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Comments • 80

  • FaZe_faggot
    FaZe_faggot 2 days ago

    you look like a parkour teacher

  • Livewire Bear
    Livewire Bear 10 days ago

    Who also misses when jev lived with his grandparents 🥺👉👈

  • StyLs
    StyLs Month ago

    Last Of Us Pleaseeeee

  • Alexander Parent
    Alexander Parent Month ago

    How’s moby

  • ZeroTwo
    ZeroTwo Month ago

    Halo 3 is coming on steam with halo 1 and 2 u should play when it comes out

  • Venomized - The King

    Cohhcarnage did a full witcher 3 playthru on twitch

  • Trevor Corsi
    Trevor Corsi Month ago

    7:26 deep in the vid. sounds like im quoting bible verses

  • Trevor Corsi
    Trevor Corsi Month ago

    be the TheXvidr that shows us how to make videos on youtube, like camera, and video software, how to edit. clips should look like this, they shouldnt look like that.. like a walk through video, on how to make videos, because i have so much hype!!! and i want to share!!

  • Tomas Balderas
    Tomas Balderas Month ago


  • Switch_Da_Qt
    Switch_Da_Qt Month ago

    Do another ufc videoooo

  • Kvery
    Kvery Month ago

    Last of us 2 jason!!!! Please!!!!

  • Brady Vincent
    Brady Vincent Month ago

    You better play dying light 2. I’m sure you’d love that shit. I loved the first one so much and I’m so stoked for the second

  • Nasser Ali
    Nasser Ali Month ago

    jev please play the last of us part 2 im sure alot of people wanna c it please

  • Dragon_Mind125
    Dragon_Mind125 Month ago

    Plz play TLOU 2

  • SimonSaid That
    SimonSaid That Month ago

    I want to see you play RLCraft! Upvote this so he see's!

    RoGuE xITALIAN Month ago

    Jev is the first person I have met who likes vegeta more than goku, and let me fuckin tell you I screamed 😭

  • Thunder Mitchell
    Thunder Mitchell 2 months ago

    Continues with cod stuff anyway

    SELOPLAYS 2 months ago

    Challenge accepted: Play a game *YOU* can enjoy

    HAAS MONKEY 2 months ago

    Play halo reach on pc yes and play black ops 2 plutonium and Trickshot

  • Ryan Vess
    Ryan Vess 2 months ago

    Halo3 aka the last good halo

  • Lil Squidward
    Lil Squidward 2 months ago

    are those the off-white UNC’s in the back?

  • ImKhro
    ImKhro 2 months ago +1


  • d Jimenez
    d Jimenez 2 months ago

    You should do a requis video

  • Nic Royals
    Nic Royals 2 months ago

    Play Dead By Daylight again man, get that Friday The 13th vibe back with some other killers and survivors

  • Gpguy 0
    Gpguy 0 2 months ago

    Play a different game

  • Tootster
    Tootster 2 months ago

    If jev shaved his head and beard. He would look like a stupid the rock

  • Magnum Van Dyke
    Magnum Van Dyke 2 months ago

    Lets see a halo vid💯

  • Cadastral Gaming
    Cadastral Gaming 2 months ago

    Play some dead by headlight

  • Memester Raf
    Memester Raf 2 months ago

    Jev better play the new LEGO Star Wars.

  • Fernando Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez 2 months ago

    No your beard is Beautiful please don’t shave, you are one of the people that actually work well with a beard

  • S1L3NT gaming
    S1L3NT gaming 2 months ago

    Plz play final fantasy remake

  • Brandon Ndifor
    Brandon Ndifor 2 months ago

    Xqc has streamed the witcher 3 fully on youtube

  • Guy Named Jay
    Guy Named Jay 2 months ago

    Doom is so fun and its a short game please play even in your own time if you haven't

  • Honey_B
    Honey_B 2 months ago


  • ツThat one weird kid
    ツThat one weird kid 2 months ago

    Halo reach

  • Yumiko
    Yumiko 2 months ago

    the headbob he does when his girlfriend called him cute lol

  • Lexington Joseph
    Lexington Joseph 2 months ago

    Start a Minecraft series every Monday

  • Ashton hills
    Ashton hills 2 months ago

    The last of us is hands down best game I ever played story so good could be made into a film

  • Gabriel Monsalvo
    Gabriel Monsalvo 2 months ago

    Sooo this whole video is just him telling me hes not going to play any of my most favorite games. Wack.

  • William Recinos-Alfaro
    William Recinos-Alfaro 2 months ago

    I still think he should of done a God of War play through

  • You’re Gae
    You’re Gae 2 months ago

    Can you do a play through for Uncharted 1-4?

