Kiss and Make Up: Rafa Apologises to Ball Girl Like a Gentleman | Australian Open 2020

  • Rafael Nadal makes apology to ball girl struck by wayward return.

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  • Laniboz Waikhom
    Laniboz Waikhom 6 hours ago

    She’s cute

  • EverAllexx
    EverAllexx 14 hours ago

    Instargram de la chica?

  • D R
    D R Day ago

    She is cute! Now the FBI will be on me 🤣👍

  • SiberianDragon [MW]
    SiberianDragon [MW] 3 days ago

    This is the most wholesome thing I've seen 😭😭😭

  • Yoel Mokalu
    Yoel Mokalu 4 days ago


  • A. Afifah Nailatul Izzah

    Ahh gemoy🥺❤️

    CHES BOT 10 days ago

    Name of the girl: FBI Is Watching You

  • Luke Higgins
    Luke Higgins 10 days ago

    Australians are tough as nails mate

  • Sadie G
    Sadie G 11 days ago

    rafas the man!!!

  • S t e v e n
    S t e v e n 12 days ago

    Yang tau dari Instagram mana suaranya,ball girl nya uwu sekali*😍

  • Theodore Gabriel
    Theodore Gabriel 14 days ago

    The slowmo looks creepy somehow

  • define crazy
    define crazy 16 days ago

    She is like Gosh I was over 18 so I could kiss him on the lips.

  • jj schäck
    jj schäck 19 days ago

    Je pense que son petit coeur a du battre très vite...

  • sudam ubale
    sudam ubale 20 days ago

  • Priyanshu Rituraj
    Priyanshu Rituraj 21 day ago +1

    Admit or not that she is very cute😂😂😂 but i loved how he reacted , he knows the power of his stroke.....

  • Leonardo Villa
    Leonardo Villa 22 days ago

    *That little girl is braver than most "men" I know.*

  • Roman Elenskyi
    Roman Elenskyi 23 days ago

    So cute!!!

  • Milton Andrés Manrique Gutierrez

    Not my proudest fap, but one of my best ones

  • Romie Hassan.W
    Romie Hassan.W 25 days ago

    Why you slow motion the kiss moment, instead the ball that hit the girl?

  • Darktitanium159
    Darktitanium159 27 days ago

    That ball girl is such a cute kiddo. God bless her. She acted bravely.

  • davidca96
    davidca96 28 days ago

    cute kid, was nice of him.

  • Riyad Abu Saeed
    Riyad Abu Saeed 29 days ago +2

    The sweetest kiss you will ever see. 😍

  • D Banana
    D Banana Month ago +2

    Alright then, in 10 years she’ll accuse him for harassment

  • kay-ash
    kay-ash Month ago

    love that color of pink

  • Ráâfét Zrïbì
    Ráâfét Zrïbì Month ago +2

    I went for a vacation in the USA few years ago , I kissed my lil coz on his cheeck ,
    that look on those Amercian faces was creepy as hell ,
    they thought i'm gay or worse "Pedophile".don't do that outside your counries Guys.

  • top 10
    top 10 Month ago

    Real sports men

  • S & S
    S & S Month ago

    Normal people:Awwww.
    Feminists:*triggered*how can he kiss her without her concent.

  • Hussein Ali Mohammed Salihah

    The best part when she immediately regain control and stand there like solid rock , brave young lady

  • jack Hooke
    jack Hooke Month ago

    Does anyone know this girl?

  • Bunny International.

    When I used to play cricket with tennis ball in my childhood. This was my daily event😎.

  • tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»

    Him: Laughs !

  • Midhun Kumar
    Midhun Kumar Month ago

    "That was my first time for everything" lucky her

  • Karthik martin
    Karthik martin Month ago

    Really Beautiful

  • New wave of British Heavy Metal

    She is so cute.

  • pankaj Bisht
    pankaj Bisht Month ago +1

    Respect to nadal.If Indian would kiss somebody like that in India ,the whole public gonna throw shoes sandals on that guy.

  • Ted cault
    Ted cault Month ago

    Please someone tell me her name

    • Ted cault
      Ted cault Month ago

      @Nina thank you

    • Nina
      Nina Month ago

      Anita Birchall.

  • P P
    P P Month ago +1

    She's pretty.

  • Bala ji
    Bala ji Month ago

    I hope Rafa will be Okay in the future

  • Dude420
    Dude420 Month ago +3


  • Bodohyono
    Bodohyono Month ago

    That must be hurt..
    Take a ball from nadal

  • Cadoo C
    Cadoo C Month ago


  • Brendy Gomes
    Brendy Gomes Month ago

    I'll be sent to prison if I do that

  • Love 13
    Love 13 Month ago

    And 10 years later......they are getting married 😂

    • Nina
      Nina Month ago

      He's already married and he is 20 years older than her. Come on.

