Honest Trailers - Every Christopher Nolan Movie

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • As part of the fans rewards unlocked in April we bring you Honest Trailers for Every Christopher Nolan Movie!
    Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
    Title design by Robert Holtby
    Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
    Supervising Producer: Warren Tessler
    Production Coordinator: Tina Choi
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
    Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
    Post-Production Coordinator: Carolyn Croce
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  Year ago +1500

    What other filmmaker should we make a compilation Honest Trailer for?

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  • Joel Abonmei
    Joel Abonmei 15 hours ago

    Do Cobra kai

  • Saria Marabi
    Saria Marabi Day ago


  • Tee
    Tee 3 days ago

    you should do every Quentin Tarantino movie

  • social wars mi ejercito

    The man is a master at film making!

  • Sparrow Starchild
    Sparrow Starchild 5 days ago


  • Sparrow Starchild
    Sparrow Starchild 5 days ago


  • Sparrow Starchild
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  • Sparrow Starchild
    Sparrow Starchild 5 days ago


  • Sparrow Starchild
    Sparrow Starchild 5 days ago

    If make, 16 more comments, I will have made the 6,666th comment. I don't need to do this, but I will for the people, but first, my comment; A prediction, this one will be the best HT of all. My screen is stilled paused on the crappy pre-game commercials, that WE can thank YT 4 or party of Five.

  • Ariful Islam Russel
    Ariful Islam Russel 12 days ago

    Love your work, but F*** you. you destroy every detail we love.........

  • Arlond Ponsohrj
    Arlond Ponsohrj 13 days ago


  • Kamal Gadhvi
    Kamal Gadhvi 15 days ago +1

    A very emotional Michael Caine
    I guess we saw that coming

  • Abhijeet Chetia
    Abhijeet Chetia 16 days ago

    The death of his wife

  • transformercharger
    transformercharger 16 days ago

    So well done!! I have loved Nolan for so long and never once heard him speak. My favorite part was the clunky exposition. Something I subconsciously chose not to see until it was explicitly pointed out.

  • Surya Hung
    Surya Hung 17 days ago

    That damn plot twist at the end... Is GOLD

  • Surya Hung
    Surya Hung 17 days ago

    That's a lot of.. Death Wifes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zebon Rosk
    Zebon Rosk 17 days ago

    idk about yall but tbh i hated everyone of his movies....

  • O Justiceiro
    O Justiceiro 19 days ago

    Do Cameron Crowe

  • White wolf
    White wolf 20 days ago +1

    Damn, your Michael Caine impression was on point!

  • Kaushik Das
    Kaushik Das 20 days ago

    BRCMD. *slow clap* 🤪

  • James Ambrocio
    James Ambrocio 20 days ago +1

    My Cocaine is the best.

  • The creative man's Mind.

    Say ban til tok

  • Grayson Campbell
    Grayson Campbell 23 days ago +1

    *whispers* ...run

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 23 days ago

    Okay but when are you gonna do every Quentin Tarantino movie??

  • Bexter ollie
    Bexter ollie 23 days ago

    Say “do not go gentle into that good night” (from interstellar)

  • Akash Sky
    Akash Sky 24 days ago +1

    The dead wife thing killed me... 😂😂😂

  • Hasibul Hasan
    Hasibul Hasan 24 days ago +1

    "Very emotional Michael Caine."🤣🤣🤣

  • M A
    M A 25 days ago

    Why do always point out the bad sides about movies there are good parts too.
    I love this guys movies

  • Arjun Chouhan
    Arjun Chouhan 26 days ago

    I hope he woke up from this Inception!

  • Maude Dillin
    Maude Dillin 26 days ago

    Chris Nolan is amazing but his brother Jonathan doesn't get nearly enough credit - they typically work together on the writing I believe and J. Nolan is just as much of a visionary as his brother. He was also partly responsible for the creation of Person of Interest, which uses a lot of the same brilliant non-linear storytelling techniques and is probably one of the best television shows of the past decade

  • Sujay Kumar
    Sujay Kumar 27 days ago +2

    "The death of his wife!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sulaiman Shkaky
    Sulaiman Shkaky 27 days ago

    6:50 isn't cocaine just great☺️

    The DUNIVERCE 28 days ago

    *rich guys buying things*
    Batman 'shut up and take my money '

  • Chief Bill
    Chief Bill 28 days ago

    Say "I serve people Grandma's peach tea, but it is actually pee in a jar" *I DARE YOU*

  • goobger117
    goobger117 28 days ago

    honestly though, every movie there’s far more pros than cons

  • Lost Halo
    Lost Halo 29 days ago

    How did it take me so long to find this channel

  • Eau de Nuit
    Eau de Nuit 29 days ago

    INTJ *cough cough*

  • Sunil Patil
    Sunil Patil 29 days ago +1

    Less than 30 seconds emotional Micheal Caine made me emotional 🙆🙆

  • Devashish
    Devashish Month ago

    Do every Paul Thomas Anderson movie

  • Meryem Toulali
    Meryem Toulali Month ago

    The death of his wife bit

  • Alaa Hershey
    Alaa Hershey Month ago +1

    That was so satisfying , even though you should have mentioned his brother Jonathan for writing most of his movies.

