Training to be a Superhero w/ Brandon Routh - 282

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • Today's episode is a something unique. Today we look at Hollywood and what's it's like to get in shape for the big screen.
    Brandon Routh is a Hollywood actor who currently plays The Atom in the TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix. Brandon is best known for playing Superman in the movie Superman Returns (2006).
    Yup, he's a superhero.
    In this episode we discuss the kind of training and nutrition he used to get in shape to portray a character who has seemingly unlimited physical strength.
    Hope you enjoy!
    Mike and Doug

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Comments • 19

  • fallingnutria89 Fletcher

    I liked his superman. Not keen on legends of tomorrow at all. But my god is that man beautiful, it hurts to look at him

  • Isolina Delgado
    Isolina Delgado Year ago

    @brandonjrouth thearst ❤❤❤

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala Year ago +2

    I heard Brandon talk about the Bulletproof diet on the Nerdist podcast back in November, started the Bulletproof diet after Thanksgiving and it has seriously changed my life. I'm down almost 20 pounds, I get much better sleep and my energy and focus are lightyears ahead of what they were. Thank you Brandon & Dave Asprey!

  • Jenny Liebowitz
    Jenny Liebowitz 2 years ago

    thought we needed 7-8 hours of sleep

  • Starflight4842
    Starflight4842 2 years ago

    A really inspiring thing to watch, I may just take a few of these into account and integrate them into my schedule myself.

  • Listen here boy,
    Listen here boy, 2 years ago

    Lovely episode but far too much bro science and hippie science from Brandon

  • Keith Fine
    Keith Fine 2 years ago +1

    Great episode, seems like a knowledgeable guy

  • Jake Camp
    Jake Camp 2 years ago

    Great actor, but terrible speaker. Felt like he couldnt get his point across as his favorite word was "um"

  • TrayCaddyyy
    TrayCaddyyy 2 years ago +3

    I’m stoked to listen to this!

    • Nomad _1819
      Nomad _1819 Year ago

      TrayCaddyyy .... no they got the atom on the show 🤣

  • John
    John 2 years ago +1

    inb4 bulletproof baby formula

  • Tyler Gullage
    Tyler Gullage 2 years ago +11

    Brandon was awesome. Get caity lotz on here. She has a lot of knowledge in the fitness world!!

  • Jean-Bernard Theard
    Jean-Bernard Theard 2 years ago +7

    Good job getting the Atom/Superman on the podcast!!

  • Mongoosemcqueen
    Mongoosemcqueen 2 years ago +16

    Brandon was awesome in Superman Returns, prefer him to Cavill, definitely played the best Clark Kent.

    LOL wtf is Superman doing on Barbell Shrugged????

    • 91clarie
      91clarie Year ago

      Best Clark Kent? Excuse me...? Ever heard of CHRISTOPHER REEVE? This is blasphemy!
      I like Brandon as The Atom on LoT though 😂

    • Kris Roberts
      Kris Roberts Year ago +1

      Obviously Crossfit is huge on Krypton.

  • Devil's 9 Questions
    Devil's 9 Questions 2 years ago

    Where's Jason Genova? Calber with him or suffer the wrath of the pisstroopers.

  • Patrick Lai
    Patrick Lai 2 years ago

    would love to see what that pulley system his Icelandic trainer develeoped is

  • 3NSO beats
    3NSO beats 2 years ago +1

    First view! And first like! 🤙🤘💪