Alleged ‘anti-Trump’ crusade at CNN exposed by whistleblower

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • A lawyer representing Donald Trump's re-election campaign has sent a letter to CNN - warning of their intention to sue the network over allegations of bias against the president. A CNN spokesperson called it "a desperate PR stunt."
    It comes after an expose on the channel by a CNN whistleblower: the material was obtained by “Project Veritas”, an American non-profit watchdog, and includes secret recordings of editorial meetings, which reportedly reveal a crusade against Trump.

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Comments • 352

  • Akon Fenty
    Akon Fenty 10 hours ago

    Alleged? It's on video. The video is proof that corrupt news network is anti-Trump. There is no alleged.

  • Andy Smith-Akins
    Andy Smith-Akins 18 days ago

    Resurrecting MSM is like telling jooz they are not the chosen people and everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie. Good luck with that. It's embedded in their DNA and they want all White people who are smart enough to see through their BS dead. That's why they launched a " Hate Whitey Campaign Agenda" against Straight White Males. Prove me wrong.

  • paul skillman
    paul skillman 19 days ago

    What is the difference between journalism & propaganda? If you agree with them it is journalism. If you don't agree with them it is propaganda.

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 20 days ago

    The democrats and CNN are in bed together they are now exposed nothing we didn't know already theybare kaput!

  • ada e. trejo
    ada e. trejo 20 days ago +1

    Yeah poor little crying baby.

  • Michael Truskolaski
    Michael Truskolaski 20 days ago

    this is bullshit

  • Greg Downer
    Greg Downer 20 days ago

    Who cares? The world is laughing at America and ridiculing America, Trump is hurting America and has to go! We are embarrassed and ashamed to be neighbours with America up here in Canada. I've lived through 7 US Presidents but was too young to know Carter so 6. Trump is by far the worst President in my lifetime I truly thought no one could ever have been worse than Bush Jr.

  • Dana Herron
    Dana Herron 20 days ago

    Americans want trump to die in prison. 'murikkklans think he's doing "gawds" work. was it stalin who called people like the 'murikkklans useful fools"?

  • Heart Momma
    Heart Momma 20 days ago

    I just wasted 20 seconds of my life clicking on this 💩.

  • Talayar Mein
    Talayar Mein 20 days ago

    Because CNN are socialist!

  • SG .Hedge
    SG .Hedge 21 day ago

    "Never interfere with an enemy while hes in the process of destroying himself"

  • The Teflon Don
    The Teflon Don 21 day ago

    Wow I always thought CNN was such a reliable source of news. I'm shocked!!!

  • burning pile
    burning pile 21 day ago

    Project Veritas is a right wing propaganda outlet that's been busted for fraudulent reporting in the past and it's a shame because the Democrats could easily be taken down with the truth.

  • Petrol-Dollar
    Petrol-Dollar 21 day ago

    Doesn't everyone know that? Plus trusting project veritas is just as insidious as the bias of networks.

  • Kane Oliver
    Kane Oliver 21 day ago

    Alleged? How bout 24/7 proof

  • Silence DoGood
    Silence DoGood 21 day ago

    It's not alleged ! It's fact CNN is garbage! Fake news always has been its run by pinkos socialists communists and Marxists ratings have plummeted and huge layoffs are coming!

  • Anita Sumpter
    Anita Sumpter 21 day ago

    pure hate for the president on cnn

  • andyhello23
    andyhello23 21 day ago

    As far as i am concerned, news organisations can have what ever agenda they want.

    While obama was president, foxnews would treat obama just as cnn treats trump now.

    I do not see anything wrong with it.

    Inly the people whom own that news company can decide what if any, agenda they use it for. If anyone owns a company that is media related, they can promote what ever point of view they want.

    Americans, and the world does not have to watch either cnn, or foxnews. Both are as biased as one another.

    I doubt anyone was pointing out around the world that while obama was in, that foxnews hated him, and his policies.

    As far as i am concerned, a news group can have what ever agenda they want. You are free to watch them, or ignore them if you want.

    I personally try to listen to all sides, but american news, is so dominated with hate for the other side, its best to ignore both sides mostly.

    I see what cnn are doing, is no different than what obama did. Obama did not go out of his way to call foxnews fake news though.

