Star Wars The Last Jedi DELETED SCENES & Rejected Concepts Explained

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • Star Wars The Last Jedi deleted scenes, unused concept art & rejected concepts explained, including Rey & Luke training scenes, Snoke, Finn, BB-8, BB-9E, Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Porgs, Leia & lots more!
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    Rey's Third Training Scene 0:59
    Rey Beach Deleted Scene 1:56
    Rey Training Remotes 2:30
    Rey & Caretakers Deleted Scenes 2:51
    Finn & BB-8 Hologram Deleted Scene 3:42
    BB-8 vs BB-9E Deleted Scene 4:08
    Poe & Finn in Canto Bight Alternate Story 4:42
    Rose & Finn Canto Bight Break In 5:31
    Master Codebreaker Extended Scenes 6:10
    The Supremacy Deleted Scenes 6:44
    Snoke's Slippers Deleted Scene 8:18
    Unused Porg Concepts 8:39
    Carrie Fisher Leia Deleted Scenes & Star Wars Episode IX 9:10
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    Rey took her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will continue her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the continuing Star Wars saga, Star Wars: Episode VIII, which began principal photography at Pinewood Studios in London on February 15, 2016.

    Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is written and directed by Rian Johnson and continues the storylines introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, welcomes back cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis. New cast members will include Academy Award® winner Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award® nominee Laura Dern, and talented newcomer Kelly Marie Tran.

    Star Wars: Episode VIII is scheduled for release December 15, 2017.
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  • Flicks And The City
    Flicks And The City  11 months ago +106

    Would you like to have seen any of these deleted scenes in The Last Jedi?
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    • CratePlayz
      CratePlayz 9 months ago

      Flicks And The City there cool

    • Avery Sisemore
      Avery Sisemore 10 months ago

      Flicks And The City i susbsirced and liked plus post notifactions

    • Daniel Burke
      Daniel Burke 10 months ago

      I would probably have got rid of most of (if not all) the gambling planet and replaced it with more training. The gambling doesn't really add much accept run time because they could have had to codebreaker just be part of the resistance anyway and THEN defected. The bb8 fight would have been a good addition instead as well.

    • rewatchMovie
      rewatchMovie 10 months ago

      i would like to see BB8 vs BB-9E, and love your channel is very good as a
      good content selection. yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers

    • Eleniel Riverstone
      Eleniel Riverstone 11 months ago

      Uhhhh he's not BB-9E........

      it's BB-HATE

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    I would have liked to have seen the one with Rey running towards the caretaker village

  • ComndrChf10
    ComndrChf10 4 months ago

    What the fuck was Rian smoking when he just about got rid of every good idea that would have worked a thousand times better

  • Rey Parker
    Rey Parker 4 months ago

    Wanted more Finn x Rey. Was disappointed a bit. Hopefully Ep.9. Will make up for that

  • Buzz James
    Buzz James 4 months ago

    Snoke's Slippers Deleted Scene? WTF. Ryan jon jon your such a motard. this a sign of someone's foot fetish?

  • fuoc
    fuoc 5 months ago

    Poe couldn't go to canto baight with finn because they're too perfect toghethrt

  • Decane Dyl
    Decane Dyl 5 months ago

    See all of this should of happend in the movie

  • Nathan Schubert
    Nathan Schubert 5 months ago

    1:34 that ain't darth vader. That mask is the mask of grandmaster revan.

  • PureKEK
    PureKEK 7 months ago

    FPS of your video sucks. Learn how to use sony vegas properly.

  • starwars lego
    starwars lego 7 months ago


  • Jerry Sowders
    Jerry Sowders 7 months ago

    Liked it

  • Esther Zimmermann
    Esther Zimmermann 8 months ago

    I like deleted sences

  • Chicanista Revolutia
    Chicanista Revolutia 8 months ago

    They could have deleted the entire Cantobite sequence.

  • Emzic wolf
    Emzic wolf 8 months ago

    Nah i think it's good they kept them out the way, otherwise the movie would become too long, i've not watched the movie fully without being disturbed because it's so long, so it's a good thing Rian didn't make it any longer

  • Carter Padavich
    Carter Padavich 8 months ago

    I think it's just stupid to delete some of them

  • John Cruz
    John Cruz 8 months ago

    I liked the porg one

  • Ram the Lamb
    Ram the Lamb 8 months ago


  • Specter7 All hail the dn

    How is that darth Vader

  • LEGO spidy 28
    LEGO spidy 28 9 months ago +1

    Leia is not Carrie Fisher she died a year ago

  • thoss86
    thoss86 9 months ago

    These scenes tells me Rian Johnson should quit.

