Eating Brunch at a Japanese Market | Street Food Japan

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • We enjoy a 5 course brunch of Japanese street food at one of Japan's greatest markets on Day 12 of our Journey Across Japan.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Month ago +565

    Well guys, IF you could try one dish at the market that we either ate or showed on screen, WHICH one would you go for?
    - I have to say, the Grilled Eel on a skewer stole the show for me.

    • chip skylark
      chip skylark 18 hours ago

      God I love eel

    • senna racing legend 14
      senna racing legend 14 5 days ago

      Pouring beer .... without foam.... so bad

    • Ian
      Ian 13 days ago

      The ice cream looked good af.

    • ancientflounder
      ancientflounder 27 days ago

      The eel and grilled mackerel both looked really good. And I'm always down to try the beer in any new area I go to.

    • Krusty Kraken
      Krusty Kraken 28 days ago

      Actually, probably the Grapes.
      I guess because the other items are mostly good cooking, but the Grape is a new kind of ingredient.

  • MediocrityInMotion
    MediocrityInMotion 3 hours ago

    So in american dollars you guys just spent like 40 -50?

  • Pearl Sherman
    Pearl Sherman 2 days ago

    I want yall to date

  • Johnny Sleeper
    Johnny Sleeper 5 days ago

    Very good video

  • Youzou Oba
    Youzou Oba 7 days ago

    The opening music is cool

  • Ahsanur Khair
    Ahsanur Khair 7 days ago +1

    Rename to Food in Japan

  • Leonato Rex
    Leonato Rex 9 days ago

    You guys would make a great couple. Too bad she's with me! Haha 😂😂😂

  • Otaku Kairu
    Otaku Kairu 10 days ago

    I ship...

  • Lisa Akinlabi
    Lisa Akinlabi 11 days ago

    My husband eats fish eyes LOL

  • Humstrux
    Humstrux 12 days ago

    I love grilled eel!
    And the lovely pair of Canadian knockers 😎

  • YK L
    YK L 12 days ago

    Where is this market? 🤤

  • Thien Vo
    Thien Vo 12 days ago

    the eel looks pretty good... I don't really eat eel, but I think I could make an exception for that

  • Paul Cardoni
    Paul Cardoni 13 days ago

    If one absorbs a fish do they become the fish?

  • flyingsnow00
    flyingsnow00 13 days ago

    Here's the Pancreas song from Weird Al for you... :o)

  • GoukenslayWAO
    GoukenslayWAO 13 days ago

    unagi is one of my fav japanese foods. its just wholesome, i consider it my comfort food
    unfortunately when they say not a whole lotta money, if i convert it to CAD, its a whole lotta money

  • Peter Roche
    Peter Roche 14 days ago


  • Dakota Sellers
    Dakota Sellers 15 days ago

    Full on Sake and ice cream at 9 in the morning. That's sounds so fun. :3

  • Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson

    Beware the old people, they will eat your eyes!!!

  • jessica lynam
    jessica lynam 17 days ago

    Fish eye is a great source of sodium. In the old days it was a easy way to get sodium in your diet.

  • GeoffonTour
    GeoffonTour 17 days ago

    Is there a singing man wearing questionably revealing leggings? No? Not a proper labyrinth then is it.

  • Linh Cao
    Linh Cao 17 days ago

    You can now find cotton candy grapes in UK supermarkets in summer too

  • Julia Kaya Queen
    Julia Kaya Queen 18 days ago +1

    You should come to the Netherlands some time. We have great beer, smoked eel that we eat on sandwiches or just like that and it's kind of normal for foreigners to drink alcohol with breakfast ;). Just finished a bottle of wine and watching this video for the third time haha

  • K Nana
    K Nana 20 days ago

    Do Japanese people assume u and sharla are married

  • K Nana
    K Nana 20 days ago

    I love ❤️ the opening song love it

  • Timothy Hendrix
    Timothy Hendrix 20 days ago

    I haven’t watched your channel in a while, is she your girlfriend or wife?

  • Jonathan Mckinsey
    Jonathan Mckinsey 20 days ago

    Name of song plz at 7:57 plz

    • Niels
      Niels 17 days ago

      cats walking yomoti

  • Dr Popsicle
    Dr Popsicle 21 day ago


  • Japonismo
    Japonismo 22 days ago

    Noto bifu XDDDDDD

  • Thomas Parikka
    Thomas Parikka 23 days ago

    3:58 Would you say it... melts in your mouth?