    America is massively polarised, and if you become president of either side, you should expect problems from the other side. Thats how there system works.

    Trump has to deal with what every other president has had too.

    Show us one american president who is not hated by the other side of the coin?

  • John Wick's pencil
    John Wick's pencil 21 day ago

    RT needs to have this guy on more often. Even when I disagree with him or his content framing I still like his presentation.

  • Josh Lockie
    Josh Lockie 21 day ago

    Project veritas is a limited hangout

  • Donald Ganley
    Donald Ganley 21 day ago

    Journalism is alive and well. Just not anywhere near any of the MSM liars.

  • Cesar Cueto
    Cesar Cueto 21 day ago

    So the question... What will Trump do with all these evidence? Sue CNN and the staff in their individual capacity until they all point at each other!! Sue for treason!!!

  • odzadze123
    odzadze123 21 day ago

    Jeff Zucker , Brian Stelter ... All Jewish !!!

  • J.D. Phyx
    J.D. Phyx 21 day ago

    Yeah, what about exposing RT hatred towards Hong Kong protesters who wants to keep their freedom?

  • WWW.
    WWW. 21 day ago

    Everything is plain as day and on video and RT still says "allegedly"

  • baaalsa tadic
    baaalsa tadic 21 day ago

    shame on CNN!!!!

  • Darr Whyask
    Darr Whyask 21 day ago

    Is anyone surprised that this story is being ignored by the mainstream media?

  • peter hompot
    peter hompot 21 day ago

    You heard it from the mouth of a hateful president of CNN. Poisoning the minds of millions. Trump will still win in 2020.

  • Jinn Mallik
    Jinn Mallik 21 day ago

    Little Timmy. Brilliant.
    a Survey by the Americans figured the Dumbest Human comes a Citizen of the United States. Not only is the American Mentally Slow but they Love Bending over getting Fucked by their Elected Evil. Them Child Rapists them Thieves.
    You would think Fresh Air like Trump they would inhale none stop. For Sure Trump has his flaws but compared to that Breed of Satan them Politicians.
    Trump Shines Through them Clouds.

  • Andrew Somers
    Andrew Somers 21 day ago

    Yeah, we know who you and Putin support.

  • Rufus Gautreaux 2
    Rufus Gautreaux 2 21 day ago

    No comment

  • Linda Springer
    Linda Springer 21 day ago

    All news faked ; since 1946

  • Jack Giblin
    Jack Giblin 21 day ago

    So, when can I expect RT's interview with Shepard Smith about life during his time at Faux News?

  • Joel W Maipson
    Joel W Maipson 21 day ago

    CNN is controlled by the illuminati secret society, 👹👿👺
    The entire world loves president trump,,, 🤩

  • alexander1485
    alexander1485 21 day ago

    RT is russian biased soooo

  • -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel

    Trump is part of the Oligarchy, he is just putting real ugly face of the Capitalist Oligarchy who are real Fascists, which existed in US all this time (since its inception), and Republicans are equally bad as Democrats.. there is no left in US, they are both far right extremists who want war after war, and lie to their people about everything. Trump is just shoving blame onto others, Democrats do the same... BOTH SIDES ARE CAPITALIST OLIGARCH'S PUPPETS.

  • Lalilulelo A
    Lalilulelo A 21 day ago +1

    In Chile since this night (4 hours ago) the army and police started killing and torturing it's own people, again, just lile in the dictatorship, people are going missing, the army is shooting at unarmed civilians. Tomorrow there will be a lot of blood.

  • ST7A Bad Karma
    ST7A Bad Karma 21 day ago +1

    Actually seeing and hearing what we already know is going on behind closed doors. Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper used to be real news figures. Now they’re just political activists and are a total disgrace to journalism.

  • Raphix Hunt
    Raphix Hunt 21 day ago

    Good good, let all the news orginizations turn against trump.

    • Scott Ewing
      Scott Ewing 21 day ago

      Have you been living under a rock for the last three years?
      Key phrase : 'Soft coup'.

  • Harold Flite
    Harold Flite 21 day ago

    With a surname like Zucker...its only natural for him to be subversive ...its in their DNA.

  • Captain Deplorable
    Captain Deplorable 21 day ago +1

    In German, Z's are pronounced like s , so jeff sucker is spot on. Don lemon enjoyed his job interview immensely when good old sucker did what sucker's do ; suck !