  • Jennifer Landers
    Jennifer Landers 9 months ago

    Best deleted seens ever

  • NicoTN
    NicoTN 9 months ago


  • Oli Day
    Oli Day 9 months ago

    The dealeted sceens were really good I enjoyed it😊

  • Mattie McQueen
    Mattie McQueen 9 months ago

    thier cool

  • Iva Tomic
    Iva Tomic 9 months ago

    Video is good

  • Iva Tomic
    Iva Tomic 9 months ago

    I love porgs their cute

  • Master Unicorn
    Master Unicorn 9 months ago

    I have subbed and liked and turned on notifications!

    • Master Unicorn
      Master Unicorn 9 months ago

      Also my fav deleted scene is Bb8 vs BB9E !! They should have kept it!

  • Luca Vitalone
    Luca Vitalone 9 months ago

    i woud like aporg like the vid

  • V D
    V D 10 months ago

    I hope they add a floating rock scene in

  • Fam Jam
    Fam Jam 10 months ago


  • gold panther
    gold panther 10 months ago

    So cool!

  • Jennifer Drumm
    Jennifer Drumm 10 months ago

    Love the artwork. It is so amazing!

  • Chroma
    Chroma 10 months ago

    this sub button does not say subscribe :l
    let me fix that

  • Brittany
    Brittany 10 months ago

    I actually prefer the idea of Rose and Finn stealing clothes, meeting the Codebreaker, and helping him before they leave Canto Bight. Seems better than the fakeout with DJ. And they still could have worked in the favier chase and the stable boy

  • lolbit plush Productions
    lolbit plush Productions 10 months ago

    Nice the delegated senes were cool

  • i didnt survive rewind DXB

    Wow I like them

  • ROMANtheWOLF 8888
    ROMANtheWOLF 8888 10 months ago +1

    The potg sence is how chewie got the prog to eat

  • Ninja Orange
    Ninja Orange 10 months ago

    I did not like how they delete scenes

  • Edgardo bonet
    Edgardo bonet 10 months ago +1

    I watched episode 8

  • Sany
    Sany 10 months ago

    Amazing vid!

    SEAN BENTLER 10 months ago

    Cool video!!!! I subbed too!!!!

  • Asa Miller
    Asa Miller 10 months ago

    More Daisy, prize plzzzz

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight
    LunaOfTheDarkestNight 10 months ago

    The third lessen was Rey becoming a earthbender

  • Antonius Maximus
    Antonius Maximus 10 months ago

    Rose was such a shit character. It could have been so much better with Finn and Poe raising hell in the casino while being run down by Phasma the whole time.

  • Oden33390
    Oden33390 10 months ago

    I hope to see them and hopefully looking finished

  • Flamingbolt 1538
    Flamingbolt 1538 10 months ago

    i really wanted a bb8 and bb9e showdown

  • Kerry Metcalf
    Kerry Metcalf 10 months ago

    great may the force be with you

  • Garret Hamby
    Garret Hamby 10 months ago

    Those scenes are awesome.

  • Livi R
    Livi R 10 months ago

    I have acutely never seen these scenes I really like them 😂 btw I have subscribed for the give aways😅

  • TGG gameplays
    TGG gameplays 10 months ago

    I subbed

  • SM Fernández
    SM Fernández 10 months ago

    Very interessting

  • Olivia Hendrickson
    Olivia Hendrickson 10 months ago

    The deleted scenes seem amazing! I would love for there to be a crazy porg scene! Also i subscribed and clicked the bell! I hope i win this i have never one a giveaway before!

  • Whatthefandoms
    Whatthefandoms 10 months ago

    I would have definitely wanted to see Rey's training. I feel like it would have made her less of an overpowered character.

    DOGEBANK 10 months ago

    the deleated scences were amazing

  • Roxey Plays
    Roxey Plays 10 months ago

    I subscribed and I loved all the deleted scenes

  • fives69pilot
    fives69pilot 10 months ago

    Just imagen if they kept all the scenes in the film It would of been long but so much better

  • JT Smith
    JT Smith 10 months ago

    Wow! Thats a lot to think about with so many deletions made for time. I hope that the third lesson is a Jedi trial of some sort as you mentioned. That would add to why Rey was able to remove all of those "rocks" at the back of the stronghold.

  • MainMewtwo
    MainMewtwo 10 months ago

    the bb8 vs bb9e wouldve been awesome! and if i win a pop,i want rey,phasma,or kylo ren

  • weyoer 364
    weyoer 364 10 months ago

    I like To see the training remote scene that would have been so cool

  • Holly Johnson
    Holly Johnson 10 months ago

    wow! i can not belive it!!!
    btw i would die to win the giveaway!!!!!!!

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 10 months ago

    Cool scene

  • Carrie Janora
    Carrie Janora 10 months ago

    I loved them

  • Amos Bethel
    Amos Bethel 10 months ago

    nice i loved this i never knew there were so many deleted scenes

  • The Hufflepug
    The Hufflepug 10 months ago +1

    The impaled porg is like what would have happened to Luke in A New Hope if the lightsaber ignited

  • killer man
    killer man 10 months ago

    It was knowing.

