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Word for Word: Exchange between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Elliott Abrams (C-SPAN)

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has a heated exchange with Elliot Abrams, the U.S. special envoy to Venezuela, highlighting his role in the Iran-Contra affair. She says, "I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony you give today to be truthful." The exchange came during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. Full video here:

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  • Harold Gray
    Harold Gray 2 hours ago

    Minnesota failed again. When you vote people like her and Al Franken into are the reason America is failing.

  • Locoandchooch
    Locoandchooch 3 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one wondering how she’s still breathing air?

  • Chris Longski
    Chris Longski 4 hours ago +1

    She's having the time of her life -- spitting in our faces daily.

  • monolithtitan
    monolithtitan 4 hours ago +1

    getting destroyed from the inside out...

  • Joshua Kwasny
    Joshua Kwasny 6 hours ago

    This Omar woman is GARBAGE! Who the hell voted for her? Oh, I know... Liberal Democrats!

  • Mike Courson
    Mike Courson 7 hours ago

    What a condescending arrogant female dog. What is it doing in our government? That diaper on it's head is fitting for what it has for brains ! #@&%!x IsIs plant by the traitor party 👹

  • Seamos Ylonth
    Seamos Ylonth 7 hours ago

    Everyone needs to get out and vote. Everyone's vote counts!

  • Seamos Ylonth
    Seamos Ylonth 7 hours ago

    On September the 11, 2001, "some people did some things" ie. some Saudi muslim extremists who were trained by muslim extremists brutally massacred almost 3000 innocent civilians and injured another 6000. Funny how you can use words that have a soft tone to describe crimes against America and words with a sharp, razor edge when describing actions by Americans. Who elected you anyway, you sanctimonius hypocrit?

  • David Gray
    David Gray 7 hours ago

    Just listening to this fuckin bitch should make every true American lock and load and be ready for the day when we get attacked. I'm a Marine veteran and I am ready

  • Vaughn Merritt
    Vaughn Merritt 8 hours ago

    She can’t even read very well

  • Iraq. Sometimes Sunni Sometimes Shite

    Learn English you stupid mooslum.

  • SlicerJen
    SlicerJen 10 hours ago +1

    Does Islam protect rights? Check, mate, motherfucker.

  • Wafah Assad
    Wafah Assad 10 hours ago

    I still can’t believe she was voted in 😔

  • Anthony Palma
    Anthony Palma 10 hours ago

    Wow thank God I didn’t vote for her

  • Alex Holub
    Alex Holub 10 hours ago

    Does Omar think that the murders and rapes committed in the name of Allah is a "fabulous achievement?" Would she support an armed faction that engages in murder and rape and engages in crimes against humanity and genocide if she believed it was serving the Islamic take-over of the U.S as she has previously described?

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor 10 hours ago

    This Omar woman can not speak English well. A first grader can read better than her. She's a retard

  • Carmen Pascual
    Carmen Pascual 10 hours ago

    She is a traitor.

  • breezy 507
    breezy 507 11 hours ago

    Fuck her and Islam.

  • Brandon Shaffer
    Brandon Shaffer 12 hours ago

    I as a American want to know when she is going to be held accountable?

  • TacoBandito Official_22

    Yes or no
    I will take that as a yes...

  • Jody Rairigh
    Jody Rairigh 12 hours ago

    This goat-humping, Child Sex Abuse enabler, looks DUMB with a period rag on her stupid head

  • Patricia Sias
    Patricia Sias 14 hours ago

    This crazy person is the epitome of the Enemy Within she should be impeached and removed from Congress she does not have any allegiance to this country or its people or really care about any policies.

  • el JC nogalitos ua
    el JC nogalitos ua 15 hours ago

    Why is this al-shabaab militant in our Congress?? This is fucking insane

  • Farhan Bisle
    Farhan Bisle 15 hours ago

    Go omar jews fuckin triggerd

    TONDUR 15 hours ago +1

    Fuc... her . tell her to go back where she came from. And anyone that is so long in America, still cannot speak the language properly. , Sucks. I Learnt 3 languages in 4 years, but I have an in IQ from 129.and, not 80.

  • Robin Byrd
    Robin Byrd 15 hours ago

    What he did is wrong but who is she? How is she allowed to question is she from this country

  • MrCrankybird
    MrCrankybird 15 hours ago

    Why would anyone vote for this idiot? Oh I know, another idiot.

  • Bush Tick
    Bush Tick 15 hours ago

    Who voted for this traitorous twit?

  • Greg Kerr
    Greg Kerr 15 hours ago

    Omar forgets that U.S. foreign policy initiatives ares how she came to be here in the U.S., how she came to be educated and eventually elected to Congress rather than have had to remain in Somalia where her opinion...nay...even her voice among the conversations of men, would not be allowed, where she would also be in danger of having her clitoris removed in order to deny her sexual pleasure, and would live a life as a sub-human child bearing slave to some man who may even have up to seven more wife/slaves.

