NASA Astronauts Complete All-Woman Spacewalk

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • On Friday, Oct. 18, NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir completed NASA's first all-woman spacewalk. During the 7-hour, 17-minute spacewalk, the pair replaced a failed power controller and completed several other tasks in preparation for future spacewalks.
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  • Аджахмед Саидов

    Джессика-ты супер-браво, приезжайте к нам в гости-будем рады...

  • Mannard Mann
    Mannard Mann 4 days ago +1

    Parabolic flights.. wheeeeeeeeeee!! W'ere in "space" !!

  • Dave Glor
    Dave Glor 8 days ago

    The fact there are two women doing the EVA is completely irrelevant. Making notice of this is quite demeaning and sexist to both men and women. Exactly the same as when there are two women flying your airliner. There are two astronauts doing an EVA. That’s it. Not special. Other than they’re doing an EVA, which is AWESOME. They are not Valentina Tereshkova, who wasn’t qualified in any manner shape or form. Just a USSR propaganda toy. If they were not qualified they would not be there. And yes, they get paid the same as the other astronauts.

  • Sarah LTV
    Sarah LTV 11 days ago +1

    Typical modern society where you get a job for just being a female

  • Moises Crespo
    Moises Crespo 16 days ago

    God created all this
    And the nasa despite investigating for years. they will always have unknowns because they won't know anything
    . When Christ comes to look for his children who lived and for him and repented, then God will show them how he created the entire universe.
    But NASA will never achieve anything and more because they do not take God as creator of life and the entire universe

  • The Q
    The Q 17 days ago

    I assume before this all women were required to have a male escort?

    I jest

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 20 days ago

    good girls nasa sapce shuttle

    Luis WITADELIMON 21 day ago

    Vengo de la revista de muy interesante junior

  • Dsj
    Dsj 25 days ago

    Trash. Let’s not be exclusive. Let’s let everyone. Legs not decide people thanks

  • sean Byrne
    sean Byrne 26 days ago +1

    Shame on these deceitful scumbags

  • rezvan kordi
    rezvan kordi 27 days ago

    It's very, very amazing

  • Suleiman A
    Suleiman A 28 days ago +1

    Hello from Budapest

  • Umfatima Klf
    Umfatima Klf Month ago

    Wow this is cool

  • Shivani Ramlal
    Shivani Ramlal Month ago +2

    You filter through your space footage NASA to cut out any supernatural activity. Thats why you have delayed footage.

  • Paco Rodriguez
    Paco Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Que tontería más grande.

  • Alessandro Tavares
    Alessandro Tavares Month ago +2


  • jão Mc
    jão Mc Month ago

    Br kraiiii

  • RoBoVader
    RoBoVader Month ago

    Can we get a helicopter gender space walk?

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini Month ago

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  • Cameron Tower
    Cameron Tower Month ago +1

    Sun comes up or gose down,,go into a shadow ,500 degree F temp change ,no mention.

  • D H
    D H Month ago

    Wow did it really matter they all had vaganas?.. people these days?!

  • Wade
    Wade Month ago +2

    A truly historic "All woman spacewalk"...
    Made possible by men Haha

  • Wade
    Wade Month ago +2

    It won't be long until they have the first non-binary and trans spacewalk..

  • Masum Rana
    Masum Rana Month ago

    I love you NASA Team

  • Natty Wallo
    Natty Wallo Month ago +3


  • Mitch Stevens
    Mitch Stevens Month ago


  • Premature Tiger flesh

    My sister trained them!

  • Kousik Mondal
    Kousik Mondal Month ago +1

    Astronauts are the gods of mankind

  • Dirk Ketron
    Dirk Ketron Month ago +1

    Congratulations! Here's your participation trophy! If you really want recognition for something, do something NOBODY has done. Stop following in the footsteps of a man and acting as if it's such a great accomplishment.

  • Girija Kr
    Girija Kr Month ago

    Iwish i could bacame a nasa astronaut and go to moon

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin Month ago

    Humans have never escaped Earth’s atmosphere! The moon is inside the exosphere. Humans have to travel 400,000 kilometers past the orbital plane of the moon, because that’s the point at which solar radiation pressure would override Earth's gravity. My definition of space is not consistent with human examples and accomplishments.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin Month ago

      Inga Franchini
      Space starts at the point where orbital dynamic forces become more important than aerodynamic forces! Most experts say that space starts at this point, but not all experts agree with this terminology. Space needs a bigger definition!
      1. Are aerodynamic forces present?
      2. Is it completely out of the atmosphere?
      3. Is it within the magnetosphere?
      4. Is solar pressure the dominating force?

      U.S. Air Force, NOAA, and NASA set Space boundaries at 80 kilometers, but at the same time, NASA Mission Control places the line at 122 kilometers. There is no easy distinction between “space” and “not space,” in part because Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t simply vanish; rather, it gradually becomes thinner and thinner, until solar pressure becomes the dominating force.
      There’s no single altitude above which a satellite can stably remain in orbit; that depends on the type of satellite and its orbital trajectory, it’s an imaginary line that is still up to debate!

    • Inga Franchini
      Inga Franchini Month ago +1

      Your space definitions are wrong, bro.

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    Dont need bras in space woohoo

  • David King
    David King Month ago

    Their first communication with earth. Is it okay if we put some curtains up on the Windows? Over.

  • Peter Rossie
    Peter Rossie Month ago

    And Nobody cares...