  • Peter Sorensen Guitar
    Peter Sorensen Guitar 24 days ago


  • toon pools
    toon pools 24 days ago

    Is she your girlfrend

  • Tomas Senn
    Tomas Senn 25 days ago

    I don't even like seafood and this looks good

  • OnniBuchtProductions
    OnniBuchtProductions 26 days ago

    Sharla is sooooo pretty

  • Happy Hippo
    Happy Hippo 27 days ago


  • Beth Naranjo
    Beth Naranjo 27 days ago

    Looking good Chris! It looks like the weight loss journey is really paying off. The hint of facial hair makes you look smart I think 👍🏻✨ I really enjoy all of your videos sooooo much. Makes me really wish I had the funds to travel to Japan, one day! Also really loving the Nostalgic 80s music. Keep up the great work.

  • keisu ri
    keisu ri 27 days ago

    I would like absorb the fish t shirt.

  • Proli
    Proli 27 days ago


  • Nina Schenk
    Nina Schenk 27 days ago

    Oh la la breakfast sake! :)

  • awesomesaucetastical
    awesomesaucetastical 28 days ago

    2:03 holding hands....

  • Kotomi Kawahata
    Kotomi Kawahata 28 days ago


  • Nickname
    Nickname 28 days ago

    I think you forgot to mention that this is the 'best market in Japan"

  • Azurite TheFoxDemon
    Azurite TheFoxDemon 28 days ago

    I've lived in america and have never tasted a grape that taste like cotton candy the big grapes we grow are purple and on the more sour side lol

  • BluesyBor
    BluesyBor 28 days ago

    One question - what's that music at the start and near the end? The chill one with the flute.

  • J G
    J G 29 days ago

    Sharla you’ve been in Asia too long. We have had soy ice cream forever in North America

  • OfficialMINIm
    OfficialMINIm Month ago

    Sharlas thick. Shes a cutie where can i see more of her

  • clarve88
    clarve88 Month ago +1

    Chris these videos are amazingly fun! Great job! and Sharla is too damn adorable!

  • Urocyon
    Urocyon Month ago

    7:55 *HOLY* *HELL* It's Sadayo Kawakami in real life!!!!

  • StayMellowBeEasy
    StayMellowBeEasy Month ago +1

    Damn Sharla is hot.

  • Zach Pouska
    Zach Pouska Month ago +1

    This video makes me so hungry, it doesn't help that I love seafood!

  • Simply Toki
    Simply Toki Month ago

    Cotton candy grapes are in Canada too

  • Alice Dubois
    Alice Dubois Month ago

    I need some of that soymilk ice cream... It is perfect for lactose intolerance and it would also be a major chance if pace.

  • d0uble _ 0
    d0uble _ 0 Month ago

    You guys should hook up! Sexy!!

  • Sofia Mirza
    Sofia Mirza Month ago

    Yummy food!

  • Peter West
    Peter West Month ago

    Candy floss (AKA Cotton Candy) flavour grapes are a thing in the UK now too. And they actually do taste like it which is kinda crazy considering how much healthier an option it is.
    Also, thanks to your excellent lessons I recognised you asking the lady what she'd recommend in the latter part of the video. ;-)

  • realtsavo
    realtsavo Month ago

    Abroad, just to let you know, many people do consider eyes a treat. I have eaten them, but didn't care too much for it. It tastes a lot like liver, and as I don't care for liver, I didn't enjoy it much.

  • Alexander Clegg
    Alexander Clegg Month ago

    ¥200 for a plastic shot glass of alcohol? A good price indeed

  • Bengie g
    Bengie g Month ago

    I've tried cotton candy grapes. In fact this is the exact one that I tried.

  • WizardOfOss
    WizardOfOss Month ago

    It always seems to rain in Kanazawa. I actually cancelled a trip to Kanazawa not once but twice because of horrendous weather. And the one time I did visit Kanazawa, I spent most time outside the city, away from the rain. Unfortunately, I didn't visit this market...
    Too bad you didn't visit Noto-hanto on this trip. I'd say Hakui, Japan's UFO-town, would have been right up your alley.

  • Cristian Velasquez
    Cristian Velasquez Month ago

    im going to japan and im gonna eat everything in this video! haha

  • waltersumofan
    waltersumofan Month ago

    It's been a week, everything okay?

  • Jeremiah Linderman
    Jeremiah Linderman Month ago

    Episodes like this kill me. Every time I watch, I am instantly hungry. Even though I have just eaten. Damn you Chris! Except the fish eyes... Yeah. If I pause it on the closeup of the eye, I lose my will to eat.

