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  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 5 days ago

    I want Sam to be there.

  • Courtney Coulter
    Courtney Coulter 11 days ago

    I want the Colby Brock not a Colby Brock xD

  • Paris Jackson
    Paris Jackson 12 days ago

    I want to travel with you

  • my unfortunate life
    my unfortunate life 19 days ago

    Brennen face at 2:04

  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete 24 days ago

    What Colby Brock he is mine

  • Des Jewel
    Des Jewel Month ago

    i want colby brock

  • Georgia Brem
    Georgia Brem Month ago

    I already found a colby Brock there he is

  • heidi 1
    heidi 1 Month ago

    they where excited that the age restriction was 20 but where I live its 18

  • Its.Jaky💯
    Its.Jaky💯 Month ago

    “Find you a Colby Brock”
    I wish tho:/

  • Nia Williams
    Nia Williams Month ago

    8:24 now I realise how weird the name Brennen is

  • Macaila Sims
    Macaila Sims Month ago

    “Find you a Colby Brock” I’m trying here lol

  • Olly Wall
    Olly Wall Month ago

    "find yourself a colby brock" TRUST US, WE WANT ONE

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart Month ago

    Brennen: find you a Colby Brock
    Me: Brennan I'm trying get myself THAT Colby Brock

  • Crystallized _
    Crystallized _ Month ago

    colby: Kawaii!
    japan girls: KAWAII!
    its like some sorta thing like they say things that they wish for then at the end they say kawaii XD

  • Aryannah Smedley
    Aryannah Smedley 2 months ago

    Trust me Brennen I've been looking for the real one 😚😚😚😎😎😎. KAWAII

  • Althea Rebekkah
    Althea Rebekkah 2 months ago

    "Find you a colby brock"
    I been tryin!!!

  • The Loon
    The Loon 2 months ago

    I was waiting for Colby to shout "kawaii" at the 3 girls on stage

  • Emma Planchard
    Emma Planchard 3 months ago

    Brennan- "Find a guy like Colby"
    Me- "IM TRYING"

  • Jessica Lomeli
    Jessica Lomeli 3 months ago

    9:24 I’m trying to find a Colby Brock 😉

  • Ash Louve
    Ash Louve 3 months ago


  • Maryanne Strait
    Maryanne Strait 4 months ago

    i want a Colby Brock where do i get one?

  • Shaun E Lementino
    Shaun E Lementino 4 months ago

    he always says Kawaii only means super cute

  • Lexi Is da best
    Lexi Is da best 4 months ago

    Who else though they said poop bags😂

  • grace robinson
    grace robinson 5 months ago

    Find you a Colby Brock
    I just want Colby Brock

  • Sam and Colby Fangirl
    Sam and Colby Fangirl 5 months ago

    Elton:Brennen, Brennen?
    Me: Is Brennen getting arrested? *in a "not surprising" tone of voice*

  • micca fandomeditz
    micca fandomeditz 5 months ago +1

    "find you a Colby Brock"
    Me-fly me out to LA and I will

  • Katie H
    Katie H 5 months ago

    Those girls were too cute!!!! Lol when they asked where can we get a dress and they all said walmart! I wish walmarts sold those in the usa!!

  • Stacy Booth
    Stacy Booth 6 months ago

    Brennen would be so lit to take on vacation

  • Brenda H
    Brenda H 6 months ago

    I need a Colby Brock

  • anjelle haynes
    anjelle haynes 6 months ago

    i just wanna know wtf the arm thing was at the concert thing like wtf

  • Brooke Ryan
    Brooke Ryan 6 months ago +1

    8:17 the girl in the back round
    slaps a dude!!!

  • Charlotte Bridge
    Charlotte Bridge 6 months ago +1

    I actually can't breathe

  • Emma Tindall
    Emma Tindall 6 months ago

    i wish i could go there✌😊

  • FeatherSplash Toons
    FeatherSplash Toons 6 months ago

    Why is colby always getting stopped by girls lol😂

  • Paul Matheson
    Paul Matheson 6 months ago

    Elton : Do you want to be in the video?
    Girls: YEAH.

  • Emi Smith
    Emi Smith 6 months ago

    When brennen yelled "bathroom" one of the girls had asked what that was 😂😂

  • Kye Brock
    Kye Brock 6 months ago

    9:23 Where can i get a colby brock ?

  • JayEmBay
    JayEmBay 7 months ago

    I wished I had travel budies like this

  • OofMelia
    OofMelia 7 months ago

    It was never a secret ;)

  • Jerry Burchett
    Jerry Burchett 7 months ago

    It is a kimono not a dress

  • Aesthetic Trash
    Aesthetic Trash 7 months ago

    You need the flute music to complete the titantic

  • mimi coles
    mimi coles 7 months ago

    That moment when you think you're about to be told something you didn't already know about #brobly but it turns out to be nothing new. 😑😑☹️

  • Loretta Whitaker
    Loretta Whitaker 7 months ago

    if Colby was like the Rock his nickname would be Brock The Rock

  • tye gilpin
    tye gilpin 7 months ago

    why yall sayin kawai ya know that means tiny in japanese right?

  • Reyna Gomez
    Reyna Gomez 8 months ago

    "Find you a colby brock" UM IM TRYING!!!