  • oyun sevenler burada

    Nasa e yer bu mesajı goruyor san ben çok değişik bir cisim gördüm çok parlamiyordu baya karanlik di ben yıldızlara bakıyordum çok küçük bir yıldız gördüm bir sağa bir sola gidiyordu çok yavaşça ama hızlı değildi sonra yukarı doğru cikdi yokoldu o isik sonra geri geldi asaga dogru iniyordu bir an da cok hizli bir sekilde yokoldu baya korkdum oldugum yer buyuk yoncali bide ben belkide sizi için bise bulurum diye bakıyordum ilginç bise varmi diye bide onu gördüğüm de onun yani da bir ışık hızında bise gecdi

  • Nick Cobb
    Nick Cobb Month ago +6

    I want a moonwalk done entirely by Somalian Transvestites.

    • Wade
      Wade Month ago +2

      You know it's coming..there will also be a non-binary spacewalk lol

  • Nick Cobb
    Nick Cobb Month ago +2

    Now do all LGBT astronauts

    DIEGO* DIDIAN* Month ago


    DIEGO* DIDIAN* Month ago


    HUE BALL Month ago

    T H E E A R T H I S F L A T

    • Inga Franchini
      Inga Franchini Month ago

      bro... do not ashame our country even more. Our president already do a lot about it.

  • CheeseCakeEnthusiast#35

    Hey NASA way to bring this county together with an all women moon walk. Next you should alienate a larger part of the population with an all transgender moon walk. That will surely be progressive.

  • Narjima Aktara
    Narjima Aktara Month ago

    i am an astronute

  • Mr. ʎuuǝʞ
    Mr. ʎuuǝʞ Month ago

    Nobody cares.

  • Erduinsve
    Erduinsve Month ago

    Y esta gente sigue con sus estupideces a jugar legos.

  • Admiral Crunch
    Admiral Crunch Month ago

    Men had to do it hundreds of times to make sure it's safe.

    • Bret 1959
      Bret 1959 6 days ago

      Indeed its time for the women folk to go to astro-not acting school.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago


  • -
    - Month ago +1

    women always come after men do it and make it easy.

  • Jenn Righter
    Jenn Righter Month ago +3

    The comments on this video would give shame to the late, great Carl Sagan, my idol and the number one influence on my life. He is the reason I have always loved science and physics, particularly astrophysics, but also quantum physics. Always a math person as well.
    I guess it just says something about you that you would (poorly) attempt jokes on this kind of video as though it's some kind of political stance or political correctness.
    One of the main astronauts in the video has a lot of firsts, not just for a woman, but for an astronaut, dating back well over a decade. NASA has been planning a future moonwalk for her in the future as well.
    But I guess you didn't watch the video, don't care about astrophysics or science or the universe, outside of the universe of your ego making lame attempts at jokes in the comment section for likes.
    All of your loved ones must be SOOOO proud of your eternal internet footprint.
    Someone here is gonna leave a footprint on the moon, and I'm betting it's none of the commentators who aren't even clever enough to craft a funny joke.

  • Batman M
    Batman M Month ago +2

    How long will it be before they rear end another space craft?!

    • Batman M
      Batman M Month ago

      @Jenn Righter Not likely

    • Jenn Righter
      Jenn Righter Month ago

      Ever heard of the Challenger or Columbia disasters? Guess who was in charge, men or women...I'll wait.

    • Jenn Righter
      Jenn Righter Month ago +1

      According to statistics, a lot longer than it would take a man.

  • Michael Ferraro
    Michael Ferraro Month ago

    Man benches 500 lbs no big deal
    Woman benches 500 lbs big deal
    Man puts on spacesuit and goes for a walk no big deal
    Woman puts on a space suit and goes outside no big deal

  • p u
    p u Month ago +1

    Lies Lies Lies

  • Deborah Hudson
    Deborah Hudson Month ago +2

    Beautiful! Hello From Reno/Sparks, Nevada, USA

  • Dr K S Nagla
    Dr K S Nagla Month ago


  • lincoln7554
    lincoln7554 Month ago

    any idea about the smudge on the spacesuit?

  • lincoln7554
    lincoln7554 Month ago +2

    great inspiration for little girls and women !! great job !!

  • ivo Stanchev
    ivo Stanchev Month ago +2

    I want to become an astronaut🚀🚀🚀

  • Supreme Taco84
    Supreme Taco84 Month ago +1

    It’s about time we got some women up there cleaning the space junk

    • Supreme Taco84
      Supreme Taco84 Month ago

      Jenn Righter
      Lol chill man

    • Jenn Righter
      Jenn Righter Month ago +1

      Hahahahahahahaha...Oh, wait...that wasn't funny or original in any way.
      Are you serious? Is this truly your attempt at humor?
      If so, I'm so sorry. Those women probably encountered you at some point and did their best to get as far away as possible. Probably a theme you're used to in your life.

    SKYFALL Month ago +1

    are you really going to keep this joke going? there is no space. your on earth in a studio. idiots.

      SKYFALL Month ago

      @Jenn Righter thanks. it really doesn't matter though

    • Jenn Righter
      Jenn Righter Month ago +1

      It's "you're".
      Not "your".

  • Galaxia web
    Galaxia web Month ago

    pronto provado que a terra n é plana

  • Cham Bran
    Cham Bran Month ago

    1:10:35 , a space fly ? 😄

  • Ivo Quispe
    Ivo Quispe Month ago

    Estos chicos quieren ir a marte