David Tennant Has a Stern Message For Donald Trump! | The Last Leg

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
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    Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe are joined by guests David Tennant and Sara Pascoe!
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  10 months ago +29

    Watch the episode on All 4: goo.gl/WJFhYh

    • Shaun Bradley
      Shaun Bradley 5 months ago


    • Markimus
      Markimus 10 months ago

      You linked the wrong episode. This clip is from Season 14 Episode 7: www.channel4.com/programmes/the-last-leg/on-demand/68070-007

    • Gypsy SnickerDoodle
      Gypsy SnickerDoodle 10 months ago

      Channel 4: the fucking obscene coats IS ABOUT MONEYLAUNDERING
      He may have needed to pay & the tailor would be a conduit.
      That’s how some Art gets so absurdly expensive

    • RowRedRound
      RowRedRound 10 months ago

      Is the episode as badly edited as this clip?

  • Indi Christiansen
    Indi Christiansen 9 days ago

    I have been told I resemble David Tennant... Not too bad, he's hot.

    BRIAL HPAA 14 days ago


  • Faith C
    Faith C 24 days ago

    A year later, still relevant. So glad David took it to that real place to spark genuine discussion. I've felt the same way, about the growing feeling of dystopia and I hate it.

  • Celina Thommesen-Kähler

    Look where David puts his right hand at 1:12 😆

  • TennantJunkie1993
    TennantJunkie1993 Month ago

    You and John Oliver both, David. You and John Oliver both.

  • Tony Williamson-Bruscaglia

    It’s unfortunate, but the media was lying. They spent two years lying about Russia, racism and sexism. They’ve reported propaganda. For anyone who doesn’t know, Orwell was describing a left-wing future in 1984, all that stuff about the thought police? Seems awful familiar when the police are arresting people for jokes and mean tweets.

  • Hotpink51
    Hotpink51 Month ago

    Even more reason to want to visit Scotland.

  • Harry Waddington
    Harry Waddington 2 months ago

    Oh what a brave man. Regurgitating the overwhelming consensus of the mainstream media. So brave...

  • White African
    White African 2 months ago

    Oooooo im doctor who and i speak on the behalf of the Scottish people 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Alex Burgess
    Alex Burgess 2 months ago

    This genuinely baffles me. As someone that doesnt really like Donald trump and really likes David Tennant, I have to say that david is talking absolute scaremongering shit here. He is not the end of the world. He is not Hitler and he isnt a dictator, he's not even that bad really. All this media hype about him being the next hitler or some kind of evil warlord is just polarising people and if anything just proves how fucked and untruthful the media are. Everyone just fucking calm down and stop acting like its the end of the world.

  • White African
    White African 3 months ago

    Still the president doe🤗🤗🤗

  • ninja scotsman
    ninja scotsman 3 months ago +1

    David Tennant is a Scottish national treasure

  • Vincent Mirabella
    Vincent Mirabella 3 months ago

    I think david tennant should mind his fucking business and stay in his own country

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 3 months ago

    Too right wae fuckin don't

  • James Hardy
    James Hardy 3 months ago

    YES DAVID!!! You tell them!!!!

  • Tucker MTB
    Tucker MTB 4 months ago

    What a cunt.

  • Isobel Duncan
    Isobel Duncan 5 months ago

    Oh David. Where would we be without you?

  • Albus Kahn
    Albus Kahn 5 months ago

    Fuck you david that chicken and you one leg.

  • cathy Tuttle
    cathy Tuttle 5 months ago

    I still love how david used the word we..

  • jgerke55
    jgerke55 5 months ago

    The irony is that Trump has been the most peaceful president of the last 4 before him

  • John Turner
    John Turner 5 months ago +2

    So. . . Obama kills his own citizens with drones and exacerbates racial tension, but Trump smoothing relations with dictators and buying an ostrich coat is how 1984 begins?

  • Ellie Jones
    Ellie Jones 6 months ago

    The Doctor does NOT APPROVE of Trump! Oh, brilliant 😃.