  • Kerbs The fish
    Kerbs The fish 10 months ago

    Total awesome video

  • Bobo Umia
    Bobo Umia 10 months ago

    Why couldn’t Ach-tu have been an abandoned planet of ruins? It could have been an ancient destination long forgotten by the galaxy that was the place of the first Jedi temple? The caretaker species concept is just stupid. I mean there could have been another human, someone from the Church of The Force like Lore Santeca from The Force Awakens who was a caretaker of the first temple. This film tried so hard to be different and unexpected that it got in its own way. God Fucking Damn It!! Rian Johnson should not have been given this much power over Star Wars. He treated this move like a kid walking into a candy store, while what we needed was a master director and master writer(s) to work together, not one embodied in one man. That is practical approach.

  • Evan Schofield
    Evan Schofield 10 months ago

    Wow, I never knew all the stuff would be deleted. Great video.

  • Avalynn Stuckless 78 (STUDENT)

    I think they could have made the Finn & Poe on canto bight concept work.

  • susannah lucas
    susannah lucas 10 months ago


  • Twitchymars4
    Twitchymars4 10 months ago

    I want to see them new

  • lilly Kale
    lilly Kale 10 months ago

    BB8 and BB9e would have been cute

  • Sniperplayz21
    Sniperplayz21 10 months ago

    I subed

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders 10 months ago +1

    Rian Johnson deleted the wrong scenes. Should have left some parts in like Rey's training, Poe and Finn at the casino, or Finn and Rose actually meeting the master code breaker and not some drunk. The movie could of made a bit more sense with some of these scenes Rian took out. But nope he said screw you Star Wars fans I'm going to make the longest, most confusing Star Wars movie ever.

  • Ktubegaming
    Ktubegaming 10 months ago


  • menames tom
    menames tom 10 months ago

    omgomgomg i looooooooooove star wars cant wait to see the deleted scenes
    love you

  • HaiKai
    HaiKai 10 months ago

    The BB-8 vs BB9E scene looked cool

  • Janoise Borrego
    Janoise Borrego 10 months ago

    So cool BB8

  • death unicorn
    death unicorn 11 months ago

    Thats really cool

  • K
    K 11 months ago

    Voice is annoying

  • SB Videos
    SB Videos 11 months ago


  • The drunken clam
    The drunken clam 11 months ago

    I reckon they should add them in another film or something

  • LRAK 12345
    LRAK 12345 11 months ago

    The movie was pretty decent but if you cut out the Finn and rose sub-plot it wouldn't make a damn difference, they literally serve no purpose the entire movie other than to give us that stupid whos the real bad guy moment

  • Jake Sullivan
    Jake Sullivan 11 months ago

    Amazing I love this

  • KotKultura
    KotKultura 11 months ago

    Jesus! I'm glad none of it made to the final cut of the movie :)

  • Caleb Bivins
    Caleb Bivins 11 months ago

    so cool

  • Salvador Miranda
    Salvador Miranda 11 months ago

    I want all toys pls I subscribed and hit that notification bell

  • IntrovertedArtist YT
    IntrovertedArtist YT 11 months ago

    I think the deleted scenes are pretty cool!

  • Jimmy Adams
    Jimmy Adams 11 months ago

    cutting the scene where Finn and Rose change was a big mistake. They looked so out of place and silly walking around the casino.

  • Landon Reyome
    Landon Reyome 11 months ago

    this is the best video ever

  • Ajn Subb
    Ajn Subb 11 months ago

    This only confirms how bad Rian J. is at telling a story. The deleted scenes had at least a flow to the main movie but in the end the story was weak.

  • joshuatheskunk
    joshuatheskunk 11 months ago

    porgs have a colour of bb8

  • Angel Cardona
    Angel Cardona 11 months ago


  • Angel Cardona
    Angel Cardona 11 months ago

    I sub I put the bell on

  • Eleniel Riverstone
    Eleniel Riverstone 11 months ago

    Come on, I want to see the BB-HATE and BB-8 battle!!!!

  • POKE Brothers
    POKE Brothers 11 months ago

    I love all of them

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus 11 months ago

    I can see top 10 anime fight scenes if we saw BB-8 vs BB-9E

  • Sigurd Hilfling Nielsen
    Sigurd Hilfling Nielsen 11 months ago

    The Deleted scenes are stupid and it was good to delete them

  • Tianne Lee
    Tianne Lee 11 months ago

    Honestly I would spend another half a hour or so in the theaters to see these deleted scenes in the movie...

  • Jason Isaacs
    Jason Isaacs 11 months ago

    im excited for the new dvdBluray it looks to be more promising than SWFA so these deleted scenes also explain why it seemed many plot holes existed or just didnt fit in some areas