BoA 보아 'Feedback (Feat. 넉살)' MV Teaser

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • BoA's new single "Feedback" will be released on June 4th, 6PM (KST).
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    BoA 보아 'Feedback (Feat. 넉살)' MV Teaser ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Ngọc Ngọc
    Ngọc Ngọc 21 day ago

    Xuất bản 3 thg 6, 2019

  • shu_ying fan_
    shu_ying fan_ Month ago


  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams 3 months ago

    BoA is like....Asia's Beyoncé. No joke.

  • phương hạnh trần
    phương hạnh trần 3 months ago


  • Irfan Naufal F.
    Irfan Naufal F. 3 months ago

    How old are she?

  • bad apple nonbinary
    bad apple nonbinary 3 months ago


  • 하예담
    하예담 3 months ago

    아니 보아 언니는 늙지를 않네..

  • jaeminie na
    jaeminie na 3 months ago

    whoa she's so gorgeous

  • Doaa pink
    Doaa pink 3 months ago


  • Kim Song-i
    Kim Song-i 3 months ago

    Who knew it was possible to get even more Cute

  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 months ago

    No, really, who made that fucking lunar patterned nude fabric. I've seen that shit on some MVs since a year or more and in different clothes??????

  • 배엄미
    배엄미 3 months ago

    Look like JennieKim (outfit)

  • blu4non z
    blu4non z 3 months ago

    Stop sleeping in the Mother of bops

  • 부지방탄BoujeeBangtan

    Is that a Nick ghur🥰

  • XRP Alpaca
    XRP Alpaca 3 months ago

    보아 흥해라!!!!

  • 히서워
    히서워 3 months ago

    노래 진짜 애매하게 안좋다 하.... 외주받아요 sm약간ㄱ 신인들한ㅌ 좋은노래 퍼부어주다가 점점 이상한 노래 주는거같애..

  • The Femme Fatale
    The Femme Fatale 3 months ago

    The kween 🦋

  • Qwer me
    Qwer me 3 months ago

    코디 누구야

  • Frank Jung
    Frank Jung 3 months ago

    이 가수 최근곡은 요즘애들 흉내와 아재감성이 섞여 있어서 반복해서 듣기는 별로다. 아예 복고로 가는게 어떰?

  • 밤톨
    밤톨 3 months ago

    아직도 빨아주는 팬이 있냐??
    줌마 은퇴나 하세요

  • Matt H
    Matt H 3 months ago +1

    Didn’t Jennie wear that outfit?

  • 엄지척
    엄지척 3 months ago


  • 보보로
    보보로 3 months ago

    보느님 💕💕💕

  • Y. K.
    Y. K. 3 months ago


  • 순돌Sundol
    순돌Sundol 3 months ago

    딱 보아느낌이당 좋좋 ☺

  • Acne Studios
    Acne Studios 3 months ago

    Jonah from Neon Milk!!! I love BoA and Jonah!!

  • Phạm Thị Thu
    Phạm Thị Thu 3 months ago +1

    "Everytime u dance with sb,i want u to feel me,i want u to feel me.." and"...i wanna feedback,i wanna feedback..."

  • Phạm Thị Thu
    Phạm Thị Thu 3 months ago +1

    It's the same with Feel me -Selena Gomez

  • Hameeda Sharif
    Hameeda Sharif 3 months ago


  • Esther Lee
    Esther Lee 3 months ago


  • Caress Carranza
    Caress Carranza 3 months ago

    Immortal vampire

  • althea
    althea 3 months ago

    *boa and the sound of her iconic heels,, COULDNT ASK FOR MORE*

  • Anang Juniantara Gutama

    Delay again?? For MV?

  • Chhun Eng
    Chhun Eng 3 months ago

    SM you got our feedback! Where is BoA MV LoLz

  • Hayati Nafiisah
    Hayati Nafiisah 3 months ago

    Where this MV ?

