Will It Cereal? Taste Test

  • Published on Oct 14, 2014
  • Today we ask the age old question -- will it cereal? GMM #548!
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Comments • 28 861

  • Juinne R
    Juinne R 20 hours ago

    Are y'all ignoring that he called uncooked ramen in a bowl of milk a "maxi wheat"

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan 3 days ago +1

    Rhett putting links hair up is foreshadowing

  • Issei
    Issei 4 days ago +1

    Goldfish should make a cereal

    Like if you agree


    REIGN 5 days ago

    "you just kibble and bitted," lmao

  • Marie
    Marie 5 days ago

    the fact that for like for 3 seconds you were both completely silent and actually considering the kibble and bits as something you could actually eat, says a lot about this show, and it's the reason why I love it so much! LOL And then link took a second bite LOL and a third bite...

  • Michael Robison
    Michael Robison 5 days ago

    As I’m cooking Ramen right this second. Sigh...

  • Gage Berg
    Gage Berg 7 days ago

    For some reason they seemed really extra authentic in this video

  • Jaydan Bilyeu
    Jaydan Bilyeu 9 days ago +1

    Season 6 Episode 66

  • Anne Sicat
    Anne Sicat 13 days ago

    My favorite couple

  • deaa
    deaa 15 days ago

    am I the only one thinking they could’ve done grapes, tomatoes, sunflower seeds or peanuts?

  • Makayla Wheatley
    Makayla Wheatley 16 days ago

    Lowkey i want corn now but its 3am and my familys asleep 😭

  • ThatOneCutie
    ThatOneCutie 16 days ago

    Actually corn and milk already exists... In the Philippines it’s called Mais con yelo, it has ice, milk, and corn

  • Andrew Whitney
    Andrew Whitney 17 days ago

    Crispy M&M with milk tastes absolutely delicious.

  • Malak Saleh
    Malak Saleh 17 days ago

    Amanda show!! Meatloaf Crunch anyone??

  • MN Webb
    MN Webb 18 days ago

    Frosted maxi wheat

  • ReD Penther 127
    ReD Penther 127 18 days ago

    I’m eating cereal and watching will it crawl 😂😂

  • ReD Penther 127
    ReD Penther 127 18 days ago

    I’m watching this at night

  • Yolanda Hill
    Yolanda Hill 18 days ago


  • Benjamin Goodman
    Benjamin Goodman 19 days ago

    They really should make skittle cereal i tried it and it’s AWESOME
    As well as the milk

    • Benjamin Goodman
      Benjamin Goodman 17 days ago

      Andrew Whitney I haven’t, I’m from America, sadly it doesn’t look like America has them I bet they are good

    • Andrew Whitney
      Andrew Whitney 17 days ago

      Have you tried Skittles milkshake?
      I think I've seen them in the shop in the UK.

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    Anything cereals if you’re willing enough

  • lola kolb
    lola kolb 20 days ago

    Hoops poops he slime and scoops he

  • Charlotte Grimes
    Charlotte Grimes 20 days ago

    I love GMM

  • Hanzo Hazashi
    Hanzo Hazashi 20 days ago

    I’m ashamed to admit there was no milk in the house so I used Mountain Dew and Cheerios

  • Noah Escobedo
    Noah Escobedo 20 days ago

    Just me or the closeup on links face was weird and not right

  • a bored animator
    a bored animator 21 day ago

    *dont worry its all BOiLeD fOr SaFtEy*

  • Jordan Ezell
    Jordan Ezell 24 days ago

    Reheat this please

  • Jordan Ezell
    Jordan Ezell 24 days ago

    Will it Bacon

  • louis borselio
    louis borselio 26 days ago

    Regular Triscuits and seedless grapes or blueberries cereals real good.

  • Amara Mast
    Amara Mast 26 days ago

    Vegans are quaking

  • IceWallow_Come
    IceWallow_Come 27 days ago +2

    *Wheeze* “Hahahahahah”

  • IceWallow_Come
    IceWallow_Come 27 days ago

    *Flicks Ramen our of hair*
    “... I’ll eat that later.......”

  • Andrew nonyabussiness
    Andrew nonyabussiness 27 days ago

    It's hard to watch Link with this hair cut

  • Avalanche TV
    Avalanche TV 28 days ago

    3:59 I forgot how agressive Rhett was.

  • Kawaii CrownAJPW
    Kawaii CrownAJPW 28 days ago

    Soggy Goldfish 🤢🤢🤢😂😂😂

  • Olivia Stevens
    Olivia Stevens 28 days ago

    Did they realise we have skittle milk bottled in the uk

  • Joseph Hennings
    Joseph Hennings 28 days ago

    Anyone realize this is episode 666?

  • Κιης Ψ βryαη
    Κιης Ψ βryαη 29 days ago

    Nobody 👏 cares 👏 what 👏 year 👏 you 👏 are 👏 watching 👏 this 👏 in 👏

  • Molly Omar
    Molly Omar 29 days ago

    Rhett and link are like me and my best friend in the way that they make me and each other laugh!

  • Pp
    Pp 29 days ago

    Season:6 episode:66 666

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 Month ago

    no way cow meat loaf would cereal im callin it npw

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 Month ago

    salad will nor cerealno friginways

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 Month ago

    bacoj bits wont cereal im calin it rn

  • Chipper115
    Chipper115 Month ago

    everybody knew coffe wasnt going to cereal

  • AaryanImations
    AaryanImations Month ago

    This is one of the first good mythical morning episodes of ever seen

  • George Haynes
    George Haynes Month ago

    this is so funny

  • David Vitrano
    David Vitrano Month ago +1

    7:28 It's meatloaf crunch from The Amanda Show!

  • nastablook
    nastablook Month ago

    why links camera so bad

  • Adventure Sloth
    Adventure Sloth Month ago +3

    These two are just entrepreneurs in the making

  • twan the weirdo
    twan the weirdo Month ago +1


  • Fat Panda
    Fat Panda Month ago

    Cheese fish crackers go into milk

  • Harley Ater
    Harley Ater Month ago

    Corn = fiber
    Milk = lactose/lactose intolerance
    Corn + Milk = one way trip to the bathroom

  • Arcfang Gaming
    Arcfang Gaming Month ago

    Link: Whats the first thing you think of when you think about meat
    Rhett: bACon

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris Month ago

    Have ya ever tried put Doritos Taco Flavor on your sandwich it's pretty good

  • Hamtha NOORDEEN
    Hamtha NOORDEEN Month ago

    1:52 why does the camera quality look so bad right there in that three second clip?

  • cell
    cell Month ago

    You guys should’ve done Chex mix

  • PacifistPotato
    PacifistPotato Month ago

    Man memories

  • Icouldntthinkofagood name

    One of the first videos of theirs I watched

  • Teecup
    Teecup Month ago

    Oh dang the will it series was so good

  • Marlon Rafael
    Marlon Rafael Month ago +1

    I thought gold fish was cereal dont judge we don't have those here

  • Larry Oldham
    Larry Oldham Month ago

    Will it pancake .