  • Carlos Arce
    Carlos Arce Month ago

    I want to be a director just to have Michael Caine in each of my movies

  • samuel sujeeth
    samuel sujeeth Month ago

    Lot of dead wives

  • Plush Wizard
    Plush Wizard Month ago

    0:30 Dark Knight’s number 4

  • Ajinkya Bhosale
    Ajinkya Bhosale Month ago

    A death of ........................................his wife.

  • shani ahmed
    shani ahmed Month ago

    Alot of dead wives...😂😂

  • prateek maheshwari
    prateek maheshwari Month ago

    Would have been 100% perfect, if a Tom Hardy reference was added....

  • D. T. Dash
    D. T. Dash Month ago

    No he isn't !!
    In Dunkirk, he only glorified the Allied Forces, where as The imperial Human rites violation in the colonies & there soldiers was never shown...

  • zich rhigga
    zich rhigga Month ago

    Shake it up a bit. What about an every Adam Sandler movie?

  • Daniel Lye
    Daniel Lye Month ago +2

    I swear the batman Micheal Caine crying about how he knew Bruce Wayne since he was a baby really gets me, reminds me of my own grandfather

  • the emily
    the emily Month ago

    *The death of his Wife*

  • Kavita Iyer
    Kavita Iyer Month ago

    I can't hear you

  • Joseph Charles Arockiaraj

    I guess you missed Hans Zimmer music

  • challa manmohan reddy

    God of world movies

  • Stefan Leo
    Stefan Leo Month ago +1

    Noticed that wife thing for the first time

  • pet cheetah
    pet cheetah Month ago +1

    this video made me subscribe to this channel

  • Sarthak Raut
    Sarthak Raut Month ago


  • Luca Pittalis
    Luca Pittalis Month ago

    This is genius

  • Jack Goldsmith
    Jack Goldsmith Month ago +1

    DO MOVIE 43

  • Keegan Devlin
    Keegan Devlin Month ago

    Why is the charity for women in film?

  • Breezy Mink
    Breezy Mink Month ago +2

    My cocaine

  • Jemuel Mongado
    Jemuel Mongado Month ago

    Okay, got caught of guard with Interstellar's part in the "mask" segment lmao

  • White Manta
    White Manta Month ago

    You didn't mention how all end in a similar manner.

  • Bruno Quaresma da Silva

    you know what would be awesome?? the Avengers Endgame HT!!!! come on epic voice man!

  • Enzo Dapan
    Enzo Dapan Month ago +1

    Zack Snyder please

  • Mythical Duelist
    Mythical Duelist Month ago

    2:18 tf? 😨

  • Yo Adrian Entertainment

    do evil dead

  • Radhakrishnan
    Radhakrishnan Month ago

    You Can't See Blood in His Movies...

  • Trevor Fielding
    Trevor Fielding Month ago

    "Emma *wispers* ruuun!" XD
    Also, all this did was make me love Christopher Nolan Movies even more. And Emotional Michael Caine is so much better than Emotional Toby McGuire amiright?

  • Rowan Cain
    Rowan Cain Month ago +1

    Personally I don’t really care for Nolan... I respect him but his style just isn’t my jam.

    • Rowan Cain
      Rowan Cain Month ago

      That’s so funny because I love Wes Anderson and his whimsical directing style. To each his own I guess 😂

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams Month ago

      I respect that. I personally love Nolan he has the best track record of any Director currently with 0 movies being (widely) considered bad. Loads of people love Wes Anderson and The Coen Brothers and I only like maybe 1 film from each of those directors because I just don't like their style of storytelling. That being said Oh Brother where art thou and Big Labowski are great ok I can't think of a Wes Anderson movie I like lol.

  • DonSultanable
    DonSultanable Month ago +4

    Nolan explaining the timeline in one of his films gets me every time xD

  • Christopher Johnson

    Every Baz Luhrmann film

  • Dark Prince
    Dark Prince Month ago

    You spelled Cyrus wrong in Billy Ray Cyrus in subtitles.

  • Paris Petridis
    Paris Petridis Month ago

    Every Christopher Nolan Movie

  • Shadowlense
    Shadowlense Month ago +3

    A very emotional Micheal Caine

    I totally did not realize that he was in all the movies

  • L CT
    L CT Month ago

    Chris Nolan is 100% certified. Havent seen a movie hes made I didnt like.

  • Ollie Iden
    Ollie Iden Month ago

    Aye your Michael cane isn't that bad

  • Ruben Alvarez
    Ruben Alvarez Month ago

    Do every Steven Spielberg movie

  • KnightMD
    KnightMD Month ago

    He loves his wife so much that the most traumatic backstory he can think of is the death of the hero's wife.

  • Ahmad Niaz Rahman
    Ahmad Niaz Rahman Month ago

    I refuse to watch this.

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange Month ago +1

    Please do every Lynch movie or every Tarantino movie !!!

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique Month ago

    Zach Snyder is a Nolan knock off .

  • khaled mamdouh
    khaled mamdouh Month ago

    couldn't be simpler :D

  • mhatesrvnticha
    mhatesrvnticha Month ago +2

    Christian Bale in a miserable jail....

  • top kek
    top kek Month ago +3

    *_emotional Caine :,(_*

  • Yeji Chung
    Yeji Chung Month ago

    funny because i did an auteur theory project on nolan and it was literally all this

  • Vardhan Adhikari
    Vardhan Adhikari Month ago

    Do tarantino