  • Eva Kopas
    Eva Kopas 7 months ago

    Thank you David Tennant!!!

  • StygianFilms
    StygianFilms 7 months ago

    I adore this man. And as an American, I can tell you more than half of this country hates Trump and that entire party....we've just got too many uneducated bumpkins populating the middle states and following this orange douchebag like sheep. It's really scary.

    • Mark Allen
      Mark Allen 5 months ago

      People like you are even scarier

  • Kat Hahn
    Kat Hahn 7 months ago +1

    As a true blooded American I have to be honest, I’ve never been more attracted to David Tennant 💙

  • ElizaBancroft
    ElizaBancroft 7 months ago +1

    One of the many reasons why david has my respect

  • Marion Lorimer
    Marion Lorimer 7 months ago +1

    We fucking don’t!!!!!!!!!

  • Morty McSmith
    Morty McSmith 7 months ago

    Another celebrity out of touch with the real world. The media can't be trusted, they get proven to be dishonest everyday.

  • Yzabella Floyd
    Yzabella Floyd 8 months ago

    David cut me some slack and shave dat face hair of and give me my doctor who back

  • gruppenfuhrer
    gruppenfuhrer 8 months ago +1

    fuck off tennant you dont speak for all scotland, i know people that are for trump, so shut up and keep your opinions to your self, its always people like you that kick off when a result dont go your way , the silent majority always win, as was for brexit and trump winning, they all kept their opinions to them selfs , and the brain washed left wing idiots thought it was a walk over for them, you were one of the shittiest doctor who's ever, iam scottish and your accent does my head in, i bet you are a remoaner too

    • Geek with no name
      Geek with no name 8 months ago

      no your right he dosent speak for all of Scotland but he dose speak for the ones who have a fucking brain!

  • John Bull
    John Bull 8 months ago +1

    Yes, because Trump would waste his time watching this crap

  • Semi Autømatic Trapdøør

    "Can I just say on behalf of the Scottish nation we fucking don't" 😂😂😂😂😂 oh my god 😂

  • The Shape Lurks
    The Shape Lurks 8 months ago

    David Tennant should stop dying his hair. He looks weird. Grey looks better than a fake dye.

  • DonoTheGamer
    DonoTheGamer 8 months ago


  • Jasmine Oldham
    Jasmine Oldham 8 months ago

    i love david tennant

  • Vee's Sayin
    Vee's Sayin 8 months ago

    Can I immigrate to Scotland? Canada won't be far enough. Thank you David Tennant and channel 4! The most important thing u recognize is the authoritarian turn my US has taken. Dictators are our friends, Canada ....CANADA! is an enconomic enemy! We're headed for the brink. We're headed for "some people are more equal than others." It's fucking terrifying.

  • Draize
    Draize 8 months ago

    Gotta love David Tennant all the more. Thank you for voicing what many of us are very concerned about.

  • For you
    For you 8 months ago

    David Tennant

    SADNESS GOD 8 months ago

    i agree with david we fucking dont or i wish he said we fucking dinna and yes i am scottish i love david he is my fave doctor

  • Lauren Meyer
    Lauren Meyer 8 months ago


  • jmovlogs
    jmovlogs 9 months ago

    Why did they cut the clips of trump out of the video? I want to see what they were reacting to.

  • Sam Hale
    Sam Hale 9 months ago +3

    This is not how totalitarian regiemes begin. They begin when you take away the guns, shut down free or "hate" speech and prosecute rather than investigate your political enemies.
    So far the only people being prosecuted come from Trumps camp. This should indicate to anyone with a few brain cells that Trump is the furthest thing to a dictator you could find.
    The media needs a bit of a check. They're sharing opinions as fact, creating news that conflates ideas with incidents without a foundation of evidence, and are creating stories about individuals that are socially reprehensible but are NOT criminal.
    All this while journalists dodge the actual news to talk about scandals and car crashes.
    The press is the reason we have a guy like Trump in charge. They have not been doing their jobs. And the funniest thing about it is that ever since Trump called them fake news, they take that as an opportunity to rest on what they think are their laurels.