  • Lil Aspirations
    Lil Aspirations 8 months ago

    I swear Colbys gay humor is the best type of humor

  • Alyssas M Dwight
    Alyssas M Dwight 8 months ago

    Brennen I wish I could find the one and only colby Brock but I can't

  • madilynn Mendesarmyforlife

    7:03-7:08 colby😂😂💕❤

    EXO-L EXO 8 months ago +1


  • Shadow Walker
    Shadow Walker 8 months ago

    2:04 colby just turns around like- dun dun DUUUN

  • Always Kayla
    Always Kayla 9 months ago

    Anyone want to be friends?
    We can talk about everything together!

  • Amanda's_ Trash
    Amanda's_ Trash 9 months ago

    When brennen said bathrooms and they got excited . I died lmfao 😂😂😂😩😂

  • Patience Anne
    Patience Anne 10 months ago

    hmmmm id rather have THE Colby Brock then a Colby Brock lmao

  • Diane Scrimger
    Diane Scrimger 10 months ago

    Ha ha at 2:06 colbys face

  • Jess Fletch
    Jess Fletch 10 months ago +1

    Brennen: find you a Colby Brock.
    Me: I've found him (on the internet). Now I just need to work out how to get him to notice me. Colby if you see this which I doubt. Please add me on Snapchat so we can talk @jessapokerface (that's my IG too). Ily

  • Sarah Wolfgang
    Sarah Wolfgang 10 months ago

    Colby.. Those dresses r called Kimonos

  • Evelyn Illarionova
    Evelyn Illarionova 10 months ago

    What did I they drink ? I need some too

  • Betty Partin
    Betty Partin 11 months ago

    I love how Brennen was like find you a Colby Brock
    Then I’m over here like just get Colby Brock💁🏼‍♀️

  • Playtex Sport
    Playtex Sport 11 months ago

    Every time Colby or brennen say kawii I don’t think that how u spell it but it makes me cringe

  • Happy Dragneel
    Happy Dragneel 11 months ago


  • Nicos Jumpsuit is levitating

    Is Colby cheating on Sam with Brennen???😭😦😱

  • Krystal Franchini

    2:06 Colby looks so confused😂😂❤️

  • megaman jr
    megaman jr Year ago


  • Lou Natic
    Lou Natic Year ago

    "Find you a Colby Brock !" Bro, I'm trying :')

  • Kaitlyn Jade
    Kaitlyn Jade Year ago

    I want to watch this but I miss Sam😭

  • KawaiiPenguin20
    KawaiiPenguin20 Year ago

    * Pokes Colby * I claim you now Colby...

  • Eloise
    Eloise Year ago

    i wish i was brennen lmao

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse

    Omg Colby and Brennen full on joining in on like 6 mins and so on 😂

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse

    Look at Brennen chatting up all the girls 😂

  • Har low
    Har low Year ago

    *"Find you a Colby Brock".* *Oh Brennan, if only it was that easy...*

  • saida howard
    saida howard Year ago


  • Ava Mennen
    Ava Mennen Year ago

    Love you guys

  • sbrolby _
    sbrolby _ Year ago

    I’m a simple person i see brolby on the thumbnail, i drop everything and watch the video.

  • Avoid Fuzions
    Avoid Fuzions Year ago

    Why does Colby look like a Male version of Maggie from The Walking Dead lol😂

  • Hailee the kawaiiwolf

    Why would i find myself a colby brock when theres a perfectly good one right here

  • Green T
    Green T Year ago

    5:20 look it's the guy you saw in egypt

  • LilCha Nightshade

    I want Colby Brock

  • victoria armonta
    victoria armonta Year ago

    Okay but is Breanne drunk when he's taking the pictures with those girls because he looks like it lmaoo....

  • Shreks twin
    Shreks twin Year ago

    heheh I screamed clickbate.

  • Okayish Trash
    Okayish Trash Year ago

    6:45 FUCKBOYS UINITE! 😂💛💛

  • Rachael Allen
    Rachael Allen Year ago

    Find myself a Colby Brock ...can I not just have the real one 😉

  • Kris Mack
    Kris Mack Year ago

    you awesome idiots are going to cause an international incident.

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago

    What was the name of the song at 2:10?

  • jeanne b
    jeanne b Year ago

    Japanese ppl are so much more fun. Can you imagine USA acting like that imagine how much fun we would all have

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox Year ago

    Please everyone help me get 1,250,000 subs on the TFIL channel please

  • Madeline Crowley
    Madeline Crowley Year ago

    I feel like Jay is just left out in everythibg

  • FemaleMax -CampCamp-

    This is so beautiful lmao

  • yongbky
    yongbky Year ago


  • Anthonybettsgaming Gaming vlogs puppets

    japan or Tokyo looks so fun to go out

  • DeAnna Mae
    DeAnna Mae Year ago

    I watched all the ads for some reason, but hey, you're welcome

  • Franky Suarez
    Franky Suarez Year ago

    Brennen you're so cruel! xD

  • Irrelevant Elephant

    Solby...... vs brobly

    Who will win?

  • Ghost
    Ghost Year ago

    That would be the most Brennen thing to do. And get arrested for.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Year ago

    "Find you a Colby Brock" WE'RE ALL TRYING X'D

  • Anna Daniella
    Anna Daniella Year ago

    Brolby 😍😍

  • Ariess s
    Ariess s Year ago

    3:55 TITANIC

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    “Find you a Colby brock” I’m sure we are all trying😅

  • Memere F64
    Memere F64 Year ago

    Im Just an Akward Comment passing bye

  • Princess slime Tosta

    Kawaiiii Colby-chan