  • Kevin Paul
    Kevin Paul Month ago

    Worth the pain😁😂

  • Adam Jr
    Adam Jr Month ago

    Kyrgio says hi. 😂 This is the mentality you need to be world no 1 tennis player.

  • tchaser5858
    tchaser5858 Month ago +1

    How in the world are 1.1K thumbs down?

  • Hog Wart
    Hog Wart Month ago

    How come just gave her his stink head band. The racket, at least.

  • Juan Juan H
    Juan Juan H Month ago


  • Nova Verse
    Nova Verse Month ago

    Damn!, that impact went hard..

  • Lucio Maxi
    Lucio Maxi Month ago

    Instagram of that girl?

  • Ho Hin Put
    Ho Hin Put Month ago

    He whispers in her ear and says "it's free real estate."

  • corona go go corona!!

    She is such a beautiful girl!!

  • Anthony Budo
    Anthony Budo Month ago

    if that were my daughter, he would never play again afterwards🖕🏾👊🏽

    • Nina
      Nina Month ago +1

      Why? He met her mom and dad the next day to check on her. He's a decent bloke.

    • Cam Eron
      Cam Eron Month ago

      i tear that up for u

    • Rafael
      Rafael Month ago +2


  • H-O Mtrs
    H-O Mtrs Month ago

    What is she full name??

  • x reptiles
    x reptiles Month ago

    Rafa is more pink that me

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago +1

    *a moment friend*

  • __
    __ Month ago

    Okay so if I viciously strike a female I can touch them with my mouth after, understood.

  • Jane Gavin
    Jane Gavin Month ago

    This shows the good human being i believe Rafael nadal to be

  • Paramdeep Singh
    Paramdeep Singh Month ago +3

    she's a strong girl, the speed meter behind read 186 kmph

  • Martin Thompson
    Martin Thompson Month ago

    The amount of nonces on this post is disturbing, shes a child you fucking paedos

    • Leonardo Villa
      Leonardo Villa 22 days ago

      Rafael did nothing wrong! Only the pervs are trying to make it look like something creepy.

    • Cam Eron
      Cam Eron Month ago

      shut up and keep giving me heads dawg

  • tedmccarron
    tedmccarron Month ago +1

    He was looking for an excuse to kiss her.

    • Leonardo Villa
      Leonardo Villa 22 days ago

      You are looking for an excuse to accuse someone of being a pedo, because you don't want to be the only one.

    • Rafael
      Rafael Month ago +2

      @tedmccarron Is there something wrong with you?

    • tedmccarron
      tedmccarron Month ago

      @Rafael he was looking for an excuse to kiss her.

    • Rafael
      Rafael Month ago +1


  • Loex76
    Loex76 Month ago

    Kalo Cewek2 sini mah mungkin udah Nangis Kejer langsung lari ke Mama😂

  • colin rivera
    colin rivera Month ago

    pretty sure it hit the bill of her hat

  • Sea Life
    Sea Life Month ago +1

    How old is she????

  • SoVa
    SoVa Month ago


    LIVE SOCCER & GAME Month ago

    makasih bang udah mau baik sama jodoh gw

  • BLoodyfang213
    BLoodyfang213 Month ago +1


    • Rafael
      Rafael Month ago +1

      Normals: *Awwww*

  • Shaheem
    Shaheem Month ago

    Wow lucky girl

  • فلان بن فلان

    That blush though lol

    • Nina
      Nina Month ago

      her face is red from where the ball hit her...

  • فلان بن فلان

    What a great guy

  • Saurav Singh
    Saurav Singh Month ago

    What if there was a boy. Will his behavior be same

    • Rafael
      Rafael Month ago

      I hope his behaviour would be the same, otherwise it would be strange

  • bintoro 211_
    bintoro 211_ Month ago

    Who is name girl?

  • Krishna mom
    Krishna mom Month ago

    Sometimes unknown accident, make a valuable gift. Good human being both of you 🤗

  • Roah Nosh
    Roah Nosh Month ago +1

    If this was in America
    People: that's illegal! That's sexual harrassment!!!

  • rohit kumar
    rohit kumar Month ago

    Heart touching 😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Marco Rodríguez Muñiz

    Jeez, many people are criticizing Nadal for the kiss, come on, neither the girl (Who was really happy) nor her mother got offended but you did? Some people are so sensitive on one hand to realise something nobody saw, but on the other Hand they are mean enough to make anonymous accusations of pedofilia.

  • Achal Sharma
    Achal Sharma Month ago +5

    What a lovely concern by Rafael 😍..we love you Rafael Nadal🎾

  • Tirta 16
    Tirta 16 Month ago

    whoo is thiss girll 😍, give me her instagram pls..

  • Vedant Art Studio
    Vedant Art Studio Month ago +6

    Moral of the Story -
    " To get something Good,
    Be prepared to face something Bad " .

    Moral 2
    Whatever happens,
    It happens for something Good.

    Got hit, got the kiss!

  • 50,000SubscriberForNo WorldWar

    She is soo cute