Is It A Smartphone Or Is It A Laptop?

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • The Gemini 4G from Planet Computers is the smallest laptop like device I've ever unboxed. It runs either Android or Linux and provides a somewhat decent typing experience in spite of its diminutive size. So is it a laptop or is it a smartphone?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +1642

    Is it a smartphone or is it a laptop?

    • Philiation
      Philiation 18 days ago

      Well can you make a phone call and text? If not then a micro laptop for sure.

    • eng
      eng 3 months ago

      It's a umpc

    • Haris
      Haris 3 months ago

      A smartop !

    • Brian Borell
      Brian Borell 5 months ago

      Netbook. 😎👍

    • i love windows 7
      i love windows 7 5 months ago

      smartphone laptop

  • G. Keith Walker
    G. Keith Walker Day ago

    I like it.

  • Jiu jeatsu
    Jiu jeatsu 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me if the gemini 4g can be controlled only with the keyboard. I have just bought it.
    Thanks in advanced.

  • justicia
    justicia 6 days ago

    Can you connect a tiny mouse to it??

  • Mike James
    Mike James 6 days ago

    Cool design, Verizon had this year's ago called the voyager, I had one as soon as it came out. Been waiting for a phone like that again, an affordable one. The Verizon Voyager had a screen on the top as well as the inside. Oh - by the way no such thing as a "smartphone " like computers and laptops - smartphones "don't know anything, they only respond to input and their programming ". So why buy into the hype all that money you waste on extremely expensive phones. For what bragging rights - well okay if your a shallow person, but let's be real most phones are just re-dos with upgrades, does that really make them worth the outrageous price? I think not as they pretty much do what all so-called smartphones do. I myself still have an old Samsung phone don't see no reason to buy an $800.00 to $1000.00 phone does pretty much what the new phones do.

  • Ivan J
    Ivan J 6 days ago

    This guys voice is so fucking annoying. Shut the fuck up dickhead.

  • Deetar Cool
    Deetar Cool 7 days ago

    it's a phone with a 5$ bt keyboard attached on it.
    thread closed.

  • PDesigner
    PDesigner 9 days ago

    where can I buy it?

  • Adi Kapidzic
    Adi Kapidzic 9 days ago

    Horrible review bro. You didnt even look at the Linux aspect of it, wtf??

  • Akash Mahmud
    Akash Mahmud 10 days ago

    You didn't make any phone call from it, just used laptop 🙄

  • Bro Death
    Bro Death 12 days ago

    No its a Lap-phone

  • Manivannabharathi MVB
    Manivannabharathi MVB 13 days ago

    its wast product ...

  • Gomez Electronic Designs

    the problem is there is no usb ports and no windows so you cant call it a laptop its just a android phone with a keyboard.......else the sony vaio vgn p is legendary and want to have one here in Algeria but its actually too expensive for me although its old and weak

  • callofdutymobile Livestream

    Horrible product..... It's a big no for me

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall 14 days ago

    sold mine on eBay to a next shuck

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall 14 days ago


  • Chris Price
    Chris Price 15 days ago

    It's not the size that's what you do with it👍👍

  • Caiden Cureton
    Caiden Cureton 17 days ago

    I couldn't find it anywhere

  • S Campbell
    S Campbell 18 days ago

    If you want a keyboard just get a BlackBerry 😉

    EYE_BEE_SOLOW 20 days ago

    It's a phone that you can hold by the keyboard that u will never use.

  • Liz P
    Liz P 20 days ago

    That would be Amazing for students at university for note taking

  • MaggieOnline
    MaggieOnline 28 days ago

    Still want it

  • Bree
    Bree 29 days ago +1

    I have a question. For these type of phones with keyboards, what do youtube videos look like not in full screen. Thanks!