  • SAM Nassif
    SAM Nassif 21 day ago

    Ya, CNN is crap, equally as much crap as fox and MSNBC, they are all extremely biased, most progressive media is the media only media left that is based in reality and facts, et has some progressive shows, but I still consider it highly right wing, pro corporate, pro trump propeganda, but I like it has more documentary based stories that use actual journalism, rt could be better if it wasn't such a crazy mix of politics

  • freddy .E
    freddy .E 21 day ago

    meamwhile fox out here shouting anything they can to demonize democrats fucken Rt domt start being pro one side

  • howeswar
    howeswar 21 day ago +1

    Yea man CNN needs to be shut down.

  • pretorious700
    pretorious700 21 day ago +1

    Is this really considered a revelation?

    • Scott Ewing
      Scott Ewing 21 day ago

      It is for stupid people that can somehow believe everything that cnn tells them.

  • Ade Larsen
    Ade Larsen 21 day ago

    CNN is dying.

  • tkymike
    tkymike 21 day ago

    When he say little timmy... is he referencing south park?

  • Akash J Dutta
    Akash J Dutta 21 day ago

    I never support fake media like CNN.. Ask me why? In a news CNN report that Hongkong police threw petrol bomb to protesters with visuals taken from a special angle.. And later videos by different media and police video proved that actually protesters threw the petrol bomb.When CNN was sued in Hongkong by police CNN apologized and assured for a proper investigation and to avoid such mistakes in future

  • george plimpton
    george plimpton 21 day ago +1

    The truth is anti-Trump. Help Trump in his war against the truth.

  • vrnc M
    vrnc M 21 day ago

    Brian Stelter has a show called "reliable sources" =
    obeying orders from his master Jeff Sucker 😂

  • needtoknow204
    needtoknow204 21 day ago

    CNN has Trump derangement syndrome!!

  • OkItsJustSean
    OkItsJustSean 21 day ago +1

    So we're going to pretend that this isnt propaganda funded by the Russian government?

  • kat Mats
    kat Mats 21 day ago

    CNN is Communist News Network.

  • Aframe Antiques
    Aframe Antiques 21 day ago

    Their License to Broadcast should be pulled immediately. They are NOT a News Network.
    They are full of liars, criminals, hate filled, pond scum. It is illegal for them to have a platform to spew hate directed at anyone person or group, for whatever reason. Allowing them the pulpit to pound into the ground anyone or anything they want is a contravention of the Bill of Rights.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 21 day ago +1

    If this shocks you, you probably watch CNN.


    CNN logo is an egyptian script for a snake. Their allegiance is to Amaru

  • ANDYblacks13
    ANDYblacks13 22 days ago

    Here in the UK we have the same old with the BBC, as a perfect example my parents are both well educated inteligent,
    one was a bio chemist and other was a metalagist and head of heat treatment for Boeing engine parts
    both hate Mr Donald Trump from a never ending stream of only BBC as the only outlet for any news
    and the daily mail, tonight my dad said he would like to see Mr Donld Trump to be shot by a firing squad
    as recent news has sparked an insane hatred,,, I questioned that how did he get to that stage when he has never met or spoke to Donald he has only got to this stage from the BBC News reporting the clear BS biased cr@p
    they spew out and in the last 3 1/2 years he has gone from wealthy business man not many people in the UK were concerened about to possibly the most hated person to be POTUS ever and ALL from the blant biased news
    same as CNN they are doing the same to people just like my parents, its truly amazing to witness and so deeply in grained that they flat refuse to watch any youtube videos,,as they are ALL fake and made up
    I can rattle of facts about great things Donald has done employment/taxes/healthcare etc and ALL are dismissed as we never heard that so must be made up,, me and my sister are on the same page but sad to see whats become of the parents

  • NPC
    NPC 22 days ago

    Don't be so worried.
    It's just a Z!onist Vs Z!o J00 media. Have fun with it.

  • Anthony Leslie
    Anthony Leslie 22 days ago

    CNN if they had any decency they would apologise for the psychological abuse they have committed on its viewers. People have fallen out with family members due to their lies. They have whipped up people into a hysteria. They are to mental health what big tobacco was to physical health.

  • J Huetter
    J Huetter 22 days ago

    Since when was this a secret?