  • FuckEbonics
    FuckEbonics 15 hours ago

    This cunt needs to be hung.

  • Patrick Masterson
    Patrick Masterson 16 hours ago

    Ms. Omar needs to be deported back home where they know how to deal with an arrogant twat-waffle, perhaps a reality check would change her warped views on human rights violations...not very likely, but one can always hope!

  • MrCook
    MrCook 16 hours ago

    We vowed to never forget on 9/11; I guess some of us forgot. She is an abomination. She stands for values not shared by the people of this country. I can imagine the makeup of the population in her district. She will probably win reelection easily, but I hope she has no chance of attaining any higher office.

  • Jonny Cohen
    Jonny Cohen 16 hours ago

    Ask her about Islam and all their massacres and rapes, since Mohammed

  • Mad Cow Mark
    Mad Cow Mark 19 hours ago

    This woman has made American politics look like a joke, the fact that she gets away with the hate speech that comes out of her mouth is the laughing stock of world politics.
    Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats should grow some balls and reprimand Omar and friends before she is out of control!!!!

  • ted Clauss
    ted Clauss 19 hours ago +1

    As you can see Omar is against America and will continue to attack them in every way. Our great nation is by far the greatest in the world where the Muslims will throw gays off the top of buildings. Attack Christians and burn them to death. You never hear Muslims complain to stop these unholy acts and here she’s talking about human rights. Get out of our country. We don’t need your bullshit here.❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  • Scott Swagman
    Scott Swagman 19 hours ago

    Uncle Leo, have you heard from Jerry?

  • James Christopher
    James Christopher 20 hours ago

    What a cunt...

  • N Malik
    N Malik 21 hour ago

    Hang that meat and kill it

  • N Malik
    N Malik 21 hour ago

    Pinkkky pigs

  • N Malik
    N Malik 21 hour ago

    Shoot the pigs

  • Paul Aubin
    Paul Aubin 21 hour ago

    Never thought a woman would outdo HRC in revulsion.

  • t23
    t23 22 hours ago

    This cock roach should go back to the scum country where she came from.

  • judeoko
    judeoko 23 hours ago

    Ooooooo why do you have such a plonka in your USA government. Put her on a boat and float it back to the so called Muslim utopian perfect country. Come on shed be in the boat for the next 100000 years as she would never find one.

  • Carl Matthews
    Carl Matthews 23 hours ago

    Horrible woman

  • Willamette Striders Track Club

    Why is she reading the questions?

  • Jess Leonguerrero

    Send the bitch back to Palestine and let her run for Palestine.F.U

  • 357 bullfrog
    357 bullfrog Day ago

    How did she get in there to start with is what I want to know.

  • Styx62 Ga
    Styx62 Ga Day ago

    Shes a hijab wearin ass hat

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue Day ago

    Her being in our government is just a step closer to the NWO one world government they want so bad for us. Wake tf up. Did George HW Bush not make it clear enough for you? He loved talking about his NWO plans. You really think that's not still in their agenda? You got your proof right here. It's your own fault for choosing to stay asleep

  • Selva VRV
    Selva VRV Day ago

    Comon America , who voted this moron . What a loony.

  • Philip Favata
    Philip Favata Day ago

    I will respond for him. Yes it is great that we have supported a democratic government in El Salvador. Omar is a fu##ing idiot. She should not be in congress . She is a POS Islamic Radical that Obama has positioned to screw our country and what we have believed in for over 2 centuries.

  • Bunk Man
    Bunk Man Day ago

    9-11 bitch. 'nuff said

  • Hades
    Hades Day ago

    Her goal is to make America look like the evil empire. Way to go liberals, you elected a piece of trash that hates America.

  • Ted the Visionary Demon

    Omar = 🐷 woman wearing her underwear on her head.

  • markford cacal
    markford cacal Day ago

    Omar you piece of shit shut the fuck up go back to your country where you belong.

  • gary Stoltzenberg

    Learn the English language

  • gary Stoltzenberg

    Where did she buy that rag? I would like to use one to wax my car

  • Susan Borgman
    Susan Borgman Day ago

    What a joke that she is even allowed to sit in that chair or any chair of the USA anything is absolutely absurd. Our backbone is broken and there is nothing here that resembles America anymore.
    Shame on our country for allowing any person like this to represent us in any shape or form. This needs to stop.

  • Antoine Michaels

    minnesota what the hell were you thinking electing this moron

  • Isaac Shweky
    Isaac Shweky Day ago

    Ms Omar should not even breath the air of the US. How and who voted for this anti American. No matter what party you are with a person like Omar is an embarrassment for this country.

  • watching the stars

    Is she American born ??

  • Denis Russo
    Denis Russo Day ago +2

    Yes or no, did you Marry your brother? Omar?

    • bisharo gelle
      bisharo gelle Day ago

      Denis Russo you must have her confused with you people.

  • Denis Russo
    Denis Russo Day ago +1

    Get her out!