  • Zahemi AZUL ISLAMI
    Zahemi AZUL ISLAMI 29 days ago +2

    I remember when nokia came out with the nokia communicator 900, everybody went crazy with it, especially those in the corporate world

  • Shane Rusbatch
    Shane Rusbatch Month ago

    this guy is slightly painfull

  • StarWarsMarvel
    StarWarsMarvel Month ago +1

    When someone spoils a movie

  • Zest
    Zest Month ago

    Imagine pulling this out during a lecture

  • Zest
    Zest Month ago

    This would be great if i wanted to do an essay on the go with the feel of a computer or wanted to take notes

  • 4-UP
    4-UP Month ago +2

    2:39 for the record & for those critisizing playing youtube on this device,
    As you can see its runs like a champ💪🏿
    Im buying the Cosmo Communicator👍🏿

  • Ahmed Xd
    Ahmed Xd Month ago

    Its a aaptop

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 Month ago

    For my Christmas present can I get an action movie trailer where Lou Plays all the characters?

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 Month ago

    It's a smaptop

  • San Ten Chan
    San Ten Chan Month ago

    *Good video!*

  • Maeroboss
    Maeroboss Month ago

    I like it!

  • JustMiniBanana
    JustMiniBanana Month ago

    this comes up when you search how small can a laptop be before it becomes a flip phone

  • Alt Dimas
    Alt Dimas Month ago

    You are always getting new phones

  • Oh.
    Oh. Month ago

    I want one

  • Jayden Gaming and more!

    Cherry needs to make a switch that vibrates

  • Jayden Gaming and more!

    Unbox Therapy: OMG!! THIS IS AMAZING
    Blackberry from the grave: *am I a joke to you?*

    • Liz P
      Liz P 20 days ago


  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch Month ago

    Yeah that's a Psion Series 5 except with a modern CPU and display. Look it up. I had one, it was great until it broke from over-use.

  • Kamlesh Baghel
    Kamlesh Baghel Month ago

    सर जी इस लेपटॉप का साईज क्या है और इस लेपटॉप कीमतें कितनी है

  • Dennis Ortega
    Dennis Ortega 2 months ago

    Where can we buy this?

    FREAKOF NATURE 2 months ago


  • hamason katsidzira
    hamason katsidzira 2 months ago

    I will say one thing Nokia e90 with touch screen

  • Franck Sourya
    Franck Sourya 2 months ago +2

    Looks like a old type of Nokia

  • Kelvin Viola
    Kelvin Viola 2 months ago

    Ive seen koreans have a small translator like that size. Maybe its like their thing

  • Nhật Lê
    Nhật Lê 2 months ago

    It looks like a smartphone with a keyboard flip cover

  • Sunny Fawaz
    Sunny Fawaz 2 months ago

    People will buy anything u throw at them who za hell would use this a phone is better wt🤬 is this ?

  • Ed Victory
    Ed Victory 2 months ago

    $650. No thanks.

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson 2 months ago

    What a dumb question. It's a UMD. Ultra Mobile Device. Next!

  • KWH
    KWH 2 months ago

    Psion 5x.

  • Antonio Creswell
    Antonio Creswell 2 months ago

    Cool video. Kinda nostalgic for me. I had a HP jornada 620, years ago. I think I ran windows 2.0.
    This is obviously been updated. Cool product

  • Fake Adult
    Fake Adult 2 months ago +14

    Lewis: “It’s too small, it’s too tiny.”
    Deep in my brain: “That’s what she said.... hahahahahha”

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    Now for the real question. Can it run Diablo and Diablo 2

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    SmartTop LapPhone

  • Million24 Media
    Million24 Media 2 months ago +1

    Why did I think was a new blackberry! Phone ........yeah I miss those 💁🏽

  • whyisthisnottyping
    whyisthisnottyping 2 months ago

    650 is not bad but if it was 450 and was marketed correctly a lot of people would buy it

  • Andre Payne
    Andre Payne 2 months ago

    I would buy it if it had windows

  • Eldon King
    Eldon King 2 months ago +3

    This would be really useful if it runs on windows

  • Ren Fre
    Ren Fre 2 months ago +24

    "I've got a laptop in my back pocket" - Eminem

    • Bro Death
      Bro Death 12 days ago

      Didn't know it was this one, or was it? 👀