  • thatsnumberwang100
    thatsnumberwang100 Month ago

    No video for a week. Did you die?

  • Werckle to basic
    Werckle to basic Month ago

    It all looks good, but I'd like to try the Eel. OK... maybe 3 of them. I thought the cake things were cheeseballs. Looks so good! Thanks for the video!

  • Kevin Edgar
    Kevin Edgar Month ago

    Slight gucci belt flex, okay okay

  • Ian Crawford
    Ian Crawford Month ago

    For flying fuck's sake where is the next video? It was supposed to be one a day!

  • God of Drink
    God of Drink Month ago

    0:32 If I didn’t know that Sharla was already married, I would start thinking that these two had a thing going on😉

  • Roth Roth
    Roth Roth Month ago

    3:11 only in japan dub dub tak dub dub tak dub tak

  • Jennifer Stokes
    Jennifer Stokes Month ago

    The face hair is looking good. Makes your jaw line look very sharp 😉 very handsome 😄

  • Erikah
    Erikah Month ago

    Sharla you look so good! I love seeing both of you in the same video

  • J. Deku
    J. Deku Month ago

    I genuinely wanted to smell that sake

  • Mariel Stein
    Mariel Stein Month ago

    Cotton Candy grapes are a real thing in the USA and UK! I bought some while I was studying in London that were marketed as "Candy Floss Grapes."

  • Ethan Ding
    Ethan Ding Month ago

    0:51 that dude looks so like the vocals for a band called SHE'S and i love it(and them)

  • Samiii
    Samiii Month ago

    I ship them

  • SpaceLion87
    SpaceLion87 Month ago

    There is a Seiyuu potentialu in you brodo-san...

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan Month ago

    1:44 I had that tuna eye socket on sushi in Osaka. I don't know for sure if the eye was still in it or not. It was cooked so hard to tell. It was kind of chewy and gelatinous.

  • avion44690
    avion44690 Month ago

    Chris could you please explain what is WASABE made from....real WASABE!

  • lesslighter
    lesslighter Month ago

    fish eye its for broth... some people do like fish eyes

  • Savannah Clemens
    Savannah Clemens Month ago


  • Pwnogosaurus
    Pwnogosaurus Month ago

    Big ol'

  • Arthur Kirkland
    Arthur Kirkland Month ago

    Damn I'm so hungry

  • sazuki kasuzu
    sazuki kasuzu Month ago

    Maybe I will see you in pornhub..

  • CelticKing101
    CelticKing101 Month ago

    How long they been dating. If not why not. They both look like they want the ting lad. The salmon and eel special lad. Skrrr rat. Papa kodom get a room lad.

  • Beau J
    Beau J Month ago

    Been enjoying your channel for a long time. You look great bro! Cheers

  • abepl
    abepl Month ago

    and now I'm hungry AF, and all I can buy is fish n chips ..... thanks Chris !!

  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore Month ago

    I absolutely loved Kanazawa on my trip, and this market is fantastic.

  • Piers Hunday
    Piers Hunday Month ago

    Love a good food market! Will have to visit when I go there in February :)

  • Book Mckenzie
    Book Mckenzie Month ago

    That old woman was rude but that was funny 😂

  • Book Mckenzie
    Book Mckenzie Month ago

    My Aunty always loves eating fish eyes I tried it and I thought it would be soft then I chomped on it hard then almost broke my teeth ;-;

  • Souvik Guha
    Souvik Guha Month ago

    Just kiss already

  • UnityC XProphet
    UnityC XProphet Month ago

    by far one of my most favorite series on youtube, thank you for the amazing content!

  • 吾河氷三
    吾河氷三 Month ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    Bigu maku settu!

  • Sawtooth
    Sawtooth Month ago

    What's he eating?

  • °Mov-E°
    °Mov-E° Month ago

    What the Music on 1:04? Please

  • blue deep
    blue deep Month ago

    You suddenly look old to me.

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. Month ago

    to beef or noto beef

  • PerfectHolyPervert
    PerfectHolyPervert Month ago

    I like the intro music so much! What is the name of the track? :)

  • Supa Luca
    Supa Luca Month ago

    Journey accross Japan will be followed by editing accross Japan? Chris does have a habit of letting footage just sit there until it's no longer usable.

  • Albus
    Albus Month ago

    you guys should get married i STAN

  • Jay Jays
    Jay Jays Month ago +1

    Bigu Mako setto kudasai