  • Laura Glynn
    Laura Glynn 9 months ago

    David is an Aries, it a whole other level of seriousness if he’s not laughing

  • soulcornflake1
    soulcornflake1 9 months ago

    Guess what, David...most Americans don't like him, either.

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 9 months ago

    This is why i love David

  • Ruth Alber
    Ruth Alber 9 months ago

    That is truly sad hatch patch American Pax tax dollars at the most pathetic level I'm in from the US David I don't speak infusion please speak English English please at least that was a 90-minute 90 miles an hour thank God I still didn't get a word of it the only thing I'm thinking when I saw that ostriches where's the darlex when you need it where's the freaking weeping angels when you need it that was the most ugly looking am I eating at Fashion parallel universe that I don't know of is that is not fashionable nor is it attractive I must be in a parallel universe anyone thinks of that that's funny not really I'm being sarcastic but being sarcastic means you're being sincere then yes I just fell right into a pocket universe yes I did and 13 2013 I haven't seen the new one yet they just bring Jodi where Quran has the new doctor already and get the hell on with it I haven't had a good Adventure since Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi so please just get the hell on with it already sweating is giving me a bloody headache we don't do well with my patience is wearing thin very thin but super sonic cause neck pain supersonic cosmopolitan then then is it ice cube that's completely liquid I want some solid proof that she is even going to show up at all

  • Ainsley !
    Ainsley ! 9 months ago

    I saw the warning at the beginning and my first thought was “LET DAVID SAY FUCK”

  • Tier III
    Tier III 9 months ago

    #fucktennant.. I love his acting but you emotional douchebags stop it

  • Fin Jeory
    Fin Jeory 9 months ago +2

    Faggy Leftist Comedy!!!

  • Jemima Hobbs
    Jemima Hobbs 9 months ago

    How do these horrific psychopath weirdo killers get voted into power. It is like all of humanity has a death wish. Destroy the planet with plastic and pick the worst people on the planet for leaders. I agree with David you wish you could step back from it and say no I don’t want this but you just get carried along in this raging current of apathy and greed.

  • Kathie Sapiro
    Kathie Sapiro 9 months ago +2

    I'm guessing he likes MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post and the NY Times. Remember, they are liberal biased as are much of your media. Please act and not pontificate.

  • Kathie Sapiro
    Kathie Sapiro 9 months ago +3

    It's not " normal" David because we have let the media be controlled by the left. The only Russian collusion was the liberal medial, the democratic looser, Hillary a
    , and those she controls. Remember, Solyndra? Fast & Furious? Who paid for those mistakes? You are part of the liberal leftist elite who should stick to your day job. Glad I saw Broadchurch before I heard your idiotic ramblings. By the way...I've been to the UK three times since Trump was elected and guess what? I met more people that think Trump is great and what is needed. No, I didn't say who I voted for but let them tell me first. These were taxi drivers, passengers on trains, guests at hotels, and more. Your media is like ours, swayed by the leftist propaganda, like the new "anonymous"letterto the NY Times.

  • Jak Mockery
    Jak Mockery 9 months ago

    “When he was saying, ‘I’m going to my golf courses in Scotland, because people in London are protesting, but up in Scotland, they really like me.’ Can I say, on behalf of the Scottish nation, *_WE FUHKIN DON’T_* .”
    - David Tennant

  • L. Lawliet
    L. Lawliet 9 months ago

    I love David, he's amazing

  • Roblynmaz
    Roblynmaz 9 months ago

    Doctor, we need your help!

  • The sandwich
    The sandwich 9 months ago

    I wish you wouldn't cut the actual clips of ol' drumpf out.