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 months ago


  • Gwen Leger
    Gwen Leger 2 months ago

    MORE MINECRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miindlless
    Miindlless 2 months ago

    Play friday the 13th

  • Soothslayer21
    Soothslayer21 2 months ago +1

    Challenged accepted:Minecraft lol GG jev I don’t even like it but it’s for the boys and girl everyone put this at number 1 hit the like button

  • Omni Hope
    Omni Hope 2 months ago

    DragonBall Z Kakarot is basically playing the whole story again. I wasn’t going to buy it at first, and after watching the gameplay, it looked boring asf, but after buying it, it was surprisingly very fun. At first it’s boring but when I was in the Frieza saga, it got way better. I’m currently in the Buu saga.

  • Jason Spezia
    Jason Spezia 2 months ago

    Jehovah been watching you since 1K subscribers just please make a video on the last

  • B2 U
    B2 U 2 months ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to ankle pick requis

  • Pivorock
    Pivorock 2 months ago

    I’m pretty close to damascus and once I get it I’ll never take it off either xD

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 2 months ago

    Who’s jev looking at on the left the entire vid

  • Ghost99143
    Ghost99143 2 months ago

    More dead by daylight

  • Atomic_Paradox 23
    Atomic_Paradox 23 2 months ago

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED:play Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

  • Dink H1z1
    Dink H1z1 2 months ago

    3:04 he spat

  • Ramiz1Ramiz
    Ramiz1Ramiz 2 months ago

    bo2 plutonium

  • nath
    nath 2 months ago

    Challenge Accepted: Dying Light 1

  • King AbrUpT
    King AbrUpT 2 months ago

    Challenge Accepted: Last of Us and Last of Us pt.2 (when it comes out)

  • CrewCabDart
    CrewCabDart 2 months ago

    Play through The Last of Us leading up to the 2nd one

  • JBJ ThaGod
    JBJ ThaGod 2 months ago

    Friday 13th

  • jrein
    jrein 2 months ago

    Last of us 2

  • Matthew0137
    Matthew0137 2 months ago

    when he said “Nioh 2” i thought he said bo2😹but play some bo2 for the 1 time

  • No thank you Gaming
    No thank you Gaming 2 months ago

    This is solid

  • Cum
    Cum 2 months ago


  • Fayqi
    Fayqi 2 months ago

    Play dying light

  • Josh K
    Josh K 2 months ago

    What should I play today we got call of duty more call of duty, neo I have yet to make a neo video, infinite warfare you know I’d get a lot of love for doing that or maybe we can just go BOOOM UFC REQUIS, WELCOME BACK TO UFC 2!! CHAMPIONSHIP PANTS, TO DAY REQUIS WILL CONTINUE TO SLAUGHTER ALL OF THE SHEEP THAT ARE REMAINING. LOOK AT HIS ABDOMINALS, NIPPLES. the real ufc OG’s

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 2 months ago

    lego starwars

  • TJCproduct
    TJCproduct 2 months ago

    Play voltz or tekkit instead of minecraft! Like if you agree!

  • Corey Wagner
    Corey Wagner 2 months ago

    Shave the beard an keep just the mustache! Would be killing it!! Miss the Halo 3 days as well.

  • Dominic Corma
    Dominic Corma 2 months ago

    Challenge accepted: play beat saber

  • B2 U
    B2 U 2 months ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to quickscope jev

  • TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper
    TheHolyLordsOfDrPepper 2 months ago

    I don't understand why he thinks doing a long series is difficult. Just do what you want jason, fuck the people who say otherwise

  • Dominizer
    Dominizer 2 months ago

    You definitely should do a series on the original last of us, leading up to part 2. That would be awesome :)

  • Miguel juarez
    Miguel juarez 2 months ago

    Do last of us 2

  • Dvminicc
    Dvminicc 2 months ago

    Jev is gonna shave his head and look like 3rd form Frieza

  • Ra Kujo
    Ra Kujo 2 months ago

    Please do Cyberpunk, I’ve been excited for that game since it was teased. And seeing you play it would be awesome

  • Robert Harden
    Robert Harden 2 months ago

    Play Skyrim

  • Qwerty Ascanbe
    Qwerty Ascanbe 2 months ago

    Jev shaves his beard and head edits YT name to one punch man XD

  • Isaac Balladares
    Isaac Balladares 2 months ago

    Challenge Accepted: Play Doom Eternal

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods 2 months ago +1

    dying light 2 definitely

  • TBags And PriceTags
    TBags And PriceTags 2 months ago

    I want Jev to play Dead By Daylight

  • ꧁Austin꧂
    ꧁Austin꧂ 2 months ago

    Bro play Dead by Daylight if you're not gonna play Friday the 13th