  • Spencer Smallwood

    Iran Cotra? Hmm......American my butt, you rude stupid lady. You are a troublesome Trojan horse.

  • Kurt Williams
    Kurt Williams Day ago

    did this piece of crap make it out of 8th grade

  • Usman Maroof
    Usman Maroof Day ago

    Keep talking. More power to you ✌
    Truth is just bitter for Americans. You guys love to kill others but can't take reality.
    You have killed millions over 3000 Americans, decimated whole countries, gave us ISIS by creating power vacums, just for some oil & American interest & you say your youth is programmed to hate USA, hilarious but who programmed it ? Your youth is realising the truth old racist fools 😂😂
    No wonder why the world doesn't believe in USA anymore.

  • Charles Wood
    Charles Wood Day ago

    He should tell that jihadist cunt to FUCK OFF.

  • Alex Gordon
    Alex Gordon Day ago

    She can’t even read the questions lol


    Idk why she keeps saying we! She's no dam American I'll tell you that right now. She's in that house to DESTROY AMERICA SHE IS A TERRORIST HOW DO THESE PEOPLE NOT SEE THAT!

  • Jon H
    Jon H Day ago

    I don't understand why some of these immigrants (a growing number) who come from some of the worst countries in the world, want to tell their host countries where they think they are going wrong as opposed to directing their energies in addressing the more obvious shortcomings in their countries of origin .............. hypocrisy at best.

  • Lonnie Walker
    Lonnie Walker Day ago

    I cannot personally take it I will get up and beat that bitches ass!

  • Ruth Elias
    Ruth Elias Day ago

    Someone needs to ask her to answer for the 9-1-1 attack on the US. Do "The American People" have any interest in her thoughts?. Yes or no.

  • mb davis
    mb davis Day ago

    I want anyone who elected this person to explain why?

  • Smokin Gun
    Smokin Gun Day ago

    say shit like that on my job i would be on unemployment duty

  • Layla Dawn
    Layla Dawn Day ago

    She's a strident power mad tart. I am not fond of her.

  • matthew shuba
    matthew shuba Day ago +1

    Lol, says alot about people in Minnesota 🖕

  • Humble Beast
    Humble Beast Day ago +2

    I wouldn't answer, just like she wouldn't apologize!!

  • Eddie Meeks
    Eddie Meeks Day ago

    When Islam becomes over 10% of the population...their DEMANDS will increase like in England....WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Eddie Meeks
    Eddie Meeks Day ago

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is a traitor...she is part of the "fifth column".

  • Hambo Slicer
    Hambo Slicer Day ago

    She's a horrible person. When she smiles it's the ugliest smile I've ever seen.

  • Lotsa Luck
    Lotsa Luck Day ago

    I bet she is bald...and a lesbian

  • Lotsa Luck
    Lotsa Luck Day ago

  • Lotsa Luck
    Lotsa Luck Day ago

    Somebody take that head scarf and shove it up her liberal a...s.....period

  • Situational Ready

    Good grief - she can hardly read the words on the paper. How the hell do people of this ignorance get elected to our highest offices in the country. Pathetic.

  • line jumper
    line jumper Day ago

    Isis queen

  • Amalio Villanueva

    This is one of the stupidest bitch I’ve ever seen!!! She’s no doubt the one load her mom should have swallowed!!! Stupid bitch!!

  • Kenny Coye
    Kenny Coye Day ago

    What's so funny you sorry bitch!! Un American!!

  • C T
    C T Day ago

    All these comments are so rabidly ignorant - I hope this intelligent, legitimate congresswomen gives all you republikkkans heart attacks

  • Greene Bertrand
    Greene Bertrand Day ago

    Has this cunt been excised?

  • Carol Dunkin
    Carol Dunkin Day ago

    Why should this piece of shit have a say in anything in this country and who voted for this shit

  • psycher7
    psycher7 Day ago

    Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have been there to see that mass murdering psycho quivering with anger as his crimes against humanity were entered into the Congressional record.

  • Jeff Mawhinneÿ
    Jeff Mawhinneÿ Day ago

    Can you believe these people are puttung up with this? Morons

  • Hamad A
    Hamad A Day ago

    She is beatiful

  • Jeff Mawhinneÿ
    Jeff Mawhinneÿ Day ago

    She supports CAIR. Which supports terrorists. She a terrorist supporter then.

  • Wood Maven
    Wood Maven Day ago

    THIS is what the devil looks like - a pleasant little girl who wouldn't POSSIBLY lead you astray. She is venomous and oh so dangerous. Please, for all that is holy, vote her out at the next election.

  • John Bowan
    John Bowan Day ago

    I would slap the shit out of that ignorant bitch

  • Terry Winn
    Terry Winn Day ago

    I now believe in abortion. She should be aborted immediately.

  • Neil Meeks
    Neil Meeks Day ago


  • Music to die for

    filthy Muslim bitch

  • Terence Truter
    Terence Truter Day ago

    Why is this woman entertained???? Get rid of her ASAP!!! She cannot even speak English properly!