Eating Brunch at a Japanese Market | Kanazawa Street Food

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • Kanazawa city! We enjoy a 5 course brunch of Japanese street food at one of Japan's greatest markets on Day 12 of our Journey Across Japan.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  6 months ago +659

    Well guys, IF you could try one dish at the market that we either ate or showed on screen, WHICH one would you go for?
    - I have to say, the Grilled Eel on a skewer stole the show for me.

    • Alpha Mike
      Alpha Mike 15 days ago

      Abroad in Japan Luckily there wasn’t fish ice cream lol

    • Siggy's Fascinations
      Siggy's Fascinations Month ago

      I need to have the eel, and the wagu....I think I'm going to have to go to that area rather than Tokyo first

    • Lewis Loening
      Lewis Loening 2 months ago

      I'm goin for the Unagi also ~ love it here in scotland at my local japanese restraunt so gotta be 10x better in Japan \o/

    • Kit Leung
      Kit Leung 3 months ago

      +The English samurai Who's Grapes, English Samurai? Those ain't grapes, Samurai Buddy, they are X-Rated Stuff.

    • Kit Leung
      Kit Leung 3 months ago

      I actually never liked dried fish like mackeral, because it looks dry and unappearly. Plus it is a boring traditional homecooked meal with rice and pickles, to me it is a world of boring. But after your juicy presentation, you have shine a new light on this very common fish. I believe I must venture there to get my taste of aboard in japn. Thank you Chris from Abroad in Japan Channel.

  • Võ Quốc Hưng
    Võ Quốc Hưng 21 hour ago

    That explained a lot

  • David Game
    David Game Day ago +1

    First, we were blessed with Natsuki.
    Then, Chris used a Comment Stone to evolve Ryotaro in to Risottoro.
    I thought it couldn't get any better, but after an extended period of time with Sharla, I realise I was wrong. What an utterly delightful person she is.

  • Rowell Sumook Jr.
    Rowell Sumook Jr. 10 days ago +1


  • ArticTiger
    ArticTiger 13 days ago

    The cotton candy grapes are real! We had them here in ASDA a couple months ago.

  • KevinArdala01
    KevinArdala01 13 days ago

    "Off the scale levels of cuteness!" (Not you Chris! 😂😂😂)

  • snigie
    snigie 19 days ago +1

    More with Sharla please. 🥰

  • vegaspcnerd
    vegaspcnerd 22 days ago +1

    Wait a sec, i've been sub'in to you for a long time and I DID NOT SEE A HALLOWEEN VID IN THIS, why would you skip it??? EXPLAIN YOURSELF PLZ or lose my sub.

  • Wobbly
    Wobbly 24 days ago +2

    Sharla: "Can't complain."
    Chris: I don't understand that combination of words.

  • John Forde
    John Forde 24 days ago

    It's a pity you weren't able to explore the city - Kanazawa is magical. You'll have to go back some time. However, it was a mater stroke to film the market - it's a great market.

  • justreallybored
    justreallybored 24 days ago +1

    Shit, she is gorgeous. You could just shut up and show her face the whole time..

  • Mary’s Jerney
    Mary’s Jerney 24 days ago +1

    Sharla is so pretty. Y’all would make a cute couple. Sorry lol.

  • Nikko Does Travelling
    Nikko Does Travelling 26 days ago

    Kanazawa is an awesome place! Had the best time there on my last visit

  • Logan Eastwood
    Logan Eastwood Month ago

    By the way, forgot to type this the first time I saw this video, I remembered they sell the candy floss grapes in the UK as well, you can buy them from aldi. Just thought I would let you know

  • HotBurger122
    HotBurger122 Month ago

    Hō poop

  • Edzter
    Edzter Month ago

    "There's grapes marketed to taste like cotton candy"
    "in what universe?"
    As a person living in the UK, I can confirm these exist here. C'mon Chris.

  • Autumn Doe
    Autumn Doe Month ago

    I'm curious why the woman was mad, maybe because of the filming or if she thought Sharla was like in the way or something haha? Is that a common occurrence in japan for some people to do that or be against filming or whatever it was she was upset about?

