +41

    I need more friends that love flight of the conchords

    • Ucmh
      Ucmh Day ago

      Maybe you meant actual professional equipment?

    • Ucmh
      Ucmh 2 days ago

      I actually just got a used Snowball ICE a few days ago, for like 40 euros. I bet you can find even cheaper ones than that. Won't be studio quality ofc, but it'll sound great.

    • Youlost thegame
      Youlost thegame 2 days ago

      Mmmm, I uploaded it originally so I could convert it into mp3 so I could use it for a video. I've actually improved since haha, I just need proper sound equipment.

    • Ucmh
      Ucmh 2 days ago

      Oh yeah, look at that, you have some uploads. Your latest is an original song, I take it?

    • Youlost thegame
      Youlost thegame 2 days ago

      +Ucmh I'm Scottish, i shook Roger Waters hand and Im a solo artist probably.

  • porta
    porta 5 days ago

    has Bret been skiing? That tanline

  • thoughtheglass
    thoughtheglass 5 days ago

    that solo was just like at matt belemy one

  • Jason McDonald
    Jason McDonald 5 days ago

    1 word, brilliant!

  • Claire Jones
    Claire Jones 5 days ago

    Still so good

  • finsarg
    finsarg 5 days ago

    NOW THE REST!!!!! #noHBO

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 5 days ago +3

    My dad's called Ian. And he's British...

  • Gib Williamson
    Gib Williamson 5 days ago

    Go You Kiwi Beauts' NZ Fave Sons..................

  • Shane Addinall
    Shane Addinall 5 days ago

    Oh man, after all this time FotC is still magic 🤣🤣🤣

  • Frank Mackenzie
    Frank Mackenzie 5 days ago

    My Dad Wrote A Porno vibes anyone

  • Mark S.
    Mark S. 5 days ago +1

    Thanks HBO. I've just become a huge fan of the band due to seeing this concert on TV. So I came here to TheXvid to enjoy the tunes on my PC. THE AUDIO SUCKS ON EVERY VIDEO FROM THIS CONCERT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HBO? Seriously AM radio has better quality audio than this GARBAGE you put out here.

  • Joseph Freese
    Joseph Freese 5 days ago

    That was so delightful.

  • Nick Fangman
    Nick Fangman 5 days ago

    GoodByyyyyyyyeeee Moonman