Katharine McPhee rehearses for Broadway Debut - Waitress Musical

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
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  • Frankie Lochhead
    Frankie Lochhead 2 months ago +1

    okay well now i’m crying

  • stayweirdkids
    stayweirdkids 2 months ago +2

    her version of She Used To Be Mine had me sobbing in the theatre!

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W 4 months ago

    Hopefully she’ll be on the original west end cast recording

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H 4 months ago

    We spend our evenings the exactly the same way! I'm so happy she's coming to the UK!!!!

  • Jasmine Schneider H
    Jasmine Schneider H 8 months ago

    Im in love with her voice ❤❤❤

  • Sandra Zivolic
    Sandra Zivolic 8 months ago

    Beautiful❤❤❤.My daughter sing" She used to be mine" for an audition for school (musical theatre),this is so strong and beautiful😊.Beautiful voice!

  • bryan greeley
    bryan greeley Year ago +1

    Saw Katherine Friday night....she blew the roof off ..she was absolutely great!!!

  • manon guillet
    manon guillet Year ago

    The name of the song at 1 min ?

  • Rileigh Pedersen
    Rileigh Pedersen Year ago +1

    i saw stephanie torns and she was better than jessie, Betsy, and Sarah. Katherine sounds great! but i am so stuck with stephanie. i will definitely see katherine though. i never heard of her before, but will be excited to see her!

  • arthurbr
    arthurbr Year ago

    Guys! Here is Katharine McPhee's first performance audios!
    What Baking Can Do: thexvid.com/video/es3L9mUhJEc/video.html
    She Used To Be Mine: thexvid.com/video/WpYItURRp4M/video.html

  • venska
    venska Year ago +10

    this brings me back to smash

  • angel landeros
    angel landeros Year ago

    what's the name of the song she sings at 1:52?

    • Claire Grant
      Claire Grant Year ago

      I personally think she sounded the best singing this song! It sounded great!

    • Rob Embrechts
      Rob Embrechts Year ago

      I was figuring out the same thing, that was such an awesome part.

    • Cayla Anne
      Cayla Anne Year ago +3

      What baking can do

  • Harry
    Harry Year ago +1

    She's going to be incredible!

  • Em G
    Em G Year ago +6

    She is SO good...excited is an understatement for how I'm feeling right now!

    BATTLE LE GAMES Year ago +1

    That who I could see them personally even so I think the best dream the man I can have white so what will never happen but when I say that they are beautiful even though I've seen them only on video I don't want to know how beautiful they are then I real

    BATTLE LE GAMES Year ago +2

    Katherine Mcphee are I I was wondering it first time I saw how can man only so miracles beautifully I him wish the best it their living and the man which Gluck does this with so a beautiful woman to be together has really good luck❤️

    BATTLE LE GAMES Year ago +1

    Kahterine Mcphee are I I was wondering it first time I saw how can man only so miracles beautifully I him wish the best it their living❤️😍😘

  • Kevin James Machado
    Kevin James Machado Year ago +39

    Great voice, great actor, great look but she needs to find a way to put more umph into the music. I'm not really feeling anything when I listen to the songs.

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B 26 days ago

      I saw her live and she definitely made me feel so many emotions at once. She was seriously amazing and she even cried herself (which I always find pretty impressive 😁) no but seriously, she is so much better live and after doing the show for such a lonf time now! :)

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 10 months ago

      But they have live theatrical training, Kat, not so much, as opposed to her studio training

    • Leigh Katherine
      Leigh Katherine Year ago

      I kind of liked her understated take on it, but she was just learning the music.

    • Daniella
      Daniella Year ago +5

      Every actress who has played this role prior has been extensively trained. You don't survive 8 shows a week without technical training. But acting and emoting are technical skills as well.

    • celifacejones
      celifacejones Year ago +4

      Kind of gets lost when you're that trained. She's a technician. I think she'll get there, I hope.

  • Molly Pavilonis
    Molly Pavilonis Year ago +10

    Her voice is not right for this role at all, don't know why they have to bring in names instead of talent.

    • Christel Koenders
      Christel Koenders Month ago +1

      I saw her live last week and she sounds amazing. Definitely wouldn't sayshe hasn't got the pipes

    • Countrycowboy08
      Countrycowboy08 7 months ago

      @Molly Pavilonis oh I see.. Your comment translates to "Why do they cast Katharine and not ME?!?!!?"