  • Kurosakidude
    Kurosakidude Month ago

    She has a nice double chin at 3:17

  • Henry Pierre
    Henry Pierre Month ago

    Where is this in Kanazawa?

  • 프랭키
    프랭키 Month ago

    I find Chris strangely soooo attractive I think it's his mannerisms or something

  • Qiao Ching
    Qiao Ching Month ago

    Felt like a touristy expensive food market

  • XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker Month ago

    I want some Jesus ice cream too

  • Joe Knaggs
    Joe Knaggs Month ago

    Sharla always has a smile

  • day hay
    day hay Month ago

    we don't eat row fish eyes in japan..
    you know that, right...?
    you'd better try to grill tuna head.meat around eye is so tender and juicy,actually.

  • Siggy's Fascinations

    "absorb the fish" Needs to go on merch...I would buy a hoodie tomorrow

  • Philson
    Philson Month ago +1

    So is it beef or not?!

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 2 months ago

    Smoked eel with honey soy

  • Garry Smith
    Garry Smith 2 months ago

    Jealous! I =love= unagi! It's my personal favourite Japanese food. Never had it on a stick before, however.

  • fredaap
    fredaap 2 months ago

    Pooring beer... Poor beer.

  • joy gonzalez
    joy gonzalez 2 months ago +1

    I absolutely love the videos with you and sharla, great camera chemistry?! ( whatever that means)

  • J R
    J R 2 months ago +1

    Who else thinks that sharla is fine as hell

  • PampersNorway
    PampersNorway 2 months ago

    Have you lads noticed how much Sharla is looking at Chris and how her pupils tends to Chris might want to look into that if she is not taken. She is hella cute.
    (can just be a coninkidink thou...)

  • yaya yeah
    yaya yeah 2 months ago +1

    Sharla has this blooming aura lol, what’s your secret sharla?? Btw you guys make a great video together, love this

  • kyle s
    kyle s 2 months ago

    Where in japan is this fish market?

  • George Raven
    George Raven 2 months ago

    Some words are not good translated to spanish!

  • SL first
    SL first 2 months ago +1

    through out the whole video i've been thinking how cute is sharla

  • Nic Flynn ニック フリン

    An "O-Huggie" ok, okay...we see you lol

  • Nic Flynn ニック フリン

    The expensive grapes are AMAZING lol

  • Major Abdullah
    Major Abdullah 2 months ago

    I have been lusting over everything edible in this video.

  • DoggmaticProductions
    DoggmaticProductions 2 months ago

    Street food. It's just like normal good but you eat it in the street.

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Hey Chris, not sure if you’ll see this but I just recently returned from my trip in Japan and I am binging your videos. I love your sarcasm and videos!! I will hopefully return soon. Keep up the good work

  • RedVexeD
    RedVexeD 2 months ago

    That wagyu looked awesome, but 7$ for two pieces... Lmao, only on vacation or something would I be able to justify that, even if it is the best sh!t. The sake for 2$ was a deal though!

  • Robert Clopton
    Robert Clopton 2 months ago

    who's the chic hanging out with chris?

  • XxXxDominator
    XxXxDominator 2 months ago

    Make a move on her already

  • Keith Haddad
    Keith Haddad 2 months ago

    I remember my grandmother used to like fish eyes also.
    it is true old people do eat eyes ;)

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota 2 months ago


  • Blake Taylor
    Blake Taylor 2 months ago

    How many dates have you guys been on now? :-)

  • Priti Singer
    Priti Singer 3 months ago

    Chris, you look Italian Japanese. Just saying.

  • Tom The Bomb
    Tom The Bomb 3 months ago +1

    They make a great couple!!!

  • Regolith
    Regolith 3 months ago +5

    Sharla is officially my favorite recurring character.