  • Mark Citizen
    Mark Citizen 3 months ago

    ?where's the mv

  • Alvin
    Alvin 3 months ago

    Where's the song SM??

  • U Ka
    U Ka 3 months ago

    It hurt my ears

    • U Ka
      U Ka 3 months ago

      @강말피 were you always like this? tsk tsk tsk

    • 강말피
      강말피 3 months ago +2

      @U Ka Oh, and I don't want to talk anymore with helpless-whining-tone deaf-teenytiny brain-kid, so enjoy yourself now on! 😊🖕

    • 강말피
      강말피 3 months ago +1

      @U Ka Nope. I have no such things, and I am keep saying 'just saying'. If you don't understand what 'just saying' means, search it. What a brain you have :)

    • U Ka
      U Ka 3 months ago

      @강말피 so are you a doctor? Or all of your comments coming from a place called entitlement?

    • 강말피
      강말피 3 months ago

      @U Ka ? You don't 'have to' do that. Just 'need to'. You don't want to do it? Then don't. Just keep your ears and brain as you like it. Oh, and happy to keep you interested^^

  • Vanessa Venesia
    Vanessa Venesia 3 months ago +1

    where's the freaking mv you trash

  • 갓소시 소원 _
    갓소시 소원 _ 3 months ago +1

    MV ,,^^

  • 랙블
    랙블 3 months ago +1

    와 노래 듣다가 얼굴진짜 이뻐서 노래 못듣고 보아님만 봤음... 개이쁘다

  • 강말피
    강말피 3 months ago +3

    SM, I want a feedback from you hoo hoo. Why is BoA's mv is not released yet?

  • hwang yeji
    hwang yeji 3 months ago

    Queen 😊

  • JiU Pink Princess
    JiU Pink Princess 3 months ago

    That thumbnail tho.. she looks like SuA from Dreamcatcher

  • Jungwoo’sbitch
    Jungwoo’sbitch 3 months ago

    She look sooo cute and pretty in those clothes

  • とてもcatchy✩
    とてもcatchy✩ 3 months ago

    SM? more like S&M 😂😭 stop torturing us!!

  • Jeanne Morona
    Jeanne Morona 3 months ago


  • とてもcatchy✩
    とてもcatchy✩ 3 months ago +1

    Hello~ 911 what is your emergency
    me: sM HaS nOT DrOPpEd ThE nEw BoA MV YeTttt

  • AnJoy
    AnJoy 3 months ago

    y'all late but what's new


    Whats going on , why is this a hour late (and still not out)

  • kosmic avenue
    kosmic avenue 3 months ago +3

    So are y'all going to upload the mv or...

  • 영락 영락
    영락 영락 3 months ago

    컴백 축하드립니다

  • 은밤
    은밤 3 months ago

    꺅!!! 보아언니ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사실 그동안 이런곡을 기다렸어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ이런느낌오랜만이야 언니 예전의 보아 느낌이나는거같애요!! 얼른 뮤비나와랏

  • CAiTlin S
    CAiTlin S 3 months ago +2

    Why are you late with another MV SM?

  • N is my CITY
    N is my CITY 3 months ago


  • Happy DyoDay
    Happy DyoDay 3 months ago +1

    뮤비 언제..............😰😰😰

  • HazeGang REACTS
    HazeGang REACTS 3 months ago +4

    Does anyone know at what tine the M/v is dropping ?

    • Marie Fogelberg
      Marie Fogelberg 3 months ago

      @HazeGang REACTS I'm gonna sue them soon! O.o

    • HazeGang REACTS
      HazeGang REACTS 3 months ago +1

      Marie Fogelberg dang :/, sm was also having issues with releasing nct superhuman m/v

    • Marie Fogelberg
      Marie Fogelberg 3 months ago +2

      it says 6pm kst so i guess an hour ago??? i can't find it T.T

  • Be Shine Jkiki
    Be Shine Jkiki 3 months ago

    *MY QUEEN!!!!!!!*

  • Kpopers Multifand
    Kpopers Multifand 3 months ago