  • kiranDoobles
    kiranDoobles 9 months ago


  • TurtleKing777
    TurtleKing777 9 months ago

    Americans like to scream about the “biased liberal media” but like, THE WORLD knows he’s a fucking joke. If all of the world is going, “hey this is not good” the last time that happened we started WW2

  • dark Hall
    dark Hall 9 months ago

    well said David :)

  • SquWitchy
    SquWitchy 9 months ago

    "Nothing but respect for my doctor"

  • ETC Cas
    ETC Cas 9 months ago

    I’m glad that people outside the US are angry... because I’m in the US and I’m angry!! And I honestly worry that people think that that absolute asshole we have for a leader is the voice of the majority, that we think this is progress, that we don’t have higher standards for ourselves. The majority of us do, this is a terrifying roller coaster and we want OFF! I’m glad that the anger can unite everyone during a time where leader seek to cut ties, not strengthen them.

  • Witch in the Woods
    Witch in the Woods 9 months ago

    David Tennant will always be my doctor. Love this man.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 9 months ago +1

    What a heap of crap. I’m David tennant I live in... ? And I know what the people want...fucking dickheads. It’s a propaganda show. What has Trump done wrong?

  • DoctorPretorious616
    DoctorPretorious616 9 months ago

    You tell 'em, Tenth Doctor!!!! This just makes me love him even more. To our cousins in the UK, not all Americans were dumb enough to vote for that bloated orange Cheetos turd of a former reality TV host. I for one, voted against Dictator Donnie and V.P. Jesus Freak. David's comments here are chillingly on-point, I fear we are witnessing the death throes of democracy.

  • HereBeDragons
    HereBeDragons 9 months ago

    The doctor will save us.

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside 10 months ago +1

    To everyone out there who thinks David Tennant is so clever... remember that he supports Scotland breaking away from the UK. i.e. he thinks Scotland would be better off trying to operate as a country with a GDP about the same as Kazakhstan. Whatever you think of his acting he probably isn't the best person to go to for a sensible political discussion.

    • Mr Brightside
      Mr Brightside 8 months ago

      and join Eire? Yeah right! There is no way Northern Ireland is going to volunteer to go solo. The Scottish independence loons are just living in a fantasy land. Luckily the people from Northern Ireland are more sensible.

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside 10 months ago +1

    Please remember that...
    1, Trump was elected by the people of the USA.
    2, we have to work with the leaders of all the world's nations
    Constantly trying to make comedy out of him isn't going to improve the world.

    • Ashleigh M
      Ashleigh M 4 months ago

      Majority of the people didn’t vote for him. Thats the electoral college fucking us up.

    • Mr Brightside
      Mr Brightside 8 months ago

      Political I didn't mention how many votes he had. I said he was elected by the people of the USA. i.e. he won the election according to how the presidential elections are decided.The USA does not count total votes across the whole country.

  • Ann Young
    Ann Young 10 months ago

    In America Trump is King and Melania is Queen. Trump is Head of State and Head of government. He said he will not allow the US to become a migrant camp. He also passed a law that anyone who believes in Sharia law will not be allowed citizenship in America. He can make laws, approves laws or vetos them. He is also Commander in Chief of the military. He can declare war or declare peace. The armed forces have pledged alligence to the US President
    America is the number one super power of the world and Trump is considered to be the most powerful man in the world

  • Randi Young
    Randi Young 10 months ago

    Tennant nailed it! ✌💚

  • Leo Caldwell
    Leo Caldwell 10 months ago +3

    Listen to Tennant, Trump. He could bring down your government in 6 words. Just look at Harriet Jones.

  • Mr Grey man
    Mr Grey man 10 months ago

    totally agree, the press is completely out of hand. mind you, only low IQ people side with the press at this point.
    If Trump walked on water the press would run a headline "Trump doesn't know how to swim".

  • montysmithtyler
    montysmithtyler 10 months ago

    When tennant is talking about how worried he is for the future he's not just referring to Trump. Tennant supports Labour just as a clue to who he's referring to...

  • Brendan Hunter
    Brendan Hunter 10 months ago

    Fuck David tennant. We fucking don't like you in Scotland either ya fud

  • Brendan Hunter
    Brendan Hunter 10 months ago

    Fuck the press. Fuck journalism. Papers and news websites are biased propaganda. Just because you guys can take whatever the sun and shitrag tell you as news.

