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4K HD ASMR | Plucking Away Anxieties

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • I THINK this is my last poopy auto-focus video, and I fix it a few minutes into the video! So if it bothers you terribly, just bump a few minutes ahead :D Sorry about that!
    Enjoy some face touching, plucking, anxiety stress relief!!! You deserve it! We're already a month through 2019, how are you? :)
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  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR  10 months ago +3806

    YAY we're trending!!!! Welcome new friends! Uh...check out my Twitter?

    • Idris Iljasov
      Idris Iljasov 33 minutes ago

      You have a fish face 😂

    • Ocean Seashell
      Ocean Seashell 3 months ago

      Hi Gibi! Coming from a human that’s stressed almost everyday, this was extremely soothing! Your video’s are always amazing and very relaxing. Whatever the haters say about your video’s or just straight up weird negative comments, remember that they’re trying to bring you down don’t let them! We love you and keep up the excellent astonishing work! 💜

    • ethan Cruz
      ethan Cruz 3 months ago

      Rizzo Zoto bc it was trending at the time fuck head

    • Fermiparadox
      Fermiparadox 3 months ago

      @ethan Cruz you're supposed to feel tingles up your neck and atop of your head. Also having anxiety, this is very calming

    • poop shaloop
      poop shaloop 4 months ago +1

      Gibi gimmie your butthole it needs licked

    RAZOR WIRE 3 hours ago +1


  • César O coelho sortudo

    You smile like my mom, that's cute

  • William Higgins
    William Higgins 2 days ago

    Plucking all of my anxieties

    Me: well this is going to be a long video

  • rrsayuda
    rrsayuda 3 days ago

    Oh i like this

  • Carson Jewell
    Carson Jewell 3 days ago

    Her: you're friends are lucky to have you
    Me: what friends?
    Me in my head listing off my friends: Barney and Chucky Cheese

  • Freya Lim
    Freya Lim 3 days ago +1

    This lady has a higher calling.

  • JackFurious51
    JackFurious51 3 days ago +1

    Me: Okay... Maybe this year will be better
    Me now: Welp... My dog and fish died and haven't seen or heard from my sister all year... Maybe 2020 will be better...

  • Michael Gragg
    Michael Gragg 4 days ago

    Nothing puts me to sleep faster than this

  • yrain22
    yrain22 5 days ago

    One of my favorite videos from you, it helped a lot. :)

  • kixku
    kixku 5 days ago

    I was just having an anxiety attack and quickly turned this on. Let me just say, it worked wonders. I was dealing with one of my worse episodes and this video slowed my heart rate and breathing down so much. Thank you Gibi. :)

  • Annie Liu
    Annie Liu 6 days ago

    I needed this, just turned in my college applications and still feeling really stressed over it.

  • Pieterjan Pauwelyn
    Pieterjan Pauwelyn 6 days ago

    The camera in focusing gives me anxiety

  • Special Aatmaen
    Special Aatmaen 6 days ago

    Are you vegan????

  • Trinity Hendrickson
    Trinity Hendrickson 6 days ago

    *gibi boosting our confidences for 22 minuets and 19 seconds*

  • Trinity Hendrickson
    Trinity Hendrickson 6 days ago

    *no one:*
    *not a single soul:*
    *no one in this freaking universe:*

    *me: 2 am, wearing a face mask, having a mental breakdown, drinking koolaid, watching asmr*

  • ッSasuke
    ッSasuke 6 days ago

    Nani? Watashi no senju

  • John Rubio
    John Rubio 7 days ago

    wonder fool

  • Bilind :/
    Bilind :/ 9 days ago


  • Will Ferrel
    Will Ferrel 9 days ago

    please do a hand video with no talking, you are good with hand videos but the talking ruins it for me, just do mouth sounds or something

  • MarsinAs Xxdd
    MarsinAs Xxdd 9 days ago

    thats quite a lot of anxiety 7:50

  • ping_high
    ping_high 9 days ago

    There has been a crime rise in my area, and I live in a big house (flex unintended) and I’ve just been worried about things. I’ve been up since 8:00am and it’s 2:30am tomarrow. This has helped a lot. Thanks Gibi.

  • Jameson Audette
    Jameson Audette 9 days ago +1

    That is the first time I have ever seen the end of an asmr video, didn’t even know she had a outro

  • mh m
    mh m 10 days ago

    Thanks for the talk about anxiety and life❤ i'm dealing with depression and it just made me feel a bit better

    • ping_high
      ping_high 9 days ago

      mh m I hope you feel better man. Tell me if you need someone to vent to. I’ve been through similar places.

  • Aud Shadow
    Aud Shadow 10 days ago

    when you started talking about carrying other peoples burdens and plucked it away i started crying because by best best best friend has a really really awful home life and so much of my stress is about not being able to help him

  • i_Scorp
    i_Scorp 11 days ago

    when she says "your life is very, very, very, very precious" and the guy writing the subtitles says (thank you gibi) LOL thats so wholesome!

    edit: there's actually a few! please watch this with subtitles!!!

  • Cup of Suga
    Cup of Suga 11 days ago

    Gibi, what do I do? I am a mess. I like 2 boys, one of them likes my friend and is stealing her from me and my friends, the other is my friend and I think catching feelings. Aghhhh

    • Cup of Suga
      Cup of Suga 8 days ago

      @ping_high well they don't listen, me and my friends have warned her, but she continues to hangout with him and a bunch of stuff. Honestly I want to kill myself because of all my bad situations.

    • ping_high
      ping_high 9 days ago

      Cup of Suga I think the best thing you should do is talk to your friends about the situation. If you are having anxiety I think the best way you can remove it is by venting.

  • Brooklynne Malczewski
    Brooklynne Malczewski 11 days ago

    2:36 is where the focusing stays the same and i liked my own comment bc nobody will!