  • Kit Leung
    Kit Leung 3 months ago

    Chris can you make a graph and rank, the total amount of debt in Millions of Yen/USD these "Fish Market" had to pay for PR each year for the past 5 years. Because I don't see a way, the street vendors can have a sustainable business model selling mochi for 300-500 yen + everything else.
    I don't want Abroad in Japan to suck up all the money from the locals and line their wallets, by the time we readers or viewers go there, only zombies mama and zombie mochi existed. Because they have become a desert town or charge us tourist an extra-ordinary amount.
    I believe a A3 Meat skewer for Y1000 is too expensive, I will pay Y320 for a cheapass A3 Meat skewer, with less fat and more beef/protein.
    Honestly, Chris, what can you get for Y1000, I can get a hot breakfast with soup, rice, beef, pork, kimchi, cold barley tea and a half boiled egg for Y560. I will have Y440. Let say I want to drink with my friends and get a tall beer at a Tax-Free Place, thats Y118. I still have Y322.
    I can take my tall beer to a Y300 private onsen and spend my night doing nothing, but enjoy the glorious Mushi coming from the Mountain Hotspring Piped Layline.
    For Y22, you might be able to get a blanket at a second hand store and play with some fluffy cat before sleeping in the truck of your support car!! "Chris from Abroad in Japan" "I challenege you to live like a Homeless Person for a day and a night in which ever large city you will go next!! "To live a joyful life with only Y1000, include transportation, 3 meals, a bathhouse, an anti-gravity massage chair equivalent, meat skewer, fried chicken katsu, a beer, a small cup of sake, a smart takeaway from a famous sushi on rails express train chain (try some 5 or 10 Yen sushi), to do all this in front of the Camera" We want to see it for the longest time! Live a bit Chris! I want to see you sticking out your neck for us viewers and for yourself for once more, before coming to Hong Kong and taking the high life for 2 weeks, please don't bring family, just you and cameraman crew, offer not for ladies. No Facilities for her, on a cool yacht. The Asian Meka for super cool Jame Bond type yacht.

  • Kit Leung
    Kit Leung 3 months ago

    Yeah, "Absorb the Fish". What are you on about Chris? Are you High on Fish Bonito?

  • The Parisienne
    The Parisienne 3 months ago

    6:51 that look tho xD

  • Ratri
    Ratri 3 months ago

    take meeee

  • Trisha Emanuel
    Trisha Emanuel 3 months ago

    They recently introduced cotton candy grapes in Australia too. The first few taste amazing and really do taste like cotton candy but then after that your tongue adapts and they taste just like normal grapes and leave you wondering why you payed extra for them

    IFCSAT 3 months ago +1

    she is insanely beautiful... almost hard to look at beautiful! geez...WOW!

  • Misha Rogerson
    Misha Rogerson 3 months ago

    You guys haven't heard of soy ice-cream before? That's what is vegans have instead of dairy ice-cream, it's available in pretty much every supermarket in the UK 😂💖

  • Tony Sudol
    Tony Sudol 3 months ago

    Was here for a month, Oumicho was my breakfast/lunch spot every day

  • peko
    peko 3 months ago

    That's what I did when I was in Kanazawa, sake tasting at 10ish in the morning.

  • Veereble Atsim
    Veereble Atsim 3 months ago

    Ohagi? Isn't that usually had during New Years or something? Like, don't quote me on that, my info comes from xxxHolic that's it lol.

  • MuteMusicalMorgan
    MuteMusicalMorgan 3 months ago

    I would drink ALL the sake and I would love to try the mackerel!

  • sweaty sweaty cheeses
    sweaty sweaty cheeses 3 months ago

    5 or 6 courses for breakfast?! Chris I think she’s the one.

  • Fourshot
    Fourshot 3 months ago

    The fisheye is used for fish broth

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 3 months ago

    Man all this food looked so good!

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 3 months ago

    I’m not going with angry old women pushing people, thx

  • dan smith
    dan smith 3 months ago

    Don't tell the soyboys in the states about the ice cream.

  • Probability & Outcome
    Probability & Outcome 4 months ago

    Love this channel ❤👋🏽👋🏽

  • chocolate milk
    chocolate milk 4 months ago

    This is going to be the most basic question I’ve ever asked, but...are mimosas popular in Japan at all?

  • Andreas Freiholtz
    Andreas Freiholtz 4 months ago

    Great video! Love the, from time to time, over dramatic editing.

  • ssaahhrraa9
    ssaahhrraa9 4 months ago

    Agree, I've been to this market and still maintain the sushi i had there was the best ive had in japan.