  • Jaegar Ultima
    Jaegar Ultima 10 months ago

    The democrats got american into the situation we're in.

  • Ellis Thomas
    Ellis Thomas 10 months ago

    I had a really intelligent and interesting comment to leave... But then an ice cream van went past.

  • Strepsiades14945
    Strepsiades14945 10 months ago

    As a proud Scot, I agree with David at the end.

  • Tori Tennant
    Tori Tennant 10 months ago

    I love him so much more now

  • Sister Ulicia
    Sister Ulicia 10 months ago

    Let's see the list of stupid, unnecessary shit Obama spent (way more than 15k) on. lol Literally every president for the past 50 years has done this. Stop acting surprised, trying to make it a new, shocking thing when it's not. lol

  • ochretide
    ochretide 10 months ago

    I don’t understand what is so scary about his presidency though? The country seems to be doing better when you actually look at the numbers. Also can the press not be corrupt? I believe that is a possibility that should not be discounted as something out of the realm of reality. It’s happened before in Germany remember.

  • Bunhead815
    Bunhead815 10 months ago

    We stan one (1) legend

  • Nerdcoresteve1
    Nerdcoresteve1 10 months ago

    I feel embarrassed for my country

  • Ronnie M.
    Ronnie M. 10 months ago

    Can someone please tell me what He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said in the clip they were shown? Does anyone have a (youtube) link where I can find it?

  • Oliver
    Oliver 10 months ago

    Are you serious... A warning for strong language in the beginning, and all he said was "We fucking don't"? What the hell...

  • Godless Melanisia
    Godless Melanisia 10 months ago

    As an American..... Thank you David.

  • Laura S
    Laura S 10 months ago

    Well said Dave, well said👏👍

  • Marilee Boer
    Marilee Boer 10 months ago

    we don't fucking like him here in America.. can't wait until he's taken away in handcuffs.

  • Erika Fiore
    Erika Fiore 10 months ago +1

    Oh gosh I love David so much

  • Jennifer P
    Jennifer P 10 months ago

    Lol just wait

  • bronwyn webster
    bronwyn webster 10 months ago

    I did not think I could love David Tennant more than I already do, but that shit happened just now. It's scary enough to think we only have his buffoonery for two more years, but I cringe to think it might not be over. I don't understand how anyone could think he is anything but a mockery to the US and his title. The joke is over. Stop it already.

  • ChimKook_ Trash
    ChimKook_ Trash 10 months ago

    4:01 😂😂

  • Justsaying something
    Justsaying something 10 months ago +1

    You know when you said something or did something that at the time you thought where funny or clever until you have that moment of "holly crap, what did I just do?". I have those moments all the time and they have all happend when I'm sober. Do you think Donald ever gets those thoughts? Just that brief moment of regretting something you can't undo. I mean there must be a moment each day where he realises what kind of a mess he has created. The hate that has risen from Americans and the world. Imaging having that many people hating your guts. He must have some human emotions, right? Maybe deep down inside Donald doesn't want to be president of america and this is his plan out. Just so happens that we all are not getting the message yet and maybe when we do, it will be to late. But do I know, Im just watching clip after clip trying to ignore doing what I should be doing; study for my exam.

  • joshua hollowell
    joshua hollowell 10 months ago

    I hate trump, especially as he has given the right wing a bad name

  • emptyvoices31
    emptyvoices31 10 months ago +1

    Thank you, Mr. Tennant. As a Democrat pushing for those to get out and vote blue (Democrats) for the midterms in the U.S. I feel better especially since I’m visiting Scotland next May, 2019. Please hope I come with that victory to celebrate of the Democrats taking the House and Senate.

  • Vision the Dad
    Vision the Dad 10 months ago +7

    Lol greetings from turkey. Do something before it actually becomes a tyrant regime. Friendly suggestion because you have the chance.

  • David Zapen
    David Zapen 10 months ago

    4:00 from one David to another, bless you sir!

  • The GreatLegend
    The GreatLegend 10 months ago

    David never ages, God.

  • Ali Walls
    Ali Walls 10 months ago

    David Tennant