  • Fisherman's Crossing
    Fisherman's Crossing 12 days ago

    5:42am.. been awake for almost 22 hours. So frustrated with myself rn. Every time I'm about to fall asleep I feel scared and wake myself up or look at the clock and see that I have to wake up in 7hours.. 6 hours. 5 hours. 3hours. So disappointed in me.. I need to get rid of my Xbox and focus on my health. I'm 21 now.. time to grow up

  • Téa P ASMR
    Téa P ASMR 12 days ago

    I accidentally left my auto play on and this is what I woke up to:
    Hi SiStErS!
    Me: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy,sister?
    James:sO iN tHiS vIdEo I WiLl bE
    Me: skips ad

  • Téa P ASMR
    Téa P ASMR 12 days ago

    She protecc
    She atacc
    But most importantly,
    She say welcome bacc

  • Téa P ASMR
    Téa P ASMR 12 days ago

    Hey,do you mind if I just...P L U C K

    SIDDHI PURANIK 15 days ago

    *Gibi uploads this video*
    Anxiety: aight Imma head out

  • Xione X
    Xione X 15 days ago

    Thank you🥰

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 16 days ago

    Gibi:Your friends are lucky to have you.
    Me: Wha are friends?

  • Thomas Tsohonis Jr
    Thomas Tsohonis Jr 17 days ago

    My school watched a video about anxiety

  • CoJay
    CoJay 17 days ago

    Pause the video and click on this time stamp 9:22

  • Aiden Lin
    Aiden Lin 17 days ago

    oh well, good luck with that....

  • Ecletic Power
    Ecletic Power 18 days ago

    How much you are so fucking beautiful???

  • Kiley YAY
    Kiley YAY 19 days ago +1

    I woke up and still hated myself but this was very relaxing

  • Ellie Unicorn Playz
    Ellie Unicorn Playz 19 days ago

    Majority of kids don't listen to the cheesy quotes out there and most if those quotes kids don't listen to. But to help a kid in a modern way like a video, or their favorite TheXvidr do something like this, most kids would actually use that knowledge for help. Like with my experience, no kids at my school even pay a drop of attention to the quotes on the walls at my school, even I think they're a little cheesy. But all of the kids at school listen to the more modern people like youtubers and popular people on Instagram and and other platforms with people who they look up to. So this videoad me cry a little knowing that at least I had a way better sleep tonight and that someone else did to.

  • Ava Kiemele
    Ava Kiemele 20 days ago +2

    Hey human person seeing this I'm going to tell you what I want
    AsMr MoDe On YoUtUbE So We DoNt HaVe tO DeAl WiTh AdDs

  • Moonlight Studios
    Moonlight Studios 20 days ago

    is anyone else triggered whenevr the camera doesn't focus AND it's 4K HD asmr? lolol lmfao

  • 21Shelby Foster
    21Shelby Foster 20 days ago

    I've never really been big into ASMR roleplay's and things like that, but things like this sincerely make me feel better.

  • Robyn Dennis
    Robyn Dennis 22 days ago

    One of my favorite asmr videos everrrr the tingles are realllllllll

  • Pleroma
    Pleroma 22 days ago


  • Mrs Guy
    Mrs Guy 23 days ago

    I don't get asmr making you feel better I listen to it every night and I'm still on the verge of...

  • MM Meadows
    MM Meadows 23 days ago

    she reminds me of allison from teen wolf

  • Gyanendra Jha
    Gyanendra Jha 24 days ago

    #gibi who is your fav asmr'st

  • TeaPat
    TeaPat 24 days ago

    Is there other Gibi video with tongue clicks like this?

  • Mitali Partha
    Mitali Partha 24 days ago

    How tf is Gibi that pretty im-

  • Basically Unknown
    Basically Unknown 24 days ago

    Gibi : well i hope u get a lil bit sleepy
    Me: *fall asleep 5 mins ago*

  • Nidhin Pk
    Nidhin Pk 24 days ago +1

    Plucking at level 6 ,deeper grooves at level 7 ,,

  • Loren Davis
    Loren Davis 25 days ago

    Gibi has the best ASMR videos on TheXvid!

  • Lexordous !
    Lexordous ! 25 days ago

    I don't, but this video of her attracted me the most!

    DJPLAYZROBLOX2003YTT 25 days ago

    i like your eyes

  • Taco Pleb
    Taco Pleb 25 days ago +1

    Hi gibi😁 if you see this I, one of your giblets are requesting another of these videos
    They are AMAZING thanks

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master 25 days ago

    My body:So you wanna get rid of anxiety well your gonna like this new guy
    Depression walks in
    Me:whelp sh--

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 25 days ago

    Nice hands 😉

  • Kristopher Chon
    Kristopher Chon 25 days ago

    I'm usually not an anxious person or someone that feels defeated/sad. But lately I've been feeling incredibly empty and don't feel like there's any purpose anymore. All of the problems I have at school(being Asian, not incredibly good looking, not popular, very tall), the problems I'm having with my friends. The only person I have really been able to open up to was my best friend but she has been slowly drifting away from me since 7th grade started. It's very difficult sometimes at school because the people that know I'm having a hard time in my life have started to spread it around, and because I'm a boy, it's considered a weakness, or I'm considered a wimp because I experience things like this. I never believed people when they said middle school was a difficult time, I always had the thought process of "oh I'm popular and very smart, nothing will go wrong" but now I'm no longer popular and even though school is still a breeze, the social part of it has been slowly breaking me down since the start of the year. I'm not looking for attention or anything I just needed a place to vent these things out, because everyone thinks men have to be immune to these things, and my parents are only obbessed with my grades, while my friends are tired of my being sad. Sorry for any inconvenience reading through this comment has cause.