  • Charlie Kersey
    Charlie Kersey 4 months ago

    I grew up eating smoked mackerel and muscadines. Delicious food!

  • Hamp Gamez
    Hamp Gamez 4 months ago

    12 things not to do in Japan vid said not to pour your own drink. But she poured her own beer??

  • Rei Matsuo
    Rei Matsuo 4 months ago

    I'm just gonna ask what most travelers are afraid to ask when planning to go to Japan: How are the restrooms specially those who have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It's great that you share so much places to eat, but, those suffering IBS may have concerns more than other travelers. Thanks

    • peko
      peko 3 months ago +1

      Train stations even the smaller ones have restrooms. There are some that have both the western toilet and the squat toilet so look at the door which may have a picture of a western toilet on it if that's the case. Department Stores or malls are a safe bet for public restrooms. In places like food markets like this, there's a public restroom available for use. Just have to look for it. Most public restrooms don't have hand dryers so bring your own mini-towel or handkerchief to wipe your hands dry.

  • Terry Carroll
    Terry Carroll 4 months ago +1

    Love day drinking and swearing Sharla!!!

  • Known
    Known 4 months ago

    2:46 yeah ive had some of those

  • Known
    Known 4 months ago

    if any of u guys have a laptop look at a scene where chris is in and put both fingers like this 👉👈 on the trackpad and your fingers outward. lol

  • 123boxbox
    123boxbox 4 months ago

    What song is that near the end ?

  • bungalaix
    bungalaix 4 months ago

    I really hope you guys are a couple. This is the third video I've seen you both together and you guys bounce of each other well! Shes bubbly and you're sarcastic. It's a yin and yang. Sharla is waifu

  • mdjcsmith
    mdjcsmith 4 months ago

    8:55 Yes please!!!

  • MMM
    MMM 4 months ago

    4:34 $44 dollars for whatever that is? What the heck is that? Is there gold in it?

  • MadisonA 207
    MadisonA 207 4 months ago

    Happy New Year you fresh Kabobs!

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 4 months ago

    Shariah beauty drives me nuts

  • IRockLikeISaid
    IRockLikeISaid 4 months ago

    That eel is overpriced.

  • justyncyderify
    justyncyderify 4 months ago

    Came across this channel while randomly wandering TheXvid, and glad I did. It's made me decide I need to visit this wonderful country to see it for myself. Thanks for the videos!

  • supersyndrome
    supersyndrome 4 months ago

    I bloody love that intro song! You need to make an Abroad In Japan OST

  • Fadil Mujezin
    Fadil Mujezin 4 months ago

    And then they were bombed by those north korean jets

  • Björn Óðinn Sigurðsson

    Chris has total awareness of unagi!

  • A random guy
    A random guy 4 months ago

    The one meal I was determined to try with my host family was eel and it was one of the best things I have ever tried.

  • Misty Morgan
    Misty Morgan 4 months ago

    To beef or Noto beef.

  • HBY
    HBY 5 months ago

    where is this market located?

  • Sgt. Surge
    Sgt. Surge 5 months ago +2

    Rate this ice cream:


  • Gunnar oyster
    Gunnar oyster 5 months ago

    Small dried fish is super good my mom loves them but my dad hates them

  • p eibye
    p eibye 5 months ago

    oh yeah, he smashed

  • Aidan Ashbrooke
    Aidan Ashbrooke 5 months ago

    Soy-based ice cream - "Only in Japan"... and in pretty much every supermarket I've ever been to in the UK, lol :P

  • MediocrityInMotion
    MediocrityInMotion 5 months ago

    So in american dollars you guys just spent like 40 -50?

  • Pearl Sherman
    Pearl Sherman 5 months ago

    I want yall to date

  • Johnny Sleeper
    Johnny Sleeper 5 months ago

    Very good video

  • Youzou Oba
    Youzou Oba 5 months ago

    The opening music is cool

  • Ahsanur Khair
    Ahsanur Khair 5 months ago +1

    Rename to Food in Japan

  • Leonato Rex
    Leonato Rex 5 months ago

    You guys would make a great couple. Too bad she's with me! Haha 😂😂😂