    • Molly Pavilonis
      Molly Pavilonis Year ago

      I won't get to see her in the show I live in Ohio haha, but I'm glad she sounded better in person! And I have liked her in other things but I honestly just think there are other people who would make a better Jenna, I'm only so harsh because it's my absolute favorite role and show! haha. But I'm glad it was much better when you saw the show!

    • Elizabeth Elliott
      Elizabeth Elliott Year ago +2

      Hey! I’m a vocalist as well, and it’s evident in these practicing videos that she’s fatigued, and been practicing too much! I had the privilege of seeing her in this role in Broadway, and she sounded much fuller, rested, and beautiful. Her tone was clear and pure, her acting fit the style as well. Trust me, I had no prior ideas going into the show, and I fell in love with her as Jenna. If you can, give her a chance

    • Molly Pavilonis
      Molly Pavilonis Year ago

      I actually am a vocalist so I have a very educated opinion, and I'm allowed to have that opinion. But since you wanna personally attack me you can check out me singing a song from Waitress for the cast! They think I did alright thexvid.com/video/EaHx4IiGQ2A/video.html

  • Grace Wan
    Grace Wan Year ago +1

    👏👏 Very good!

  • Ashley N
    Ashley N Year ago +6

    Wow yeah I'm really excited! Her voice is really perfect for Jenna, wow!

  • angelasings24
    angelasings24 Year ago +89

    katharine's voice is unreal but tbh i worry that she wont have that rawness that jessie brought

    • Ana Warr
      Ana Warr 3 months ago +7

      I prefer her to Jessie. Saw her live and it was so incredible!

    • Erin Monk
      Erin Monk Year ago

      yeah she won't

  • Talyta Barcelos
    Talyta Barcelos Year ago +49

    i miss smash

    • Talyta Barcelos
      Talyta Barcelos Year ago

      Damon Lam it had 2 seasons and so much potential. :D

    • Damon Lam
      Damon Lam Year ago +1

      Talyta Barcelos how come 'smash' is cancel after only 1 season? Alot of people can sing, but that does not mean when they cut out a album it's will be selling like hot cake.

    • Jae Valerio
      Jae Valerio Year ago

      Talyta Barcelos same!!! So sad it was cancelled :(

  • Alexandre Campbell Batista

    Canta e encanta muito

  • Tim Barber
    Tim Barber Year ago +19

    She's perfect for this role!!

  • J nid
    J nid Year ago +14

    Damn she's fit as Fu**. Look at those arms

  • OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    hope they do a cast recording with her ❤️

    • Ana Warr
      Ana Warr 3 months ago +1


    • Phoebe Ashling
      Phoebe Ashling 4 months ago +2

      hopefully they’ll do a west end cast recording 🤞🏻

    • Natalie Young
      Natalie Young Year ago +1

      YES!! I was just thinking that!

    • ItsLiz
      ItsLiz Year ago +1

      hAy LeY Waitress only will have 1

    • hAy LeY
      hAy LeY Year ago +5

      OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez they usually wait a few more years to do cast recordings. It’ll probably be another ten before they do that

  • RON Dennis Wheeler
    RON Dennis Wheeler Year ago +32

    She is a wonderful actress as well as a singer I have known her for many tears now and she always pushes herself to the limit which is Heaven bound!!! Keep On Keeping On (KOKO) CLUB)

  • LunaTheGreat
    LunaTheGreat Year ago +6

    it's kinda fast...

  • Selifas
    Selifas Year ago +16

    Oml I need to see this, and I don't mean 'want'... I mean NEED!

  • Martinianolopez C
    Martinianolopez C Year ago +1


  • muzarecords
    muzarecords Year ago +2


  • Kat Pack
    Kat Pack  Year ago +83

    Kat makes her broadway debut on April 10th, 2018 - Who's going?!

    • arthurbr
      arthurbr Year ago

      I WAS THERE!
      Here is Katharine McPhee's first performance audios!
      What Baking Can Do: thexvid.com/video/es3L9mUhJEc/video.html
      She Used To Be Mine: thexvid.com/video/WpYItURRp4M/video.html

    • Youtubing Jaguar
      Youtubing Jaguar Year ago

      Congrats on Broadway Kat! ;)

    • Hannah
      Hannah Year ago +1

      I’m going on her closing night!

    • Nat Ruiz
      Nat Ruiz Year ago +1

      Kat Pack She had the most beautiful voice.